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Why don’t i like using plastic containers for caged birds?
I hope the picture comparison is an obvious reason why.

As you can tell from the picture on the left, there is a clear, clean surface on the plastic. This is a new container.

The picture on the right shows a lining that makes the plastic container look cloudy, and have a whitish tinge called bio film.
This container is roughly 4 months old.
That lining is a major health hazard for your bird as it is full of bacterial growth.
Even after scrubbing and cleaning once daily, the bacteria still grows over time and can cause upsets with digestion as the bacteria enters from the water/food into the body causing a bacteria infection and most likely a trip to the vet.

Plastic surfaces are porous, a breeding ground trapping bacteria.
To keep a plastic container clean, soaking and through scrubbing in soapy hot water is the only way. Keeping them clean is certainly a challenge and don’t forget about getting those tight corners with a toothbrush.

This reason is why stainless steel and ceramic bowls are a better option for use as food containers - they are non porous.

Lou with his ceramic bowl

Louie has a cermaic bowl designed to hang in bird cages.
Providing the cage is spotless and clean enough to eat from the floor, you can use weighted ceramic bowls via placing them on ground level in a ‘no poop’ zone.
Placing a ‘dipping’ dish with water next to food will save your bird from climbing up and down to a from the water bowl.

Stainless steel bowls

Stainless steel bowls can come in hanging, screw on, or screw on coup holders.

*Important to note with metal bowls*
Do not use galvanised metal bowls as they are coated with zinc to provide a damage proof layer.
Zinc and Copper are heavy metal.
Heavy metals are toxic to birds

If they chew parts of metal cage wires, toys, bowls (even coins) made out of these materials, and the metal doesn’t pass throught the digestive tracts, the chewed pieces sit in their stomach toxins will leech in to the body.

Whatever you decide about which dishes you will use, before you give food or water to your birds, ask yourself, “Would I eat from this dish?”


Reaper is without doubt a patient tactician but boring war council sometimes needs fast decision.

Aka the mandatory Doomfist fanart I needed to do.

Midnight Mystery: A Denny's Story

12:00 pm. It was a cold and windy night, which was quite unusual for Los Angeles, California. But then again, this wasn’t an average night. You could just feel it on your skin. Something wasn’t right, and you were going to get to the bottom of it.

You looked down at your hand, knuckles white from nervously gripping onto the crumpled paper note. You decided to read it again, just to be sure you were at the right place. “Denny’s. Devonshire Street. Midnight. Be there. Come alone.”

You sighed heavily, and looked up at the building in front of you, looming in the darkness. Yep, this was it. The inside was dark from what you can tell by looking through the windows. You slowly approached the steps leading up to the large, glass doors. As you walked up each step, you reconsidered this whole thing. What if it was some sort of trap? What if this was where you were going to die? But, the ominous interior of the so-called “restaurant” was beckoning you inside. It’s as if this was your destiny. Cold, unavoidable, and mysterious.

You finally made it to the top of the stairs, and you peered through the glass double-doors. The inside still looked as dark and empty as before. Your shaking hand made it to the door handles, and to your surprise, the door swung open quite easily. They were expecting you. You stepped inside, but still not a sound besides the shuffling of your feet. 

A light comes on. Just a single spotlight over one of the empty booths. As your eyes adjust to the sudden shock of light through the inky blackness, you notice a menu on the illuminated table. It was propped up against a napkin holder, opened to the first page. As you approach it with caution, you notice a golden key set on the table in front of the menu. You lean in to read the page, but realize that there weren’t any food items listed, except for one: pancakes. In every space where there should be a breakfast item, it was replaced with the word “pancakes”. Your stomach begins to rumble. You are hungry… hungry for answers.

