Chapter 170: One Sleepless Night

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Terminus Aesthetic Collection: Josefate Goldenstone

There’s a crash as they both slam into the coffee table and Joey goes down with a rather un-manly squawk and a poof of golden feathers.
Sartin pinches the bridge of his nose.
They’re all fighting now, the three of them tussling on the floor like children. Saeth’s cat-calling isn’t helping anything–he’s the worst of them, the oldest acting like the youngest.
Joey and Khris gang up on him.
They always do, always have, always will. They partner up on almost everything. Khris brushes everyone away but Joey’s the only one who’s ever hung on long enough to get to know the sullen former prince.

Down to the Surface [Closed with darksamuslegacy and spartancommanderpalmer]

Joe was making his way to S-Deck with his partner, Saeth.  Orbit was being established over Tallon IV, and the two of them were going down to see if they couldn’t get a suit upgrade for Joe’s Power Suit.

Science Team had pleaded for Joe not to go, but Lasky agreed that Joe was the best option due to his Power Suit’s lack of an actual need for ammo.  Palmer had asked to see the two off, and as Joe moved, he was unaware of the mental conversation between Saeth and his alter-ego, Mauris.

The two of them reached S-Deck, and Joe located Palmer.  "Ma'am, I have my partner right here,“ he said, motioning to Saeth.  "I think she’s the best option I have for a partner on this mission.”

Phazon Status: Tainted [Open]

Joe was out of commission for about a month, slipping in and out of consciousness.  He was moved to the medical bay after his defeat by Dark Samus, and if anyone went in to observe him, they’d find that his vitals had changed somewhat.

He was now radioactive, just like Saeth.  Scans indicated the presence of Phazon in his body.  He appears to be naturally generating the substance, but despite previous intel on it, there doesn’t appear to be any negative impact on his health.

Science Team was not so hopeful, however, and believed that unless some method was developed to help Joe vent the Phazon in his body, there was a very strong chance that he’d suffer a critical Phazon Overload, with a high probability of death or losing his mental faculties.

Due to these circumstances, Science Team, despite their strong desire not to delve into these matters, is currently researching a method to help Joe expend his Phazon via his Arm Cannon.  If questioned about it, they repeatedly stressed that the only other option was to routinely vacuum out Joe’s insides of the Phazon, and they believed that to be the more dangerous of the two options.

Of course, because their Phazon reserves were stolen by Dark Samus, Science Team’s progress was limited to simulations, and they felt like the simulations weren’t helping much.  They believed that Saeth could help them with the device, but they didn’t want to approach her in case they accidentally pissed her off with their request.

Eventually, Joe came to, groaning in pain.  He seemed pretty disoriented as he spoke.  "Where…where am I?“ he asked, clearly confused.