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The Best Birthday Present - Kino (M)

•Requested: Sub!Kino

A/N: Omg I was supposed to finish and post this on the 27th T^T well… Happy Belated Birthday to Kino! 

Man sub Kino makes me so weak I was dying writing this let me live anon. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it >.>

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Pairing: Kino x Reader

Genre: Fluffy Smut - SEXUAL CONTENT

Word Count: 1,849

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Q: What are the members to you?

Jinyoung: Gongchan: Cane. When anything happens, his existence is one you can depend on.

Gongchan: Jinyoung: Blanket. When something happens, I can rely and rest on him. He would wrap me up warmly.

Happy birthday Channie :) !!! #22ndGongchanDay

bumkeyk : 무려 10분 안에 일어난 일… 난 정말 행복한 사람이다 !!! 울타이밍도 안주고 얼굴에 케익을 엎어버렸다 (최민호가) 그리고 케익에 내이름을 ‘기’라고적었다(최민호가). 최민호의 주최다 내 옷을입고 사진을 찍은것도 . 근데 민호가 너무 혼자 준비하다 보니 그사실을 몰랐던 영감이 우동을 먹으러 밖에 나가버렸다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 돌아와서 축하받으리

Nearly 10 minutes in and I woke up… I’m a really happy person!!! Without even giving me time to cry, a cake was smashed in my face and on the cake my name was written as gi.
Choi Minho organised everything. Wearing my shirt and taking a photo. But Minho prepared all this by himself and the old man didn’t know and he went out to eat udon kekekeke I will receive his wish when he comes back.

Happy Birthday to this humble, passionate and determined man! I am very proud to have stumbled across his teasers because it led me through everyone else too! But I am glad to say that he has helped me push through all of my tough times when things got really bad, I would look at him and watch the way he danced. Always filled with passion and determination... So I decided to learn everything I said I wanted to and for that I am able to digitally paint.


Ah! It has been 2 years with him already and well it seems like it went by so fast O__O!! I am usually happy now to watch the ShowTime episodes with him or just pretty much anything, to see how he has grown... Handsomely of course and he looks like a man now huhuhu~ But at the same time and since he is a 94er and I'm a 95er I still call him kid XD any who, this got longer than need be! But I wanted to share that because of him I gained a small bit of confidence <3 <3 
Thank you Jongin <3 
Happy Birthday!! 
Saengil chukha hamnida!!
Shēngrì kuàilè
Time: Almost two days, a total of 20 hours split between two days
(His hair literally took me ages to complete!)

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