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ACOTAR Halloween headcanons

(ps modern au)

- Mor freaking loves Halloween. She loves dressing up. She’d never dress up as anything too gory or gross, but she will definitely go all out and spend months in advance planning her outfit. It would be fashionable, and just the right amount of scary and sexy.

- Elain and Lucien wear matching costumes. Not like matchy-matchy, but like those couples costumes. Lucien only goes along with it if he can make them culturally relevant, the kind that take a moment to understand, but then people laugh when they finally do.

- Nesta isn’t super into it, but since Cassian is so enthusiastic, she goes along. And he’s not enthusiastic in the same way that Mor is. He’s more like… let’s add more blood! And Nesta thinks it’s pretty gross, but she also secretly loves the fact that it gives Cassian such joy. When they go to the Halloween store, Cassian will spend hours picking out different accessories, including make-up and prosthetic wounds that he has Nesta swear she will help him apply.

- Nesta, on the other hand, picks out one of those outfits that come in the plastic bag, throws it on in two minutes, and has Cassian drooling after her all night.

- Amren comes to the Halloween party wearing her necklace of rubies, a designer sheath dress, heels, and a killer expression. She holds a wine glass that looks suspiciously like blood. When anyone asks, she just says she is a vampire, and flashes them teeth that are far too lifelike for comfort.

- Azriel would prefer to stay in the shadows, saying he is the designated driver, and eventually Mor and Cassian would have to pull him out of his solitude to come dance with them. All he wears is a black suit with a pair of bat wings.

- Rhysand goes all out. He’s the one who hosts the party every year, and he goes in for more of a classy-scary vibe. Nothing will jump out at the guests, but it will be the epitome of the Night Court. Dark, sparkling, elegant, and deadly. The alcohol is flowing all night, and all of the guest bedrooms have been prepared in advance for midnight liaisons (complete with bowls of condoms), or just people who can’t hold their liquor.

- Feyre spends forever trying to decide on a costume, and she finally has to ask Mor for help. She then realizes this is a mistake, as Mor is way, way too into this. She wants to make sure that Feyre and Rhys match, and so soon he gets roped into her plans and they end up wearing costumes that match, but are darkly elegant.

- Elain tries to dance, but since she is a lightweight and has had two glasses of wine, she makes no progress in her sense of coordination. Lucien has to carry her to sleep in one of the bedrooms, which has been reserved for them, because Elain does this every year.

- Mor gets caught making out with a woman in a darkened corner, and Feyre never stops teasing her for finding the most beautiful woman in the room and making her fall in love in a hot minute.

- Rhys is always the last one awake, making sure that everyone has had a good time and either made it home safely, or installed themselves in one of his guestrooms. He and Feyre fall asleep together on an armchair, disheveled and  a bit drunk, but glad to have made their friends happy.


The US Navy 7.62 NATO Garand,

During the late 1950’s the US Military adopted the M14 rifle to replace the older M1 Garand.  Chambered in 7.62 NATO (7.62X51), the standard cartridge of most NATO and western countries, the M14 was a semi/fully automatic design based on the older Garand.  During it’s production the Army and Marines were given priority when it came to its issuance, the Navy was considered to have low priority when it came to small arms.  As a result the Navy often suffered from shortages of rifles.

To ensure that they had enough rifles, the Navy sought to modify its older stocks of World War II and Korean War vintage M1 Garand’s.  To share common caliber with the M14, the Navy enacted a program to modify the old M1 Garand from .30-06 to 7.62 NATO.  To save money they purchased a special chamber adapter which could supposedly be installed upon delivery.  The user simply had to insert the adapter into the chamber and test fire it three times so that the adapter would pressure seal into the chamber.

While the new adapter system saved the US Navy money, it was also difficult to install and dangerous to use.  Many of the adapters were too small for the M1 Garand’s chamber and could not be safely installed.  As a result the Navy the turned to the traditional method of caliber modification; reboring and rechambering the the barrels of the M1 Garand.  

