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It disturbs me so much when a see antis insist pedophilia isn't a mental disorder... I'm a csa survivor and to see people say pedophiles are not sick?? I can't begin to start how wrong that is and it really really rubs me the wrong way. It feels like the antis are somehow saying that /normal/ people would be capable of abusing children for sexual things and I am horrified at that implication. I honestly hope pedophiles get the desperately needed treatment they need so fewer children are hurt

Exactly. Actually being attracted to children is very NOT normal?? And antis want to imply that it IS? Uh… No. Diagnosed pedophiles deserve to not be treated like criminals and child abusers right off the bat so they have a safe environment to seek help. Society needs to stop with the message that pedophiles just may as well abuse kids because that’s all they’ll ever be seen as. It’s fucked up, tbh.

Ideas for a Coffee Shop AU I’m working on


  • Owner of coffee shop
  • Opened it so teenagers can have a safe and healthy environment to hang out after school
  • Will always let employees have time off to study because “education comes first”
  • Treats all of the employees like his children
  • Hates Starbucks with a burning passion


  • Started working there because Lance made him
  • Actually loves it a lot and is really good at his job 
  • Makes really good drinks and innovates new recipes
  • Really sweet to costumers
  • Prides himself on always making the bathrooms super clean
  • “The shop needs to be a safe place to poop, Lance” “Literally no one notices the ‘shine quality’ of the mirror” “I do”
  • All of the old ladies tell him how handsome he is


  • Frazzled college prodigy student
  • Regular at the coffee shop
  • Basically lives there
  • Lance is pretty sure there is no plasma in their blood. Just coffee.
  • Complains about being poor all the time but constantly refuses Shiros job offers
  • Has the most frilly drink order possible
  • Is the taste tester for Hunks newest concoctions always


  • Very successful CEO of the fashion company “Altea”
  • Somehow totally oblivious to the fact that Shiro is in love with her
  • Orders something different every day
  • Is So Over Lances flirting
  • Always offers to help Pidge with homework even though Pidge doesn’t need it
  • Helped Shiro design the interior of the shop and the uniforms
  • Is a major social rights activist and always manages to get Pidge to come to rallies with her


  • Allura’s doting assistant
  • Hardcore Shallura shipper
  • Everyone loves him
  • Hunk has named a latte after him


  • Guy who works there after class
  • Always hits on costumers
  • Is low key such a hopeless fucking romantic
  • “One day I’ll have my own coffee shop au, Hunk, like in real life” “Is that why you wanted to work here” “You know it”
  • Hates drinking coffee sticks with his job for the Romantic Potential
  • Bodacious Bisexual
  • Somehow spills something on his jeans every shift
  • Doesn’t actually make any coffee drinks
  • He’s just the cashier
  • How does he spill coffee on himself
  • He is literally never near the coffee
  • What the fuck Lance


  • Angsty musician
  • Plays at an open mic night and Lance falls in love
  • Lance continually writes cheesy stuff on his coffee cups
  • “I’m not gay no really I’m not”
  • Is totally gay
  • Very much has the hots for Shiro and it drives Lance insane
  • Eventually begins to hang out around the shop as much as Pidge
  • Lance has his order memorized


  • The coffee shop is called “Five Kitties” but Lance thinks it’s lame because “how am I gonna be like oh yeah I work at the Five Kitties” so he calls it “Voltron Coffee”
  • Shiro named it Five Kitties because of the five cats that visit his shop at night
  • Lance, Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge each take ownership of one cat, and name them Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, respectively
  • When Keith starts hanging around the shop more, he names the last cat Red
  • They’re in constant competition with the “Galra Bean” coffee shop across the street

This is just what I have so far! Please please please let me know what you think!

Lesson # 58920 on How NOT to Run A Comic Convention (The Cherry City Comic Con edition)

#Cosplay #Harassment #SafeComicConvention #Sexism

hi I’m Grayson,

I’m a 15 year old mentally ill trans kid currently living with my mom, who’s incredibly emotionally abusive and manipulative. What little money I have right now is being used to care for myself and my pets or being taken by my mother, and she won’t let me have a job other than working in her embroidery shop (which I don’t get paid for).

If I’m not kicked out before then, my goal is to move out sometime after I turn 16, around early November or New Years, but I won’t be able to manage that without money.

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at the moment I can only offer ms paint, pencil, or watercolor drawings, but I will draw any (sfw) thing you want in return for a donation!

