safe cats

PSA for cat parents!!!

If you have cats and you use essential oils in any way, please be extra careful with the oils around your fur babies. Most oils can be harmful to cats as they lack a certain liver enzyme to remove the substance from their system which can lead to toxic build up and can even be fatal to a cat. 😿 Please please be carful. Some oils are safe but most are not. You can look into this more by doing a google search about safe oils for cats but even those should be use with caution around your kitty friends!! I also found tons of contradicting information on which ones are safe. So don’t trust every web page you read. It’s safest to not diffuse oils near your cat or have them close to your cat or any surfaces your cat will touch. Better safe than sorry! 🐱💕

Don't give Easter Lilies to Cat Owners!

Just a reminder to cat owners and friends of cat owners who may be visiting them for Easter. Lilies are lovely, but they are also DEADLY poisonous to cats. If you must bring a gift to a cat friend’s home or decorate your own for the holiday please make sure it is not a real lily. Go with artificial instead.

URGENT: Cat Foster Needed

Since y’all have been the most incredible people in regards to helping me with my cat’s medical problems earlier this year, I’m hoping someone will help me with this in the next week–

I am in between places to live at the moment, and while my brother and sister-in-law have been wonderful humans in terms of looking after Henry for the past month, their own cat has not been getting along with Henry and so, since I can’t blame them, they want Henry moved out of their place by June 10th.

Which puts me in a pickle, since Henry can’t come with me where I currently live due to allergies.

So. If you live near Chicago/anywhere in the Midwest and are willing to foster a cat for a few weeks until I move to a place where I can have Henry with me, PLEASE let me know. I’m literally willing to drive Henry to wherever he’ll be looked after and, if you know anything about me, you know that I love Henry infinitely more than I love any human, so. 

Please let me know, and please reblog this to spread the word.

This cat is the love and light of my life, and I sincerely need help to make sure he’s looked after.

Please let me know.

hey, @why-animals-do-the-thing; I know this was a recent topic of discussion about indoor and outdoor cats and safe ways to use the outdoors as enrichment, and just wanted to share this video of one of my two cats who is leash trained, Gizmo!

for those who say my cat must be an exception to the rule of leash training a cat; while he is very friendly and smart (he knows sit and wave and can jump through a hoop so far) my vet actually diagnosed him when I first got him with feline idiopathic cystitis. which basically means he has a hormone imbalance in his brain that makes him more sensitive/prone to more cat spazz runs than your average cat. Most of the time it’s marginal and he acts like a normal kitty, but if he gets too worked up he can make himself physically ill with UTIs.

Our first forays into leash training were…..a bit crazy; he was always fine with the harness but going into such a big open space was overwhelming for him at first. But with a lot of repetition and letting him decide how he wanted to interact with the outdoors he soon came to be the cat you see in the video! The rolling and casually exposing his tummy, non-dilated pupils, high carriage of his tail with the slow and lazy wags are all signs of an incredibly happy kitty! He will actually purr as I’m putting his harness on now (which is not typical for him; he’s not a big purr-er) because he’s learned harness=outside now! I always see videos of people dragging their poor cats along the ground in their harnesses and it drives me nuts! Cats are not dogs; expecting them to walk with you at your pace is unrealistic. A lot of people would have so much more success if they let the cats dictate their time outside and you just follow. Your main job walking a cat is to just make sure they stay safe and don’t get away! Also please get a wide mesh harness if you do this with your cat. They are much more comfortable for them and cats seem more relaxed in them comparable to a strap harness.

So, please, extend your cats lifespan by keeping them inside, but also expand their world in a safe and controlled manner through something like leash walking!

Heart and Soul

My boss and mentor is an extremely dignified, professional man with 30 years experience as a veterinarian. He is always thorough and very particular about how things are run.

But a peculiar thing happens when we have a cat in the hospital.

When he thinks nobody is watching, he meows at the cat until it meows back, like they’re having a little conversation.

But as soon as he thinks someone is coming, he walks away like nothing was happening.

Lay on Boop

So our group was on a quest to recur some kid’s cat and we’d found it on the opposite side of a river. As it was too deep to ford and too wide to cast any spells at the cat from the riverbank, the paladin waded out neck deep into the water, carrying me (the wizard) bridal style so I could Mage Hand this cat over to us without getting swept away by the current. This is when the following exchange took place.

DM: Once the cat is safely in your arms, you realize it’s not breathing.

Wizard: Gods. I. I think it’s dead.

Paladin: (looks at me, dead serious) Wizard. Boop me on the nose.

Wizard: What.

Paladin: Boop me on the nose with the dead cat.

Wizard: WHAT!?

Paladin: You’ll notice I’m not moving from this spot.

Wizard: (looks nervously around at the rushing water) Okay, okay fine, I’ll boop you with the cat.

Paladin: (to DM) Okay, I want to roll for Lay on Hands.

DM: Roll it, but take a -2 penalty.

Paladin: I Lay on Boop the cat! (rolls)

Long story short, the paladin rolled ridiculously high, her Lay on Boop succeeded, the cat woke up and freaked out, and we barely managed to make it safely to shore.