“Saeran lives”

A quick edit of the wilted flowers Ray had left on MCs bed. I turned them into the bright orange ones and the blue ones from the Garden at Mint Eye. 


Also, Saeran didn’t die on day 10, but Ray did. Saeran lives on as unknown. He logs in as Saeran to the chat but logs on as Unknown. This is a sign that he never died.

Original image: the one to the far left, belongs to @cheritzteam

Edits are made by @yooshixlucy

anonymous asked:

Yoosung + Seven + Saeran React to an MC who gets bullied by a guy shorter than her.

That´s a weird concept but  I like weird.I will try my best to satisfy your request.


  • “…so then the teacher said It´s not good enough” Yoosung said and put a high pitch when imitating the teacher.
  • You caressed yoosung´s cheek and said “aww…my poor baby”
  • Yoosung got a little red but then he said “I´m not a baby mc I´m a men.”
  • “sorry” you said but at the same time you were try not to laugh.
  • “and how was your day?” Yoosung said but you didn´t respond immediately and he got worried that your smile disappear when he ask you about your day “what happened?” 
  • “it´s just this classmate…he just believes he is the shit and puts the others down.It´s really frustrating”
  • “Don´t worry.I have encounter people like that too but the best way to fight them it´s not doing it at all,well that´s what my mother always tells me” he smiles and you do it too.
  • But 1 month later he saw that you were getting more and more sad and you didn´t smile at his scrambled eggs with a happy face made with ketchup.But one time you came from college with watery eyes and he got worried and ask if there was a problem and you said “it´s just this guy that I told you about…he is getting on my nerves”
  • He got worried and ask you the name of that guy,you were confuse and you ask him what he will do.”Mc,just give me his full name.I will talk to him”
  • “but…”you said but immediately you were interrupted by Yoosung “I know that I´m not a knight in white armor but I will try my best to protect you and it doesn´t matter if the guy is as tall as Jumin”
  • You fell in love again and smile.”I love you,Yoosung” you said and hive him a kiss.
  • You didn´t want to give him problems but you were so curious to know what he will do and you give the full  name of the guy.
  • Next morning Yoosung was waiting at the door of the class that you have with the bully and when you got out of the class and saw Yoosung .You ran to him and give him a hug saying “Yoosung you don´t have to do it”
  • “Don´t get worried Mc .Where is the guy?”.
  • You say that he is in the class room and he goes in but as he keeps walking he keeps thinking “wait…what if he is as tall as Jumin or strong as Zen?” he shakes his head “you promise that you will protect mc” Yoosung said to him self.
  • The plan was KILL HIM with kindness (his mom told him that).
  • When he goes inside.He sees two guys a football player (tall and clearly very strong) and a tiny guy (super sort and with glasses).Yoosung yell the name of the bully.
  • The sort guy said “Yeah?”
  • Huge relief for Baby Yoosung
  • “Hi! I´m Yoosung .I came here to talk to you about Mc.” the bully was confuse “Mc is a beautiful person,Mc is kind, brave ,intelegent ,calm, gentle,generous,hard-working,…” he was cut by the bully and the bully said “I know”.
  • Yoosung was very confused but the bully continue “Mc is a beautiful person like you said and I know that I will never deserve someone like Mc because of my height,my looks,my lack of sympathy and that´s why some times I try to be playful but I end up hurting Mc.I just Love Mc.You are Mc´s friend.Hey bro,Can you help me with Mc?”
  • Yandere ON
  • “I´m Mc´s boyfriend and no I will not help you because you are a little piece of shit and like you said you DON´T deserve someone like Mc.You will die alone because you are a disgusting creature.If I every see you near Mc or I see Mc is upset because of you I wil break every bone of your tiny body and You will wish you were death.Did you Hear that BRO?” Yoosung was scary as hell (Like those horror movies when the little puppy turns into a big scary alien/monster).
  • Yoosung comes to you again Not knowing that you heard every thing.
  • “I think he will not Bother you any more” Yoosung said with a big cute smile.


