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@ Aromantic community can our official community fish be an Arowana

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Omg your python is gorgeous!! Question: what goes into owning a snake?? I've been in love with snakes since I was a little girl and I've always wanted one but I don't want to neglect it or not be able to care for it :)

Depends on the exact species on snake you get, of course, but the basics are: 

- The initial set up is pretty important. Make sure the tank they are in is big enough/has everything they need. Terrestrial species, like ball pythons, need more horizontal space and at least 2 hides. Arboreal species, like a tree boa, need vertical spaces, etc. 

- Keeping the environment stable. Temperature and humidity need to be kept in a good range. Heat lamps/spray bottles/etc. 

-Feeding. Know how big the food should be, how often they should eat, making sure your snake eats safely, being willing to deal with the food (either live food, which requires more precaution during the feeding itself , or frozen food which requires more prep work) 

Snakes are pretty easy if you invest well in a good set up and aren’t squeamish about the feeding.

this mom i babysit for is paying me to sleep over at a hotel for her daughter’s birthday party tonight…..

there will be an indoor pool and she is paying me to sleep over there and be surrounded by a bunch of 11 year old girls in a hotel while i watch her 2 and a half year old brother and go swimming and let me just say, i am afraid and do not want to do this because i will be so unbelievably out of my comfort zone and i am worried there wont be food that’s safe for me to eat and i’ll have to act and pretend like i’m a normal human being at night when that is the last thing i am at night! lmao

how some people honestly think prehistoric society was

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer female: Look gerald it really is simple, these berries are Blood Orange and safe to eat and these ones are Vermilion and are poisonous

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Male: Me only see red, me only think in terms of “thing to club” and “thing not to club” ooga ooga

paying rent and doing laundry to celebrate halloween because adult responsibilities are spooky scary


January 2016 vs December 2016

this year:

  • I got to study abroad in Nagoya, Japan🇯🇵 (I’ll be here until May👌)
  • I beat out a bunch of people for a state department internship in Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼
  • I lost 35 pounds in a healthy way 💪🏻
  • I started growing my hair out to prep for graduating college 👩🏻‍🎓
  • I made a bunch of great friends both off and online all over the world 👯
  • I hit 11k+ followers on tumblr and almost 2k on twitter 😳
  • I grew as a person and an artist 🎨
  • I traveled to some amazing places: jiu fen, osaka, kyoto, and tokyo (aside from living in taipei and nagoya) 🗺
  • I consumed a lot of excellent media 🎬
  • I received so many kind and touching messages, tags, tweets, etc from my amazing followers even during my artistic dry spells. I cherish every single one of you ❤️

“I’ve had so many lovely messages wishing me a merry Christmas. Thank you! I’ve also heard from people who are going through very tough times. These always seem worse at Christmas. At this time of year, we’re bombarded with images of perfect lives, which bear as little relation to reality as tinsel does to gold. If you’re lucky enough to be with the people you love, warm and safe, with enough to eat, I’m sure you feel as blessed as I do. But if your life is currently full of difficulties; if you aren’t where you want to be, either literally or figuratively, remember that extraordinary transformations are possible. Everything changes. Nothing is forever. Thinking back to my worst Christmas, I found it hard to believe that my unhappiness would pass. I was truly afraid of the future. You never know what the future holds. Astonishing reversals of fortune happen every minute. So if you’re sad, or lonely, or bereaved, or ill, separated from your loved ones or in any other way suffering this Christmas, I send you love and wish you luck and better times. Millions of us have been where you are now. Remember, Christmas Day is, in the end, just a day. It isn’t a test or a scorecard of you or your life, so be kind to yourself. Merry Christmas!” ~JK Rowling’s Christmas message posted on Twitter, December 25th, 2016

Spoopy Lookbook

Happy Halloween, everyone. Please be safe and eat nummy candies!

Outfit 1: ears | septum | necklace | bodysuit | shorts | bandaids | socks | boots

Outfit 2: ears | top | rings | shorts | leggings | shoes


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It’s Christmas today! And just around the corner will be 2017! So I thought I would do a quick follow forever to say thank you to all my lovely friends, followers and pretty blogs that I follow for making my 2016 colourful! ♡ ♡ ♡ And to say thank you for making my dash pretty everyday and for continuously keeping tumblr fun! I hope you guys have a safe and happy Christmas! Eat lots of food, relax and have fun with your loved ones! I also wish you happiness, love, good health, fortune, success and luck in the New Year of 2017 ♡  


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