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for that anon who can see herself marrying a guy more than a girl - could also be bc you're just not used to seeing/thinking about f/f relationships - so seeking out more sapphic friends, media featuring healthy f/f relationships, etc. might change how you think about that. it's hard to imagine yourself doing something you've never seen done around you.

very, very important point! thank you for adding this. it slipped my mind totally but this is like 200% true in my experience for sure

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my dad is over being relieved that im safe and now hes angry with me even though the accident was not my fucking fault at all.


“Alright… Anyone who is involved in the whole situation with the changelings, listen up! 

We cannot let Onyx get away with wiping out all skeleton monsters, harvesting the SOULS of humans who don’t agree to join him or anything else he’s planning to do! We need to stop him at all costs! If you’re with me, we need to figure out a way to at least weaken the forces he currently has! 

For those who don’t want to participate and only seek shelter from all this, come to Kabel or me and we will take you to a place where we know you’ll be safe in!

Now, with all that said, let’s put an end to all this!

There was shooting in my home city last night. Three people are dead and my mom was very near that place… I’m glad she’s okay but this is terrible because things like this hasn’t happened here often.

I hope everyone’s now safe and I feel so sorry for those who lost their loved ones😢

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Hey. You ok? Ok.. maybe a dumb question as Teal has seen to you so you'll be warm and fed and safe now ^^; What where you doing?? Do you have any points left on your license any more?

haha yeah she saved me so I didn’t have to haul myself back the long way…uh I might have been racing some dick head who didn’t stop when he saw my car flip off the road and down a drop, I might have if I can get to the wreck before the police do?

Fly with me, swim with me, just be with me- Shklance Week Day 4

So when I was thinking of ideas for today, I was stuck between this and a monster hunter!Shiro/Vamp!Lance/Werewolf!Keith story that is already going to be it’s own story. So yeah, this is a Barbie Fairytopia/Mermaidia AU. Yes, I still like Barbie. not the dolls or anything, the movies. They’re good movies. Tease me if will, but I like it. Oh and I based the looks of fairies from @catnippackets twitter art dump with fairy!Keith and Lance. So enjoy.

Keith jumped off Hunk’s back as the landed on a small sandbank with a rock formation overhead. He peeked out and didn’t see any firebirds.

“I guess we’re safe for now.” Red said, as she floated over his shoulder.

Keith sighed and thought how he even got into this mess. He was a wingless fairy, only one of his kind to his knowledge. It got him a lot of unwanted attention and teasing but he put up with it. He had Pidge, Red and Alfor, his flower home. They never treated him differently so he never cared that he couldn’t fly. Then those who could started to lose the ability to. Alfor wouldn’t respond to him and Pidge was losing her ability very quickly. They suggested that Keith go talk to Allura, the Guardian fairy. He didn’t see the harm in going to inform her and Allura was very concerned. She let him stay at her home but had disappeared the next day suddenly. All he knew was that the entire stream of events was cause by Zarkon, a dark fairy. Hunk, the butterfly he was with, had been asked by Allura to look after Keith if anything happened. They were on their way to Zarkon’s castle when the firebirds, creatures of the villain he was after, came and attacked them.

“Hey, flyboy!” Keith looked over to see two mermen over by the shoreline. One was tanned with brown hair and blue scales scattered around the parts of his body Keith could see. He also noticed that the brown haired merman’s blue eyes rivalled the blue of the water he was in. the other merman had black cropped hair, but his fringe was white and hanging in his face. He only really had scales scattered on his right arm, but that didn’t make him any less appealing to look at. In fact, they were both pretty good looking. The blue one started yelling again, “do you have any idea how low you were flying? Some of us we’re trying to relax. What gives?”

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im home after a weekend at my brother’s, painting a house. im exhausted and sore mbluh. had a very long talk with leon about lgbt stuff and also, some very emotional shit about our family, including our sister. it was really nice, but doubly exhausting. home safe and sound now, going up again after christmas to see the girls.


Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)