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I hope pregnant trans men are doing ok. I hope that them and their children are healthy and I really want them to know that having babies isn’t just a thing for women, and that their gender is still valid. Your kid will love you regardless of your gender identity, don’t worry about it. I hope they have a safe, healthy birth with no complications and that they recover from it well.

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okay so i grew up in a christian home and i am going to be a freshman in college this year. i didn't have sex in high school because i was afraid of parents finding out, and i didn't come out to them (i'm bi). i don't think there's anything wrong with sex before marriage really, and i know there's resources out there but, what your tips were for your first time/being safe/birth control etc. i know my parents will just have to accept my sexuality later on but i'm just looking for help...


General Sex Tips

1. I would highly recommend that you spend some time “getting to know yourself” before having sex. Feel around down there, see what feels good and what doesn’t. See if you can get yourself turned on. The more experience you have knowing what works for you, the better you’ll be able to communicate with your partner or partners and have an enjoyable experience. 

2. If you have a vagina, odds are that your first time having sex is going to be slightly painful. This is totally natural, and will go away as time goes by. But be prepared to be upfront with your partner and to ask them to go slowly or use more lube if things do start hurting. 

3. Speaking of lube, it doesn’t really matter what type you use, unless you have allergies. Lube can be used on condoms, dildos, penises, etc. Totally safe to go in your vagina or any other orifice, it’ll just feel sticky afterwards and you may want to shower.

4. Condoms! There are many different kinds (ribbed, flavored, hot and cold). Magnum are large condoms, so if you are buying condoms and don’t have a monster dick, you probably should not use them. An ill-fitting condom is an ineffective condom! Also make sure to always store condoms correctly and to throw them out after their expiration date. Only one condom at a time folks, wearing two condoms is not twice as protective. They’re more likely to rip.

5. If you have a vagina, you should be peeing and/or showering immediately after sex to prevent UTIs. These are no joke! They are extremely painful infections that cause you to pee blood. Always pee after sex. Pee twice. People with penises can also get UTIs, but it’s far harder.

6. Did you know that only 25% of people with vaginas can have vaginal orgasms? So if you can’t, don’t stress! There are all sorts of different orgasms to be had, and they are all equally amazing. If you’re not cumming, you’re not being stimulated properly. Try a new position, a new technique, try having your partner or partners stimulate you in a different area. The page I linked above is a bit gender specific, but it has really useful information, so please ignore these terms.

7. Foreplay is so important! Vaginas take an average of 20 minutes to get properly revved up and horny. The reason you’re “dry” down there is because you’re not properly stimulated. You can always use lube in a pinch or ask your partner to go down on you, but you’ll find that sex is easier and more enjoyable when you are literally “wet down there”.

8. Period sex. Oh how I love period sex. If you’re a first timer, you probably will be very disgusted by it. Vaginas are at their most sensitive during this part of the cycle, so achieving an orgasm can be easier. If you’re going to have period sex, throw a towel down first. Blood comes out super easily in the wash, you don’t have to do anything special to the cloth to get it clean. You will probably want to shower afterwards!

9. Communication is key. You cannot just lie back and think of England and hope that you’ll achieve a magical orgasm. It’s not like that. What turns your partner or partners on may not turn you on. This is absolutely fine! You may not even want to cum or be able to cum during your first time having sex, and this is fine too. Tell them what works and what doesn’t and be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. 

10. On a similar note, you are not obligated to do anything to anybody else or to yourself that you are not comfortable with. You do not need to give blowjobs or hand jobs or even have sex with someone if you aren’t 100% into it. If someone is pressuring you and thinks that sex equates a happy relationship, then I would advise you to ditch them and get on with your life.

11. Protection! Please use protection. Whether this is condoms, birth control, an IUD, whatever. The pull out method does not work. I am a product of the pull out method. Not everyone with a penis has precum, but many do. Don’t take the chance! I am on birth control and I love it, but that’s a whole different post. 

12. Dildos come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get ones that are smaller and thinner than actual penises and ones that are comically large. Make sure to use lube! Wash them with dish soap in your sink and leave to dry. Some dildos that are “hyper realistic” come with a powder that you have to put on them. These are incredible dildos, I highly recommend them. They feel so life like!

13. Edible underwear does not taste all that good. Neither do flavored condoms.

14. Black sheets or black blankets and sex are not a good mix. You will see cum stains. They wash out super easily, you don’t need to do anything special to clean them. Just keep them out of sight when your friends and Aunt Kathy come over.

15. If you start having sex and decide that you want to stop having sex then please tell your partner and stop. You are not obligated to keep going if you feel uncomfortable. Your body = your choice.

16. If you have a vagina then you will want to make an OBGYN appointment shortly after you start having sex. These are vagina doctors and they can check your vagina out to make sure that everything is okay. You should probably get your vagina checked out often if you have multiple partners. If you are in a relationship with one person and use protection, then once a year is fine.

Tonight is actually my five year anniversary so that’s all for now! Good luck babe. Lots of love, you’ll be fine.

Cas is the Central Focus of The End

When I first saw the episode The End (5X04) I struggled with it, and I think a lot of people did and still do struggle with it because it’s heavy. Thanks to wonderful meta writers (looking at you lurea) and several re-watches in order to process it, it is actually one of my Top Five Favorites. This episode is a masterpiece.

Castiel is the CENTRAL FOCUS of The End (5X04).
Specifically Castiel in relation to Dean.