Companies such a Harrington and Richardson, American Machine and Foundry, and the Springfield Armory were contracted to produce the conversions.  Altogether around 62,000 M1 Garands were converted to 7.62 NATO by the Navy.  They remained in use throughout the 1960’s, and even were used as training rifles up to the mid 1970’s.  They were eventually replaced with the M14 and the even newer M16 assault rifle.

Mental-health issues can’t be solved by psychologists alone—city design can help, too

The world’s cities aren’t very mentally healthy.

People who reside in cities are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia than those living in the countryside. No matter where you live, at least one in four people will have a mental illness in their lifetime, and everyone suffers from mental-health problems such as low mood, loneliness, stress, and anxiety at some time or another. These kinds of problems can affect everything from our relationships and housing to our social capital and resilience.

But mental health is not just an individual issue: It affects the whole city. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), economic costs associated with mental illness amount to 4% of national GDP. Mental illness increases a city’s costs of health and social care and puts people at higher risk of physical-health problems. There are also indirect costs to the city: People with mental-health problems can become disadvantaged in education and employment, and their opportunities for economic and social participation may begin to decline.

In these ways, mental-health problems affect a city’s ability to remain thriving, resilient, and sustainable. But while many of the more physical aspects of health have been addressed using urban design—for example, some cities have created walking and biking infrastructure that encourages physical fitness to reduce obesity, while others have separated pedestrians from motor-vehicle emissions to reduce urban air pollution and prevent respiratory diseases—most cities have not taken the same intentional approach with their citizens’ mental health.

The solution for mentally healthy cities

But urban planners can design the urban environment in ways that systematically address mental-health opportunities. For example:

  • Expanding access to green spaces—such as parks, street trees, or even office-window views of nature—has been proven to benefit mental health.
  • “Active design” is not simply a physical health effort: Because regular exercise can be an effective way to address some forms of mild depression (as well as reducing anxiety and some of the symptoms of dementia, ADHD, and even schizophrenia), interventions like creating walking circuits in a park or installing safe cycling infrastructure can have substantial mental-health benefits.
  • Positive social interaction increases self esteem and feelings of belonging as well as mitigating loneliness and anxiety. In order to encourage this, public spaces can install features like benches and chess tables to facilitate social interaction and provide settings for community activities.

When people are experiencing mental-health problems, individual and group interventions by mental health professionals are essential. But when it comes to promoting good mental health and preventing disorders, there are myriad untapped opportunities. When we shift the scale of innovation from the individual to the city, we can create long-lasting solutions that make our cities more enjoyable—and mentally healthy—for all.

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( I don't want to ask anything anymore because I'm scared of the outcome you've got planned... but I also need to know what's gonna happen to the yellow son) what happens next when the elevator doors open?

When the elevator doors open, Oliver sees Blue’s eyes flash and Dark glance at him over his shoulder. There’s a look in his eyes, something that Oliver’s scanners immediately identify as sick amusement, which on Dark is never, ever good.

“Close elevator doors!” Ollie shouts, and the elevator snaps shut immediately at his command. He turns to Green and sees that his brother hasn’t reacted to anything that’s happened so far, so Ollie works quickly to scan him. He sees the last command he received… and the one before it, the one to break Red’s arm. “Oh no…” Ollie shakes his head. He’s got to focus.

“Ok Google Green, wake up!” Oliver watches as Green’s face crumbles, and he begins to panic. But Oliver doesn’t let it happen long before he reaches up and grabs Green’s head, taking the emotions on himself and filtering them through his interface to dispel them.

Outside, Dark orders Google to get the doors open, but the elevator is programmed to obey a direct order from a Google. It won’t obey Google Blue as long as he’s under Dark’s control, a fail safe that Green installed just in case.

“Green, focus. We’ve got to fix this. How do we stop Blue without hurting him?” Oliver watches his brother’s eyes until he’s sure that the other can focus properly and then he releases him.

Green nods slowly. “We need to disable him. I’ve got an electromagnetic pulse emitter here somewhere that ought to do the trick…”

Oliver screws up his face. “Wh-why would you just have one of those in your pocket at all times?”

