Pre-ASOIAF Meme2/5 Characters: Saera Targaryen

Though given to the Faith as Maegelle was, Saera did not have Maegelle’s temperament. She ran away from the motherhouse where she was a novice and crossed the narrow sea. She was at Lys for a time, then Old Volantis, where she ended her days as the proprietor of a famous pleasure house.

Saera rested her chin on her knee’s as she hugged them to her chest. A perplexed expression on her face as her blue gaze remained fixed on the horizon. ‘You look just like your mother’ What did that mean? How did Pycelle know her mother.


A couple of us met up a few days ago and I got to steal some dolls and fiddle with a camera while everyone else made eyes and wigs. Cause that’s that I do, apparently!

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