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I can’t stay here much longer,
How Gender Boxes Harm All Children and What We Can Do About It | Out Proud Families

Laurin Mayeno, Founder of Out Proud Families and Parents Project contributor, lists 5 ways that gender boxes can be harmful to children, and 6 ways to provide safe and nurturing environments in early childhood and beyond.

Read more on The Parents Project, a first-of-its-kind digital resource for parents of LGBTQ kids!
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Hi! My legal name is Leah, but everyone calls me Arrow. I'm a nonbinary lesbian who suffers from major depression and anxiety, and who has recently moved in with a friend and his mom in upstate New York. I've got an okay job, and I did have a stable and safe environment to live in. But my friend...

Hi! My legal name is Leah, but everyone calls me Arrow. I’m a nonbinary lesbian who suffers from major depression and anxiety, and who has recently moved in with a friend and his mom in upstate New York. I’ve got an okay job, and I did have a stable and safe environment to live in. But my friend and his mom recently sat me down to tell me that I have six weeks to move out or I will be homeless. Or that I have to go back to the toxic environment that I left before I came to New York. My job could pay rent on an apartment/room to rent in the area, so my major concern is A) getting a car to get me to and from work, especially come the winter months, when it’s like 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside and there’s two feet of snow outside; and B) food, internet, phone bill, other miscellaneous expenses. I really need to hopefully get to $2000 by the end of August, or I don’t know what I’m going to do. If you could donate, or at least share this, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you <3                                          

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Safe Environment and Social Networks

There is nothing that should stop a priest from posting on a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Yes, there are many minors on social networks, but that can be handled very easily.

Those who follow my blog know that I will always emphasize respect for parental authority, and the need to inform parents and to obey parents.

As far as relationship advice, even considering “sins of the flesh” that is not complicated for a priest, brother, or sister on a social network. First of all, stick with the Church. 

A priest, deacon, brother, or sister should never dissent from Catholic teaching of the Magisterium. Never. Ever. At all. Period. So, I’ve gotten over 4,000 questions asked over a two-year period about sex, dating, and relationships.

I’ve never worried about tackling these questions and I’ve never shied away from them as if it is dangerous or a liability to answer these questions. It is very simple. Share the wisdom of Catholicism on all matters regarding human sexuality and do not forget to tell people to get professional help for more complicated problems.

When do priests get in trouble on networks? Simple. When they encourage in any way behavior which is out of sync with the morals and religious tradition of the Catholic Church. Of course, parents will get very angry if they read a priest on a social network encouraging dissent from the Church, which usually leads to “dissenting behavior” at home. And parents would be very upset with a priest who attempted to use a social network to have contact with a minor which is unsupervised.

On the other hand, if a priest firmly and clearly repeats the Tradition of the Catholic Church, and a person gets upset, the priest can simply say in his defense that he is only repeating what can be found on the Vatican website or that of the Conference of Bishops.

There are countless Catholics on social network who need a reassuring voice of advice and spiritual guidance. I think the Church needs a more active presence and priests and religious should not be shy, as long as they are clearly speaking the voice of the Magisterium and the spiritual counsels of the saints. If they are speaking their own voice, giving their own personal teachings that differ and dissent because being a rebel is “cool”, then they should be worried about what trouble they might get in.

The social networks are not, and cannot be, equal to a healthy spiritual life lived at home with one’s family and with one’s church community. Tumblr is not a substitute for getting to Mass, getting to confession, praying the rosary, and practicing the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. But it is a nice meeting place for the exchange of ideas. It is also a nice place where the hurting and confused can be given an encouraging voice and a word of comfort in their trials. It is an abundant source of prayer petitions that need to get up to heaven. And God works through that.
Making it Easier for your Child to Come Out: 10 Tips for Parents and Caregivers | Out Proud Families

Many hope that coming out will give them freedom to be themselves with the people they love most. For some, the thought of coming out is the scariest thing imaginable. If your child is thinking about coming out, you probably don’t know about it. If your child identifies as LGBT, you may not even have the slightest idea. Even if you don’t think you have a gay or transgender child, it’s a good idea to be prepared for any possibility…

READ: Parents Project contributor Laurin Mayeno, founder of Out Proud Families, provides ten ways that parents and caregivers can make the days before and after their child comes out to them much easier for their children.