Okay so it is truly a layered episode (aren’t they all?). The brothers have gone separate ways and the main point to drive home is that they’re stronger together rather than apart. This is the lesson Dean learns from the start to the finish of the episode. But everything in between is focused on the Dean and Cas relationship. Because saying no to Michael doesn’t just ruin Dean, Sam and the world. It wrecks and kills Cas.

This future (aka Endverse) was shown to Dean by the angel Zachariah in order to manipulate Dean into doing what heaven wanted (saying yes to Michael and being his vessel).

Parallel that with this:

A human-angel hybrid named Jack showed Castiel a future in order to manipulate him into doing what he wanted (keep him and his vessel, aka mother, safe until birth).

I believe Cas’ vision of The Future (12X19) includes Dean Winchester, just as the vision of Dean’s future in The End included Castiel.
Say it with me: circular narrative.

Even the titles of each episode make me want to squee and roll around on the floor in delight. Now, we were not told that Dean was part of Cas’ vision so don’t go making t-shirts. I think we received some misdirection about Cas’ vision in 12X23 so for now this is MY head canon that Dean is in Cas’ vision of the future.

12x23 has an apocalyptic world where the Winchesters are facing off with Lucifer and Castiel ends up dead. Lucifer did say we’d all end up here despite things being changed and altered. ‘Here’ is relative, not exactly the same date or the same garden, etc.

But Jack, our naked little angel-man, has superseded his father in showing Castiel a future beyond death, beyond The End. We didn’t get a resolution to The End in 5X04. We saw Lucifer as the victor. I do not think Lucifer will be the victor any longer. We may have “…ended up here,” but the results will not be the same. Lucifer will be defeated. Jack and TFW will be key in that.

But I digress because I didn’t start this post to even talk about 12x23, though it definitely parallels. So you’re welcome for that tangent. Back to the regularly scheduled program…


A lot of people believe that Endverse was something Zachariah made up. Considering that Dean kept the Camp Chitaqua photo (we see Mary looking at it in 12x02 - “Mamma Mia”), I believe it was an actual timeline that was very, very, real. Especially as we’re coming full circle with the story, which felt like a forgotten plot for a very long time. Thank you, Dabb!

The issue isn’t whether it was real or not, though. It could be faker than fake but the message is still clear: show Dean what will happen to his loved ones, especially Castiel, if he says no to Michael. Zachariah made sure that Castiel was at the front and center of Dean’s visit to Endverse because what does matter is what Dean takes away from the experience.

Zachariah knew.  

Unbeknownst to him, Cas was heaven’s Trojan Horse. The angels used Castiel as a pawn. Have you ever wondered why they never just killed him for his doubts and for trying to warn Dean in that dream (4X20)?! Consider this: instead of smiting him for disobedience (angels have proven to kill for much less) they reprogram him again and again, keeping him close to Dean because Dean trusts Cas. In fact they see that there is something much, much deeper between Dean and Cas than I think those two were aware of at the time.

“When a claim is laid on a living soul it leaves a mark, a brand,” Castiel tells us. (6X03 “The Third Man). Cas literally claimed Dean on his rescue mission to get Dean out of Hell, whether he meant to or not. The implications of such an act are not written out explicitly for us but we see that these two are connected, bonded. Faithless Dean had faith in Cas without a whole lot to go on almost from the get-go.

When Dean had sex with Anna, she laid her hand over Cas’ handprint tentatively. She was fascinated by Castiel’s mark and would know a lot more about what exactly it means than we do. I think her pause over the print tells us it does mean something significant. 

Anna knew.

Uriel, in another episode, calls Cas’ affection for Dean a weakness. He says it with a cocky self-assured smirk. He knows that he and the other angels can use it against them.

Uriel knew.

So anyway, Zachariah WANTED Dean to see how broken, addicted and suicidal Cas would become because of Dean’s choice. They knew that the state of Cas’ well-being would be a huge influence, if not the biggest influence, in coercing Dean to do as they wanted. The focus of that future, Dean’s future, was Cas.

They threaten Dean with Cas, as a metaphorical hostage. “See, Cas here? See how you have this intimacy with him as the world crumbles around you? But see how fucked and broken you’ve become? You’re a monster. See how bad that fucks Cas up? You get Cas killed. All because you say no to Michael.”

The angels knew.

Do you comprehend what I’m tellin’ ya? Past!Dean’s sole focus wasn’t the Colt, wasn’t Lucifer, wasn’t himself and it wasn’t even all about Sam. Sure, those things are in there but they are honorable mentions. Everything came back to Cas.

The. Focus. Is. Cas.

We do see Dean interact with his future self, with Chuck, etc. But most of the dialogue in Endverse is with and about Cas. Cas is shown in the center of most shots, in closeups and isn’t far from Dean in most scenes. Hell, when future!Dean kills one of his infected men he says to everyone else, “I’m not going to lie to you. Me and him got a messed up situation going,” and we assume he’s talking about past!Dean.

But the camera and the remaining men look beyond past!Dean and he follows their line of sight to a blurry Cas who then comes into focus. Because… The. Focus. Is. Cas. Everything else is background noise: Luci and archangel vessels and Sam and the apocalypse.

Despite his crap choices to torture a demon to find the Colt, and to kill his Croatoan-infected people, future!Dean still cared about what Cas thought of him and that is why he guiltily made the comment about Cas. Dean’s future heavily included Cas in a very intimate, private way. So private that the writers did not come right out and tell us but instead showed us by carefully constructed omission. Can we all curl up into balls and cry now?!


