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Hello, "Kiss me slowly" for Saeyoung, please?

Warning: implied nsfw

Saeyoung + “Kiss me slowly”

“So,” Saeyoung’s voice trails off, “are you sure about this?”

His fingers hesitate on your cheek, making electricity run between your skin and his. At his gentle touch, you feel your heart rate picking up, but it has nothing to do with the fear he’s so sure you’re hiding behind a brave face. It has everything to do with what your heart and body truly want, though.

Your mouth curves into a soft smile and you snuggle closer to him, your lips brushing the sensitive skin of his neck.

“I’ve never felt so sure in my entire life, sweetie,“ you hum and he shivers, inhaling sharply as your hot breath tickles the sensitive skin of his neck.

After a moment of silence, you look up. His vermilion hair falls in tousled locks, a stark contrast to the white pillow he’s trying to hide his flushed face in. He’s drawn his lower lip between his teeth and you wonder if he tried to suppress a moan or a chuckle. A look at his golden eyes, overflowing with love, lust, and warmth that seep into your very being tells you it is, undoubtedly, the former.

“It looks like you’ve changed your mind, though,” you tease, your soft smile turning into a playful smirk.

Before you know it, you’re trapped underneath his body, his arms dipping the mattress at each side of your face.

“Of course I haven’t! I love you and I want you,” he pauses to take a deep breath in, eyes everywhere but on you, “I just… I want this to be perfect for you. I want you to feel good. I want to make you feel good. And as selfish as it sounds, I want you to come back to this moment with love and happiness in your heart.” He lets out a long sigh and you feel his fingers clutching at the sheets as if it’s the only thing that could save him from drowning in his worries. “I just fear you might regret your choice once this is over. You know me, I’m no saint. I’ve done unforgivable things for all the wrong reasons. You deserve someone better than me.”

His eyes well up and his lips tremble under the weight of his many doubts. Instinctively, you cup his cheeks, thumbs running softly under his eyes to wipe tears yet unshed.

“I want you, Saeyoung,” you say, no trace of doubt in your voice, “and I want my first time to be with you. I’ve never loved anyone half as much as I love you and that will never change.”

He looks at you, his forehead creased as doubts still run free inside his head. He purses his lips, then parts them slightly, ready to argue, but you silence him with a gentle finger on them.

“Hush now, “ you whisper as you wrap your arms around his neck, “and kiss me slowly. The night belongs to us.”

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Could you do the main rfa and V with a usually shy and respectful Mc and have them find out that her humor is pretty raunchy/dirty/dark?

RFA + V with a usually respectful Mc who has a dirty humor instead (Smutty)

LOL of course! Here you are my love! I hope you enjoy it! 


  • Of course his love was a respectful woman
  • He amused by her shy appearance in front of other business men. 
  • But, he was honestly shocked when he once heard her talking to her best friend. 
  • What did she laugh about? 
  • ,,Hahaha, you pervert thing….of course, I also like long banana’s the most.’’ you laughed. 
  • Jumin Han blushed, you just laughed with your friend about….a man’s penis…! 
  • But Jumin Han was also amused to have discovered your pervert side and wanted to have revenge. 
  • ,,Jumin, you’re still not sleeping?’’ you asked him when you entered the room. 
  • ,,No, I wanted to know if my banana’s long enough.’’ he told you and looked at you. 
  • You were surprised but then began to laugh.
  • ,,Your’s is the best…’’ you laughed and kissed him


  • ,,Thank you.’’ you thanked everyone who helped you. 
  • Zen was really proud to have such a girlfriend. 
  • You were nice and smiled every time. 
  • Until he overheard a conversation with a co-worker of him. 
  • ,,I wonder if the secretary at a sperm bank has ever used the phrase thanks for coming!’’ you laughed. 
  • Zen was ashamed that you said something like that to someone else and not to him… 
  • He would have loved it to hear it and tell you that your humor is really good! 
  • Well, to be honest, he was a bit sad that you didn’t show him your real side but he was happy to find out new sides about you….. 
  • ,,Show me your pervert side, princess I wanna come…!’’ he laughed when the two of you were alone. 