  • You came to the house one day and you started to cry.
  • Seven got worried and despite he had a lot of work he just hug you and said “Mc,What happened?” and then he start searching every part of you body to check if you were hurt.
  • You didn´t say any thing and he said “Mc,Please tell me.I want to protect you!”
  • “Nothing,I…was and then he but I ju-just and I said It´s ok ok… he can´t …and some some one yell Ma-Ma and …”You were crying and talking at the same time and you just couldn´t contain your self.
  • “Your manager it is being a dick and he is molesting you?”(Ok? He has super powers or something because How the fuck did he understand all that?) seven said and you nob
  • “It was the guy with the weird beard?”seven says 
  • “No,now the new manager is that guy from the french fries” 
  • “Ohh! The little one?”
  • “Yes,He is a dick!”
  • “Yeah! That little dwarf” Seven says but he is still hugging you.
  • “Shorty pants” Both of you are laughing.
  • “Munchkin”You two laugh even more.
  • You two spend like 1 hour saying nicknames for short people in till you fall asleep in the arms of Seven.
  • He carry you in a bride style and put you into bed.
  • He sat at his computer and start searching all about the “manager” and then he hacks into his computer (have you watch Black Mirror in Netflix? you know that episode of the third season-third episode well he did the first part) and when he found something…well I only can say “this shit is going down”
  • Two days later seven came to Mc´s work by surprise and he brought coffee(cups from starbucks)for everyone in the office including the manager .
  • The coffee was the same but the cup wasn´t it had a message that said “I know every thing :-)” Then his cellphone got a email with photos of “things…bad things”.
  • Then seven saw his reaction and give him a little smirk and wave at him saying “Goodbye Manager.Please keep Mc safe and happy”
  • From that moment the manager became such a nice person.
  • That´s what a cup of coffee can do.


  • You became more distant and less happy.
  • Saeran notice that right away and he went straight to the point “Mc,What the fuck is going on with you?”
  • You were so furious “Not even to you girlfriend can you be fucking nice?”
  • “What´s your problem?”
  • “Nothing,Saeran.Just be a nice person for a second”
  • “No,what´s up with you?” and you were going to say some thing but he continue “And don´t give me that bullshit of me being nice.I really want to know.I really care about you”
  • “I´m sorry” You hug him “It´s this customer that keeps coming to the coffee shop.He yells at me as if I was fucking retarded and he keep complaining about stupid thing.The worst part is that he say that I give him a different service because he is short and that´s not true”
  • He keeps quiet and just hugs you really tight and cuddle with you all night but he doesn´t sleep because all the thoughts of killing that guy. Saeran knows that if he kills someone you will never forgive him but he can´t stop thinking of grabbing that guy´s neck and breaking it in a single movement.
  • Next morning you wake up and Saeran tells you “Mc,I have been thinking and I think you have to speak up and it doesn´t matter if he is a costumer.He has to respect you as a human and did´t you tell me that I have to respect everyone even if I don´t  like them or if they are annoying like my brother?”
  • “Yes,I did” you kiss him and got ready for work.
  • When at work that guy comes and he starts saying the same bullshit but you interrupts him and give him a piece of you mind (You were polite all the time) and then other customers are agreeing with you and almost all the people in the shop are demanding for the dick costumer to leave.
  • Saeran was outside the coffee shop with a little smirk of being proud of you.(He has there If you needed backup)

I hope you are pleased with this HC.Thank you for the request and If you need something or you are not happy with something please tell me.Now I notice that I mentioned Two times coffee so I think my brain is telling me that I NEED COFFEE NOW!

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here

Last week I commissioned my incredible friend of 4 years, Pygmy to draw my OC Princess, Saera! She came out gorgeous!! ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

I absolutely recommend you commission Pygmy because their art style is so crisp, prices are absolutely reasonable and all the money is going towards funding a meet-up between Pygmy and another great friend of mine, Roo!! 

Please support them both by purchasing Pygmy’s super gorgeous commissions!! *.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*  

azuraaura  asked:

Hi can you please do a RFA+V+Searan finding out mc is one of those famous cooks on a food network or something like that it would make me so happy (*^▽^*)

I hope it is good ;uu; Sorry! D:


> When he first saw you, this boy was speechless. Yoosung knew about you! You are really famous and must cook so well. He is just a college student and you are this amazing.

> Yeah, he would ask your help to cook new things or some tips. After some time, everyone was surprised that Yoosung was eating healthier things. His mother was happy too <3


> Saeyoung asked for your autograph when he saw you. But you know what he would use that for. Well, you could use the money too, so what was the problem? 

