safari black

Okay so me and @fake-frank are coming up with some bomb ass headcanons and we went from flowers to pets!!

-PinkGuy has Derek (ofc!)

-Salamander Man with frogs and or small lizards (or a big chubby Komodo Dragon)

-Real Frank with his hamster

-Kohe with a giant fucking bird lmao

- Fake with a badass Doberman that has the same black and red eyes like he has!!!

- Chin Chin with a big ass pitch black anaconda!!!

-Safari man with tigers and panthers!!!



What’s in my pencil case?

Lihit Lab Teffa pen case. (from Amazon)

Lamy Safari Matte Black Fountain Pen

Pentel Brush Pen (my favorite!), Sigma brush pen

Promarkers, a white Posca and a black Sharpie

Faber Castell Vario Mechanical Pencil and Scrikss Graph-X, mins

Uni Pin Fine Liners (0.2 and 0.3)

Artline (0.1 and 0.4) and Artline Calligraphy Pen 3.0

Derwent Brush 

Stabilo ans Staedtler fineliners, Faber Castell highlighter

A little black moleskine 

Some paper clips, an eraser, sharpener 

the-stray-liger  asked:

*whispers* what do I have to do for more Black Widow Reader and Dami

sacrifice sacrifice (nah I’m just playing)
* they seem to be the only one to recognize that?? dami is a small child who enjoys small child things, no matter how old he might act
* yes, they put him in the race car shopping cart and pretend to not notice that he makes little noises for it
* there’s this empathy between them and Damian because they were in a very similar situation, but the black widow wasn’t as valued as he was. whenever he has nightmares they hold him until he falls back asleep
* they watch cartoons together on the computer in the batcave so no one knows that Damian enjoys Sunday morning cartoons
* he’s been trying to surprise them since he came into the batfam but they have an eerie ability to know exactly what plant he’s hiding behind
* both of them will speak in all twelve hundred languages they know to one another just to annoy Bruce. no other reason. Bruce is almost impressed with how attached he’s become to the black widow