  • Yoosung never thought about something perverted. 
  • He was honestly a pure boy with pure intentions. 
  • And so he thought were you. 
  • You never pointed at something perverted or talked about sex outside of the bed. 
  • So he was totally shocked when he heard you laughing about Seven‘s perverted joke. 
  • But this wasn’t the end, you even answered.
  • Until you heard a loud thud, his butt on the cold floor. 
  • ,,Yoosung jagi! Did you hear us?“ you asked him, a bit amused by his reaction. 
  • ,,Uhu….“ he tried to answer. 
  • ,,Seven…LEAVE HER ALONE!“ he whined while the two of you laughed. 
  • But later on Yoosung told you, that he had nothing against your humor. On the other side he asked you, if you could teach him your perverted side. 


  • Jaehee learned so much thanks to you. 
  • But this little detail was kept secret by you. 
  • Well, even if you told her about your dirty humor, she would have still liked you. 
  • However she had to find out about your dirty mind by listening to you while you talked with a friend! 
  • You were in the kitchen and wanted to prepare a fruit salad when Jaehee heard you chuckle. 
  • She wanted to know why you were laughing and so she listened to you. 
  • ,,Ahaha! I feel as if I‘m finger fucking this strawberry. Are you sure that this is a challenge and not your fantasy?“ you giggled but stopped when you noticed your girlfriend at the door. 
  • ,,Bye, there‘s something I came up with…“ 
  • You were ashamed that she saw what you were doing but she on the other side wanted to know more about this challenge….


  • It was a normal day when you were in the kitchen cooking food for Saeran and Saeyoung. 
  • Well, Saeyoung was a bit against it, there were HBC after all…! 
  • But you decided to cook fish. 
  • Saeyoung: Whaaa, my future wife is cooking fish!
  • Zen: Wow, Mc is cooking, so jealous. 
  • Saeyoung: Not at all. It stinks! 
  • Mc entered the chatroom 
  • Mc: Well this fish is bigger than yours and the only one who will enter my mouth for the next two years. Go and eat your sticky chips.“ 
  • Mc left the chatroom 
  • Zen: Woah. That was….hilarious.
  • Zen left the chatroom 
  • Saeyoung: 😱 
  • I‘m sorry Mc! 
  • I didn’t know that you were like that!


  • He never thought about this kind of topic. 
  • Nothing was taboo, he was open for everything. 
  • It was just you who were shy in his presence and so he kept his own thoughts and jokes to himself. 
  • He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, after all. 
  • But his behavior quickly changed when he noticed that you were just holding back your humor because of him. 
  • A big misunderstanding, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable and you didn’t want to scare him. 
  • When Seven hacked into your phone and send in dirty memes he was a bit amused by them. 
  • Well, also angry that his friend intruded into his girlfriend‘s privacy. 
  • But for now Jihyun just wanted to take pictures of you while you imitated the last meme in your phone…..maybe the last meme you will ever see, thank you article 11 & 13


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Since V is your fav. I was wondering what a head cannon would be on: how v reacts to Mc dressing very provocative most of the time. I'm talking low cut everything. dresses, shirts sweaters ect. How he handles it around others and at home. Maybe how the rest of the RFA handles that. Love your work. And I agree there needs to be more V hcs.

thank you!! i love getting asks for him,, hes so special to me <33 sorry for the wait!! ill do the whole rfa+v for you ;*

rfa+v reacting to mc dressing provocatively most the time

- blushing mess!!
- he feels guilty for looking at you so much but he cant help it sdkjsdj
- you have to remind him that,, yoosung,,,,, youre allowed to look at me…
- in public he has to touch you in some way to calm his possessiveness
- and if too many people look at you, he’ll try to cover you up
- but your confidence is sexy to him and he actually loves it sm

- no shame here
- will put his arm around your shoulders just to touch your chest and he doesnt give a fuck about decency
- but the beast,,, it jumps a little
- esp in public, he cant have people coming up to you..
- but he enjoys the attention you two get
- loves the confidence!! you have a fucking good body and he adores how you own it

- shes a littleee wary, but its your body and she respects what you choose to do with it
- she,,, likes the view ngl
- in public, she definitely has to hold your arm if people come up to you, but shes knows youre loyal and wont make a scene
- respectful of your confidence!! she struggles with it, so seeing you so prideful makes her proud???!