> This man asks for new recipes using Honey Buddha Chips. Everyday. He would be glad that you are worried about his health, he still eats junk food but when you weren’t at home.


> Zen said you were a beautiful chef. All day. He didn’t know about you, however he was really surprised when you first cooked for him. His fridge was almost empty and that gave him energy to try his best. 

> Asked your help to maintain a good diet. Sometimes Zen tries to help you and to learn something knew. And his skin is a lot better now. And I ask “HOW?!” 


> Heard about you sometimes when eating with his father or talking with some clients. Jumin would ask for you to cook while staying with him before the party. And oh, you are good. 

> When he doesn’t want to meet someone, just asks for you to cook. And loves when he can brag about his lunch box made by his wife. 


> Just grateful when you cook something for her. Or when she arrives and dinner is ready. The smell that can make her forget about everything Jumin said that day. 

> When the coffee shop gets famous, she asks if you don’t want to work there and make some original recipes for the shop. Just wants to work with you.


> This man was clueless about you. He knew you were a chef and that you can cook really well, but one day Saeyoung told him about how famous you are. 

> We have a really surprised boy asking you everything about your career and when you got famous, maybe a original recipe? Jihyun takes some photos before eating what you prepare. 


> Thought it was a really normal thing. Even with Saeyoung and Yoosung being annoying about how famous you were. “She is my girlfriend, of course she is amazing doing anything.

> But the first time he ate what you made specially for him. Saeran finally understood. It wasn’t good. He couldn’t put it in words since it was made by an angel. 


targaryen daughters of kings {½}

*excluding those who died in infancy

She was sick of losing people, having them ripped from her grasp. She was sick of being protected. She was sick of all of the fighting. She hated fighting. But she could no longer stand by. She would fight at Fen’harel’s side and when - not if, when - they survived this…she would finally ask to have her vallaslin removed.

“His precious vhenan, so at peace when she sleeps. She deserves more peace. But not truly his vhenan, not yet, hasn’t had an opportunity to try for so many long years.”

Have I mentioned before how amazing @hansaera​ is? Look at this gorgeous piece of artwork. I finally have my two lovers in the same artwork and I could not be happier!! The vallaslin floating off of Aravae’s face, her fierce expression, their hands swathed in magic, Solas, in @hansaera​‘s style of him as Fen’harel, stealing a glance at the woman he loves, but thought he could never have…

When I got it, it literally stole my breath away and now I can’t stop staring at it. I love it to pieces. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Saera!

And now, for titles we thought of naming this piece:

  • Solas and his “We’re in this together aayyy” expression.
  • Solas thinking, “Ohhh, the woman I love is right beside me, she’s right there, she looks so beautiful, but don’t let her catch you looking, but I can look for just a second, man she’s such a pretty vhenan- SOLAS STOP IT SHE ISN’T YOUR VHENAN…yet.”
  • Also Solas thinking, “Omg look at that face she looks like my next mistake.”
  • Aravae is like, “I’ma kick Falon’din’s ASS” and Solas is like, “Yeahhh you go fabulous giiirl”
  • “We’re gonna fuck shit up.” “You said it, sista.”
  • “I’m gonna electrocute Falon’din to dust.” “Do that gurl just don’t zap me (get your hand away from me pls)”
  • Yet Solas’ face says, “Girl you can shock me ANYTIME.”


Okay, it was a commission, so I paid her for it (with good reason, she’s a great artist), and it was worth every penny. I cannot stop grinning at how beautifully this turned out. Like, share, and commission han-saera’s art whenever you can. She deserves the recognition. ^_^

Scene: My OC Revera Lavellan and Solas enjoying a loving moment at Skyhold, with her in her halla jammies. (Look how cute they turned out! xD)

everafterhighfangirl  asked:

Hello 😄 I just found your acount and I love it 😊 How RFA + V & Saeran would react if they figured that MC is famous ice skater?

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m grinning like an idiot, and I apologize, if this isn’t very good, I don’t know very much about ice skating.


