safari as a way of life

Weekly Round Up - December 4th, 2016

Sorry I didn’t post one of these last week - I didn’t actually finish anything due to life being life. 

This weekend, I sold at a local comic con (hence the price tags being in the way) and was able to make two Mini Baymax plushies while hanging out at the table. I also finished a half done Pokeball and Safari ball but they got mixed in with the rest of my stock so they aren’t pictured here. The week before the con, I finished the Chibi Pikachus and the Chibi Eevees and wrapped up the Espeons today. 

I had a successful day at the local con and met a lot of great people! 

My next planned show is Wizard World Philadelphia in June and I’m already hard at work restocking and expanding my inventory. Any requests? I’ll promote more as I have more info, but I’m hoping to see some of you at the convention! 


I thought I would go back to the beginning… February 2007 I made my first trip to Africa and we visited the Ndutu region of the Serengeti during the migration calving period. February is “supposed” to be one of the driest months in Tanzania, but as fate would have it, it poured rain almost every day and the region experienced severe flooding leaving us stranded in the Serengeti with washed out bridges. Quite the experience for the first time on safari.

We came across this pride of lions on our way out of camp one afternoon. They were all sprawled in the mud taking an afternoon siesta. You can see their bellies are certainly quite full. I think there were about 12 in all, scattered about in the wet grass and sandy flats. The young one certainly did not mind a little sand in his hair.

These were all shot as jpegs on an old Canon Rebel xTi. It was the first time I had photographed wildlife and I had no idea how it would later change my life.

I’m currently reading Safari As A Way Of Life, the artistic journals and adventures of Dan Eldon. I highly recommend this book! The pages are pure, beautiful, genuine and can bring you out of yourself. This is a picture of my notebook, as I begin my exploration of everyday life (Also inspired by Keri Smith’s How to Be An Explorer of The World).

“What is the difference between exploring and getting lost?”
-Dan Eldon