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New cosplay sneak peek. It’s actually a different costume from the Saya costume I did last year (My existing uniform was already too distressed) and I’m really wanting to have a cinematic looking shoot for this. Still looking for a good long, purple wig that doesn’t tangle as much since this one was wrecked the minute I got done with this selfie.
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Things that are a good idea

• Dark skinned Koutarou Bokuto
• Dark skinned Keiji Akaashi
• Dark skinned Tetsurou Kuroo
• Dark skinned Daichi Sawamura
• Dark skinned Yamaguchi Tadashi
• Dark skinned Azumane Asahi
• Dark skinned Tanaka Ryuunosuke
• Dark skinned Tanaka Saeko
• Dark skinned Kiyoko Shimizu
• Dark skinned haikyuu!! characters in general

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aone, akiteru, saeko, yachi oikawa, and iwachan habits when they are sitting with s/o like they are doing something like watching tv together and s/o plays with aone's hair? or saeko likes having s/o rest their head on her lap? ahh, idk how to say this well but i mean their habits when they are just together and not talking?

Aone: Aone would be happy about any kind of physical connection while he and his partner would be watching TV. The gentler and more subtle they initiated it, the easier it would be for Aone to loosen up and feel fully comfortable. Whenever his partner rested their head on his shoulder, Aone’s shoulders would tense up subconsciously during the very first moments. The longer he and his partner would be sitting like that, the more inclined Aone would be to lower his head to the side, resting his head on his partner’s, inching closer to them in the process.

Akiteru: Akiteru would enjoy intertwining his fingers with his partner’s, their arms touching lightly while they would be sitting next to each other. His grip would always be strong enough for his partner to feel the connection between them, but never too forceful, wanting to give them the freedom to remove their hand whenever they felt like it. Whenever Akiteru felt silly and bold (or whenever he was slightly drunk), he would clumsily pretend to be stretching, putting one arm around his partner’s shoulders. If his partner started teasing him about it, he would gently pull them closer to his own body, chuckling and perhaps even going in for a kiss.

Saeko: Saeko would usually want to touch her partner at least slightly, gently placing her hand either on their thigh, their arm or on top of their hand. She would enjoy stroking the fabric of their clothes with light pressure, not necessarily trying to indicate anything sexual. Whenever she felt bored, she would sometimes teasingly distract her partner by lightly touching the ticklish spots on their body and keeping them from concentrating on whatever was being shown on TV. She would love to test out her boundaries, continuing her actions until she drew her partner’s attention solely to herself (and her body).

Yachi: Despite the fact that Yachi would usually get flustered about being so close with her significant other, she would enjoy and treasure such instances. Time and time again she would feel bold enough to initiate it herself, wrapping her arms around her partner’s torso and giving them a tight hug before loosening her grip slightly, staying in that position. Yachi would definitely love resting her head on her partner’s chest, being able to feel the warmth of their body and smelling the scent of her lover.

Oikawa: Oikawa would like to slide his arm around his partners back, resting his hand on their side or their hips. Wanting to feel them as close to him as possible without necessarily invading their personal space too much, this would become a habit of his. Depending on Oikawa’s mood, he would either rest his head on their shoulder or have them do the same to him. He would also subconsciously slide his fingertips over the fabric of his partner’s clothes, applying light pressure and thus falling into a more relaxed state of mind.

Iwaizumi: Even though it probably wouldn’t happen all that often, Iwaizumi would enjoy it whenever his partner sat between his legs, his arms wrapped loosely around their body. Being able to hide his flustered expression and the light pink tint on his cheeks, Iwaizumi would develop a habit of resting his head on his partner’s shoulder or in the crook of their neck, depending on how tired he was and perhaps even on how much he craved physical contact. Whenever Iwaizumi and his partner were sitting beside each other, their hands touching, he would subconsciously rub his thumb over the skin of their hand, feeling more relaxed with each passing moment.

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dUDE. SUPERHERO AU. WHAT SUPERPOWERS DO U THINK PEOPLE WOULD HAVE. (Pick ur faves for this. Like however many U want to do)

I am here for superhero AU!!

Kageyama Tobio: Universal irreversibility to pair with his kingly image. He used to be really reckless with his powers and that lead to him being disliked and even considered a villain by some. After learning the appropriate times to use them effectively and for the good of others, as opposed to just himself, he becomes a one of the most renowned and loved superheroes ever.

Yachi Hitoka: Yachi can totally see into the future! Like, always small things that never make sense to her at the time but once all the pieces start falling into place, she’ll be able to make decisions on whether to either change it or let it happen. Will only ever use her powers for good. She doesn’t know how to control her powers and they can be a little inconvenient at times.

Iwaizumi Hajime: Iwa has the power of electric manipulation. He’s by far, and always has been, one of the most responsible and well-controlled with his powers. Sure, he’ll give some people (namely Oikawa) little zaps every now and then but he would never use his powers arbitrarily. He’s a hero is every sense of the word, always trying to do what’s right.

Kuroo Tetsurou: The power of suggestion. Kuroo might not always use his powers in the most serious ways but he’s never irresponsible with them. He’s definitely not a villain but he’s not a straight-laced hero either. Likes to toe the line between the two and sometimes pisses off the other heroes when he doesn’t agree with their methods and does things his own way. The results are usually good though.



Ho ho ho~ Alright! Lets do this. 

Nishinoya Yu: Mentally generated weaponry/objects. Luckily he was in a confined area when this was discovered. The first time took so much concentration he passed out for 3 days.

Sugawara Koushi: Power of Healing! His heart is so open to the world around him. He draws his energy from organic life and it filters into life energy. It can be dangerous at times so he can’t go placing his hands on just anyone. The way it works is he cleanses his energy with raw organic matter and when he puts his hands on someone, he exchanges their energy with his clean one. Then disposes of it when he has time to cleanse. But if he runs out of that type of cleanser, it will exchange with his own and he will start to get physically sick. So he really needs to think before he acts.

Hinata Shoyou: Danger sense. When he found out what his power was, he literally yelled. THAT’S IT?! His danger sense can depict which direction the danger is coming from but he has yet to figure out how to pinpoint.

- Megumi


This is so much fun!

Michimiya Yui: Emotion manipulation; she is able to help her friends and teammates smile when hey are down, and can calm people down when they are angry. A negative side effect of this is if the other person’s feelings are particularly strong, she will end up carrying those feelings for a while until she can release them.

Tanaka Saeko: Super speed, she can easily breach the speed of sound while at a light jog, but she has yet to reach the speed of light. Along with this, she has a super high metabolism, she could probably eat a whole hog roast and still feel peckish.

Oikawa Tooru: Luminescence. He can literally dazzle people with his smile, leaving them blinded for a few minuets. He never needs to worry about being scared while going to the toilet at night, as he can shine bright enough to not have to turn on the light. He has to sleep with an eye mask on though, as he cannot sleep if it isn’t 100% dark.

- Loopyloo


For asanofatherandson because Admin S (aka tanaka–saeko) really adores your blog(s) and is in love with the idea of Lady Asano, who remains faceless except in imagination. That, and apron!Gakushuu needed to happen.