- he,,,,, probably didnt like it at first
- youre his and he doesnt want others seeing you like that
- but you sit him down and tell him you dont care, and that he shouldnt be worried because its him that you want
- so he calms down and loosens up about it
- and now that he has,,, he loves it???????
- will buy you everything lowcut and encourages you wear it out
- his new favorite thing to do is watch you turn down other men sdjfdsjk
- he just,, loves your confidence and it makes him happy to be with you

(i took a break to play idolmaster and i got 3 cool ssrs from the box im crying sorry if the rest of this is weird im just over excited and cant concentrate)

- hes so RED
- but he loves it mc yes,,
- at home he lays on you so he can just smush his face in your chest
- a little weary when you go out, but he trusts you so its not a big deal
- but when you two go out to eat or smth and you wear a low cut,,, hes ALL OVER YOU
- it makes him really needy and he just wants to touch you all night
- so when you get home, or even in the car, his lips are on your chest and you know whats coming

- hes like zen and yoosung combined
- he feels bad for looking at you, but at the same time theres no shame and he just wants to touch you all day
- at first he’d be respectful and just give you compliments
- but as your relationship grows more intimate, hes not scared to make comments or,,, touch you…… ;)
- will read a book next to you with a hand on your chest sdkjsdj
- and he will never make you cover up
- he loves your confidence and your chest, so theres no way he’ll make you hide anything

thank you for reading!! hope you enjoyed!


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Highschool AU : HC where RFA+V+Saeran react to MC being too friendly with her teacher??? (RFA+V+Saeran is also a student and they're not a pair yet, but they fell hard for MC)5

(warning, really long mini-fanfics ahead! )

it’s really weird to be too friendly to a stranger teacher so i made them relatives^^


nights spent under the dim light of the han’s basement which the drama club called their theatre were the best to the class. be it the hundreds of pillows and fur carpets or the many snacks and drinks provided to the students.

despite the various studies and homework piled over them, they didn’t really care as topics threw themselves around, from stories to gossip, everything was taken in and joked about.

hyun sat hugging one of the colourful pillows as he scrolled through his ig, behind him was a fellow clubmate who had the honour of braiding his hair as they listened to the chatter of the others. “ hmm? ” she suddenly spoke. “ isn’t that MC ? ”

with a nod of his head, he liked the picture and scrolled past. “ have you heard though? ” someone from the back spoke, gathering the attention of everyone. “ she’s hitting it off with vanderwood! ”

gasps spread throughout the large room, earning a laugh from hyun. “ she’s just really friendly, ” he argued. “ extremely nice and easy to talk to. ”

“ look at you and your crush ! ” they laughed as blood rushed towards hyun’s face and he started laughing loudly, pushing the topic aside.

okay maybe, just maybe , his friends were right about her being too friendly with the teacher- but there’s no way, a teacher!

he grit his teeth as he watched vanderwood rest his hand on her arm, giving her a couple of papers before she had smiled at him dearly.

the sight horrified him- he realized how possessive he seemed but the heavy knot she had tied him with was driving him crazy, he couldn’t deny her charm and he hated the sight of her, with his least favourite teacher.

as the said hated man walked away, MC was left standing alone besides her locker. a chance that couldn’t be wasted, hyun did grasp it and walk towards her. “ hey babe ” he winked, earning a laugh from her.

