saer crafts


More bill amulet test casts for coloring

From left to right:
Goldpowder coat, black cloudy resin (translucent black) - kinda cool?
Goldpowder colorant in clear resin - eh, too orange
Goldpowder coat, black resin - too dark

Silverpowder coat, black cloudy resin (translucent black) - too light imo
Silverpowder coat, black resin - I like this one a lot

So… I’m going to test out some more gold versions P:


I’m so happy how this turned out even though it was just a test/cleanup cast! A long time ago I sculpted a Tavros horn to cast in resin and finally got around to actually doing it. Since I just dumped leftover resin in this the weight is not properly distributed on this horn but future casts would be better weighted P: the horn is cast hollow and could be filled with foam for added stability. It’s very lightweight. I like the texture but it could also be sanded smooth~
Maybe I’ll do a giveaway for two Tavros horns at some point P:
Oh and they’re just the right size to still for through a doorframe when wearing both horns xD