  • He’d be so in awe of MC
  • He’d skip class to watch them practice, and would always be very encouraging towards them
  • He would practically take place as their coach
  • He honestly wouldn’t shut up about them
  • “Did I ever mention, my girlfriend?” “Yes, Yoos-,” “They’re a ice skater, very famous too. The look so beautiful when they’re dancing on the ice.”
  • Get a life Yoosung


  • He would be stoked
  • It’s so good for him to have a workout partner!
  • He would ask them to show him the workout routine they do to stay in shape
  • In return he would help MC work on upper body strength and stamina
  • He loves to dance MC’s routines on land
  • Even more he loves to watch MC on the ice
  • His fans love the two of them together


  • This little sweetie
  • She would practically become their manager
  • She’s always making sure that MC has proper balanced meals
  • It’s worse than the whole RFA put together
  • She loves watching practice and is a huge fan
  • She was a fan before they met
  • They get MC’s fan at the café a lot, and MC comes out to greet them every time, thanking them for their support


  • He builds a skating rink in the building.
  • And hires the best coach money can buy
  • He doesn’t really mind that MC is famous, if anything he is relived that they know how to deal with the paparrazi
  • He’s always worried about one of MC’s fans developing an obsession and becoming a stalker
  • Convinces MC to have security guards around them whenever they go out


  • He spent a lot of time watching them practice in the apartment on the CCTV
  • He’s cosplayed as MC before
  • Runs a fan bot for them
  • He’s always really embarrassed when MC makes a comment about him to the press
  • Uses his hacking skills to destroy any haters who gives them stress


  • His favorite activity is watching MC on the ice
  • He loves the colors that bounce off their blades when they land a jump
  • He takes so many photos of MC while they’re skating
  • He loves the harsh contrast of temperature between them when he embraces MC when they come off the rink
  • V deserved better


  • He didn’t know when he chose them
  • But once he was rescued from mint eye MC showed a video they had Seven take of them skating a routine
  • He cried
  • “What is that?” He had croaked while MC wiped away his tears. “It looks like the sky, but you’re on it. You look so happy.”
  • He loves to watch them
  • Never wants to leave while they’re practicing
  • He absolutely hates when MC is in a competition because he doesn’t want his cause of his happiness to be shared
  • At the end of each performance MC dedicates it to him

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write the reactions of RFA (maybe Saeran and V if you have time/inspiration?) to MC having anxiety issues? Like if they had an attack or they need them to order food in a restaurant or something? I really like your writing, and I feel like you could write something really good with this! (Plus I'm a lonely fuck with multiple anxiety disorders and this is just kinda self-indulgent; I'm sorry) If you can't, it's all good; I hope you have a really nice day, too!

Babe, I will always have the time for you, message me if you end up feeling too lonely I’m lonely too. Thank you so much. I love you, anxiety sucks, I know it can feel horrible when you try something new, but it could be the start of something great, please talk to me I’m lonely! I’m also a very nice guy and will always be up to meeting new people. If I don’t reply right away it’s because I don’t have internet or I’m asleep!


I should have tried harder to keep his sweater, MC thought bitterly. It always made them feel so safe and secure, and like nothing was going to happen to them. And, of course, the day Yoosung takes it back, is the day Zen wants to go someplace. They could already feel the anxiety bubbling up inside of them, and they had not even left the apartment yet. Zen was due to come any time, and they knew they shouldn’t be getting themselves worked up, that it would only lead to an attack, but they just couldn’t help it.

They could already feel their breath shortening and their heart start to race. They just couldn’t calm down. The attack was upon them. They knew what they should and shouldn’t do, of course, but things like logic tend to fly out the window at a time like this. All they could hear was their heart pounding, and their short, quick gasps. There’s too much noise, a coherent thought flew by. Shaking hands eagerly pushed against their ears and grasped their hair, what seemed like their only lifeline at the moment.


Zen was worried that MC had hurt themselves, he had been standing in the hallway for over 10 minutes, with no sign of MC. Sighing, he turned the knob, an eyebrow raising as the door opened. He took a step in, scanning the room. In a corner was MC, curled up, hands over their ears, eyes wide with panic. Rushing over to them, he saw no immediate signs of danger, but MC gave no response. Fumbling fingers he dialed Yoosung’s number, praying to whatever god was listening that he wasn’t in class yet.