“ hello, zen. ” she emphasized at the nickname the school gave him, as she opened her locker, shoving her books inside before taking others out.

a smile tugging at his lips, he rested the side of his arm on the locker, looking at the shorter female, “ i’ll give you the honour of calling me hyun. ”

she smiled and the butterflies decided to go mad and tug on his heartstrings. “ i know, uh, this seems really mad. ” he suddenly said, courage taking the best of him. “ but everyone’s going around saying you’re kickin it off with vanderwood and some other rumors of you havin a boyfriend and i tho- ”

the sudden words brought a loud laugh out of her, interrupting the white headed, “ vanderwood ? ” she said, unable to contain her shock. “ he’s my cousin- last time i checked, i didn’t have a boyfriend ”

information running through hyun’s mind took him a moment to process them properly. surprise was no doubtly showing on his face as MC excused herself and walked away, a smile still on her face.

what a pleasing thing to learn, he thought as relief washed itself over his chest. so he had a chance with her and that assured him very much.


school festivals weren’t really jumin’s thing, until of course his parents decided to endorse into the activities of the school and thus, he was forced to join in on the hype, much to his dismay.

he sighed, looking at the list of requirements as his friends on the other hand seemed to be having the fun of their lives. really, what was so pleasing about cleaning and decorating yourself when someone could do it for you?

but well, not everyone is from a rich family like you, mr han.

sighing once more, his dear friend jihyun pushed a box towards him which seemed to be filled with different and colourful decorations.

okay, maybe helping the others wasn’t a bad thing, he thought as he saw who happened to be a family friend and his crush, MC, walk into the room carrying large cardboards.

jumin, being the gentleman he is, did not hesitate to rush in and help her in carrying the large amount she was carrying.

as he was setting them aside, their art teacher walked in and his immediate reaction was to wrap his arm around MC’s shoulder.

she didn’t shy up from his behaviour and instead smiled at him, resulting in jumin’s stomach aching as if it was tied in a knot.

soon enough, MC had excused herself out and the teacher remained to help along with the cardboards.

a chance was given to the chaebol as he was left alone in the room with the teacher. and as the mentioned man had requested a hand from jumin to tie ribbons around the classroom, the student didn’t reply and started at the teacher. “ are you and MC dating ? ” he asked, bluntly.

“ i quite fancy her and thus, i’ll be the selfish and spoiled child i am, ” he added, “ i will tell the management about this. you know clearly we are not of the legal ag- ”

the laughter erupting from his teacher’s lips filled the quiet room and brought a shocked expression upon jumin’s face. “ god, han. ” he said as he tried to regain his breath, “ have you forgotten that i’m her uncle ? ”

sudden realization hit jumin, “ i apologize. ” he replied sternly, “ i fear i am too attached. ” he said with a chuckle, receiving a nod from the teacher.


the blond tried to mantain the best of his sanity, keeping his mouth shut and eyes open as he read through the japanese book- god, who decided learning japanese as a secondary language midway was a perfect idea?

the quiet atmosphere of the library didnt help. and you know what was worse? his elementary crush which happened to still be his crush in highschool sat opposite to him, studying whatever she was doing.

yoosung just wanted to look up from his book to admire her beautiful features, sinking deep into his mind palace which was literally filled with imaginations of her, but really- he had a test tomorrow!

focus yoosung, focus.

a sudden figure sat down in the opposite table where MC was and yoosung had noticed it from the top of his eyes.

curiousity took the best of him and he looked up, to find his history teacher seated rather close to MC, who smiled at him as she tugged a fallen strand of hair behind her ear- the simgle gesture tugged a smile on the teacher’s lips-

furious, yoosung didn’t know how to react to the sight infront of him, he wanted to scream at the teacher yet he tried to keep it in, fuck’s sake it’s a library.

nope, he couldn’t. he wanted to be the good guy here and thus he gathered up his books, forcing them into his bag as he got up to wherever his feet would take him.

lack of sleep due to excessive gaming was a norm to the blond, but lack of sleep due to excessive gaming because his crush was being too nice with his history teacher was certainly rather specific and strange.

he spotted the culprit of his sorrow, the history teacher himself, standing infront of the vending machine, sipping his iced coffee.

