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Angels in late night parking lots,

In rundown apartments with broken windows and scattered pieces of furniture.

Angels with clipped wings collecting feathers,

Taking them home and keeping them safe from harm until they’re carefully assembled into a pair of makeshift wings.

Young angels with eyes wide with wonder and mouths open in gleeful surprise,

Always reaching out of windows and staring down birds, longing for wings that should have been theirs.

Fallen angels with anger and regret draped like a cape over their shoulders,

Getting into fights with the locals for abusing too proudly, stalking local support groups with hard eyes and eyes burning with something when a cynical mother finally breaks down.

Angels who fought in the war, no longer able to stomach the sound of metal on metal.

Warriors with flashbacks while doing mundane tasks, suddenly back in that burning, screaming, bloody field where it all went down.

Guardian angels who gently guide others from tragedy with kind words and encouraging smiles,

Crying in the shower when they can’t help.

Angels without empathy who try so hard to help but get exhausted so easily, always having to untangle social cues.

Cosmic angels with black holes for pupils and cosmic smiles, burning so brightly you can’t help but notice their presence.

Angels of death, collecting bones on the roadside and burying dead crows,

Mourning with sorrow so tangible it collapses in on itself over and over again.

Three Elements Home Blessing and Protection Ritual


  • Incense, or Sage Bundle - for smoke cleansing, to cleanse and protect with the “Sky”
  • Purified Water in a small bowl (optional ingredients include salt or herbs) - for saining, to cleanse and protect with the “Sea”
  • Protection Salt and Herbs (I’ll be adding lavender for peace and purification, and rosemary for protection and remembrance) - for protection of doorways, windows, and portals - to protect with the “Land”
  • Chant, Spell or Prayer of Intention - This step is best if you make it yourself, with your magical paradigms. Here is mine - “By the power of elements three, by the power of land, sky, and sea, I cleanse and protect this home to keep us safe from all harm.”  I also have one for each element e.i. “By the power of the sea, keep harm away from me”.


In an empty house, or apartment, open all doors and windows, including closets, bathrooms, etc. Start at what is to be the heart or center of the home, (the hearth, the bedroom, the living area, kitchen, etc) walk walk the perimeter of the home clockwise. If you wish to banish all spirits, spirits that mean you harm, all entities, whatever it is- do so at this time. Once you set your protections, you may accidentally banish or piss off ‘people’ you want to be friendly with. Walk the perimeter and focus on all the good memories you want to make here, the creating that will be done here, the hospitality you will offer guests, etc. 

Sky - Come back to start and light your “Sky” representation. Walk clockwise, chanting your spell. Aim the smoke at the ceiling, walking the perimeter of every wall and every room, including in closets, and around the shower, following the line of the ceiling. (not cupboards in the kitchen, because you might not be able to get the smell out later). Think of the smoke as banishing any previous tenants memories, bad emotions, spirits or energies you don’t want in your new home. End at your predesignated heart of the home.

Sea - Take your bowl of water, your “Sea”, and start again. this time dip your fingers into the bowl and flick water all around, aiming at the floorboard. Chant while you walk clockwise, focusing on the protection of the salt and water, creating a white light around your home as you sprinkle the water. Alternatively you can add to a spray bottle and spray the water. If you wish, sprinkle or ‘paint’ the water around any openings - mirrors, drains, windows - to protect from unwanted entrances for spirits or energies.  End at the heart of the home.

Land - Now take your “Land” representation of salt and herbs, and walk counter clockwise. Chant your house blessing or the chant for salt if you wish (if you chant the salt blessing, do one more pass clockwise saying you final home blessing). Sprinkle salt in a line across any doorway or window to outside the home. The salt should stay on the window sills if possible. The salt can be swept up from the front door if you wish, just ‘paint’ some salt water instead, after it is swept up. Sprinkle some around drains as well, and across wall mirrors. This closes up any magical or physical doorways of outside influence. End back at the heart of the home.

If you have a backyard or patio, you may want to extend the protections out there as well. Use cascarilla powder (powdered eggshells) around any dirt or lawn you have, use pure water with no salt, and maybe use wind chimes or a bell to represent the sky instead of the smoke, if you wish to not arouse suspicion. Please don’t use salt on the land. Its bad for plants and snails.

Home Protection Cont. :

I will be setting up my home altar at this “heart of the home” and from there it will be an easy place to renew the protections. I would recommend renewing the protections once a year, or whenever you feel you need a little extra boost of protection or cleansing. Since you originally did this when no furniture was in place, renewing the protections may seem hard. I prefer to smoke cleanse so that is a little easier for me, just say a protection or cleansing spell at our home altar and walk clockwise around the house with your smoke. Its gets into all the tight spots, now that there is furniture in the way, easier.  The spray bottle works well for this as well. I would recommend renewing one element at a time, in place of all three. 

Don’t forget that other protections are still great to uses as well. I will also be hanging my witches’ ladder made of hag stones by the door for protection, having potted plants for cleansing and protection like lavender, and hanging some wind chimes to know when the Good Folk are near.

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The last step is to enjoy your protected and magical home!


Dating Carl Grimes would include…

-probably knowing each other from a young age

-he’d try to push away his feelings at first, thinking it was ridiculous to have a crush in an apocalyptic world

-he’s not a fan of PDA, but you’re pretty much always holding hands. He likes the way it feels, like he can keep you safe from harm

-sex with Carl the first time would be fumbly, giggly and semi-awkward, but he’d try his best to make you feel comfortable

-he brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘overprotective’

-Rick Grimes. The ultimate cockblock

-Michonne teasing him to no end bc she’s actually such a dork

-Daryl not approving at first when his Uncle Instincts™ kick in, but gradually warming to you as it becomes clear how much you care about Carl

-which you do

-a lot

-literally he’s run out of flannels after you keep stealing them. Where are they? Who knows? Not him

-he’d let you wear his sheriffs hat

-when you wanted to put yourself in harms way he’d totally just tie you to things.