Grabbing the menu and the mysterious key, you keep walking through the room, occasionally bumping into tables and chairs in the dark. You make a left turn somewhere and another light comes on. It’s a bit dimmer this time, so it’s not as bad on your eyes. It’s the light at the doorway of the kitchen. As you make your way towards it, you hear a sound behind you. Some sort of creaking noise, like you were being followed…

You whip your head around, but there was nothing there. Just the same empty tables and chairs. You must be imagining things now. Yeah… just imagining things. When you walk into the kitchen, all the lights come on simultaneously. At least, inside of the kitchen that is. There’s nothing abnormal about it. It’s just a regular old kitchen. Something about it seems oddly familiar though. You’d like to think it’s just a bit of déjà vu, but you’re sure you remember this location from before.

You start looking around for some sort of secret entrance or hidden door, but find nothing. You must have missed something… there’s got to be a clue. You look through pots and pans, bags of flour, loose floor tiles. Anything to reveal what to do next! Just then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a poster on the wall. That’s it! It’s what the menu was trying to say. The poster had a badly photoshopped stack of pancakes on it, so there has to be something important near it. You run towards it, and rip the poster from the wall to discover a metal safe built into the wall. It was pretty plain except for a keyhole, which obviously fit the key from before. You shove the shiny, golden key into it’s designated spot and turn it. Instead of the safe opening though, the entire wall split into a doorframe! The key must have activated the entrance, and it’s finally time to see what you’ve been waiting for.

When the door swung open, it revealed another dark room. You take a deep breath, and step inside. The second your foot passes the doorframe, a set of extremely bright lights come on, and your eyes are momentarily blinded once again. When they adjust, something beautiful is revealed. Something magical. Something one can only dream about.

Wait a minute. This can’t be real… this isn’t real at all! This is just a dream! It’s just a dream!

You woke up covered in sweat, tears running down your eyes and your pillow soaked. You were gasping for air, your breaths coming in short and fast. You glanced out the window from your bed, and noticed that it was morning. It was just a dream after all, but it was exactly what you needed. You’ve been waiting for some kind of vision, a sign, a dream. And now, you’ve got it. Before you lost the image in your mind, you raced to your desk and opened up your laptop, desperately waiting for it to start up. You plopped down into your rolling chair, and typed in your password. It was ‘pancakes’, of course. You pulled up one of those electronic sticky notes that hang around on your desktop, and began typing in the description of that magical image you saw in your dream. Yes… this is it! The inspiration you’ve been hoping for!

“A stack of pancakes, but the butter on top is larger and zoomed in, and it’s photoshopped to look like an ice cream scoop with a cherry on top and sprinkles. It’s a pancake sundae!”

You cease your furious typing, take a deep breath, and stretch out your arms. This is the kind of genius your Denny’s blog needed.

No Free Candy!

“No Free Candy! The money raised from the $0.25 per piece of candy sold goes to help us fund a charity that helps find missing/abducted children. Please, ‘NO’ FREE SAMPLES!”

Was typed on the bright colored sticker on the lucite clear box that had tabs on the very top to hold the charity organization’s card (rescuing missing/abducted kids, for ours), a lockable money hopper with a coin slot on top and “$0.25” on the lid with the slot (my boss even photocopied a quarter, cut out the image, and taped it next to the coin slot), and on the bottom was an open compartment stocked with Jolly Ranchers, Peppermint/Spearmint wheels, individually wrapped Starburst squares (taken from larger wrapper), individually wrapped Now & Laters, individually wrapped spherical candies that are either sour, very spicy hot, or change colors and shrink as you suck on them. We had Tootsie Rolls but nobody wanted those as much, so we quit stocking them.

I worked at a business and the candy box was up front, where I worked. I would politely remind anyone dipping into the candy for free that those cost $0.25 a piece, whenever I had the opportunity (i.e. not busy helping customers and other primary duties). My coworkers did the same thing, and so did my boss. Even a couple of customers called out these cheapskates, though they weren’t as polite about it, and made no bones about shaming these cheap thieving jerks.