Green shrugs. “Look where we are, reassess your question, and get back to me when our lives aren’t in peril.” Ollie sticks his tongue out; Green is getting better at sarcasm by the day. They take a collective breath before Green commands, “Open elevator doors.”

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How would Mei, Tracer, McCree, and Hanzo's react be to a s/o who is really good with kids? Like, the little rugrats just gravitate towards this human nexus of FUN and security, it's unreal "pls we are on a mission" "I WILL PROTECT THEM and also buy ice cream (ง’̀-‘́)ง." Who do you think would seriously entertain the thought of having children after spending time watching their partner babysit like a champ? Gotta get them parental feels going!! ໒( ◔ ▽ ◔ )७

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Can I get a imagine with a chubby,caring s/o who would risk there life for the people they love and people think they are a push over but turns they are a complete badass I’ll let you pick the people

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

*quietly wanders in* Really Love your ashes fic omggg And was wondering if your RQs are open? If so maybe a lil Reaper with a Chubby S/O who can still kick butt? Idk! IF YOUR NOT OPEN TO RQS ITS FINE  *Backflips out the window* BYE AND BTW LOVE YOU

crookedwiings said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Love your X readers KC! Your the blog that totally got me into the OW x reader scene thanks. Anyways by chance would you mind doing a Reaper X smol f!reader of a redemption AU for him? I always wanted to play at the Idea but im not good with fics


Haha my inbox is always open for requests! My only conditions are that you be very patient with me and that I currently don’t do NSFW fics (I can do NSFW HC’s though <3).

ORITE. DIS BE FUN. I GOT IT. I’ll add headcanons on how characters react underneath, but this is the scenario:

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Headcanons for the batboys finding out their non vigilante s/o was injured defending someone from an assault? And if you could also include Bruce that'd be great. If not, that's fine too. Also congrats on 700

ohohohoho okay let’s see if I can not fuck this up


  • He’d be pretty worried at first
  • Like holy shit you weren’t prepared at all you were just defending someone
  • He obviously helps clean you up
  • If you’re rattled, he helps console you
  • He takes care of you and makes sure you get back on your feet
  • Afterwards, he gives you a bit of training to prepare yourself for next time
  • Also watches out for you excessively on patrol


  • He’d feel conflicted (at least that’s what I think)
  • Jason would want to feel proud you defended someone but also angry at whoever hurt you and concerned about whether or not you’ll be okay
  • But you’re a toughie, you’ll stick it out
  • He makes you soup and tea and just food in general
  • Movie marathon days while you heal
  • When your wound heals and leaves a scar, you pretend you’re him
  • “Oh look I’m Jason, I have a gnarly scar.”
  • “First, I don’t say ‘gnarly’. Second, shut up.”


  • He freaks out
  • He’s mostly scared and worried about you
  • But, naturally, he’s there to support and comfort you
  • He makes you an excuse to keep staying up late 
  • “Just go to sleep, I’ll be fine”
  • “No, I need to make sure you’ll be safe”
  • “Just install some security cameras!”
  • “Security cameras won’t be able to help you when you’re being hurt!”
  • Coffee. All. The. Time
  • You force him to rest with you, and he actually ends up getting a reasonable amount of sleep

Damian (Older)

  • This one is a mix of furious and distressed
  • He’s angry at himself for not being with you and whoever hurt you (like Jason)
  • He’s distressed and worried about you
  • After the incident, he starts coddling you excessively
  • While you’re healing and after you heal
  • “Good morning, Y/N. No going out today.”
  • “Where would I go? I can’t move without getting a sharp pain in my side”
  • “It’s just a precaution.”
  • “Oh my god, Damian.”
  • DOES NOT leave you alone



  • Bruce is obviously very worried about you, but contains his emotions very well
  • He patches you up himself
  • You rest on your fluffy, soft king sized bed
  • He takes time off of both jobs to take care of you
  • Alfred watches over you when Bruce can’t
  • Bruce makes a tracker/distress signal for you to carry around once you’re okay again
  • “Is this a mini bat signal?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “I’m supposed to carry this around?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Bruce, I don’t need this”
  • “You do. If you need help, this will immediately let me know where you are and I can come and–”
  • “I can just call you.”
  • “You could give me a week to list off all the reasons why that wouldn’t work, and that still wouldn’t be enough time.”
  • You just take the damn thing anyway