The whole “…got a messed up situation going,” is just that: Cas is still in love with Dean even though he’s become a monster. Cas could have and should have left long ago, but he didn’t. It probably perplexed Dean’s men. Because Cas wasn’t just sticking around to kill Lucifer (in fact he didn’t agree with the idea AT ALL in 2009 AND in Endverse). He was solely there for Dean.

Remember when Cas said he was going to watch Dean murder the world (10X22)? Do you think for one moment Dean didn’t go, “Shit, he really will stand back and watch me murder the world. He did exactly that in Endverse.”

THAT MOMENT in 10X22 is when he knows Endverse wasn’t some manip from Zachariah. In 10X22, Dean visibly swallows and looks away at Cas’ words because they affect him. He had enough humanity in him in that moment to feel something there. He does still lose control and he beats Cas, who doesn’t fight back, but something (Cas’ plea) momentarily breaks through the curse.

Then what does Dean do? He isolates himself, gets blacked-out drunk and suicidal, destroys his hotel room in a fit of rage and emotional pain. This is a moment that “hurt something awful” and he didn’t actually go through with killing Cas this time. I’m sure he’s imagining how much worse he’d be off if he HAD killed Cas.

THIS is when he becomes desperate enough to get rid of the Mark, when he realizes how badly he’s hurt Cas and is becoming a monster. It wasn’t when he beat Sam or murdered rooms full of people. Nope, HIS WEAKNESS IS CAS. Dean is so desperate to not become “that thing again,” that thing that he knows could make him kill Cas, that he’s willing to kill his brother with Death’s scythe. Dean knows how close he was to going over the edge.

This is another reason I believe Zachariah’s vision was real, because Cas predictably cannot and will not hurt Dean, even if it means he destroys the world. The angels knew, long before Dean and even Cas knew, that Cas was Dean’s weakness. How flipping crazy is that?! And yikes, I didn’t mean to stumble into 10X22 but when the writers intricately tie multiple story lines together it just cannot be avoided.


Back to Endverse. Future!Dean turned into his father: a ruthless, cold-hearted, vengeful shell of a man (something Bobby told him, more than once, not to become when Dean suffered loss because it is canon that this is what Dean can become). A demon stole Mary from John and he became, in Dean’s words, an obsessed bastard. A demon stole Sam from Dean and he became the obsessed bastard.

But is he all bad? We can see the faintest hint of hurt on future!Dean’s face when Cas says, “What? I like past you,” when past!Dean makes a comment about torture. But I think Dean loses his last sliver of humanity when he sends Cas to his death. Past!Dean had said, “You mean you’re gonna feed your friends into a meat grinder? Cas, too?” Cas was singled out as being significantly more important than everyone else and past!Dean could not even comprehend that future!Dean would sacrifice Cas of all people. *sobbing*

Dean meets Samifer after future!Dean gets his neck broken and that is when we get back to the plot of the brothers being archangel meat suits and how badly this does affect Dean. Because it isn’t just his future with Cas at stake. Sammy’s life is at stake. The world is at stake. 


Zachariah pulls Dean back to our reality and gives the whole spiel on hoping Dean has learned his lesson. Cas is not brought up in this conversation and he doesn’t need to be. Because out of fucking nowhere he pulls Dean to safety where he was still waiting on the side of the road, in the dark, when Dean told him to pop in in the morning. Why is that significant?

I think Dean was praying/longing/reaching out to Cas. So Cas pulls him out and throws out the line about having an appointment but we all know the appointment wasn’t for that time or that place. He was saving Dean the embarrassment of being told, “I heard you praying in your mind when I know you’re still weirded out by praying.” A few seconds later Cas asks Dean how Zachariah found him. Damn it, y’all, Cas freaking FELT Dean’s prayer and/or longing. No one can tell me otherwise.

The narrative and cameras have once again swung back around to Cas. Dean gives him such a look of tenderness. He steps close and places a hand on Cas’ shoulder and gives the infamous, “Don’t ever change,” line.

Cas is Dean’s beacon of light, of hope, of faith. Zachariah was just threatening Dean and here is Dean melting into a puddle of heart eyes, invading Cas’ personal space to touch him, and even giving a bit of a smile (albeit a sad one).

With Cas watching over him, Dean feels safe. He trusts him. He pulls out his phone and calls Sam to make amends, to hopefully thwart Endverse from happening. So that Sam doesn’t become Lucifer’s puppet, so that Dean doesn’t become a monster and so that Cas doesn’t ever change.

The End is honestly very, very sad. Which is why it’s awesome to know that there is still The Future.


So where am I going with this? I just wanted you all to know that no matter what is changed, whatever is altered, Dean will end up with Cas. He had a crap vision of a crap future with Cas that ended in death. But Cas has received a new vision, a better vision, a hope-filled and faith-filled vision of a future that I wholeheartedly believe includes Cas and Dean together, in a happy endgame.

Jack is going to overcome Lucifer’s plans of destruction, which is a WHOLE other meta about fathers versus sons, and their legacies and all that jazz but I’ll leave you with this:

Lucifer LOVED his father, God, but was punished and abandoned.
Dean LOVED John but was abused and neglected.
Castiel LOVED Heaven/Humanity but was broken and brainwashed.