Growing Leaning of Eco Friendly Alternatives

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Just a friendly reminder that I cannot and will not give responses to "crisis" messages because of issues of liability. Please google the needed hotlines in your area, or call your doctor or clergy, to be attended to in a personal manner.

It sounds trite, but the only thing I can do is say I will pray for you. I will not message you back with columns of advice during a crisis because that is beyond the scope of my blog and I could incur legal sanctions for attempting to do that.
Keep Rude Ass Monsanto From Fucking More People Over

they are actually trying to patent all vegetables  so that they control the market, and thus the prices. These motherfuckers love price floors two inches from the ceiling and they have been polluting groundwater and ruining farmers’ lives and business for ages.

Click the link to sign the petition and say “FUCK YOU MONSANTO!" 

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(1) Hi Father. I have a problem. To preface, I'm very into Theology of the Body and my prayer life is good, but I'm stuck with this. I'm 20 and very involved at church and I've come to have feelings for someone legally "too young." He's 17.

cont.  I’m praying a lot for he and I as individuals and for guidance and control of emotions, but even when viewing him only as a brother in Christ, the feelings still nag at me. I can’t jeopardize our mutual church positions though so I’m stressed.


The difference between 20 years old and 17 is not so wide that you would be seen as an old adult taking advantage of an adolescent. Although I am not a professional in psychology, I would guess that your attraction falls with the “normal” range as you are still quite young yourself at 20 years old.

Also, I’m kind of confused as to why your feelings and emotions have you so worried.

If you have feelings of fondness for him, and you have kept these feelings to yourself, you have done nothing wrong. If your feelings for this young man go beyond fondness on a mental and emotional level, and you feel a sexual attraction, then this is where you need to tread with great caution.

It is quite possible to develop a friendship with someone without having to let sexual attraction complicate things and get in the way. The basic rule of thumb is to simply continue treating him as a brother in Christ even if within you have stronger feelings for him. That means no words, messages, or actions, which can be perceived as coming on to him.

His parents should be aware of any communication—no sneaking behind them.

Treat each other with respect, with a sense of gradually getting to know each other without “coming on too strong.” Have talks about his goals in life, about his friendships, about his beliefs, about his family. If you see maturity, and the practice of chivalry and virtue, encourage that in him. The first stage of any relationship is to encourage each other in virtue, and between Christians, to build up each other in faith.

Before you worry or think about someday dating him, be his friend. It’s as simple as that. Because if you don’t give him the respect and help of a friend, what are you intentions in wanting to be his girlfriend someday?

First, getting to know him as a friend, will give you a healthy sense if the two of you are mature enough to go further later on. Being a friend and talking just like friends will open him up to you and help you see if there is any real compatibility.

It could be that the better you get to know him, the more you will feel like a friendship is all there is to this. What if you find he is very immature? What if you find that he flip-flops and does really know what he wants in life? What if you find that he has not developed a distinct identity apart from his parents and family?

If that’s the case, you should have the smarts to realize he is not just physically young but psychologically still a kid and he needs time to be allowed to grow up more.

To push ahead and be aggressive in wanting to date someone, even if they’re 18 already, but who is not ready for it, is doing something for what you can get out of it, and not doing it for what is good for the both of you.

And that, unfortunately, would be more “taking advantage” instead of being mature yourself. I hope some of these comments gives you food for thought. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel
Kansas City Catholics ask Pope Francis to investigate bishop | National Catholic Reporter

The National Catholic Reporter is justified in calling for Bishop Finn to be disciplined in some way by the Church. But the problem is that no less than half of the U.S. bishops, both super liberal and super conservative, have made egregious and stupid mistakes in regards to neglecting problem clergy.

But what I hate is that these reports are not driven for a desire for a healthier and safer church. They are driven by dirty church politics.

For instance, what if the National Catholic Reporter gaydar shows a bishop is loving and gentle to his gay and lesbian priests and nuns, and turns the other way when they want to act out in predatory ways with “consenting adults”?

What if the NCR finds the failures are from a liberal bishop, the social justice bishop, the feminist bishop, who has “stood up to the system” or the patriarchy? I know of those cases, and they get a pass. Silence. Crickets.

But in the case of Bishop Finn of Kansas City, you are dealing with the face of the pre-Vatican II, Latin Mass loving, cassock wearing horror of the “Benedict XVI Church.” So, yes, Finn was stupid and negligent but should he be fired for that? Then what about the many stupid and negligent bishops on the “correct” side of the National Catholic Reporter?

