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I hate those comics or text posts where there’s a situation where a girl does something sexist to a guy to “prove a point”, and it makes her seem like the better, smarter person.

If the guy themselves have never done anything sexist before, plus if you don’t even know them and still treat them like shit because a totally different guy did something mean to you, then you’re not proving a point to them, you’re just being an asshole.

Don’t catcall a guy or purposely make them uncomfortable for the sake of proving a point when they don’t need a point proven to them. Literally no one with a sensible mind wants to be catcalled or anything of the sort.

And a girl being a jerk to a guy to simply prove a point that doesn’t apply to him, then it isn’t feminism, it’s the girl being an asshole.

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muslim people have such strong faith like even the muslims who drink and have sex and stuff are still so passionate about islam and are so vocal when given the opportunity (or if they’re in a safe environment) which is one of the things that separate us from other religions like!! there are SO many christians who just don’t care?? like there are almost 2 billion muslims and such a huge majority of us care so much like…even those of us who were born into islam and just never really got into it can still be nudged into talking so passionately about it i’m so happy i’m so glad i’m a part of this

Why are y’all so rude to Karu after he apologized for and owned up to his mistakes and has been improving and maturing as a person? Yet y’all still torment him. That shows lack of maturity in your part. He’s only trying to stick up for his friend. I really don’t understand how people can take joy in bullying. We preach that tumblr is a safe environment and then torment people in the name of “dragging”. It’s not okay at all and I really hope y’all can grow up.

cutesynumsandfluffybums replied to your post:Ever thought of opening up a daycare for tinies?…

This sounds like the best things ever, and you’d probably never get me out of there

It would totally be the G/T dance club’s counterpart! Imagine how theraputic it could be, even for some tinies with anxiety (Giant related anxiety or not) or humans with giant-related anxiety, to be in a safe, friendly environment to work on their familiarity/comfort with those bigger than themselves. And in general it sounds like such a nice place to hang out =0= Oh man

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Mom I know you're okay with drinking as long as its in a safe environment but how do you feel about weed?

idk i have tried a few times + it wasnt smth i loved enough 2 try + actively continue? same deal though like if u are gonna try keep yourself safe + be with ppl u trust etc

Lesson # 58920 on How NOT to Run A Comic Convention (The Cherry City Comic Con edition)

#Cosplay #Harassment #SafeComicConvention #Sexism

The signs as parents
  • Aries:Will want you to join a club and get active in some way, quite temperamental and bossy at times. Very energetic and demands a lot of respect from their children. Says things they regret later on.
  • Taurus:Are very patient and are not easily angry but if you annoy them they will ignore you and leave the room. Will get what you want because they can't say no and they love you so much.
  • Gemini:Will be really open and honest about their life and also talk to you about your decisions with an open mind and give you advice on anything you'd need. A bit strict.
  • Cancer:Very loving and protective, remembers all the good memories and probably has loads of home videos and pictures of you. Creates a safe and comfortable environment for their children and makes many sacrifices for their family.
  • Leo:Loving and generous, showers you with presents or makes you your favourite meal when you say so. Is very proud but also needs reassurance and love from their children to be able to provide as much as they want.
  • Virgo:Tells you to clean your room all the time, worries a lot and is strict but will surprise you with your favourite food or wishes once in a while.
  • Libra:They are very caring and optimistic. Will probably buy you presents because they love shopping. You will have calm conversations about issues you're dealing with. If they have a few children, they get treated equally.
  • Scorpio:Will bring you the knowledge you need and will add their wise memories. Scorpios will protect you from those who try to bring you down. Scorpio parents will also focus on their own projects which may seem like they ignore you. Will know your secrets because they can read your mind.
  • Sagittarius:Always taking you to different countries when you're on holiday, wants to know all about your life and friends and will let you invite friends over anytime. Very chilled out and straightforward with you.
  • Capricorn:Asks you a lot about school/other activities, makes sure you are doing well and may put a bit of pressure on you but will always want the best for you and supports you a lot.
  • Aquarius:Not the warmest, but will make sure you get everything you need, allows you to have your freedom and space and will let you do almost anything you want.
  • Pisces:Very affectionate, cares so much and sometimes too much, will call you a lot to make sure you're okay, stresses a lot because they want the best for you. They can sense when you're lying, so be honest.