Jack, a son, is going to break the cycle, y’all. He may have looked creepy AF in 12x23 but I believe he is going to serve an amazing purpose to the narrative in subverting early SPN plots of self-destructive, codependent, suicidal and depressing behavior. It may be shaky at first but Jack will learn. Baby steps!



I talk about 5X04 a lot and I believe every single one of my fics includes mentions of Endverse!Cas. To me, this was the turning point in Dean and Cas’ relationship and one of several reasons why Dean didn’t want to allow himself to fall in love with Cas, and didn’t want Cas to change. Just one reason, of course, as there are others. It’s complicated, all of it. But for me this episode, which followed the Desitel-heavy “Free to Be You and Me”, was a bad blow to Dean’s heart. He knew a future with Cas was a possibility but at what cost?

Obvs they’ll overcome because The End was dark but The Future is bright.


I leave you with a reminder from Chuck:

Past!Dean: “Hey, Chuck, is Cas still here?”
Chuck: “Yeah, I don’t think Cas is going anywhere.”

Chuck knows.

June 20, 2017
Edited 6/27/17 for typos but there are probably still some. *SHRUGS*


If read individually “安” (an) means peace/safety/stability in Kanji, and “産” (san) mean production/industry, but “安 産” (anzan) together means safe delivery when giving birth, which probably explains why they are that horrified, assuming the worst when a bunch of foreigner males walking towards them wearing a t-shirt representing procreation. In addition, unlike the other 3, these 2, having lived in a secluded village all their lives, probably haven’t seen too many foreigners around (other than Sandal, of course). 

Rune Magick

Hey, all! So today I’m going to teach you about runes and how to use them in everyday magick. There are, of course, many different types of runes but for this, we are talking about Germanic runes. 

So, first off I’ll tell you a little about what runes are. Runes are a form of script, dating all the way back to 150 AD. They were eventually replaced by the Latin alphabet somewhere around 700 AD. Because they are so ancient, some witches use them not only as a secret script but also in their magickal workings. 

You might be asking, “Well how do I do that? Wouldn’t that be like using the letter A?” Well, yes and no. I have no doubt someone could find a way to use the Latin alphabet for magick, but in this case, runes are more… symbolic I guess? Take the rune peorth for example (see “p” above). It resembles a cup lying on its side. When the opening points to the right, it represents birth and beginnings. When the opening points to the left, it represents death or endings.

Each rune symbolizes a specific thing or idea. Say, for example, you wanted a quick charm for safe travels. You could draw Raidho ® somewhere on your person as it is the rune of travel. To use rune magick simply draw, paint, or inscribe it where you want to use it. You can also “draw” it in the air or on an object/person with your energy. 

 Below is a list of all the runes, their names, and their uses/meanings (order is from left to right).

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“I myself am a migrant, as are many of you.

But no one expected me to risk my life on a leaky boat or cross a desert in the back of a truck to find employment outside my country of birth.

Safe migration cannot be limited to the global elite”.

– United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, this Tuesday at the opening of the General Assembly annual debate.
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My Eyes - Part 17

Pairing: Bucky; Steve x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 4,354

Story Description: Steve is a good man, America’s golden boy, a hero. He’s Captain America for christ’s sake! So it’s normal to want what he has… right? Bucky knows he doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t even deserve the second chance at life he’s been given. But Bucky can never let him know. Steve can never find out that his friend is in love with his best girl.

Story takes place post “CA: CW” and all tension has been resolved.

Previously On…

Y/N’s eyes blinked open to stare at a stark white ceiling. Her ears took note of the heart monitor near her.

“Mom? Mom, can you hear me?” Jimmy’s voice was still muffled, like she was trying to hear him while underwater.

The she realized someone was holding her hand tightly.

Y/N turned her head to see Jimmy leaning forward, watching her carefully.

“Hi, sweetheart.” She sighed, trying to sit up.

Jimmy shot forward to help her.

“Is the baby…is-?” She couldn’t bear to say the words aloud.

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I really love codywan baby. (~♡•♡)~ Could we get some more of it???

Dressed only in a tunic that reached to his knees, Obi-Wan stumbled out of his bunk and to Waxer as the baby cried out in distress, picking up his son and shushing him. “Oh no, its okay baby, its okay. Its just Vader being upset.” He mumbled tiredly, trying to shield his boy from the dark side of the Force that he could feel even if he couldn’t reach into the Force with the collar around his throat.

“He’s Force sensitive?”

The voice scared Obi-Wan half to death as he turned around, Waxer clutched to his chest as his eyes found…



Obi-Wan held his baby even as his racing heart calmed down slowly despite the crying of his baby. “Y-Yes…” He whispered, swallowing a bit. “Very.” Obi-Wan’s throat felt dry as he forced the words out as his adrenaline filled mind gained equilibrium.

In the dim light, he toke note that Cody was not in armor but in his blacks, the other staring at him with a steady gaze on the Jedi.

There was a bit of gray at the others temple but so was there at Obi-Wan’s.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, Cody moved from where he had been standing until he stood in front of Obi-Wan, staring into his eyes in the dimness of the room, their breaths clashing.

Waxer’s noises had turned into quiet sniffles against Obi-Wan’s tunic and Cody’s eyes flickered down, staring at that dark head resting against Obi-Wan’s collarbone.