“Zen? Is everything alright?” Yoosung’s high pitched voice rang out through the speaker.

“Something’s wrong with MC, they’re curled up and not giving me any responces, I’m not sure what to do.”

“What!” Yoosung sounded panicked, “I’m coming home right now! Please make sure MC is alright!”

The line went dead.


“…cm…ou..oi…ic..asy…ere we go. Come on MC, pull your hands away from your head. Good, just like that. Deep breaths, come one, in and out. In and out. There’s a good MC.” Yoosung’s voice was low and soothing, MC could feel the rumblings of his voice on their cheek. They felt calm, what had happened? Oh. That’s right. A panic attack. Letting their eyes flutter open, MC blinked owlishly around the room. Letting their eyes fall onto Yoosung last.

“MC, what happened? You had Zen and I worried.”

While they didn’t want to tell, they were more afraid of Yoosung’s disappointment in them. “I.. I have anxiety,” their voice was croaky, and they hated the sign of weakness. “I usually do fine with something to help me focus on the here and now, but..” they trailed off, not wanting Yoosung to blame himself for their attack. “But, you took your sweater, and it makes me feel so safe.” MC said in a rush. A chuckle sounded in MC’s ear. Yoosung grabbed the sweater from next to him, and put it on them as best he could given the seating arrangement.

“Well, We’ll just have to make sure you feel safe, no don’t we?”


  • Mostly MC would get anxiety about being seen with him
  • What if their picture was taken? People could look at them whenever they wanted, they wouldn’t be anonomus anymore.
  • Zen took care of that very well
  • Whenever they were feeling anxious, he would sit down and pull them onto his lap and whisper encouragements into their ear
  • They had some difficulties, but a lot of his fans were very understanding, and even if they didn’t like MC too much they would do their best not to talk about them.
  • This feels like a disappointment after Yoosung’s


  • This princess always takes orders for the café and does the talking
  • MC can just make what needs to be made, and deliver it if needs be.
  • They don’t have to talk
  • Everybody who’s not a regular thinks that they are mute
  • Jaehee always seems to know when they are reaching their limit
  • “Go sit down with a cup of tea, there’s not too many customers right now”
  • Knows the best ways to calm them down


  • MC can’t talk to the guards
  • They just can’t
  • They are big, and scary and loom over them. Their eyes are always watching what they are doing
  • MC just doesn’t like the guards. Period.
  • Jumin is conflicted
  • Eventually the settle on the guards will not follow MC around in the building, and Jumin will let MC pick out the less intimidating guards for when they are needed


  • He’s found that laughter is the best cure.
  • He carries around note cards with jokes on them
  • He writes several jokes and notes of encouragement on MC’s arms so he’s always with them
  • Always calls to check in
  • “God 707 is watching you. You are safe.”


  • The first time you go to a restaurant together it is hell.
  • His eyes are recovering from the surgery so he can’t order, and he leaves it to you to pick out what he’s having
  • Welp, fuck.
  • MC’s panicking a little
  • Actually, a lot
  • The first time the waiter comes to take their order, MC can’t form words so they just vioolently shake their head.
  • V notices something is wrong right away.
  • “What are we having?” was the whispered inquiry.
  • MC replied back, and V told the waiter when he came by.
  • “I noticed you were anxious about ordering. Is this normal? I don’t mind being your voice, as long as you’re my eyes”
  • Get a fucking room you two


  • The two of them are just one big heap of anxiety
  • They have to bring Seven along when they want to get ice cream
  • Looking into each other’s eyes calms them down immensly
  • Whispered I love you’s and tightly grasped hands
  • This has gotten really cheesy so I’m going to stop

I didn’t mean for Yoosung’s to turn into a ficlet, and don’t be afraid to let me know if you don’t like the way I described anxiety! I hope this is what you wanted! Let me know if you want something added or changed!

Black & Gold


Female characters of houses of Westeros (House Targaryen)
Members of the family tend to be lean of very fair-skinned, with silver (platinum blonde) hair and violet or deep blue eyes.  

anonymous asked:

What are some of your headcanons for Saezen?

Holy- alright. This will definitely be getting nsfw.