-“Carl Grimes did you just tie me to the fucking bedpost?”


-him being scared to death and blaming himself whenever you get hurt

-which almost never happens, because he’s always at your side

-you’re the only one he can take off his mask around, because h knows you’d never judge or pity him

-when he loses his eye, he’s terrified you’ll leave him

-you pressing soft kisses to the bruised skin around the bandage and assuring him you’ll love him no matter what

-when you become friends with Ron, oh boy

-ya’ll ever seen a jealous Carl? What a sight to behold

-but honestly, his jealousy will mostly just ensure that he’s closer to you than ever, arm around your waist and being a deadpan snarker to anyone he considers a threat

-like Ron

-fights with him are rare but when they do occur, Jesus. Take shelter. Mostly you’re arguments are caused by bottled-up feelings. It just takes something petty to set you guys off, and then it’s like someone has lit the wick on a bomb.

-usually, after these fights, you give him the cold shoulder until he apologises

-honestly??? Carl giving you puppy dog eyes??? Or eye, I guess. I’m going to hell

-trying to keep him grounded when he subtly develops a thirst for bloodlust

-he acts colder toward you, and pushes you away

-at first, you’re angry, but under close observation you realise Carl’s cold facade is a crudely-put-together mask and the boy you love is absolutely not okay

-comforting him, maybe with words, or hugs, or sometimes making love

-doing whatever it takes to protect the other

-understanding the term “soulmate”

-he will absolutely destroy anyone who lays a hand on you, man and walker alike

-sometimes his violence frightens you, which makes him feel immensely guilty

-“I love you, Y/N. And, I’m sorry that you have to watch me become this person. And I’m even sorrier you think I’m worth sticking around for.”

-“You are worth it. You’ll always be worth it. I love you, Carl Grimes.”

Lord Jesus we pray that You watch over all of the people affected by Trump’s ‘muslim ban’. May you keep them safe from all harm and draw them near to you. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Leviticus 19:34 The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

Deuteronomy 10: 19 You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Matthew 25: 35 I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

Matthew 25:40 Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren you did it to me.

Protection Candle Spell

You will need:

  • White candle
  • Fire safe bowl or cauldron
  • Picture of the person you are protecting
  • White or purple ribbon
  • Saturday

Light the white candle and stare into its flame as you imagine the person you are protecting. Visualize this person in your mind as safe from harm. Spend at least ten minutes doing this.

When you are ready, pick up the ribbon and the picture. Wrap the ribbon around the picture one time and say: I bind your soul from all evil and protect you from any harm.

This is a very generic verse, so if there is something you are specifically hoping to protect this person from, altar the verse. You may say the verse as listed and add your own second verse after it, or make it one longer verse which includes the specific protections you wish to give.

Repeat the verse and wrap the ribbon around the picture a second time. Do this until the entire picture is wrapped in ribbon. Hold the ribbon wrapped picture above the candle’s flame and say: as I will it, so mote it be and at the same time, burn the picture. Once lit, place it in the fire safe bowl or cauldron to finish burning. Snuff your candle to complete the spell.

(Source: Wicca Candle Spells by Milla Walsh)


The name Winchester is synonymous with guns the world over, known to many as ‘The Gun That Won The West’.  But behind the name is the tale of a troubled, grieving woman who to this day remains shrouded in mystery.  Following the death of her baby daughter and husband in the late 1800s, Sarah Winchester, like many of the bereaved of her era, visited a medium seeking some kind of solace. The medium, channeling her late husband, instructed Sarah to move West, and build a home for her and the spirits of the many people whose deaths had been caused by the Winchester rifle. As long as it was being built, the spirits would be appeased, and Sarah would be safe from harm. The result is the Winchester Mystery House.  

Funded by her hefty inheritance, Sarah purchased a simple farmhouse in San Jose. Construction continued almost around the clock, until the house became a towering 7 storey mansion consisting of roughly 160 rooms (1 of which was discovered as recently as this year).  With no architect on board, the house contains various design anomalies, such as windows overlooking other rooms, staircases and doors that lead to nothing, secret passageways, and a Séance Room, which Sarah was said to visit nightly.  Construction finally ended with her death in 1922, and still stands today as a tourist attraction.

Calling the Earth Guardians to Keep Away All Paranormal Harm and Evil

You will Need:

  • Four brown candles, one set near the corner of each internal wall in the room nearest the front door
  • A heatproof bowl of dried rose petals or rose potpourri, placed near the center of the room


Sunday morning, at dusk

 The Spell:

Light the first candle in the corner to the left farthest away from the door, saying: “Wise Guardians of the Earth, bless and protect my home this night. Keep us safe from bad spirits until first morning light.”

Carry the bowl of rose petals or potpourri to the lighted candle and briefly hold the potpourri above the candle, repeating the spell words.

Return the potpourri to the center of the room and light the next candle, moving counterclockwise and repeating the spell words and actions. Do this until all four candles are lit.

Carry and lift the potpourri in any doorway and in front of windows, moving counterclockwise, at each point repeating the spell words.

Return the bowl to the center, letting the candles burn until bedtime.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose, by Cassandra Eason.”