Announcement was made February 15th on the floor by Congressman Henry Waxman. A “caucus” is basically an informal group of people within a bigger group, in this case 22 members have agreed to form the “Safe Climate Caucus.” These 22 Congressmen and Congresswomen will discuss climate change everyday that Congress is in session.

For comparison, out of the 435 members of Congress, the Tea Party Caucus has about 50 members and is lead by Michele Bachmann.

Most likely the Safe Climate Caucus will take to the floor and make a one minute speech about the impacts on their districts, including jobs. I’m unclear what else they will do, but more to come in the following 4 years.

For example, here is one of the first speeches on the floor by Rep. Jared Huffman. Huffman talks about the economic and environmentalproblems in his northern California district:

The goal of the caucus is to create momentum to help pass a climate change bill, one that will address emissions and emergency response (adaptation). Ideally, the long-game is to push the US back to the treaty-signing-table with the UN.

Official statement from the Congressional Record:

Mr. WAXMAN. Mr. Speaker and my colleagues, today, 22 Members of the House have banded together to create a Safe Climate Caucus to end the conspiracy of silence in this House of Representatives about the dangers of climate change and the Republican denial of its existence and their rejection of the science.

   We are committing to talk every single day on the House floor about the urgent need to address climate change. President Obama is leading the way. He says we must respond to climate change because to do otherwise would be to betray our children and future generations.

Via Library of Congress.

Providing access to women who need abortions is important because the issue may be life threatening and because statistically speaking when safe abortions aren’t accessible women will still get abortions, they will just be illegal, unsafe and incredibly dangerous.
—  Emerald Pellot
Just a friendly reminder that I cannot and will not give responses to "crisis" messages because of issues of liability. Please google the needed hotlines in your area, or call your doctor or clergy, to be attended to in a personal manner.

It sounds trite, but the only thing I can do is say I will pray for you. I will not message you back with columns of advice during a crisis because that is beyond the scope of my blog and I could incur legal sanctions for attempting to do that.

Laurin Mayeno, Founder of Out Proud Families and Parents Project contributor, lists 5 ways that gender boxes can be harmful to children, and 6 ways to provide safe and nurturing environments in early childhood and beyond.

Read more on The Parents Project, a first-of-its-kind digital resource for parents of LGBTQ kids!

The Do's and Don'ts of Scuba Diving

Whether you are just starting out as a new diver, or have logged thousands of dives already, scuba diving still brings the same sensations and star-struck feelings every time. However, it is important to remember a few good, ocean-friendly practices while you are diving to best protect our marine environment. 

  • Do not stand up on your fins, especially on corals. Practice good finning and buoyancy to avoid accidental contact with the reef or stirring up the sediment. Many coral species and smaller animals are very sensitive, and you will be killing them instantly if you stand on the reef. 

(Do not stand on the reef. You will cause physical damage to creatures that have taken years to get to that size. Photo source: Wikipedia.)

  • Do not touch anything. First of all, you never know what you may be touching, and it can sting you or be extremely poisonous. You might even come in contact with powerfully venomous fishes such as scorpionfishes, who blend in extremely well with their surroundings. Second of all, you touching corals can harm them, transmit bacteria or diseases, or stress them. You may transmit diseases or remove protective coatings on fish, mammals, invertebrates and other species.

  • On that same note, do not chase or harass marine life.  I have witnessed people chasing poor turtles and hanging on to them while the poor animals were trying to go up to take a breath. Keep clear of free-swimming animals (such as turtles, whales and sea snakes). In particular, do not chase, ride, grab or block the path of these animals. Even if you think it’s cool, do not ride a turtle (they also might bite you!). Do not cowboy a manatee. Do not hold on to the fin of a dolphin or a shark. Look but never touch and try not to get too close. 