  • Zen approaches Saeran first.
  • He is flamboyant and charming and beautiful, but most of all he is nervous.
  • After much persuading he finally gets Saeran to go out with him.
  • Saeran is closed off at first, he knows what Zen is doing.
  • “If he wants me that bad, he will have to work for me”
  • But he really can’t help himself with teasing Zen at every opportunity.
  • He flirts almost as much as Zen does, and Zen falls hard and fast, Saeran following soon after.
  • Saeran loves to play with Zen’s hair.
  • Zen is always praising Saeran, and reassuring him that his past doesn’t bother him.
  • The first time is raw and needy.
  • Saeran saw the beast was in a cage and he let him out on a rampage.
  • Saeran was always looking at Zan’s ass, trailing his eyes up his long legs.
  • It probably starts with a goodnight kiss, and Saeran takes it further.
  • They don’t make it to the bed.
  • Saeran tops, and at first he is flustered and unsure of what to do. But after seeing Zen’s enthusiastic responce he grows more confident.
  • Zen tends to dirty talk, a lot.
  • Saeran really likes to get on his knees and have Zen fuck his throat.
  • Zen doesn’t top often, but when he does, he likes to make Saeran feel as good as possible.
  • Very tender, until he actually starts to do the deed.
  • After sex is always cuddling. Saeran doesn’t have as much stamina as Zen, so he’s always falling asleep in Zen’s arms afterwards.
  • Zen loves this part almost as much as the actual sex.

I’m going to stop now because I could go on for hours.

Please let me know if you want me to add anything!

hansaera  asked:

"I lost the baby" Solas and Athelas please? ;D

…She says with a winky face. Damn it, girl, you know how to make me write things that make me feel so freaking sad. Well, you asked for it, so enjoy your heart being ripped out from your chest!

Warning: Descriptive miscarriage below.

Athelas felt as though she had been smiling for such a long time. Her life had been trying, to say the least, for some time, but things had drastically changed and for the first time in her life, she felt consistently happy and she wasn’t constantly on guard about it being taken away from her. She got to sleep next to the man she loved. She got to wake up next to him. They were living in their own cottage and all was right with the world. Her joy only grew when she realized that she was with child.

For a short time, when she’d been getting nauseous in the mornings and growing sensitive to certain smells, she thought she had just perhaps been fighting off illness, but once she felt the firmness in her belly, she’d had a mixed reaction. She was both elated and terrified. She was going to have a child - Solas’s child! - but she was also so scared to have one. Solas held her tightly, running his fingers through her hair, shushing her and telling her it was okay. He slowly helped to ease her fears. She was worried of not having patience with it, of striking it, of causing it unhappiness. He promised that they would be as patient as they could with it, that they may at some point lose their patience with it, but they would make sure to apologize and hold the child tight. They would raise their child together.

Though Athelas was still nervous about it, the thought of Solas being there at her side, helping her every step of the way helped her calm down some. Now, she was just beginning to imagine Solas as a father - cradling the baby, falling asleep with it, feeding it, bathing it… All those images in her mind made the corner of her lips turn upwards.

It had been a long time since she’d been around anyone that was pregnant, but she remembered that they all had similar, yet different, experiences with it. Some were in constant pain, some had nearly none. Some were nauseous, some weren’t. She wasn’t entirely certain of what was normal and what wasn’t, but in her gut, she felt like everything was going fine, even when she was heaving something up and Solas was rubbing her back.

She’d begun to wonder if it was going to be a girl or a boy. Solas had said that he didn’t care which gender it was, because he would love it unconditionally all the same. How he smiled and held her when they talked about it! She didn’t think she would tire of that any time soon. He was so gentle and blissful about the entire situation. He’d been incredibly patient about it, when she wasn’t feeling well or her mood shifted rapidly.

When they’d passed the news along to their friends, they’d received many letters of excitement and a few even came by to visit. Cole, in particular, appeared at the cottage quite often, eager to help in any way he could. Neither Athelas nor Solas minded the company of the spirit boy at all. However, Athelas occasionally got irritated with the two of them when they asked her if she needed help with anything one too many times. She wasn’t that far along, yet they were coddling her like a child! Thankfully, they’d gotten the hint and backed off.

