Top Ten Spookiest Classical Pieces

Perhaps I’m feeling macabre, but tonight I’m digging out my favorite spooky classical pieces and listening to them. So I thought putting together a top ten list of these would be fun while I drink my scotch. Note: These are not really in any particular order. I love them all.

1. Beethoven: Piano Trio in D major, op. 70 no. 1, “Ghost” - 2nd movement. Rattling of chains, shrieking of spirits; the nickname of this trio fits it well. The first and third movements are good as well, but only the second movement is really spooky.
2. Schubert: Der Leiermann (from Winterreise). A heartbroken young man sings about the hurdy-gurdy, an outcast who sits just outside the village and plays his instrument while dogs snarl at him and people ignore him. Particularly chilling is that this is the last song of an hour-long cycle, and it drones on without clear resolution, ending with the line: “Strange old man, should I go with you? Will you accompany my songs on your hurdy-gurdy?” 
3. Mussorgsky: Night On Bald Mountain. You may know this one from Disney’s Fantasia, which is featured during the Witches’ Sabbath sequence.
4. Schubert: Der Erlkönig. Based on a poem by Goethe, this song tells the chilling story of a father and his ailing child riding through the woods on horseback, while a malicious spirit tries to lure the boy away, unseen and unheard by the father.
5. Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre. Death plays his fiddle in the cemetery, rousing all the skeletons from their graves and dancing with them until they have to slink back at the first light of dawn.
6. Brahms: Ballade in D minor, op. 10 no. 1, “Edward.” Based on a Scottish ballade, the story is of a mother who knows that her son has murdered his father - she just wants to hear him say it himself.
7. Shostakovich: Viola Sonata. Shostakovich composed during the height of Soviet censorship, and his music almost always has a hunted, almost panicked feel to it. He composed this viola sonata just a month before his death.
8. Shostakovich: String Quartet no. 8 in C minor, op. 110. Between the frenzy of the second movement and the insistent “knocking on the door” of the fourth, this quartet can really put you on edge. What makes this music even freakier is Shostakovich’s musical signature (D E-flat C B) throughout the work.
9. Mussorgsky: The Hut of Baba Yaga the Witch (from Pictures at an Exhibition). This one always sounds like Baba Yaga’s “Hut On Chicken’s Legs” is chasing me through the woods, but that might just be my wild imagination.
10. Scriabin: Piano Sonata no. 9, “Black Mass.” Some of the directions that Scriabin writes in the score are “mysteriously murmuring”, and “with a sweetness that becomes increasingly poisonous,” which is a pretty apt description for much of this work. It begins mysteriously, then builds in tension until it all explodes in some kind of orgiastic climax. It ends just as enigmatically as it begins.

modern disney princess study moods

snow white

apple and cinnamon tea, having the cleanest of clean studying spaces, instrumental covers of pop songs, needs to study on her own for important things but loves organising study groups, makes mind maps and diagrams for all her subjects, studies first thing in the morning as the sun rises, always gets a full night of sleep.


likes dressing up even for the most basic of social work study sessions, never without a full pencil case and oversized mug of darjeeling tea, lives on her own away from her step-relatives and loves being able to study in peace, doesn’t do study groups but organises collaborative Google docs and always helps others who don’t get the material (she gets the nickname ‘fairy godmother’ as a result), can’t wait to become a social worker.


sleeps in late but is ready to go almost immediately, never without a full mug of vanilla coffee, everything is coordinated pink and blue, loves studying out in nature with her notes, listens to lo-fi music and romantic songs from the 1950s to help her relax, has the prettiest studyblr out there for a english literature student, audits fashion classes in her spare time, sketches out dresses when listening to her lectures.


mulls over what she needs to revise and study in the shower every morning, dreams of life after college, even though she loves her marine biology course, spends time at the marina any chance she gets, sneaks on her father’s yacht to study with the smell and spray of the sea around her, breaks up chunks of studying with swimming in the college pool, has a part time job at the pool to help support her studies.


always overruns her study sessions with exploring new concepts and materials that aren’t on the syllabus but fascinate her anyway, studies with pastries from the local bakery and brings them to study groups, loves studying in coffee shops and cafes, practically lives in the library, never without her glasses, always about the extra credit, is planning on her masters and doctorate in mechanical engineering.


needs google calendar to keep on track on everything, has the fanciest stationery, immaculate handwriting, studies with her cat on her feet, drinks only sweet turkish coffee, uses pomodoro technique but with keeping up with the kardashians, takes extra semester courses alongside her business management course.