His hand rose slowly, steadily and slowly cupped the back of Waxer’s head, stroking lightly and even in the dim light Obi-Wan could see the soft expression of awe and just utter love that crossed the commander’s face as he touched his son for the first time.

“…Do you want to hold him?” He whispered, shivering slightly.

“Please?” Cody whispered in turn, carefully accepting the bundle as Obi-Wan showed him how to hold Waxer’s chubby little body in his arms.

It looked so natural, Cody holding Waxer to his chest while staring at him with that awed little look as the baby stuffed his fist into his mouth while staring up with amber colored eyes with flecks of green that was slightly red from crying at this new person holding him so gently, instinctual knowing he was safe.

“He’s beautiful…” Cody finally murmured, smiling down at Waxer while stroking his chubby stomach with gentle fingertips.

“He is. He was beautiful from the moment he was born.” Obi-Wan whispered.

Cody slowly looked from Waxer to Obi-Wan. “…Were you alone? Were you safe when you gave birth?” He questioned.

His heart was racing at the questions, staring at his former commander. “I was in a Rebellion medical facility. I… I had friends and medics around me.” He whispered out finally. “I guess I was as safe as I could have been? With access to medical help.”

“Good.” And with that Cody peeled one hand from Waxer even as his left one held him protectively to his chest, his right hand resting lightly on Obi-Wan’s cheek.

Obi-Wan trembled at the touch, closing his eyes as he leaned into it, mentally reminding himself that Cody was chipped, that the chip in the others mind had made him turn on Obi-Wan and that there was a high chance that the other still loved him even if the chip had made him forget it.

That got him to hiccup, silent tears slowly sliding down his face to drip over Cody’s tanned skin. The warm fingers slowly brushed them away.

“I love you. I still love you.” The former Jedi whispered, unable not to say it now that he was so close to the other as he hiccuped with tears he long thought he was done shedding.

Cody stood there, silent but actions spoke louder then words as he continued brushing the tears away while leaning closer to Obi-Wan, the proximity of their bodies keeping their son warm.

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Hey so I consider myself a feminist, but a lot of people ask me what rights do women not have... and I don't really have a solid argument. Do you think you can help me? Like what rights do men have that women don't or what rights to women still need? Thanks xo

Feminism isn’t a matter of man vs woman: who has it worse? It’s a team effort, fighting for causes that can effect both genders (and anyone who identifies otherwise). Even if something only affects women, feminist men should still be supportive. If something affects men, feminist women should still be supportive. The movement is about equality and not supremacy, so we should all work to make unjust situations better for each other. The topics listed below are not limited to one gender specifically, please keep that in mind.

• the wage gap (especially for women of color)
• the need for affordable childcare
• abortion (has become a big argument: depends on if you’re pro-life or pro-choice)
• the want for access to safe, legal, affordable birth control (not sure if you’ve heard about the recent and plausible complications involving women’s birth control or not)
• domestic abuse
• rape/sexual harassment
• societies expectations and standards
• also custody over children??? women typically get custody despite their living situations, career, etc, which isn’t fair if you ask me (did you know most male bathrooms don’t have diaper changing stations?!)

Another thing about feminism (for me and many others) is that it isn’t limited to women in first world countries. Honestly, women (white women especially) in America have lots of rights – a lot more than in previous years. That doesn’t mean life is perfect here, but our situation is definitely better than the women in third world countries. Here’s some of the current issues they face:

(know that this list is directed towards women in third world countries. I am not educated on what problems the men may face, but they are not these)

• denied basic and advanced education
• female workers are seen as disposable and short term because they are meant for the house
• women are still typically seen as homemakers
• wage gap between female and male workers
• unmet need for family planning
• child marriage (VERY common for girls to get married to someone whether they like them or not by 18)
• female genital mutilation

Last thing – I promise: you don’t have to have an argument. There is literally no negative side effect that I can think of to supporting gender equality and to supporting people, so you shouldn’t have to justify your good intentions and good beliefs with facts. I understand wanting to have some ammunition for when the question is asked (because facts and logic can’t hurt an argument or ruin an answer), but just know “I just support everyone and think we should be equals. It’s not always about who’s got it worse than who” is as good an answer as anything.

Sorry for any typos. Hope this helped, have a fantastic day :))

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Would you actually explain the lovers and justice card choices. Those were the only ones that didn't get a description, I'm curious because I don't know why.

Whoops, sorry about that—the card assignments page is basically just a copy-paste from our shared google doc with all the back-and-forth arguments omitted, so some of it is out of context. It’ll be replaced by a more polished version before applications open up.


In the Rider-Waite and derivative decks, the titular Lovers are the Biblical Adam and Eve, before their expulsion from Paradise. Analogically, Rose and Kanaya are the Adam and Eve of Earth C: Kanaya is responsible for hatching the new mother grub, ensuring the propagation of her species, with Rose as her partner who works with her and the other jade-blooded trolls to ensure the safe birth of each new brood. Next to Adam is a burning tree, representing the flames of physical passion—the way Kanaya’s skin uncontrollably lights up when she gets flustered around Rose; and next to Eve is the serpent, the Devil in disguise, making the lovers imperfect and weighing them down with earthly temptations—such as Rose’s alcoholism, which is exacerbated by her anxieties about her relationship with Kanaya and which plagues her all through the Game Over timeline. (In the Rider-Waite deck, the Devil card also depicts Adam and Eve, in chains and doomed by the sins of the flesh—the Devil is represented in the ladystuck deck by the Condesce, who was responsible for Rose and Kanaya’s deaths in Game Over.)