This particular day was bright and warm. The sky was as blue as could be, a few clouds scattered about. A gentle breeze blew, shifting around the laundry she was hanging up on a line to dry. When arms wrapped around her from behind, she stopped what she was doing and set her hands atop Solas’s. She leaned her head back, resting it on his chest and listening to the beating of his heart.

“I am going to go now to pick the last of the herbs we need,” he mumbled into her ear. “Anything else you need me to get?”

Athelas hummed with thought. “You’re getting the witherstalk?”

She felt him nod.

“Along with the others… No, I think that will be fine.”

“Then I will return as soon as I can.” Solas gave her a tender kiss on her cheek, his hands pressing lightly on her slightly swollen belly. “Ar lath, ma vhenan.”

“Ar lath,” she replied, twisting her head to properly kiss him on the lips with a smile.

He finally released her and, with his large pouch slung over his shoulder, he set off towards the forest. Athelas watched him walk away for a short time before returning to hanging up the laundry. As she bent over to pick up the empty basket, she felt a stinging pain in her lower back. She winced slightly as she stood back upright, rubbing a hand on the agitated spot. She thought it seemed a little strange, but it had been a little achy since she’d woken up that morning. Perhaps she had just slept wrong.

She headed back inside to wash the dishes that they’d dirtied for breakfast. By time she finished drying them and set them back in the cupboards, the pain had spread from her lower back to her abdomen. She rested a hand on her stomach and muttered, “Da’len, why are you causing me so much pain already?”

She went and sat down on the sofa, hoping that would provide her with some relief. If anything, the sitting only made it worse. She furrowed her brows, concern beginning to bubble up inside her. Since she didn’t want to just sit around and suffer, she stood back up and grabbed the broom. She’d been meaning to sweep all the dirt out since they had tracked some in throughout the last several days. Once she finished that, she went over to the small basket of herbs they had already and started setting some out to make sure they were dehydrating properly.

That was when she knew something was wrong.

The pain in her abdomen shifted downwards to her pelvis and she cried out as it felt like her insides were being stabbed with a dagger and then it was being twisted. She threw one hand out to grasp the table so that she didn’t fall to the ground while her other clutched at her stomach. Her concern quickly shifted to panic. Her breath started coming in shallow spurts while she grit her teeth and groaned. “Da’len, what… What is wrong…?”

With no warning, a hand touched her shoulder urgently. She heard soft words being spoken, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. She tilted her head and saw the familiar hat. “Cole-! Please…! Please go get Solas!”

With no hesitation, he vanished. She cried out again, the pain throbbing low in her body. She couldn’t stand any longer and lowered herself down to the floor. She leaned against the counter, her shallow breaths beginning to turn into hyperventilation. She fought to keep herself calm. Solas is coming. He’ll be here soon. He’ll help. He’ll know what’s wrong…

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she already had an idea of what was happening, but she refused to accept it. No. That wasn’t happening. Not to her. Not to her baby. Not when she had been so happy lately. She wasn’t going to allow her happiness to be ripped from her hands. Hot tears sprung to her eyes, a mixture of fear and pain. She hissed sharply through her grit teeth and pressed her hands to her stomach.

When she felt the warm, thick, sticky liquid between her legs, all thoughts rushed from her mind and her mouth gaped in silent shock. The pain was still present, though with her state of mind, it seemed to disappear into the background. She couldn’t focus her eyes on whatever was in front of her. All noise fell away from her ears. She took a heavy, gasping breath and glanced down, confirming the sight of the blood. In that moment, all she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat drumming in her ears.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d sat there, completely frozen, when Solas burst into the cottage, falling to his knees beside her. His hands gripped tightly on her shoulders, shaking her slightly, eyes wide with panic. “Vhenan! Athelas! What happened?!”

When she blinked, the tears began pouring from her eyes, rolling down her cheeks and onto her lap. She was fighting for air past the enormous, painful knot right in the back of her throat. Her hands remained on her belly. She shut her eyes and leaned forward slightly, just barely managing to choke out, “I…lost the baby…! Solas, I… I lost the baby! I-!”

He pulled her tight against his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her. She wailed with grief in his embrace, refusing to move her hands from where they rested, though she wanted nothing more but to clutch tightly at his clothes. He rocked her and shushed her softly, kissing the top of her head repeatedly, where a few of his own tears escaped from his eyes and dampened her hair.