with no hesitation, yoosung walked up to him and stared right up into his eyes. “ are you flirting with MC ? dating her ? ” he said, fists clenched.

the teacher almost spat his drink out from the sudden outburst of his student- “ i’m her brother’s boyfriend.. ”

the sudden realization hit yoosung- of course, he forgot because he didn’t care! the history teacher came out to the class last year and he indeed mentioned he was getting engaged to someone!

how immature yoosung seemed had his cheeks painted with the darkest shade of red, “ oh god i’m so sorry mr park! ” he said loudly as he continuously bowed his head.

in response, the teacher merely laughed, “ you have a thing kickin for my lil sis in law huh? ” he said before patting yoosung’s shoulder, wishing him goodluck.

and that was how MC learned that yoosung had a crush on her and why she decided to confront him about it next day. and to say the least, both were very happy about the results of them helping each other out with history and japanese in the comfort of yoosung’s shithole of an apartment since they were kicked out of the library for being too loud.


chemistry class, how fun it was for jaehee.

mostly because she was partnered up with her dearest friend and crush, MC. the naive girl couldn’t tell of jaehee’s obvious feelings towards her and that sent doubts upon jaehee.

was MC into jaehee? into girls even? the thought of this topic brought shivers down jaehee’s spine often yet she promised herself to enjoy each quality moment with MC anyways.

the book didn’t help much in describing what needed to be done and certainly the two didn’t understand anything, and thus MC decided to call for the teacher-

the teacher, the smile on jaehee’s face died down as the man headed towards the two. she hated him, for the reason that he seemed to be too comfortable and flirty with MC and it made jaehee personally uncomfortable for her friend.

as soon as he arrived and leaned down hand wrapped around mc’s shoulder, she smiled at him and explained the struggles of the two with a soft, polite voice.

jaehee frowned, huffing as the teacher explained a point similar to what jaehee had in mind earlier but MC refused to do-

but as soon as the teacher had suggested it, MC rushed to do it without hesitation, pushing jaehee on her nerves even more.

shortly after class, the two girls sat in the cafeteria discussing different topics all coming from MC. the other gal replied dryly and seemed to be lost in a daze.

the sudden switch of behavior confused MC and she decided its best to discuss the elephant in the room. “ are you okay ? ” she asked, resting her arm on jaehee’s shoulder.

with a distressed look and a confused mind, jaehee found the courgae inside of her, “ look, i dont want to lose you as a friend-” MC frowned at the sudden talk, “ but are you and that teacher a thing ? ” she asked.

“ you see- ”

MC groaned. “ he’s my brother! ” she said. “ alot of people mistake us for one because he loves hugs ” she huffed. “ besides i’m not even into men, i thought you knew that ? ”

jaehee’s eyes widened, “ n-no, actually i never knew. ”
“ oh gosh, i hope you don’t feel awkward now ! ” MC suddenly said- blood rushing to her cheeks. “ i mean well um- ”

jaehee smiled widely. “ hearing you say that gives me confidence to tell you that i really like you- ” she shot up, her cheeks painted with the hues of red.

MC smiled, closing in on jaehee to give her a chasté kiss on the lips. “ i hoped so. ”


with an assignment due ending tomorrow, saeyoung had a rough time deciding whether he should spend his night hours surfing through the internet or continuing his work.

the answer was obvious when it came to saeyoung, he could finish the essay easily before handing it in but he could never see the hundreds of posts waiting for him again!

with a few clicks, he had opened his ig and continued to scroll through whatever he had on his feed, stopping and laughing at the silliest of memes.

after a while, he had stopped at a picture of the girl who captured his heroific heart, the one and only, MC.

he didn’t know whether it was her keeping up with his retarded jokes or be it her own dorky personality but he knew more than well that she had him hooked up and knotted around her little finger.

but, she wasn’t alone. along her was his teacher, vanderwood, hugging her tightly to his chest.

he couldn’t believe his eyes. vanderwood knew of his crush on the girl since the two were closest as friends rather than teacher and student.

