AKB48ってドイツ語読みだと「アーカーベー アクツ ウンド フィアツィヒ」になって、共産圏の秘密結社の団体名のような雰囲気を漂わせることに今日はじめて気づいた …
Dear Baby Saege,

Today was the day. The day we’d been dreading since you were born - 2 month needles. I didn’t sleep last night. Instead I rocked you and stared at you, wondering if you knew something was up. You and your other mother were both tits up, catching flies.

Today Mama K gave you your Tylenol because I didn’t want to feel like I was drugging you. Those words DID come out of my mouth. I really need to get a grip on my life, I know. Proved me wrong - you loved it. You love Gripe water too, so strange but thank goodness!

So. Now. It’s all said and done (thank the universe). We, you..YOU conquered the 2 month needles like they were nothing while I cried into your diaper bag (literally). You cried a little, but I’m positive it was because I embarrassed you. Sorry Poot!

Now. For the next 48 hours it’s you, Mama K and me on the couch where we will watch movies and you can snuggle with your ‘breast friends’ until this is all just a memory. BAM!

Forever topless,

Mama R
Baby Girl Wilson!


We couldn’t be more blessed and proud to welcome our beautiful little miracle to the world!

Saege Rosalyn Annie Wilson, born November 7th, 2012 at 12:31pm weighing 6lbs 2ozs.

You have made us the happiest two Mamas in the whole wide world, baby girl. We love you to the moon and back little monkey! 

…and then there were 3. ♥ ♥ ♥


Saege went on her Montessori nursery tour this morning and stole all of the children’s hearts. The toddlers just stared at her and continued doing their little individual activities, but the children in the Casa room kept peeking over and when we finally went in, they formed a semi-circle around us. When the Directress introduced Saege and encouraged the children to say hi to her, Saege grabbed her feet and started babbling and baby talking. 

Telling them all about herself. 8 months old. 

Typical Wilson, that’s our girl. Fingers crossed she gets a spot so that she can get her Montessori on. Proud Mamas are proud.


Kid goes nuts for a solid 80’s *cough*gay*cough* anthem. Seriously, if you tell me that you don’t think of Queer as Folk (US version) when you hear this song then I have no clue what you’ve been doing with your life besides failing..


Weekends. This child. My life. Love.

1) Having fun and making messes with blueberries. H.A.M.
2) The dogs got groomed this wknd (thank fuck, they smelled like Doritos and looked like an eewok/Tina Turner hybrid). Oliver stole Saege’s bandana, Saege stole Oliver’s heart.
3) Saege is the Bonnie to Oliver’s Clyde. These two are always up to no good.

4) Bubbles are ALWAYS a good time: A Memoir by Saege Wilson


A Letter From Mommy (Rosie):

Dear Baby Saege,

Do you know how much we love you? To the moon and back. A hundred times. I think you already know, because how could you not? Every time you open your eyes we are peering down at you (thank the universe you won’t remember how creepy we are!). You were like the missing piece to what we thought was the the most put together puzzle in this world..

You are already growing so fast, it’s funny to think that you technically should still be in Mommy’s tum for another 2 weeks. We are actually the luckiest because we get an extra month with you. So now we don’t have to imagine what you look like, smell like or ponder over what new faces you might be making. You make the funniest faces EVER and today we discovered you grew another chin - gimme da millllk ma!

We took you to the market for the first time on Saturday, I’ll admit that every time we take you out we feel like you are going to break or shatter. The lady at the herb garden table asked us how old you were and was shocked that you are so brand new. Mama was carrying you with so much pride so naturally she asked if I was your Aunt - GASP! “I’m her mother-the one that carried her in my bells.” She looked confused. “This is her mother too. She has 2 mothers.” Lucky! We knew from her response that she knew how much love you are constantly cradled in. We never stop smiling, not even in our sleep. ♥ 

We know you are the luckiest baby girl alive and we can’t wait until you agree :) Thank you to the universe for blessing us with this little girl, we owe you!
dear pootie,

every morning after you eat, you lay in my arms for a couple of hours sleeping and dreaming. you make the funniest sounds and faces every time you stretch. your signature face right now is the ‘o’  and the grumpy cat which you’ve been doing full out since you came home. you lift your head, crane your neck and smack your lips into kisses. you just recently started giggling while you sleep and my curiosity almost kills me as to what it is you’re dreaming about, thinking about, feeling or seeing. you fascinate me. whenever i look down i catch you smiling and my heart literally explodes. 

you are my sunshine, baby girl. thank you for being my light..