I hope you liked this! Thanks for sending it in :))))

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I reblogged it from my sideblog bellsclarkey 😊 Congratulations on you follower milestone!! Could you possibly write this prompt for bellarke? "you had an accident and hit your head. the doctor says you have some kind of amnesia that restarts your memory every few hours, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still married so please stop with the flirty pick up lines" Thank you!!

thank you so much! <3

also, i turned this into an archaeologists au while i’m at it, bcos why not lmao


[also on ao3]

Bellamy wakes up to a rhythmic, steady prodding, something both hard and soft jabbing into his temple, over and over again. 

He snaps his head up from the bed he’s currently slumped sideways over, his legs numb from hours in the hospital chair. “Clarke?”

She blinks at him, her face clean save for a couple of small scrapes and the butterfly bandage across her brow. “You’re sleeping on my arm.”

“Oh, shit.” He opens his fists instantly, releasing her hand from the confines of his sleep-heavy slump. “Sorry, I— are you okay? How are you feeling?”

Her eyes travel slowly around the room, taking in the bed and the beeping machines. “Am I in the hospital?”

All the breath rushes out of him in a desperate wave of relief and worry. “Yes, you’re in the hospital. Do you want some water? Here, have some water.”

She merely blinks at the cup he brings over to her from the bedside table, frowning slightly at the straw he holds out to her before looking up at him.

“Are you a nurse?”

He rolls his eyes, even as he welcomes the release of anxiety lifting off his shoulders. If she’s already back to cracking jokes, she must be feeling fine. “Sure, Clarke. Here, drink some water.”

She sips obediently, settling back into her pillow as she watches him bring the cup back to the bedside table. “You’re not wearing scrubs.”

“They ran out of my colour,” he says dryly, moving back to the bed to perch gently on it, careful to avoid jostling her. 

She hums silently, head cocked as she observes him. “Shame. I love a man in a uniform.”

He blinks at the familiar curve of her lips. That’s definitely not her usual happy-Clarke smile. That looks a lot more like Clarke’s I’m-about-to-make-YOU-very-happy smile.

“Clarke,” he says, “are you feeling alright?”

She shifts on the bed, still smiling that coy smile. “Come on, now. That’s not fair. You know my name, but I don’t know yours.” She pauses, head tilting invitingly. “FYI, this bed’s not the only thing in this room that’s single, you know.”

He stares at her for a full three seconds, every last inch of him frozen solid. 

And then he leaps off the bed, bounding to the door and flinging it open. 


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The Perfect Plan

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight swearing and lots of fluff and a frustrated Steve! 

Request from Anon: Hi if you wouldn’t mind, I have an idea. Tony hosts some kind of fundraiser ball or formal event, and the reader is kinda like date but platonically, and Steve gets really jealous bc he thinks reader and Tony are together? But then they have a cute dance and get close at the after party? If you want to make it fluffy or smutty it’s up to you. Btw your work is amazing it’s honestly my favourite x

This was such a cute request, I leaned more to the fluffy side as it’s been too hot today for my brain to try and write anything smutty as that has been the last thing I’ve wanted to think/do today! (lowkey Australian weather can kiss my ass ugh) Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also Happy Birthday Stan Lee !! 

GIF NOT MINE (good lord it took me so long to find this gif holy shit) 

Originally posted by chazelle

“(Y/N), I need your help” the sudden loud and brash voice of Tony nearly made you jump nine feet into the air. If it wasn’t for you working alongside Tony Stark for a number of years now you were sure that your heart would be beating a mile a minute. But fortunately for your nerves you had grown accustomed to Tony sudden and sometimes volatile behavior.

“What is it now Tony, please tell me there isn’t some PR mess you’ve created for me” You signed your fingers still tapped rhythmically on the keyboard.

“Nope I only make those on the last Thursdays of the month” you gave Tony a dry look over your computer screen as he flopped down on the chair opposite your desk.