But people still kept taking free candy from the honor box, without paying! How low can you get taking money away from an organization that helps kids!? My boss definitely gives the money from the sales to the organization (less the cost of candy). However, more and more people just took free candy or they underpaid by putting pennies, nickels, or dimes in there. One guy, God Bless him, put a $20 bill in there yet only took a couple of pieces of candy. But for every guy like him or even a person who put in $0.25 for a piece of candy, there were two dozen assholes who either took a freebie or simply underpaid.

The assholes who took freebies or underpaid drove really expensive cars, dressed really lavishly, didn’t spend much money in the business, were VERY rude and demanding, and yet take candy without paying from a charitable cause.

My boss had had enough and said “The 'Honors System’ doesn’t work when too many people have no honor!” So he paid, out of his own pocket, to replace the little “Honors System” candy box with a good quality gumball machine like, coin operated dispenser. He got it from a website from a company that has been making and selling these since the 1980s, in America.

The coin operated gumball machine is capable of being bolted down to the counter (my boss did that), it has barrel locking mechanisms on the top clear plexiglass compartment for the candy, a well designed hopper and dispense mechanism to effectively distribute one piece of candy per quarter (works brilliantly), and is set to take quarters only, and the money compartment is safely behind a locking metal door behind the coin drop and turn mechanism, easy to empty out. My boss taped the organization’s cars to the top part (square “globe” where the candy is filled), and the machine cannot be fooled by slugs, coins on strings, or lower denomination coins. You can’t even fool it with foreign currency (one jerk tried to use an Albanian coin to try to steal a piece of candy).

After that, the candy theft stopped, and my boss was able to properly raise the funds to aid this charity.

But seriously, fuck cheapskate customers who think it’s okay to take a piece of candy for free despite the fact it says you have to give $0.25 for each piece of candy in order to fund an organization meant to help kids (or anyone, for that matter), especially when they are driving high end cars and dressed to the nines. If you can afford fancy clothes and expensive cars you can spare $0.25 for a piece of candy.

When You Least Expect It

Requested by @gracefullydrunk, an Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader fic where the reader and Sam discover they are soulmates after reader gets mildly injured on a hunt.

Warning: A/B/O dynamics, smut

Word Count: 2700ish

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Cure (Finale)

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of past sexual abuse, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst, smut.

A/N: Sorry to spring the end of this story on you guys so suddenly! But even when I could take this in so many different directions, it’s the end for me on this one. Hope you enjoy a happy ending! 

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When we walk around the compound the next day, her hand safely secured in my metal one, there’s several people giving us long stares, most pairs of eyes drift towards her neck, where the mark I left on her is displayed to perfection. I’ve already wondered if I was this possessive to begin with, and my mind immediately responded with: Hell yes, asshole. As you should be.

I can’t disagree.

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“Buried” (Chapter Seven)

Another long chapter, and I love this one. We get to see lots of their interactions, some more #geniustony porn, learn more about Steve, and have the cutest moment ever at the end. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Tell me your favorite moment!

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Day Two in the Forest

Tony would die before he ever admitted how well he slept in the tiny one man tent.

And it was absolutely the tent that kept him sound asleep. The tent keeping the bugs and morning dew off of him. Stopped the wind enough to keep him warm. The tent… the tent was wonderful.

But falling asleep with with Steve’s broad chest against his back? The way Steve’s arm had wrapped around his waist at some point? Dreaming of being twenty and sneaking into Steve’s bunk and letting his boyfriend hold him all night? Waking up the soft scratch of a beard against his neck and big fingers tightening briefly before they woke up all the way?

No. No no none of that contributed to how well Tony slept.

It didn’t contribute at all.

But he had slept great, maybe the best he had slept since Dad passed away, and that’s saying something.

So when Steve told him they had a few minutes before they needed to be on the move, a few minutes before another long day of hiking and trying to avoid detection, Tony took the chance to wash up in the calm part of the river about a hundred yards away from where Steve was packing up their tent.

Stripping off his boots and jeans but leaving his boxers and white t shirt on, Tony dipped into the water, wincing at the feeling of his toes squishing into the mud on the bottom, and tried to stand still to not stir anymore up.