I get tired of this game, of using the safety of children as a pawn in the larger scheme of who to keep, and who to can, among the bishops. And when you are inconsistent in your safe environment sensitivity, yes, you are playing a game and using kids as pawns, while trumpeting your great prophetic love for safe environment.

I understand why Pope Francis has not removed Finn. Because if the pope is going to go into firing mode, he’d have to ax at least another 200 U.S. bishops who also took patience too far and didn’t remove church employees who should have been removed. And how far do you take it?

Finn has learned his lesson and sends any and all reports directly to the lay board for personnel problems. All the bishops are now doing that, thank God. But in our very imperfect “system”, and all systems are imperfect this side of the Kingdom, we will always have bishops who are on a learning curve, from stupid to wise, and not just on matters of safe environment, but on many other matters in which clergy and religious cause problems for the Church.

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Hi Father, have you ever known a priest accused of impropriety, and does that have the same effect on brother priests as it does on the faithful?

Hello anon:

Yes. Let me say first, in regards to an accusation which is proven or at least credible, that like the average person in the pew, we feel shock, anger, scandal, and also sometimes denial (no, no, that can’t be) as well as deep sorrow (for the victims, for those close to the priest, and for the priest himself). Also, we (priests) may feel more impacted because of the way our parishioners look at all of us who wear the collar, as a result of what that one priest is accused of.

There are some differences. In regards to those accusations which are false, we priests are “stuck” legally because we may have details of the case that we are legally not allowed to share.

I have known of cases where priests were accused and where I knew the accusers were lying because I had access to details of the accusers’ lives which others didn’t—where I knew them very well. I knew for a fact that they were doing a “money shakedown” and I could not say anything because it was not legally allowed.

In case you didn’t know, we have more of a “legal” system than a “justice” system. In civil cases where you know that an accuser has committed fraud and perjury, even on legal record, you are not allowed to say anything because it is not relevant to the case and you can cause more problems for the Church, if the accuser’s lawyers want to sue you for defamation.

In both legal cases where I had intimate details I could not share, I just prayed hard, and thanks be to God both priests won their trials. But I live in one of those rare parts of the U.S. where you have a very conservative jury pool and they have “farmer common sense” and can often see through the lawyering, drama, and shenanigans of false accusers. In a system where justice was the true goal, all and any facts pertinent to a case and to an accuser should come out. Our legal system does not allow facts to be presented in a case, however, where there is no relevance to the accusation itself, and in civil lawsuits you cannot impeach the character of the accuser.

Whether an accusation is proven true (or is very credible), however, or whether it is proven false, we priests now feel we are always “easy prey” and do not always feel supported by some of our parishioners who may be practicing Catholics, but partially believe, anyway, the worse stereotypes about priests they hear in the media.

Notice that when certain Catholics on Tumblr get very angry at me, they will refer to me as a “creep.” These are people who have never met me in person, have never even talked to my parishioners, and yet feel comfortable insinuating that somehow I am going to molest or be a danger to other young people on Tumblr. For Catholics to say that publicly to a priest, even 20 years ago, would have been considered unthinkable, much less actually doable in front of millions of people on a social network.

For years, I have not permitted “confessions by appointment” unless the secretary is present next door. When kids come to parish activities, in our small rural parishes, and are not picked up by their parents, they are no longer allowed back into the parish hall or the office rectory (since usually the staff is gone). Whether it is infernal heat, or a snow storm outside, they have to sit and wait out where they are observed by the public. No priest would think to invite them in the office when the staff has left.

In many more ways than I can describe, pastoral ministry has been affected because a priest who is careful will never allow himself to attend to the faithful while he is by himself and there are no “witnesses.”

My attitude towards accusations of impropriety when I first hear them is always a “wait and see, and pray” approach because in general I have become jaded and have lost a lot of confidence in our legal system—and have absolutely zero faith in the mainstream media.

When people ask, “how can you tell a newscaster or media commentator is lying” I respond, “When I see him or her moving their mouth.” Google and Bing are better friends to me than CNN, because I can now go and get the facts as opposed to having them spoon fed to me.