he rushed to his text messages, about to write to his so-called-friend before realizing it would stirr problems. bros before hoes.. right?

but vanderwood broke the code first- well, he would talk to him tomorrow.

the sudden overwhelming atmosphere had saeyoung too frustrated to continue scrolling and so he decided he should finish that essay.

rushing into the teacher’s staffroom, he found vanderwood standing- but not alone.

there stood MC, smiling up at vanderwood as he rested his arm on her shoulder.

saeyoung grit his teeth, feeling sick at the mere sight. he wanted MC to be his for sure but if she was happier with vanderwood..

insecurities hit the redheaded like a truck. he felt himself shrink and a heavy weight was pushed onto his back.

“ oh! choi. ” the voice recognized as vanderwood’s had saeyoung look up at the teacher. “ hey, did you meet my cousin? ” he said and saeyoung’s eyes widened.

MC giggled, “ hello! godly 707, savior of the universe ! ” she grinned as she saluted him.

the silly gesture sent a smile on saeyoug’s face before confusion looked at vanderwood. “ what ? youre cousins ? ”

the two relatives nodded, “ today’s my birthday you dumbass, where’s my present? ” vanderwood crossed his arms.

collecting the fragements, saeyoung started to laugh loudly, shocked at the information he never knew.

saeyoung threw the assignment papers at vanderwood, before laughing more. “ savior of the universe 707 shall take his 606 and leave! ” he shot up, taking MC’s hand and rushing out of the staffroom.


school trips especially to the wonderful natural sightspots were one of the most favourite things to jihyun. the rustling of the win against the trees as the leaves fell far from their home was a pleasing sound to his ears.

his love for nature was undeniable indeed, but only one thing beat that passionate connection and it had to of course be the one person that enchanted him with her grace.

she stood beneath an apple tree outside the old manor they were visiting. her lonely figure attracted him to go downstairs and outside to see how more she could make him fall for her

yet as he went through the garden door, she was no longer in solitary as she stood next to a taller figure which jihyun could recognize immediately.

the teacher accompanying them had took the empty spot next to her and she smiled at him dearly.

envy rushed through jihyun’s veins and he cringed. was he too possessive? yes, excessively but what could he blame himself for? he was too attached ever since she had transferred to his class last year, when she had offered to help him in researching about the different species of animals and plants for his essay.

as the teacher left, jihyun sighed to himself in relief. he was about to enter as well before MC herself caught up to him, grinning. “ hey ji ! ”

he smiled back at her, emotions mixing up. her smile wanted to wash away the jealousy yet he had noticed how overly friendly MC was with that teacher when he was announced as their companion. as a matter of fact, she burst with happiness when she heard the news.

“ hello. ” he tried to reply with cheer tainting his voice but she of course, noticed the fake smile and damn her she had the audacity to ask what was wrong.

being the simple man he was, jihyun thought to himself that it would be better to have her ask but he brushed it aside, replying with a dry nothing, yet his facade was seen through.

MC hummed an alright before she started talking about different topics. jihyun listened to her ramble about the place and it’s beauty before- “ even my brother liked it! ”


“ your brother is with us ? ” he said with surprise. the girl nodded and explained that the teacher accompanying them was actually her brother!

thanks to that information, jihyun felt at ease. the tightened feeling around his chest vanished almost immediately and a smile was set wide on his face. MC had noticed the change of heart and she had to address it. “ something wrong ? ”

jihyun laughed and explained his misunderstanding. “ you must really like me, huh? ” MC winked and let out multiple giggles as she saw the reddening of jihyun’s cheeks.


surprisingly enough, the test was rather easy to answer for saeran, thanks to saeyoung’s hours of lecturing in order to make a powerful genius duo but the younger twin just couldn’t buy the whole ‘godly duo’ shit saeyoung was selling.

he hummed his way through the hallway as he looked for his companion which happened to be the deadly woman who caught his heart and ripped it out.