It felt good to get water in his hair, to rinse out two days of jungle and sweat and ick. He knew his shirt would be uncomfortable staying damp until it dried in this ridiculous humidity, but it was worth it just to feel at least a little bit clean.

Tony hummed under his breath, and closed his eyes to dunk his head below the water, and totally missed Steve coming around the bend and seeing him.

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I know a lot of people don’t like to admit that season 2 exists, but you have to admit that it allows for some interesting scenarios that modern AUs do not allow. That being said, I would like you to consider a couple post-season 2 scenarios:

Scenario A: Ciel and Sebastian get along eventually and they decide to form a band; more specifically, one that has a sound something along the lines of symphonic metal. 

Sebastian is the singer/lead guitarist and Ciel plays violin; they recruit a couple humans to play bass and drums and maybe another instrument or two. With Ciel’s newly acquired grace and skill, violin playing becomes so much easier and actually quite enjoyable and so many of the instrumental portions of their songs consist of wickedly difficult and impressive violin and guitar duets. Sebastian’s vocals are equally impressive: he can go from a low bass to soaring falsettos in the blink of an eye, not to mention particularly demonic-sounding growls and shrieks. 

On stage, Sebastian will wear his signature heels, leather pants, the occasional leather vest, and nothing else. Ciel will wear an elaborate Victorian or steampunk style outfit onstage. The rest of the band wears whatever they like, whether it be simple or something that fits in with what the two demons wear, although it’s usually the latter. There are inevitably endless hell and devil puns and the rest of the band get sick of it real quick.

Scenario B: Ciel and Sebastian get along eventually and live in an apartment together and make youtube videos. 

Sebastian makes haul videos, as well as various fashion and style videos, including makeup videos. He will also occasionally make videos about fashions from various time periods in history and show them off, both men and women’s fashion. His subscribers think he’s very dedicated to educating people about fashion, but for Sebastian procuring an outfit is as easy as breathing. 

Ciel is an avid gamer in the modern world so he makes let’s play videos with a focus on horror games. (It’s mostly so he can laugh at them because what’s a horror game to a demon?) What makes him popular are the rants he goes on when he’s irritated. When he gets /really/ pissed at the game he’s playing, Victorian era slang will get peppered in and his fans think it’s incredibly adorable and that it’s part of his shtick. Also, Ciel frequently has to buy new keyboards and mice because he’ll mash the buttons too hard and break them.

Sometimes Ciel and Sebastian will record videos at the same time and Sebastian will hear Ciel yelling from the other room and yell back, “Kid, I’m trying to make a video here” and Ciel yells, “you can fuck right off m8″. Sebastian will edit these instances out of his videos, but Ciel won’t and this makes for some interesting rumors once people figure out they live together. Once all the rumors get sorted out, Sebastian will occasionally join Ciel when he does livestreams and the ensuing conversations are hysterical, such as the following: 

“You’re not doing very well on this level.”

“Do you think you can do any better, Sebastian?" 

"Yes, actually." 

"Do you want to try?" 

"Would you like me to?" 

"Fuck no, this is my livestream." 

"Watch your language, Ciel." 

"You’re not my mum, Sebastian. My mum is dead." 

"See what I deal with every day? Such an insolent child." 

"Shut up Sebastian, you’re distract- GOD DAMN IT SEBASTIAN YOU MADE ME DIE AGAIN!” And then you can hear Sebastian laughing as Ciel curses at him.

Two Lives One Person

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Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, OC Cameron, Laura Barton, Barton children

Warnings: probably some swearing but other than that none :)

Summary: Reader has a four year old son from another relationship but Bucky loves him nevertheless. After dropping him off at Laura and Clint’s, Bucky just has to tell Y/N how amazed he is by her juggling this life and her other.

Word Count: 3,362

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We found a safe full of jewelry certificates while magnet fishing, the first time we found one that wasn’t completely empty. The police will be able to find the owner with what we found inside, that’s pretty cool.