When drawn, the Lovers represents a close interpersonal relationship—usually a romantic one. It also represents duality or a union: Rose and Kanaya are the ultimate icon of the union of Earth and Alternian cultures that Earth C manifests, and their first kiss as well as their wedding took place on 10/25 (the sum of 4/13 and 6/12). It also represents choices—coming of age, finding oneself, and a conflict with heavy consequences. Rose and Kanaya’s relationship, while ultimately healing and enriching both of their lives, coincides with a lot of radical and uncomfortable changes for each of them (their first face-to-face meeting follows both of them undergoing a metamorphosis of death-and-rebirth: Rose’s god tiering and Kanaya’s vampirism; Rose’s alcoholism as mentioned previously; the depressive stagnation of the three-year meteor journey; Rose and Kanaya each encountering a mother-figure as a peer: Roxy for Rose and Porrim for Kanaya. And so on). Usually, the Lovers indicates that someone will have to make a difficult decision, or a major change, but that the rewards for doing so will be well worth the upheaval.

When drawn inverted, the Lovers indicates a relationship with some sort of disharmony or conflict, usually of communication. Of course, Rose and Kanaya’s relationship is not perfect, and is fraught with shortcomings and miscommunications due to either party’s hesitance. Rose starts drinking because she’s so wrecked with anxiety over her relationship, Kanaya is unwilling or unable to talk to Rose about that addiction because she’s too afraid to rock the boat (even though they both know Rose has a problem). Rose nearly forgets their first date, Kanaya wasn’t even aware their meeting was a date—and Rose dies without ever having told Kanaya she loves her. The inverted Lovers indicates that the honeymoon phase of a relationship has passed (the mutual flirting of their first face-to-face meeting at the green sun) and been eclipsed by the hard work that is ultimately necessary to sustain a relationship—work that neither of them was able to put forth in the Game Over timeline.


This card is ruled by Libra and traditionally depicts a female figure holding both a sword and a scale. Her scales are balanced, indicating sound logic and reasoning—and her sword is upright, indicating that she is ready and able to punish the wicked. (Lady Justice is also usually depicted blindfolded.) This card, no matter how it is drawn, indicates that somebody’s gotten—or will get—what’s coming to them. It is the card of karma and inevitable outcomes.

Upright, Justice indicates impartiality, and that justice will be served. When Terezi slays Vriska, she sees herself as Lady Justice: Vriska has sown disorder and carnage in the Sgrub group as well as on the meteor, and if allowed to continue her actions will result in the death of Terezi herself. Terezi loves Vriska, but when she stabs her, she’s acting not with her heart, but with her mind (or her Mind): at the end of the day, Vriska must die so that the remaining trolls (and the potential for the entire species) can survive. Vriska’s life has been marked by bloodshed everywhere she goes, and her death—reinforced by the decision of her God Tier clock—is her ultimate comeuppance. And her death does, indeed, bring law and order to the meteor, at least for a little while.

When inverted, Justice indicates that the querent—or someone close to them—is cheating. Someone is lying or dodging accountability, and when karma eventually gets them they may not understand what they did wrong. It tells you to accept the consequences of your actions, and to make a change before it is too late (like how post-retcon Vriska ends her tendency to solve her problems by murdering them). Justice inverted may also indicate a flaw in a black-and-white moral mindset, and a need to open your mind: Terezi saw her conflict with Vriska as having only two options (let her live, and doom herself and Karkat; or to kill her and spare her own life), but she eventually finds a third option through the retcon (impeding Vriska and changing her mind while letting her live).

Imagine meeting your son. (Part A)

A/N: Ahhhh, Part 5A! You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D)

Chris sat in the bed with his outstretched legs crossed at the ankles and his back pressed against the headboard. It was 6:23AM; he and Dodger were meant to be leaving for their daily run in exactly seven minutes, but he was yet to get out of bed. He was watching you get some much needed sleep after an entire night of tossing and turning- a figurative expression as you were nine months pregnant. You’d been warned that the beginning and the end of a pregnancy were the worst, but nothing could’ve prepared you for the level of discomfort you were in. Braxton Hicks was an absolute bitch that Dr. McCullough repeatedly spoke to the two of you about; she knew you and she didn’t want Chris to make unnecessary trips to the hospital just because you had a contraction. Every time she saw you, she’d remind you that “not all contractions mean the baby is coming.” You tried to keep that in mind, but every time you had a contraction- that was your first thought and you’d start panicking.

It was pretty clear you weren’t mentally ready to go into labor and give birth even though you were sick of being pregnant. You were scared and it was understandable seeing as this was your first baby. How badly was it going to hurt? Were you going to poop on the table? What if there were complications while you were trying for a natural birth and had to have an emergency c-section? How badly was that going to hurt? What if something happened while you were in surgery and you died? What was going to happen to Chris? Then there was your worst fear of something happening to Jack because what were you going to do if you lost your first baby? How were you going to recover from that?

