safe driving psa


Knowing that James Dean made that safe driving PSA 13 days before he died in a car crash from speeding makes this really creepy.

A little PSA from Star.

Please do NOT drink and drive this NYE. I know you’re tired of everyone saying it, but seriously. Don’t be stupid.

I lost my best friend in high school because a drunk driver hit her side of the car at 5am. Yeah. Drunk at 5am.

So please. Keep yourself safe. Keep others safe. Do not get behind the wheel if you’ve had alcohol or anything that alters your ability to drive safely. And please make sure you prevent others from doing the same. I do believe a lot of taxi companies and AAA and uber do free rides that night or at least discounted. Call them. Stay at the house you partied at. Just please, be safe. 💙⭐

My mom died in a car accident when she was 17 years old. 

Nobody thinks about the reality that they could die in an instant, especially when they’re so young. 

I am ENRAGED by this asshole I encountered tonight. My friend and I were driving home and saw this guy spin out of control and smash right into the car in front of us. We JUST managed to stop in time, but the guy turned around and almost drove head-on into us

He was very obviously drunk, and because of him the three girls in the car he hit - all of whom were in their early 20s-ish - might have been seriously hurt. 

So, seriously, one of the best things that you can do is learn RIGHT NOW how important it is to drive safe and to make sure the people around you are driving safe.