safe never sleeps

i miss being loved. i miss sleeping next to someone. i miss being kissed. i miss sharing so much love & passion between me & someone else. i miss feeling that surge of energy you get when you kiss/make love with someone you’re so in love with.

i miss you




all i want to do ever, is to just hug anton and bury my face in his chest and feel so safe because his arms are there around me, and I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks or says about me because he’s got me…

Stiles and Derek have been dating a few years and Stiles comes back from some conference with bags under his eyes, looking completely exhausted. When they go to bed Stiles wraps himself around Derek and lays his head on his chest and says ‘Thank God I’m home. You know I can’t sleep without my pillow.’

demiksmith  asked:

imagine bucky sleeping as close as he can to his bed partner(s), throwing an arm over them, sneaking in as close as he can. skin against skin, so close he's practically laying on top of them, all because he's afraid to wake up alone.

Steve had been very surprised. He hadn’t expected Bucky to be snuggly - especially because of his experiences with Nat. She likes, and is very insistent about cuddling while she’s awake, but she likes to have her space while she sleeps, and wakes up in a cold sweat if Steve so much as rolls over against her, instincts kicking her fight-or-flight response into high gear.

Bucky proves to be just the opposite. He shivers all night long when he has to sleep alone, and he always wakes tired and hollow-eyed. That changes once he starts sleeping with Steve and Natasha. While they’re awake, he’s no good at casual physical affection, but as soon as they lie down for the night, he turns into an octopus, twining their legs together, wrapping his arms around whatever he can get his hands on, burying his face in Steve’s neck. 

Steve loves it. He’s a very affectionate person- always had been. So while he was always more than happy to do whatever made Nat comfortable, the three of them together work perfectly. She’s all easy affection during the day while Bucky prefers some room, and at night Bucky latches onto him like a limpet while Nat takes the space she needs. 

A Reincarnation Blues drabble for the wonderful @marypsue ! She is the bestest y’all.


Ian could not remember the last time he had slept. Twenty six hours? Maybe it was thirty or even longer. It didn’t matter, and not just because time was an illusion.

Not when there were more important things… people in front of him.

Lydia Victoria Beale, all of three days old, lay asleep in her crib. The walls were covered in animals both real and unreal, gnomes barfing rainbows and unicorns spearing their enemies, enough protection sigils and symbols to knock a psychic tandem war elephant out cold, and colors so wild that only bees and art students could probably see some of them. It had taken Ian two weeks to draw everything and another to paint, but it was worth it the first time he had brought Mira in to see and she had begun to cry.

They had brought her home that morning, and even though it was now morning again, Ian had been unable to sleep or wrench himself away, transfixed now for hours by the sight of their daughter.

Her little chest moved up and down and he couldn’t move away because what if it stopped moving? Even when his left eye traitorously shut, the right one remained fixed open, gazing non-stop at Lydia. He had to keep looking, he had to keep watching because what if she got hurt, what if eye bats (eye bats?) burst through the window and turned her to stone, what if a dust bunny drifted down from the ceiling and somehow got into her mouth and she choked on it-

Abstractly, Ian knew he was being ridiculous. Abstractly, a part of Ian didn’t understand the fuss over an overly fragile meatsack that wasn’t even interesting. It (she) just lay there and cried and ate and pooped and you couldn’t talk or trick it (her) and it (Lydia) was just going to die and crumble to dust in a few decades anyway, irrelevant in the course of eternity and- Ian sighed. He guarded Lydia as much from himself as he did the dangers real and imagined he perceived around her.

This day alone he had been spat up on three times, had to change two diapers, and was pretty sure he felt an eardrum rupture from Lydia’s cries, and yet standing here, watching her sleep, none of it mattered. Ian loved her more than life itself, and if keeping her safe meant never sleeping again, then so be it.

In a minute, Mira was probably going to come in, tell him to stop being such an idiot, and drag him back to bed. In a minute, he probably would be asleep despite his best efforts. He was probably going to wake up hours from now to find that Mira, even though she was as tired as him, had let him sleep in. All of that was later however.

For now, he would stand and watch and guard and revel in the sight of his daughter.

The way you sleep together

Niall- Niall was over-bearing in his sleep. He would enclose you like a bird in a cage. His left arm clamped around your waist and his right arm stretched out to support the underside of your head, your back against his front. His breathing would be steady, low and primal and you couldn’t stop as your hands would, by complete default, search for his under the silk covers. You would lace your fingers, feeling the rough callouses on his knuckles against your soft hands.

Harry- He kept you warm. Being the wide shouldered, six foot figure he abstained compared to your five foot something stature made you look small. In bed, the height difference was even more prominent. Harry’s large feet would dangle off the edge of the bed as yours would be curled up against your chest. Harry’s arm wrapped around you, entrancing you in his hold as you slept on his chest, your leg wrapped over his long torso. He would radiate so much body heat and in cold winter nights you found yourself almost on top of him just to keep warm. His chin would rest on the top of your head as you laid on his chest, his rhythmic heartbeat was slow and the notion put you into deep sleep.

Louis- His steady breathing helped you sleep. His warm hand on the exposed skin on your thighs, as you slept in one of his over sized T’s, send your skin aflame. Louis’s breathing fanned your face, the smell off mint was evident as he exhaled. His long mane pulled back in a headband and a ponytail as his hard features look calmed. You knew Louis stressed out a lot at work and soccer and these were the only moments in the whole day that you could see him relax. You adored moments like these when he was vulnerable, and the thought of work was completely forgotten. You wouldn’t change a thing, even though in the morning you would wake up only to find his head on your stomach, using your body as a pillow.

Liam- You felt safe with him. It wasn’t because of his superman boxers he would usually wore to sleep, but you genuinely felt safe with him like no one else. You didn’t know if it was the apathetic hum of the AC or his slow breaths but something about Liam made you feel so comfortable around him, so safe. You would never sleep in your underwear due to your self-consciousness but Liam made you feel beautiful as you slept on his chest. His hand subconsciously slipping into the side rim of your undies, and old habit he had picked up from the early days of your relationship.

Zayn- Sleeping with Zayn felt so intimate. Even more than sex. Skin against inked skin, heart against heart. Zayn would let no one watch him sleep, nonetheless sleep in the same bed with him, but you weren’t just anyone. Zayn looked even more beautiful in his sleep, his long lashes brimming his closed eyes, his pink lips parted and his tattooed arms shone darker under the dim lamp light on the side table. He looked so dark and if anyone was smart they’d run. Yet you had a soft spot for damaged goods. His fingers were usually stained with colors from a day’s work of drawing, but you didn’t mind as he gripped your hips, bringing you closer.

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