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For the prompt, “Saemus/Ashaad where they survive DA2 and live far away happily away from Kirkwall.”

(I’m sorry, I tried to fit in some smut, but it didn’t quite work.)

I’ve never written these two before, which is kind of funny when you consider that even before I started reading fanfic, I went “hmmmmmm” at the relevant scenes in DA2. And now I am intrigued. So many possible stories. If nothing else, I need to come back to my first attempt, when I have some time to finish it.

So thank you for dragging me into another rarepair hell! :)


I was having some Ashaemus feels last night and got my butt to colouring that one sketch.

Then I re-read one of Maybething’s drabbles (go read dat shit guys omg it is so cute) and had to doodle some AU shit. More college than high school because I like the idea of Ashaad and Fenris getting some early grays and Izzy bein a sassy fine arts major who paints vaginas, moonlights as a savvy INTERNET PIRATE and doesn’t give a gram of fuck. Because I needed to sneak in my other favourite DA OTP in hurr.

Also big burly men with glasses. That is my fetish. YOU CANNOT STOP ME.

…I regret nothing.

In which Saemus Dumar makes some last requests and Starbucks has opened a chain in the Fade

Dear Bioware

Please be including a Qunari/Tal-Vashoth romance in the upcoming DAIII because as much as we all enjoy persecuted mages, witty and/or brooding elves, and derpy maybe!kings, the romance options are severely lacking in some certified Grade A beefcake.


Saemus Dumar (Deceased)

Exploration: Saemus/Ashaad

Commission for ignaize

Pairing: Saemus/Ashaad

Rating: Teen & Up


It is no secret that the Viscount is ashamed of his son.  Saemus Dumar sees his father’s disappointment in every strained conversation they have:You read too much and fight too little.  You ask too many questions and give too few commands.  How will you lead Kirkwall when not one of its citizens would follow you?

But Saemus does not want to lead, and he is certain his father knows this as well. The Viscount crown is constricting, and it has aged Saemus’s father beyond his years; selfish as it may be, Saemus does not want the same fate for himself.

So, where his father would have him sit in the Viscount’s office and help rule, Saemus finds excuses to leave Kirkwall.  He says that he’s fostering loyalty among those who live outside the city walls, and working to forge an alliance with the Dalish.  In truth, though, he leaves them well enough alone – and in exchange he gets a curt nod instead of the point of an arrow when they do cross paths.

Instead of playing the diplomat, he takes long walks up and down Sundermount, and spends days out by the Wounded Coast.  He could name every birdsong he hears, and he’s sure that if he did his father would only purse his lips and sigh – but Saemus is happy, or at least as happy as he’s ever known how to be, and if his wanderings mean that he can put off ruling for even one more day, then that makes the sunshine just a little bit sweeter.

One of his favorite spots on the Coast is a perch he discovered quite by accident. It overlooks the main path and, beyond that, the Waking Sea, and on clear days Saemus brings a telescope to try and see all the way across to Ferelden.

It is on one of these days that he first sees Ashaad.


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Getting out of the city had been hard, but getting through the crowd of mercenaries camped out and armed to the teeth on the Wounded Coast had been the most difficult thing that Saemus Dumar had ever encountered in his short, privileged life.

But they had gotten out, and they were in the Vimmark Mountains now, and the likelihood of anyone finding them, be they mercenary or Viscount or Ben-Hassrath, was starting to look blissfully slim.

“We must continue,” said Ashaad, as inexhaustible as always, eyeing Saemus as if he were something slow and frustrating, but when Saemus dropped to his seat, sweaty and sore and needing rest more than he could ever remember, Ashaad nodded.

They would move tomorrow, and the day after that, and the one after that, but for now, it was the end of the day, and rest was called for.