super motivated environmental sciences student, spends a lot of time studying with the geography and geology students too, uses her studies as a way to advocate for environmental change, herbal tea all the way, covers entire tables in the library with her maps and research, leads live study sessions on facebook live, uses recycled paper notebooks only.


listens to lectures on her phone while she works out, uses her morning run to work out difficult concepts in her head, drinks only green tea when she studies, but chugs red bull when it hits midnight, uses the library late at night with noise cancelling headphones, listens to power ballads and motivational jams.


the hardest working student you’ll ever meet, balances work and school really well, takes breaks on her waitressing and barista jobs, dark roast coffee and beignets as study rewards, can survive on three hours sleep, listens to ambient beats and nineties pop to focus, starts internship applications two months early, takes time off when exams are over to just sleep and watch netflix, dreams up ideas for restaurant dishes when she should be rewriting her notes, queen of time management.


notes tend to be speckled with paint, sketches as she listens to psychology lectures, motivating as all heck, listens to guitar music when she studies, likes lemonade to drink alongside her study, hoards books about subjects she’d like to study, her bullet journals feature prominently on her instagram, has highlighters for everything, documents her entire studying process on snapchat.


listens to heavy metal and rock music, never without her massive headphones, uses archery as an analogy for everything in her classes, studies for sports science on her rooftop when things get too loud at home, happier when she’s out in the woods studying, red bull and coffee as study aids, hates studying but does really well in exams.


has no formal organisation method for her notes, super colourful highlighters everywhere, always hits snooze, hot chocolate with cinnamon all year round, amazing at energising people in study groups, queen of the study whatsapp group for their theatre and performance class, has nothing but broadway musicals on her study playlist.


doesn’t do study groups, but will occasionally study with anna if she needs it, likes her cold press coffee and frozen lattes, uses pastel highlighters exclusively, reads the textbooks from cover to cover and not just the assigned readings, leads the curve for her history and environmental chemistry course, has debussy and saint-saens as her soundtrack for studying.


studies in the early morning, copies everything from her international history and politics classes, loves to revisit her notes in the sunshine or at the beach whenever possible, doesn’t do caffeine but drinks a lot of orange juice and water, volunteers for opportunities with the aged and children any chance she gets, has aims to be a community organisor.

The signs as classical masterpieces
  • Aries: Symphony No. 25- Mozart
  • Taurus: Holberg Suite- Grieg
  • Gemini: Caprice #24- Paganini
  • Cancer: "Scene" (Swan Lake)- Tchaikovsky
  • Leo: Academic Festival Overture- Brahms
  • Virgo: Winter: Largo (The Four Seasons)- Vivaldi
  • Libra: Canon in D- Pachelbel
  • Scorpio: Allegro Molto (String Quartet #8)- Shostakovitch
  • Sagittarius: Hungarian Dance No. 5- Brahms
  • Capricorn: Impromptu for Strings- Sibelius
  • Aquarius: Uranus, The Magician (The Planets)- Holst
  • Pisces: The Aquarium (Carnival of the Animals)- Saint-Säens
composer asks!!!
  • chopin: do you prefer to keep to yourself?
  • schubert: describe your aesthetic.
  • bach: who is someone that irritates you at the sound of their name?
  • beethoven: do you believe in fate?
  • mozart: type of humor?
  • mahler: are you more dramatic or reserved?
  • sousa: least favorite instrument?
  • saint-saens: favorite animal?
  • haydn: what's the pettiest thing you've ever done?
  • tchaikovsky: sexuality?
  • strauss: are you into politics and social activism?
  • liszt: have you been in a relationship?
  • brahms: ever had an unreciprocated crush?
  • clara schumann: have you ever lost someone close to you, whether in death or in relation/friendship?
  • robert schumann: opinion on age gaps?
  • gershwin: favorite genre of music?
  • handel: do you work well with pressure?
  • holst: do you like to go stargazing?
  • mendelssohn: relationship with religion?
  • shostakovich: are you capable of saying no to people?
  • vivaldi: name an overrated song/piece that you detest.
  • bernstein: have you ever repressed a part of yourself?
  • stravinsky: do you have seasonal allergies?
  • copland: are you proud of your identity?
  • williams: favorite movie soundtrack?
  • corelli: rain or shine?
  • cage: are you restless or can you keep still?
  • glass: satin or velvet?