But being jaded with accusations happens also because a priest works with a lot of poor people and immigrants, both legal and undocumented, and you see them getting victimized by lawyers and courts all the time. Anyway, those are some of my personal thoughts on your question. God bless and take care! Fr. Angel
Wimbify: A LGBT Social Travel Sharing App
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Wimbify is a Social Travel Sharing mobile app for LGBT travellers. 

The Wimbify’s vision is create worldwide connections for LGBT travellers, to stay for free and go local. Their mission is to help creating a world where LGBT people can be free to travel as they are, meeting people like minded feeling at their home.

All the services on Wimbify are based on the sharing economy. Users don’t need to pay money to use them, just get in touch with each other and get ready to start travelsharing in a safe environment.

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Current customers:

“When you choose to spend your holiday in an apartment rented online, the risks are right around the corner,” Alessio Virgili of Wimbify told The Huffington Post. “For an LGBT traveler, these risks increase. [What] if the person who is hosting doesn’t like the idea of an LGBT person in their house, or even an LGBT couple or family?”

“Besides avoiding feelings of unease or discrimination, being hosted by an LGBT or LGBT-friendly host makes it easier to socialize and [gain] knowledge of the local LGBT community, especially in destinations where gay life is often lived underground and it’s difficult to find information and to find yourself safe.”

Wimbify needs your help! 

During many years in gay tourism they have received many requests from people who were looking for a travel companion. So they realised that there was a problem. 

The idea of giving people the opportunity to host a traveler and let them live the city like a local, especially young people, prefer to travel whilst staying at a friend’s house rather than in a hotel to save money, and to be totally connected to the local culture.

What they need:

Currently, there is a Mobile App (that is for FREE) for iOS and Android. However, they need extra funds to complete their promotional campaign for the app and to develop documents for ID verification. 

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Father, as a priest what is your experience of how the Church has handled the abuse of young people?

In my diocese, and I’ve been a priest since 1991, the bishop has always moved quickly on even the appearance of abuse of young people. We have had mandatory conferences on reporting abuse to authorities, professional boundaries with adults and young people, and harassment since the 1990’s, before the 2002 events blew the scandals wide open.

I agree with the news reports that the Catholic Church’s ministries are now the safest place in the country for young people. But I am very bitter about the entire issue of the abuse of young people. I had hoped that the scandals would open a national discussion and spark action in all levels of education and across different ministries of different denominations. 

That is not the case. In California, I am still dealing with young people and their families who suffer abuse in the public school system, in clubs, sports, and other youth activities. The media focused so much on the Catholic Church and priests that people still ignore the issues of “safe environment” in other organizations.

Back in the “good ‘ol days” I went through public education. I never had Catholic schooling. Back then, we were fondled and touched by teachers, their aides, janitors, coaches, custodians, etc. None of us will ever be able to sue the districts, or see any justice, because that system is protected by “sovereign immunity” and powerful teachers’ unions. 

When laws are changed to remove statutes of limitations for lawsuits, they only apply to private schools. The public school system, where millions of children were abused, is untouchable.

So I see outrage by people who talk about sexual abuse of minors still like it is a Catholic problem or as if the Church is still an evil monolith for what it did. If they do nothing about the abuse in public schools, or make any effort to change the laws of sovereign immunity which still protects that system, they have zero, zilch, nada, credibility in my eyes. Millions of us have been permanently scarred and damaged by what happened in that system, and are still suffering silently.

And as the Penn State scandal shows, it only takes a rich and powerful system, operating outside of Catholic auspices, to continue the sexual abuse of minors because the hoped for national awakening of this problem never happened. The stats are something like 600,000 plus minors still being sexually abused, *each year,* and maybe five or ten of those cases happening within the Catholic system. Yet everyone still thinks it’s a Catholic problem.

In California, the Los Angeles public school district actually begged the legislature in the last months to change the law so that it would be easier for school districts to fire tenured teachers who are suspected of abusing minors. This is in response to a teacher in their district who sexually abused dozens of students over a number of years and kept a photo or video log of it. The law was introduced, shot down by the teachers’ union, and that’s the end of that. And those kids will never see justice from that district. Ever.  

God bless and take care! Fr. Angel

SAPPHORIA - that feeling of euphoria or bliss when you’re a woman who loves another woman

what are we?

a new NA guild wars 2 guild for lesbian, bi, pan, and otherwise women-into-other-women ladies to make friends, bond, PvX, RP, and hang out in a safe space.

who are we?
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what will we do?
guild missions, PvX, raid training, RP, and more!

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