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Can you tell me your opinion on everything that's happening and where you think they are right now? I don't know what to think

Okay since I’m getting multiple messages similar to this one I might as well.

In my opinion…

-They both went on safari. I can’t see Sam leaving SA without going on one and they did everything else together while they were there so why not this?

-I don’t think anyone was necessarily lying, just planting enough to cause a diversion. Why wouldn’t their good friends cover for them?

-That fan sighting was real but she met Sam in the airport in Scotland on his way home from SA.

-When Cait posted the safari pictures, she was already back in Scotland.

-They’re both there at the moment and Sam will go to Budapest to start filming any day now. Cait will probably go off on some exotic holiday, maybe with her girlfriends. We’ll see her at Wimbledon and then she’ll join Sam wherever he is. I don’t expect her to hang around and watch him film all summer though.

That’s it. My opinion is based on what they’ve put out there with a little bit of random speculation thrown in. No facts. Obviously I know nothing and could be totally and completely wrong but it sure is fun to guess 😘✌️


Looks like Cait had a fun long weekend at a game preserve before leaving SA. Some really cute pics of baby animals that “we” encountered on safari…

Hmmm…and wasn’t Sam sort of MIA over that same long weekend….

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The ESs like to read everything they see, so i am going to read Mackenzie's new pic. You know what it looks like? She was getting ready to go out, doing her make up and a certain someone walked into the room and felt enchanted to watch her doing her little things, so he get the phone and pictured that moment. The legend 👁❤️ says it all

Oh Anon, I could not agree more.

Isn’t it funny how quickly the ESers just gloss over where Sam was this past week while Cait was on her incredible safari. Not with Sam. Because they can’t handle the fact that Davie stated before he picked Sam up that he was looking forward to it. And Sam confirmed. As did Valbo. Who has no reason to lie. He had a quick work out with his good friend. He saw him for a quick stop between flying in and out of Glasgow. Which was confirmed by two other people who have no reason to lie and who posted up to their traveling that they were headed to Scotland. And then to have someone else see him at MOMA and another one confirm that. But ALL of that isn’t even mentioned. They claim he was MIA. He wasn’t. Remember, he doesn’t report on his personal life and he isn’t filming any more so guess what? He let others do the reporting. But he confirmed the airport sighting by saying he enjoyed the little chat with the fan. You cannot get any less MIA than that. He wasn’t hiding in a hotel room in NYC. It’s a big city to get lost in. Nope, instead he went to a world famous museum. And it was confirmed he was there as was his girlfriend. Who now posts her own photo, most likely taken by the love of her life, Sam, who confirms they are indeed in NYC. And let’s not minimize Sams IG photo he reposted that pretty much says “IM IN NYC”. Wow. Are they reading anything other than tea leaves these days? How much wronger can they be! Lol

Thank you for pointing out their deficiencies. They just look stupid. 😘

Have a great evening! 😘😘😘

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Possibilities: Either the Kariega safari together which is usually 3 days so SAT, SUN, MON, back to UK on TUE, shooting WED (shooting what?). Or Cait on safari with friends, Sam visiting home and prepping for work. I'm OK with both.

I’m glad you’re ok! 😘

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Fun to speculate but do you really believe Cait spent the long weekend at that luxury resort and now at another luxury Safari resort by herself? Saying "we" on the Safari photo when Sam was in Scotland already, even Gabaldon said so, the fan at the airport he acknowledged on Twitter and his driver picking him up, well we could assume Cait was not with Sam.

“Even Gabaldon said so” she also said he was flying for 36 hours so 😂

Little Bird

I decided to forego sleep tonight and write another thing for the + by Ed Sheeran series. Mixed it up a little this time and chose to make it a Calum one instead for a little variety. It’s also pretty autumnal because I’m total trash for Autumn/winter. Anyways, enjoy! And if you’re interested you can find the rest of the pieces from this series here in my masterlist!

“See this isn’t so bad is it?” You smiled at your boyfriend, tongue poking out from between your teeth, knowing how reluctant he’d been to come out with you. It wasn’t the best day for a walk, judging by the wellies covering your feet, you knew that. But the woods next to the little lodge you had both come to to get away for the two days he had off just looked too pretty - all lush and mysteriously enchanting as it glittered with the remains of the rain you’d had that morning - to pass up.

“Can I go with no comment?” He smirked, giving your hand that he held in his a gentle squeeze as he bumped your hip with his own. Honestly, he’d rather not be out in the middle of some forest as the somewhat beautifully stormy yet very grey clouds loomed overhead, his canvas shoes not the best for trudging along some muddy pathway. But you’d been so damn enthralled by the collection of trees and shrubbery, you eyes had been so glittering with hope that he didn’t have it in him to say no. But he’d still much rather be back at the cabin with dry feet and the fire lit and you draped over him like his own personal blanket.