My favourite pieces of classical music:



AKA every possible level of awesomeness in only one track

Russians, right?

“[Shostakovich] gave me the score of his first Cello Concerto, and in four days I memorized it and played it for him while he accompanied me on piano. We were so happy, we drank a little vodka together. We then played it again, not so perfectly, and drank more vodka. The third time I think I played the Saint-Saens Concerto while he accompanied his own concerto. We were very happy.”

— Mstistlav Rostropovich


Classical songs that go way too hard: a (totally incomprehensive) playlist for when you need to rock tf out to some orchestral compositions x

Pro tip: for maintenance of sanity, listen to 3 or 4 songs MAX at any given time. That said, if you’re in the mood to develop a maniacal superiority complex, then… go for the whole playlist 

Piano Concerto No.1 In D Major, Op.17 : I. Andante - Allegro Assai
Saint-Saëns: Piano Concertos Nos. 1-5 - Charles Dutoit, Pascal Rogé, Philharmonia Orchestra
Piano Concerto No.1 In D Major, Op.17 : I. Andante - Allegro Assai

Piano Concerto No.1 In D Major, Op.17 : I. Andante - Allegro Assai 

Composition Year : 1858

By Composer Camille Saint-Saëns

Performed By Conductor Charles Dutoit, Pianist Pascal Rogé And The Philharmonia Orchestra 

classical music for studying

Hello! This is my first masterpost and I thought to make it about classical music since I do have a bit of knowledge in that area. The music and playlists I chose here are chosen along my personal preferences — they may not work for you! Please let me know if any of the links don’t work etc. etc. Hope you like it!  

[[[ Also, please do not consider classical music as only useful for studying; you might not like it which is fine, but it’s an autonome genre of music. It is made for listening and enjoying just like pop or death metal. It holds emotion just like other genres of music. ]]]


  • Period Study: Volume 1 by ankwa: a great playlist of medieval, mostly vocal music, but it’s in latin i think so unless you speak it it shouldn’t be distracting! 
  • Period Study: Volume 2 by ankwa: pretty much all instrumental music from the Renaissance period. upbeat and fun to listen to, very motivational. 
  • Period Study: Volume 3 by ankwa: baroque music from the same collection, again pretty much all instrumental. this one i like less because it makes me jam too much, but maybe you’ll like it. 
  • late morning studying by Montague-Fuzzlepeck: a bit more vocals but very relaxing overall. it’s not just classical though and contains some classical crossover etc. 
  • Keep It Classycal by Audiophile: exclusively classical music; contains some popular pieces like Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1 Prelude and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
  • The Best of Bach: as the title of the video says. for some of the pieces, the audio level varies a lot so make sure to not put your volume too high! 
  • Chopin Complete Nocturnes again, it’s exactly what the title says. i like full videos for these things because there are no ads before every single piece! 


Some of these are longer, some shorter; maybe you could listen to them to see if you like them and make a playlist out of your favourites! They are all links from YouTube as that is usually what I use to listen to music. 

As I said, let me know if any links don’t work and I hope this will be useful to you and your studies! I’m also always open to requests/suggestions :] 

Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2

Symbols and Punctuation in Korean~

Ahhh yes the land of punctuation. As we type away at our keyboards, let’s take a moment to learn the names of different punctuation keys and symbols in Korean!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

물음표 (mul eum pyo) question mark
느낌표 (neu kkim pyo) exclamation mark
샵/우물정 (shab/wu mul jeong) pound sign
마침표 /온점 (ma chim pyo/ohn jeom) period
쉼표 (shwim pyo) comma
별표 (byeol pyo) asterisk
괄호 (gwal ho) parenthesis
소괄호 (so gwal ho) parentheses
대괄호 (dae gwal ho) brackets
골뱅이 (gol baeng yi)
앰퍼샌드 (aem peo saen deu) ampersand
언더바 (eon deo ba) underscore
콜론 (kol lon) colon
세미콜론 (sae mi kol lon) semicolon
대시/하이픈 (dae shi/ha yi peun) dash/hyphen
슬래시 (seul lae shi) slash
퍼센트/프로 (peo saen teu/peu ro) percent
띄어쓰기/공백 (ddwi eo sseu gi/gong baek) space
큰 따옴표 (keun dda om pyo) quotation marks

작은 따옴표
(jak eun dda om pyo)
single quotation marks

Hope this helps and happy studying!~