although he had yet to regain that heart, it didn’t really matter to him because he knows it’ll be safe with her.

with her completely out of sight, saeran presumed that she had already left the building and was somewhere outside.

his feet rushed him to the entrance of school and as he got closer, he saw her standing there with a gorgeous smile on her face. her face was flustered with the brightest of expression as her cheeks were painted with the darkest shade of blushing red.

with his lips tugging up in happiness as butterflies started to tug at his heartstrings, he hurriedly jogged towards her- but he realized, she wasn’t alone.

it was that damned teacher,

the teacher that pissed off saeran the most. he always pushed himself on MC and what made saeran feel worse about him was that MC happily accepted it.

the thought pissed him off and to see MC smile at him so dearly made the student burn with jealousy tainting his every inch.

as that teacher left MC’s side and headed back inside, saeran rushed into a corner that wasn’t quite visible to where his bestfriend stood.

the moment the teacher had passed by saeran, he caught a grip of his arm and pulled him in, staring deadly into his eyes.

naturally, the teacher was shocked to say the least as he looked up at the student, “ i’ll say it nicely, you have zero chanced with MC. you’re too wacky and you have a horrible taste in those.. ” saeran looked up and down at the teacher, “ gosh, hideous. ”

as he let go of the teacher, he glared at him once more. “ you know we ain’t legal and she’s out of your league. ” he said once more as he walked away.

MC rushed towards saeran, eyes widened. he looked at her in utter confusion, waiting for her to say something. “ did you call my brother hideous ? ”

i fucked up

the gal started to giggle suddenly, “ you really got him ! ” she said, trying to breathe in as much air as she could, “ i never saw him so surprised! he really likes you. ” with a grin on her face, she reached up to kiss saeran’s cheek.

“ and i do too ! ”

mystic messenger hogwarts houses hcs

okok so im just. gonna put this here ig? starting off with the easiest ones. i just felt like doing this for whatever reason ok dont judge me.

v: hufflepuff.

one thing that might be wrong w/ this is that honesty is a huge part of being a hufflepuff, and v lies to protect people??? so like. that’s one thing that doesn’t work. but he does that out of loyalty to his friends and he’s hardworking and likes carrying the burden by himself. i could see him being a ravenclaw for his creativity but imo hufflepuff is best for him. not much of a hard choice there.

jaehee: ravenclaw

i believe that jaehee is a mix of ravenclaw and hufflepuff (like me!!) but for different reasons. she’s hardworking and loyal, but she’s also very wise and intelligent and - when given the opportunity - follows her dreams. she graduated college early!! during her route, she begins to try out and experience many new things, which ravenclaws love to do! she also really likes musicals, which hints at a more creative side. so i’d say ravenclaw. but she could be a hufflepuff as well.

zen: gryffindor

i’ve seen some people saying he might be a hufflepuff and i can see why but he’s such a gryffindor imo. he’s very chivalrous and he calls mc “princess” at multiple points. he considers himself like a knight. he’s somewhat narcissistic (although it can be argued that he has self-esteem issues but i won’t get into that) and arrogant. during his route, when he finds out about the bomb, he’s the only one (aside from seven and yoosung in his bad end) to go to mc’s apartment himself - he forced seven to tell him where the apartment was. that seems slytherin-ish but he stood up to unknown and protected mc - that’s something a gryffindor would definitely do. also he was reckless. and he can be pretty stubborn at times too (like w/ jumin). gryffindors and slytherins also fight like cats and dogs, just like jumin and zen lmao. also!!! he reminds me of sirius black.

jumin: slytherin.