You rolled your eyes, he’d been cooped up on buses and in hotel rooms for months now and yet he was still turning his nose up at the chance to get outside - not city-style outside surrounded by high rise buildings and shrouded in smoke - but actually out into the fresh air. You loved it, sure there was a slight chill to the damp air but it gave it that crisp autumnal edge you craved every year, everything feeling so much clearer in this atmosphere.

“Oh, cheer up. We might see some animals! Like a deer or a fox or– oh my god a bird!” You gasped as you cut off your own listing, free hand pointing to the bird in a small heap on the ground.

“Woah, hold up now Safari Sam, a bird?! Now I’m really glad you dragged me out here because I’ve never seen one of those before.” Calum scoffed, words dripping with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes.

“Shut up” you snapped at him, grabbing your hand from where it had been wrapped in his to shove his shoulder lightly, taking off through the thick shrubbery and plants that lay off the beaten track as you tried to get to it.

“Where are you going?” He called after you as you disappeared behind a tree, groaning at the fact that he was going to have to go after you, not wanting you wandering around in the woods by yourself where a bear or god knows what could get you. “You’re going to end up breaking your fucking leg” he sighed, knowing well enough that you were the biggest danger to yourself with your unavoidable clumsiness, although fearing for the safety of his own limbs as he clambered through various forms of nature to follow you.

Turning to slip around the back of the large oak tree he’d seen you disappear behind he found you crouched down under its vast branches, hands tucked into your sleeves and resting atop your knees as you looked down at the small bird that lay awkwardly on the forest floor, chirping weakly. He knew that sympathetic look in your eyes and he was already shaking his head at what was about to follow. “I think he’s hurt.” You spoke, tone hushed as if you didn’t want your voice to break it anymore than it already was.

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Still need prompts? How about Dean and Cas on an amusement park, Cas begging Dean to go on the roller coaster but Dean just knows that's he's gonna puke.

Dean gritted his teeth against the rapid clack clack clack clack clack as the car carried them smoothly up the incline. 

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” he ground out, digging his fingers into the foam lap guard. 

“It’s just a roller coaster,” Cas said blankly, squinting into the sun. His sunglasses were safely tucked away in the handy mesh bag in front of him. He craned his head over the side, looking down over the sea of park visitors. “Oh, look–I can see Sam from here.”

Cas waved down to him. Dean shut his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. They were almost at the top. The ride couldn’t be more than a minute, right? Then he could sit down, drop his head between his knees, maybe get a margarita at that stand they passed.  

“The yeti isn’t real,” Cas said more gently. He touched Dean’s hand. Dean glared at him. 

“I’m not afraid of the ride, you asshole. I’m afraid I’m gonna puke.”

“You ride in a car all the time.”

“Little bit different,” Dean said as the track leveled out, and oh. Great.

The car dipped slightly, picked up speed as it began down a slight incline. The track curved, lurching them toward a theatrically mangled section of the track. The car stopped abruptly. 

“Cute,” Dean grunted. At least he escaped a plummet.  

“The artistry is impressive,” Cas agreed while the people around them screeched. 

But the air brake released in a whoosh and the car began to roll backwards.


It curved along the track as it gained speed and Dean felt the nausea rise–it was somewhere in the middle of his chest, tickling at his throat. He took a deep breath and held it, counting to ten. He cursed Cas and cursed the Florida heat and cursed Sam, because this “magical” vacation was his frigging idea to begin with and just how long was this ride, exactly?

The car jerked to a stop again. Something roared. Cas gave a delighted laugh and Dean rolled his eyes behind his eyelids. 

When the car moved again, it moved forward–thank god. The remainder of the ride was calmer. Dean’s legs were barely shaking when they got out. Cas slipped on his sunglasses and slipped his hand into Dean’s, leading him off of the platform. 

They found Sam on a bench in an ugly floppy hat, sipping iced tea and enjoying the park’s free wifi. 

“What’d you think?” he asked as they approached. 

“It was thrilling,” Cas reported. 

Thrilling,” Dean echoed. 

He swiped the drink out of his hand–”Get your own!” Sam complained–and took a long sip. It did the trick, quelling most of his discomfort. He sat on the edge of the bench. 

“I FastPassed the safari ride” Sam mentioned, taking back his drink. “We can grab food over that way.”

“Yeah, sure,” Dean agreed, glancing to Cas, who swayed oddly on his feet and looked slightly green. 

“Dude,” Dean said. “You okay? You wanna sit down”

“I–” Cas began, then covered his mouth and hurried in the direction of the restroom.