safe hair color

I’m still learning how to color and line stuff with a tablet. (it’s fu**ing hard, holy shit)

Anyway. Here is some motivation to let go of things that you don’t need… (may it be People, Things or just places, memories or emotions…)

anonymous asked:

u remind me of green, I don't really know why, but... green's good and safe and you're good and safe and nice. So there, to me you're green. You're the best

aaaaaa you’re the best, friend ! thank you very much ! this is really kind of you to say,,

hope u don’t mind a doodle!!

“As much as I appreciate you finding an enviromentally safe hair color solution, were the makeovers really necessary?”

“Of course, Pammy! The hair colors are just the beginning in our grand master scheme to take over Gotham, y'see!”

“Right. And the lipstick marks?”

“Kisses mean I love you! Now me next! Me next!”

“…..ugh fine.”

My mom and I were discussing the different meanings of the term “lipstick lesbians” and these two came up. Apparently, she ships it too. Haha.