Chris knew how scared and worried you were about it all. Ever since the two of you returned from Sebastian and Ava’s wedding in New York and Emilia forced you to take your maternity leave, you’d only your pregnancy on your mind. That had its pros and cons because while you could prepare yourself for parenthood, you could also let your anxiety chew away at you. From the questions you’d asked yourself and Chris, it was clear it was chewing away pretty quickly. Chris was great though, he remained calm and reassuring. He even said all the right things: “I’m going to be there and I’m going to hold your hand, okay?”, “Nothing bad is going to happen, you are going to have a safe and uncomplicated birth.”, “I won’t lie, it will hurt. But at the end of all that pain, we’re going to have a baby boy and it’s going to be worth it.”, and “I’m still going to think you’re beautiful even if you poop on the table while giving birth.” That he saved for last because he knew it would make you laugh.

“Good morning,” Chris whispered gently, brushing your hair out of your face while you stirred from your restless sleep. You stretched as much as your body would allow, whining when dull aches stabbed at your lower back. “I know, sweetheart.” He sighed, soothingly running his hand up and down your arm. “It’ll be over soon, okay? It’s already the thirteenth and Jack’s supposedly due tomorrow, I’m sure it’s any day now.”

And that was the other reason Chris wasn’t getting ready for his run; he was scared you’d go into labor while he was out, even if it was just for half an hour. As the date got closer, he got more paranoid about leaving you alone. You were playing it cool because you didn’t want him to lose too much of his daily routines, but he knew you. It was kind of a no-brainer, you’ve had panic attacks about less. You would definitely have a panic attack if your water broke while he wasn’t around, even if you were already at the hospital with Dr. McCullough.

“What time is it?” You changed the subject because you didn’t want to think about giving birth right now; your chest tightened at the thought of it. You caught sight of the hands on the clock before Chris could answer you. “Why are you-” You were cut off by a sudden contraction; you adjusted your position and breathed through it like every other one you’d had so far thanks to Braxton Hicks.

“Should I be timing these?”

“No,” you shook your head. “They’re irregular, it’s not- no, they’re just Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s nothing to worry about.” You told him, but you were addressing yourself more. You didn’t want to go into labor yet, you were not ready. Jack was due tomorrow, you’d be ready tomorrow. “Why are you still in bed?” You asked then looked over the edge of your side of the bed; Dodger was no longer sleeping on the floor. “Dodger’s probably downstairs waiting for you.”

“He is,” Chris nodded.

“So go for your run,” you told him.

“I don’t really feel like it today,” he lied.

“I’m not going into labor until tomorrow.”

“No no no,” he corrected you with a chuckle. “You’re not due until tomorrow, but you can go into labor at any time.” You rolled your eyes, forcing yourself to breath as you ignored the uncomfortable feeling your anxiety was leaving in the back of your throat. “It’s not a big deal, we’ll just skip it today. The ground’s wet anyway.”

“Just because I’m due tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll have the baby tomorrow, you can’t change daily routines to accommodate my pregnancy. And you sure as hell can’t be by my side twenty-four-seven,” you told him and he smirked. “Chris,” you laughed at his ‘wanna bet?’ face. “Go for your run,” you urged and he sighed. “I’m just going back to sleep, nothing exciting is going to happen. Jack knows how much I like things going according to plan,” you rested your hand on your belly. “He won’t be out today.”

“Fine,” he said after a long pause. “My phone will be with me, so you can me if you need anything.” You nodded and he leaned over to kiss your forehead. “I’ll be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” You nodded again, yawning as you closed your eyes. “Okay?” You nodded again, snuggling your pillow. “You’ll call if-”

“Oh my God,” your eyes opened and you laughed. “Yes, I’m going to call you if I need anything and you’re going to be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” He chuckled, getting out of bed. “Just go, I’m going to be fine. Don’t Geminis hate clingy people?”

“They don’t hate clingy people, they just like personal freedom.” He answered your rhetorical question as he walked over to the dresser to get a change of clothes; you laughed. “You know, if we’re bringing star signs into the conversation- aren’t Virgos secretly attention seeking?”

“I don’t think I’m ever secretive when it comes to wanting attention,” you quipped and it was his turn to laugh. “And I’m also not secretive when it comes to wanting to sleep, so if you’d just go for your run so I can have some peace and quite- that’d be lovely.” He rolled his eyes and entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. “Thank you,” you called.

“You’re welcome,” he sang back, referencing Dwayne Johnson’s song in ‘Moana’ which the two of you watched again yesterday night. You giggled then dozed off, listening as he continued to sing to himself behind the closed door.

Chris brushed his teeth and changed then exited the bathroom, smiling when he saw you’d fallen asleep. He checked on you again before he took his leave, gently kissing your forehead. He then grabbed his phone, EarPods, and arm band, and slid his phone into the case as he made his way downstairs. Dodger was already waiting by the door, looking up at his leash. He allowed Dodger to drink some water before he leashed him in preparation for their run, drinking a glass of water himself. As they were making their way out of the house and towards the road, Dodger abruptly stopped which jerked Chris to a stop too.

“What’s wrong, pal?” Chris asked. Dodger glanced back at the house then yanked his leash out of Chris’ grip, sprinting back in the direction they’d come. Chris ran after him, “Dodger! Dodger, what are you-” Before he could finish his sentence, he remembered that dogs had a sixth sense about things. “Y/N!” He sped up, scrambling his keys from his back pocket. “Move!” He instructed Dodger who had been scratching at the door and fumbled with the lock. “Babe, I’m coming!” He successfully unlocked the door and ran inside. Dodger bolted up the stairs with Chris right on his tail. When they came to the bedroom, you were wide awake and on your feet with tears in your eyes. “Hey,” Chris rushed to your side, taking your hands in his. “What is it?”

