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What it is the most ridiculous way our big brothes Akiteru, Saeko and Hinata would embarass they're little brothers?

Yong: I had to answer this. I love annoying my little brother and sister but the same thing happened with me and my older siblings when I was little.


Not so much as embarrassing but just being really damn annoying. When they’re at an amusement park together, Shouyou always asks the attendants if Natsu is tall enough to get on the ride, picking her up and yelling. She’s old enough for some things but he still buys her toddler toys as jokes and gives them to her in front of her friends like “hey I saw these building blocks on the way home, I think they’d be a bit hard for you but you can do it.” Natsu hits him a lot as a result.


To be fair, just being himself is enough of an embarrassment. Kei can just say “hey I got perfect scores on this test” but his brother makes a big deal out of it, just saying how proud of him he is. As Shimada’s said, “when is he not crying” - Akiteru has absolutely no chill in complete contrast to his brother. When he actually does try to embarrass Kei it pretty much just ends up as roasting like “wow remember when Tadashi was your only friend?” and he ends up sobbing because he feels bad.


This woman is an absolute savage. She’ll just roast her brother at the opportunities she can in front of his team (only in front of his team because they’re the only ones she can trust with roasting him as well). Ryu’s also victim to “hey I saw this cute girl at”- and it makes Ryu embarrassed pretty easily; she’s got pictures and numbers if he actually decides to hit them up too. Saeko isn’t an absolute monster, there’s some good in her teasing because she wants her bro to be happy with a nice girl or someone.

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Tanaka's s/o and Saeko ganging up on Tanaka for control of the TV remote one night

tanaka is best senpai and saeko-san is my queen so i was itching to write this request out!

i /truly/ hope it’s ayt

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Tanaka sometimes wondered why he chose a partner who was on ridiculously good terms with his sister. Like, he genuinely wondered why.

Don’t get him wrong-he loved his Nee-san and his Y/N to death, but sometimes it was just too much. There was one time you and Tanaka were supposed to be chilling at his house; it was getting really good—you two were making out, completely tuning out the TV, and then his sister suddenly shouted, “Aight, you two are cute, but you gotta get a rooooooom!

The worst part was, she stuck around afterwards, totally engrossed in the taiga drama on TV and discussing it with you when it was over. It was really cute, watching you talk so animatedly about the episode, and knowing that you and Saeko were so close to each other.

But dang, if he didn’t feel left out.

There were other times, too, many of them at the expense of teasing him. Really, it was okay with him, and they would apologize if it went too far, but he just wished they wouldn’t gang up on him for a week.

It looked like salvation wasn’t on the agenda this week because he was currently lying down on the couch with his sister’s thighs over his legs and all your able limbs around him like an octopus and holding him down. It had taken a while to get him in this position, after the initial scuffle. He still wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, but it seemed like he just gave up the fight at one point.

And all this for the remote control.

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Ummm,,, not to be that person™ but like why aren’t we talking about how Saeko Tanaka, a 22 year old woman, is single handedly raising her 16 year old brother, going to college, working god knows how many shifts and still finds time to go to all of Ryu’s games and support him. Interesting that we just aren’t talking about this more hm