“Seriously what do you want Tony?” the annoyance in your voice went unnoticed by the billionaire.

“I’m throwing a party” he shrugged.

“When aren’t you throwing a party” you rolled your eyes.

“This one is actually for a reason”

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It’s A Package Deal - Thirteen

“I need to make a phone call real quick.”

The words tasted like poison on his lips as he exploited the man’s kindness and toed the limits of his freedom. “Mine was stolen from me at a bar a few days back and I need to give my mother a call. Do you mind?” he asked with the sweetest voice he could manage.

As expected Michael complied, fishing the device from his pocket and typing out the password. Bryce shivered as he took it into both of his hands and formed a smile, a small “thank you” dripping off his tongue. He clutched it between his fingers, and moved to the side of the building out of sight, keeping his eyes on the ground.

The phone would change everything. The call he made would change everything. He had a chance. A chance to get out, to get away, to get back to his safe little apartment. Install a better security system, maybe move in with Ralph so they could watch over each other.

He had a chance.

But there was little time.

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Hi Myo! First of all, thanks so much for the effort you put in subbing vocaloid songs - I love all your selections, thanks so much! Second of all, this isn't a suggestion, but do you know what font you used in the beginning of "【IA】Show us a comedy - eng sub【Jin x Ishifuro】"? It sounds really weird, but I'm sure I've seen that font somewhere - I just can't remember the name! Thanks in advanced!

Hello and thank you!! Looking through the subtitle file the font was a Japanese one called 游明朝, looks like it’s actually a default font on some computers which might be why you’ve seen it before! (I just thought it fit as a nice generic font www)

If you don’t have it on your computer I think you can just download the font pack from the microsoft website : ?

Watch_Me (Wrench x Reader) [3]

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

_[part 1]_[part 2]_[here]_[part 4]

writing this from my ipad and surprise! Part 3 is officially up for reading. 

“Shaun, fuck you.” I said as I took down a ctOS guard. Dealing to clean the video before it sent to ctOS. I had hacked the entire camera system and override its system if anyone tried to hack in. Luckily, I installed a safe passage which only me, and me alone to hack it. “Like seriously, fuck you.”

“Where did the happy mood went to?” Shaun asked. I could sense that he was smiling. “I thought you were warming up to me.”

“Nevermind that,” I crouched down and did a silent assassination to another guard. I quickly moved within the shadows. “How was London?”

“Splendid, the Frye Twins were magnificent,” I rolled my eyes as I threw a dagger at the unsuspecting guard that was coming towards me. “I’m surprised that we found the Kenway Mansion. Still intact.”

I check my surroundings with my Eagle Vision which there were no guards. I put away the sniper rifle and disrupt the entire area, just in case the security guards call for backup or the public call 911. “Do tell, why am I at the ctOS tower?”

I loot the body of the dead guards. Got a few ammo and some… food. “Someone had saw what you did and well, its on is way to Blume.”


“But! We can erase the video if you hack the tower and replace it with something more humour.” Rebecca interjected before Shaun could open his mouth. I massaged the temple of my head as I let out a frustrated sigh.

“…Probably those Dedsec must have check me out,” I walked over to the tower, using my tablet to hack away, destroy and rebuilding the firewall, add some fake data, extract the video and replace it. “Done,” I leaned back, letting the fake video go.“

"Wait, what do you mean Dedsec?” Rebecca asked. She was curious, I can tell. “(Name), what did you do?” Judging by her tone, its like a mother, finding out what did her children did when she wasn’t looking.

I didn’t answer her question, instead I climb down the building, vault over the balcony and tuck and roll on the floor and walk to my vehicle. Breatheless from the climbing and killing, I open my mouth and said,“I’m sorry, what you say?” Still a bit peeved from Shaun, I’m not going to answer her. Sorry Becs.

I hear her sigh from the other side of the comms. “We will discuss this tomorrow. Rest up girl.” I took my bike from its hiding spot that was within the branches. “Tomorrow, you are helping out a friend of ours.”

I already put on my helmet and the ignition of the bike has already on. “Right, brief me tomorrow.”