(Source: Aquaviews)

  • Do not leave your diving gear dragging on the reef, such as pressure gauges or regulators. Keeping gear close to your body reduces drag and the chances of entanglement. Sea life is everywhere and can be harmed by the kick of a fin, bump of a tank, or knock of the hand.
  • Do not wear gloves. Or at least when the temperature allows you not to. Gloves only bring you a false sense of security which may lead you to holding on underwater. This can cause corals to break, or allow you to get too close to marine life by holding onto rocks and can lead to you harming yourself as gloves will not actually provide reliable protection against dangerous marine life.

(Refrain from wearing dive gloves, as they may give you a false sense of security and you will be more likely to hang on to the reef. Photo source: Greenpeace)

  • Do not bring anything up to the surface, other than recent trash. Similarly, don’t buy souvenirs of corals or marine life – this encourages people to remove tons of alive or dead marine life from marine ecosystems each year for selling to tourists. If we didn’t buy it then people wouldn’t collect it. Leave it where it belongs.
  • Do not feed the fishes. Feeding fish or any other species can lead to them becoming reliant upon that food source. It makes fish more aggressive towards divers and can lead to species interacting with others which they wouldn’t naturally come into contact with. 

(Pick up any recent trash you might encounter. Photo source: Project Aware).

  • Do pick up trash, plastic bags or any other recent littered items.

  • Do respect the marine environment, only observe the sensitive and fragile species that live within it. All divers should refrain from intrusive and damaging interactions such as handling marine life or manipulating it.
  • Do learn about the local ecosystem before your dive, and what animals you may be able to spot while diving. 

  • Do practice good buoyancy and refrain from touching the bottom with your fins and body. Practice buoyancy control over sand patches before approaching a reef - test buoyancy whenever you’re using new equipment such as new wetsuits, buoyancy control devices (BCDs) and cameras. Remember to always lift your feet up!

(This is the ideal diving position you would like to maintain throughout your dive. A streamlined horizontal position, keeping your feet up, and your hands to yourself will give you low water resistance! Photo source: Ilios Dive Club)

  • Do patronize reef-friendly dive shops, hotels and tourist operators that promote eco-friendly practices. 
  • Do lead by example. Remember that other divers may look up to you. If they see you touching or manipulating sea life, they will assume it is alright to do so. Similarly, if they see you pick up trash, they may start doing it in their future dives. Be an ambassador for good, eco-friendly diving practices.

  • Do stay humble. You are in their world for a limited amount of time. Enjoy the wonder and amazement that is our marine life, and do not act like you own the place and can do whatever pleases you.
  • Have fun!  Every dive is different and a chance to discover more natural wonders.

(Source: Splash Dive)

Safe Environment and Social Networks

There is nothing that should stop a priest from posting on a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Yes, there are many minors on social networks, but that can be handled very easily.

Those who follow my blog know that I will always emphasize respect for parental authority, and the need to inform parents and to obey parents.

As far as relationship advice, even considering “sins of the flesh” that is not complicated for a priest, brother, or sister on a social network. First of all, stick with the Church. 

A priest, deacon, brother, or sister should never dissent from Catholic teaching of the Magisterium. Never. Ever. At all. Period. So, I’ve gotten over 4,000 questions asked over a two-year period about sex, dating, and relationships.

I’ve never worried about tackling these questions and I’ve never shied away from them as if it is dangerous or a liability to answer these questions. It is very simple. Share the wisdom of Catholicism on all matters regarding human sexuality and do not forget to tell people to get professional help for more complicated problems.

When do priests get in trouble on networks? Simple. When they encourage in any way behavior which is out of sync with the morals and religious tradition of the Catholic Church. Of course, parents will get very angry if they read a priest on a social network encouraging dissent from the Church, which usually leads to “dissenting behavior” at home. And parents would be very upset with a priest who attempted to use a social network to have contact with a minor which is unsupervised.

On the other hand, if a priest firmly and clearly repeats the Tradition of the Catholic Church, and a person gets upset, the priest can simply say in his defense that he is only repeating what can be found on the Vatican website or that of the Conference of Bishops.

