The second scene with Sujin Kang at the Mystic Messenger panel at Otakon, this time doing a live reading of a scene at day 8 of Ray’s Route in the Another Story DLC. The differences between his performances of Ray and Saeran were pretty pronounced seeing them live and back to back like that.

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Thank you for opening your requests ❤️❤️❤️ If it is not too much to ask can you write headcannons about where Rfa (-Zen and V) and Saeran would take mc on their first date? I appreciate your blog. ❤️ I always come here when I want to read comforting stories with the baes ❤️

Ahhh, thank you so much, nonny! <3 Your request is super cute! I loved writing it!

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RFA (- Zen and V) + Saeran on their first date with MC

Yoosung  :  playing arcade games… 💚

  • It’s hard enough to ask you on a date, but the difficulty of his self-imposed quest skyrockets once the thought of taking you to an arcade gets stuck in his head.
  • It’s a cool and unique idea for a first date and judging by how kind you are, he knows you wouldn’t immediately shoot it down.
  • That’s why he’s not surprised when he accidentally blurts it out and you agree with a huge smile, clapping your hands and bouncing on the balls of your feet.
  • To no one’s surprise, you have a blast, especially when you two team up against other people.
  • Plus, playing arcade games lets you stay close to each other, your bodies almost always touching. Best part of the date!

… or picnic in the park 💚

  • Packing a picnic is a classic in Yoosung’s book.
  • It offers everything he could possibly want on a first date - spending time outside at a relatively quiet place, getting to know each other over delicious treats, and possibly playing frisbee, badminton, or a simple board game that will bring you two even closer together.
  • Plus, it’s an opportunity for him to show off his cooking skills and sweep you off your feet.
  • By the end of the day, his heart will be so full of joy, happiness, and love that he will call you the same night and offer to take you out on a picnic the next week as well.

Jaehee  :  visiting a new cafe… 💛

  • Taking you to a cafe on your first date is a huge thing for Jaehee.
  • Not only does it let her share with someone she’s interested in something that she likes, but also lets her learn more about you, too.
  • Asks a lot of questions and takes mental notes about what you like to drink and eat, hoping that one day you will either prepare it together or visit a place of your choice where you can grab a bite and enjoy a relaxing meal.
  • Exploring a new coffee shop is something extremely fun for her, so naturally, she’s excited to share this experience with you.
  • She can spend hours talking about the menu, interior and exterior design, and the quality of the food and drinks, but seeing her being so passionate about something is all worth it.

… or visiting the local aquarium 💛

  • While taking you to a new cafe is more of a reinvigorating and energizing experience for her, going to an aquarium helps her relax, put her worries aside, and just go with the flow.
  • Marine life has always fascinated her, so make sure you often steal glances of her happy smile and eyes gleaming with excitement and childlike curiosity. It’s a sight worth remembering.
  • The atmosphere in the aquarium is so calming and soul-soothing that she rarely talks and if she does, it’s just short sentences whispered in your ear.
  • To compensate for the brief conversations, she will often initiate hand-holding prompted by the soft-lit rooms and quiet ambience.

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RFA + Minor Trio as Shitty Pick Up Lines


  • It seems I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you instead?


  • Can I have your number? I like you a latte.


  • I don’t need a premire to show you an opening night


  • I hope you know a good vet because I’m about to destroy your pussy


  • Hey baby, you turn my software into hardware


  • I’d hack into your chatroom any day


  • Come back to my studio and I’ll let you pop my flash


  • Roses are red, violets are blue, make Saeyoung do his damn work or I’ll tase you


Wow I think I like Jumin’s the most. Also send me your best or worst pick up lines and I’ll rate them.


And the last clip of the bunch! The first and last few lines are cut off (they didn’t finish after Cheese! like I thought they would) but this is nearly the entire scene. Cheritz should be uploading the entire panel up on their youtube channel at some point so keep a look out for it!

This was super fun to watch and it was an honor to see everyone perform and talk about the characters!

It really pisses me off how in Saeyoung’s Route Saeran gets captured and in Saeran’s Route it’s reversed and Saeyoung gets captured and also how in Jihyun’s Route Saeran dies because he says he cannot survive in the world without Mint Eye and how in Saeran’s Route it’s reversed and Jihyun dies with Rika’s bitch ass. I love Cheritz with all my heart and I’m so grateful for them that was just a thought that was in my head all day at work.