he’s resourceful, cunning, and smart. he’s also ambitious and focuses on his work more than his emotions. he knows how to hold his own in a debate and uses logic to manipulate the argument in his favor versus becoming emotional. we see this especially in his route w/ him and his father arguing. he can be sarcastic too lol

saeran: gryffindor

some people might be wondering about this and honestly i thought he mightve been slytherin before i thought about him as a character. he was drugged up and brainwashed - none of the things that he did under rika were done willingly. we see it especially with ray, but he’s very chivalrous. he is quick and cunning, but he’s also not afraid to stand up for what he believes in (even if it wasnt something he’d believe in if he wasn’t drugged up). i cant do too much of an analysis because i havent done his route or finished the secret ending all of the way, but imo he’s not slytherin, nor hufflepuff. he might be able to pass into ravenclaw, but not really. the house that matches the most with who he really is is gryffindor. also, his true personality reminds me a bit of neville? aka he seems cowardly esp when he was younger and he’s very shy in the se but he will stand up to his friends and his enemies if its for something important to him.

yoosung and seven i wasn’t really able to come up w/ a very definitive choice on? so i’ll do rika first and then come back to them.

rika: hufflepuff

people might put her in slytherin but imo slytherins arent evil. perhaps w/ their ambitions and their cunningness they may be more likely to be evil, but being evil doesnt make someone a slytherin. if rika didnt have the mental problems that she did that made her more manipulative she would be a hufflepuff. yoosung pointed out that she worked very hard for the parties and that she loved to volunteer. rika and v are actually pretty similar too, esp w/ one of v’s bad endings where he and rika get back together w/ v being the abusive one bc rika thought she deserved it for hurting him. so i call hufflepuff, but honestly we wont really know what shes truly like unless we get a rika route imo.

seven: slytherin/gryffindor/ravenclaw (in order of likeliness)

ugh!!! he was so hard T_T because honestly he could be in any of those three houses (i dont see him working out in hufflepuff lol) he reminds me so much of the weasley twins, but at the same time he’s resourceful and cunning - he has to be for his job. he could be a ravenclaw because he loves to build things (think robocat and the robodog) just for funsies when he gets bored and he has to be creative to come up with those ideas!! he’s very cocky though and he’s arrogant when it comes to unknown hacking into his systems - he thinks that nobody will be able to get through. he knows what he wants and he’ll go for it if given the encouragement, no matter how hard it is (think the secret endings). i also think that vanderwood would be in the house that seven isnt in UNLESS he is a ravenclaw (if vanderwood is slytherin, seven is gryffindor; if seven is slytherin, vanderwood is gryffindor; if seven is ravenclaw, vanderwood is ravenclaw) because of their dynamic. having seven in slytherin would mean he’d get to harass elly and jumin. gryffindor would mean his brother. ravenclaw would mean vanderwood. and ofc, hed pick on yoosung no matter the house lolol. personally, i can see him working the best in slytherin, but i can see him easily being in the other two. needless to say, he will end up being a hat staller. so he’d just sit there and make the stupidest faces he could think of while saeran sulked at the gryffindor table about his brother embarassing their family name in front of the entire school.

yoosung: hufflepuff/ravenclaw/slytherin (in order of likeliness)

yoosung is such a sweetheart!!! when he was younger, he was hardworking. he got extremely good grades. SKY university, the one he goes to, is a mix of the acronyms for the best 3 universities in South Korea. he’s very loyal (to the point where people have compared him to a puppy). he’s somewhat naive and gullible (think Pass Out After Drinking Coffee Syndrome lolol) and after rika starts a fucking cult “DIES” he gets really depressed and forgets about school and plays games all the time. but even after he slacks off like that, he STILL graduates w/ his degree early in his after ending and ends up in the top of his class???? so he can be a ravenclaw too. people point out that yoosung could be slytherin too, esp in some of his bad endings, but im a little iffy? like i can see why but at the same time eh? but i’ll put it down just because i’d love to have seven teaching yoosung how to prank properly and them becoming the mini-Marauders and pissing off the entire fucking school.

idk if im gonna make a lot of hcs tbh but!! this was pretty fun to do. sooo i guess if anyone wants any i could take them?

oh!!! and mc could fit into any of the houses imo, except maybe slytherin. she’s too gullible (think being tricked to go to an absolute stranger’s apartment LOL) to be that cunning. she could still be very ambitious and self-assured so she could still be slytherin after all. honestly just depends imo.