There are countless Catholics on social network who need a reassuring voice of advice and spiritual guidance. I think the Church needs a more active presence and priests and religious should not be shy, as long as they are clearly speaking the voice of the Magisterium and the spiritual counsels of the saints. If they are speaking their own voice, giving their own personal teachings that differ and dissent because being a rebel is “cool”, then they should be worried about what trouble they might get in.

The social networks are not, and cannot be, equal to a healthy spiritual life lived at home with one’s family and with one’s church community. Tumblr is not a substitute for getting to Mass, getting to confession, praying the rosary, and practicing the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. But it is a nice meeting place for the exchange of ideas. It is also a nice place where the hurting and confused can be given an encouraging voice and a word of comfort in their trials. It is an abundant source of prayer petitions that need to get up to heaven. And God works through that.

Many hope that coming out will give them freedom to be themselves with the people they love most. For some, the thought of coming out is the scariest thing imaginable. If your child is thinking about coming out, you probably don’t know about it. If your child identifies as LGBT, you may not even have the slightest idea. Even if you don’t think you have a gay or transgender child, it’s a good idea to be prepared for any possibility…

READ: Parents Project contributor Laurin Mayeno, founder of Out Proud Families, provides ten ways that parents and caregivers can make the days before and after their child comes out to them much easier for their children.

anonymous asked:

(1) Hi Father. I have a problem. To preface, I'm very into Theology of the Body and my prayer life is good, but I'm stuck with this. I'm 20 and very involved at church and I've come to have feelings for someone legally "too young." He's 17.

cont.  I’m praying a lot for he and I as individuals and for guidance and control of emotions, but even when viewing him only as a brother in Christ, the feelings still nag at me. I can’t jeopardize our mutual church positions though so I’m stressed.


The difference between 20 years old and 17 is not so wide that you would be seen as an old adult taking advantage of an adolescent. Although I am not a professional in psychology, I would guess that your attraction falls with the “normal” range as you are still quite young yourself at 20 years old.

Also, I’m kind of confused as to why your feelings and emotions have you so worried.

If you have feelings of fondness for him, and you have kept these feelings to yourself, you have done nothing wrong. If your feelings for this young man go beyond fondness on a mental and emotional level, and you feel a sexual attraction, then this is where you need to tread with great caution.

It is quite possible to develop a friendship with someone without having to let sexual attraction complicate things and get in the way. The basic rule of thumb is to simply continue treating him as a brother in Christ even if within you have stronger feelings for him. That means no words, messages, or actions, which can be perceived as coming on to him.

His parents should be aware of any communication—no sneaking behind them.

Treat each other with respect, with a sense of gradually getting to know each other without “coming on too strong.” Have talks about his goals in life, about his friendships, about his beliefs, about his family. If you see maturity, and the practice of chivalry and virtue, encourage that in him. The first stage of any relationship is to encourage each other in virtue, and between Christians, to build up each other in faith.

Before you worry or think about someday dating him, be his friend. It’s as simple as that. Because if you don’t give him the respect and help of a friend, what are you intentions in wanting to be his girlfriend someday?

First, getting to know him as a friend, will give you a healthy sense if the two of you are mature enough to go further later on. Being a friend and talking just like friends will open him up to you and help you see if there is any real compatibility.

It could be that the better you get to know him, the more you will feel like a friendship is all there is to this. What if you find he is very immature? What if you find that he flip-flops and does really know what he wants in life? What if you find that he has not developed a distinct identity apart from his parents and family?

If that’s the case, you should have the smarts to realize he is not just physically young but psychologically still a kid and he needs time to be allowed to grow up more.

To push ahead and be aggressive in wanting to date someone, even if they’re 18 already, but who is not ready for it, is doing something for what you can get out of it, and not doing it for what is good for the both of you.

And that, unfortunately, would be more “taking advantage” instead of being mature yourself. I hope some of these comments gives you food for thought. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


STOP SCROLLING! You have to see this.I just saw this and I feel that everyone has to see it! If you haven’t seen it yet. Do you imagine if it became a reality? AMAZING. I think it is amazing and an aaaawesome idea. I know it would not be easy at all to do but man, why not?