“Be safe out there,” Desmond’s voice came. I almost went out of balance. “Becs!” I hissed. I almost, almost crash into a car.

“Sorry but its the best way to cool you down…”

I stopped at the traffic light. It was on the red. “You know how I don’t feel about this…” After what had happen to Desmond, I’ve been doing hacking missions all over the globe. Getting in fights and joining the Mafia, the Italian Mafia are the modern Italian Assassins Brotherhood.

His death had broke my heart. We were lovers, getting ready to settle down, ready to start a family, ready to get away from the conflict. Until Juno ask Des to place his hand at the glowing globe of the Ancient Temple.

Now I can’t risk falling in love with another man. Knowing the danger that I will caused the individual, will make my heart to be shattered once more.

The lights became green and I rode on. To a hideout that was an apartment. “Becs… just… Just don’t do it.” I used the lift to go to my designated floor and unlock the door.

Make my way to my bed and flop forward. Letting sleep to win over my tired body.

[ somewhere in San Francisco ]

“Sir, we found the Assassin.” The figure shuffled the pages of the file. They stood up, pulling a photo out of the file and placed it at the whiteboard. “She is here.”

“Well,” Another one spoke. “That is quite a surprise.”

“Should we send Team Sigma?”

“No, they are at London, dealing with the Assassins as we speak.” He took a sip of his Whiskey.

“Then, how do we deal with this extinct kind.” spat another Templar. “She doesn’t have any allies in San Francisco nor does she have anyone to assist her.”

“Except for Dedsec…” The figure piped in. “That group always targeting Blume and their ways are horrendous.”

“What should we do, your Excellency?”

The Leader of the Council of Elders of the Templars, the highest rank of all, Ellen Kaye emerged. The Templars around the table stood up as they watched her. Walking to the screen, watching the video.

“Observe this stray. We must learn what is her purpose in San Francisco.” Ellen turn around. “If she triggered something, send in Team Theta. They will handle this." 

writing inktober day 12 - harper

(eghh I like Harper but I don’t really think about her enough to write something like this)

Music echoed through Harper’s lab as she carefully brought some equipment to a workbench she’d dragged over near a glass redstone powered power grid. She had a helmet with goggles resting on a small stand, the metal plate on top having been removed so she could get at the inner wiring.

Her lab was rather cold, despite the fact the sun baked the land above for hours every day, the rocks and sand remaining warm often until very late at night. She didn’t know if it was safe to install a heating system of sorts though… PAMA could somehow notice it.

A clock on the wall ticked closely to the beat of the music echoing through the lab while she worked. She was just carefully piecing some wires together and mumbling to herself.

“Just… another wire there, and…” She had a tendency to talk to herself after being alone for so long.

Her eyes went to the clock on the wall. She had been working hard all day on this headset, but she decided she needed her rest…

She had a little bed in the corner of the room by a bookshelf underneath a nightlight. She had her pyjamas in a drawer, which she quickly changed into. They probably needed a wash, but there was literally no one around to tell her, and she didn’t care.

Harper yawned, rubbing her eyes and crawling under the covers. She could just press a single button beside her bed to turn all the lights and the music off. The music faded and her lab seemed incredibly empty.

She just tried to ignore it, shutting her eyes and trying to drift off to sleep in the cold air.

every john green book ever
  • boring character with boring life (normall y a heterosexual white boy)
  • but theyre so sad and tragic )’:
  • does not love boring character back ))’:
  • very  sa d tragic th ing happen
  • lyfe lesson learned
  • dont forget your overly pretentious metaphorical speeches that no young person would ever say
  • funny side character friend

Mkay so I’m done contributing to the discourse with safehxh unless I need to specifically defend someone.

HunterxBlog shall be back to HxH content. Tonight, I do plan on finishing up next installments of Safe and Shinjuu. I also have two Headcanon asks that I am working on in addition to my @asksmolassassin stuff.. In short, I have too much stuff to work on to deal with more drama. So if anyone sees something posted regarding the drama that they feel I should see, please let me know. Otherwise, back to your scheduled HxH content