ohmorty  asked:

190 x 207 for Patrick and Henry if you're doing requests :0

Technicallyyy, I wasn’t taking requests but I do love me some Patrick&Henry >:D

**Side note for my followers that like this pairing as much as I do…I don’t follow the canon of the book. I only support soft/sweet Patrick/Henry. This is a non-con free zone!!**

When I looked at him I didn’t see Prince Charming or a fairy tale wedding or a white picket fence but I did see home in his eyes and safety in his arms.
—  Prince Charming // Alexandra 


Here is a new sigil, I’ll do more! This one is based on an old design I did when I was younger, I just added a few things. It’s made to protect you or objects from threats, negative vibes or anything you need to be protected from. Enjoy, share and use it the way you want ♥

Please, just don’t repost!