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@karis-the-fangirl suggested I draw Wanda having a nice cup of tea so I drew the whole family

Grey's Anatomy
  • me: it kills me and makes me cry every episode and it hurts so much like both physically and emotionally and the ships never last so that sucks too and everybody dies NOT EVEN DEREK FREAKIN SHEPHERD WAS SAFE and it makes me an emotional wreck oh and did i mention the show kills me inside it's just so horrible and painful...
  • me: 10/10 would recommend

Firefly Episode 5 Safe

“Human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.”  River Tam

Morbid and creepifying I got no problem with, as long as she does it quiet like.”  Captain Malcolm Reynolds

I’M HOPPING ON THE BABY SORMIK AND ELYSIANS TRAIN BECAUSE BOIIIIIIII I HAVE A SHIT TON OF HEADCANONS (most of these are just baby sormik headcanons because i love them)

-Mikleo checking for “monsters” under Sorey’s bed every night so Sorey wouldn’t be scared

-Kyme teaching Mikleo seraphic artes and Mikleo being really frustrated because he can’t seem to get a certain arte right, but when he does Sorey gets super excited and congratulates him with a big kiss

-The two as babies crying whenever they were separted and only calmed down the the other came back

-Sorey asking Mikleo where he got his circlet and Mikleo tells him that he doesn’t know, he’s always had it, but Sorey thinks it’s pretty and wants something like it too. So, all the Elysians round up to with Elysialark feathers to make him feather earrings

-Mikelo healing Sorey every time he fell down in the ruins (which is quite frequently). This is how the Elysians found out Mikleo is a water seraph

-The two falling asleep together with the Celestial Record in Sorey’s lap and the other seraphim crowding around gushing over how cute they are. Bonus points if one of them covers them with a blanket

-Sorey not heeding Zenrus’ warnings not to play around the goats when he knew he wasn’t supposed to, and as a result getting kicked in the face a lot

-Sorey making yogurt and cheese from the goats’ milk with all the other seraphim (Mikleo and Zenrus included)

-Mason teaching the boys how to hunt prickleboars when they’re old enough to hunt for food on their own

-Sorey finding a bush full of ripe berries and Mikleo and him spending the whole eating and picking berries to bring back to share with the other seraphim

-Mikleo and Sorey having their first kiss because they read about it in a book and wanted to try it. Later on the seraphim have to explain to them what kissing means

-Gramps teaching the two about how they are different as a human and a seraph, and Sorey crying because he wants to be like Mikleo and vice versa

-The two accidentally coming across an erotic book and being confused and asking Zenrus and Zenrus is like “o shit”

-The two camping out in the ruins after a long day of exploring, with a group of the seraphim watching them from afar to make sure they’re safe

-Two two playing “Shepherd” and having the other seraphim join in, to which they just go with it because Sorey and Mikleo are having so much fun together

-Mikleo losing his circlet and Sorey making him a flower crown in place of it. They find it next to Sorey’s bed later that day

-The seraphim telling Sorey and Mikleo stories from when they were young and all the adventures they used to go on as a bedtime story before Zenrus give Sorey the Celestial Record. Bonus points if acting is involved

-Sorey being afraid of thunderstorms and Mikleo snuggling up wit him at night to protect him

-The seraphim lowkey catching on to Sorey and Mikleo’s budding feelings for each other and Kyme is like “shit Zenrus should we do something ?” and Zenrus is like “lol nah let ‘em be I predicted this would happen”

-A personal favorite of mine: Sorey having his first wet dream about Mikleo an crying and crying because he feels dirty, and refusing to talk to Mikleo because he doesn’t want it to happen again. So when the seraphim eventually catch on, Kyme approaches him one day when he’s sitting on the steps to his house pouting and says “do you want to tell me why you’ve been avoiding Mikleo lately?”, and Sorey bursts into tears and tells him everything. Thus, Kyme takes him to Zenrus and, after several failed attempts to describe it to him, Sorey finally begins to understands the concept of human puberty and the he and Mikleo really are different

-The seraphim freaking out at baby Sorey, uh, expelling waste from his body, and everybody is like “SHIT ZENRUS IS HIS DYING WHAT DO WE DO!??????” and Zenrus is like “lmao nah fam he just shat himself that’s normal for a human baby”


I am your truth, i am your destiny
I am desire and despair
I am your glow inside your beating heart
I am the love that leads you there
I am your soul, i am your soul

I am the darkness where you disappear
I am the light that leads you safe
I am the shepherd of your laughter and your tears
I am your pleasure and your pain
I am your soul, i am your soul

I am the faith that leaves your spirit strong
I am the sunlight in the rain
I am the universe inside your mind
I am your pleasure and your pain
I am your soul, i am your soul
I am your soul, i am your soul

I am the courage that inspires you
I am the knowledge that you gained
I am the people you will choose to be
I am your pleasure and your pain
I am your soul, i am your soul..

—  #truth #beauty #love #soul

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i thought the caption for that picture of balto on the tire said: “man’s trash dog is treasure” (‘:

That works too. TRASH DOGS ARE TREASURE!!!!! Noodle sporting the latest garbage dog fashion.

Be advised all trash shepherds were safe, comfortable, happy and HIGHLY REWARDED for being in fashion show.