“C-Chris, my w-water broke.”

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Part 5B

Urgent Update

I’m pretty sure that ya’ll know, but today Hurricane Irma has hit the area located within the carribean.  As of today the hurricane has been labled as a category 5, which is pretty bad.  Also, people in Georgia should be cautious since Irma has been predicted to move up towards that area.  I don’t know about all of ya’ll, but I know I’m going to be hit when it comes to Florida.  If you’re in any of the projected paths of Irma, STAY SAFE and aware of what’ s going on around you

  • Evacuate if it is recommended/necessary
  • DO NOT come back until officials have given an okay
  • Pack an emergency bag even if you are not planning on leaving
  • Keep all forms of identification safe/on you (I.Ds, birth certificates, ssn, etc.)
  • Have access to radios, walkie talkies, anything like that
  • Find highland an avoid flooding past your ankles.  Avoid driving in floods as your car can get swept away
  • DO NOT leave your pets, and buy extra supplies for them
  • If Walmart/Target don’t have anymore supplies, sign up for Amazon Prime trail to get hose supplies as soon as possible.  But make sure to cancel before 30 days or you’ll be charged $99

As for you guys who aren’t in the path of Hurricane Irma, please help out as much as possible.  Donate money and supplies if possible, because there are still people who are trying to come back from Hurricane Harvey.  

Please reblog/spread the message since there are so many other people that aren’t aware of what to do.  Remember to stay safe this upcoming week.  

Marines Hogwarts AU, Part II


Snapping to attention at Sabo’s call, Riskua tilts her head to a side as her blond best friend hurriedly approaches, shouldering several older students out of his path in the process.

“Where’s Ace?”

“We just has history of magic,” says Sabo in lieu of an actual answer, running one hand through his steadily growing blond locks, “on Dark Lords. Specifically recent American Dark Lords.”

Well shit.

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anonymous asked:

dont worry your doing wonderfully :D would you please have the F4 companions react to a F!SS being pregnant? like, when they went into the ice box they were pregnant with shauns sibling, and somehow are still pregnant? (i have no idea if a deep sleep can harm a fetus lets just say it doesnt?) and please would you include Father's reaction? thank you :D

Awh thank you! I like this idea and idk if this could happen so we’re just pretending haha.

Cait: “You’re… pregnant? How? That doesn’t make sense…” She stays by Sole’s side and is very protective of her, wanting to keep the child safe. When Sole gives birth, Cait becomes Aunt Cait.

Codsworth: He knew Sole was pregnant before cryo but was surprised that she still had the baby. When it’s time for Sole to give birth, Codsworth uses his abilities to perform the procedure. Sole makes him the grandfather of the baby.

Curie: She is amazed that Sole has been carrying a baby for over 200 years and checks her vitals and makes sure the baby is okay. When Sole goes into labor, Curie helps her relax and push. Sole is very thankful she had Curie.

Danse: He makes Sole sit out of the intense missions, but he’s there when she gives birth. Danse gets really emotional because he’s never seen a baby this close and cries when the baby is handed to him.

Deacon: Deacon almost doesn’t believe Sole at first, but when Sole gets a doctor to prove it, he is on board. Deacon puts a basketball under his shirt to imitate Sole’s belly and hoardes toys he finds in the Commonwealth for the baby. When Sole delivers, Deacon is right there, holding her hand and helping her breathe. He feels so happy when he gets to hold the baby. He tells the baby he’s it’s “weird uncle Deeks”.

Dogmeat: He licks Sole when she goes into labor and licks the baby.

Hancock: He’s impressed that she’s carried all that pain for over 200 years. He takes every chem and alcoholic beverage from her to keep the baby safe. Hancock also knits little baby clothes and bibs together. He’s by Sole’s side through the whole process, telling her she’ll be fine and the kid will be fine.

MacCready: MacCready thinks of his wife when Sole tells him she’s pregnant. He doesn’t want what happened to Lucy to happen to Sole, so he follows her everywhere and keeps two watchful eyes on her. After Sole gives birth, MacCready helps her raise the kid and calls himself “Papa Mac”.

Nick: Nick worries about Sole when she tells him she’s pregnant. He’s scared she’ll get really hurt or worse. Nick tries his best to keep her healthy and see the doc in Diamond City, which is great because she gives birth to a healthy baby with Nick by her side.

Piper: She’s awestruck and interviews Sole, asking how it feels to have been carrying a baby for 200 years, what she’ll name it, etc. Sole is glad she has such a supporting friend by her side. After Sole has given birth, Piper teaches Nat how to care for children and other things when they’re not at home.

Preston: He thinks babies are precious and is excited for Sole. He’s so nervous the whole time Sole is in labor and almost cries when he sees the baby. He giggles when he gets to hold it and when he hears it’s little baby noises.

Strong: He doesn’t understand pregnancy. When Sole gives birth, he screams.

X6-88: Very surprised that Sole is pregnant. Would this baby be called Father #2? Or maybe..Mother? X6 found that an odd thing to think about and just kept his focus on keeping Sole safe. He’s surprised when he sees Sole’s baby. He actually thinks it’s cute. X6 likes to spend time with Sole’s baby more than he does with Father.

Father: He is startled when Sole shows up to the Institute with a baby. When she explains the baby is his sibling, Father is even more nervous. Sole bonds with Father while bonding with her baby. Afterwards, Sole is glad she got to spend time with both her children before one of them had to go.