Blue Prelude

by Saeed Jones

Last night, the ceiling above me
ached with dance.

Music dripped down the walls
like rain in a broken house.

My eyes followed the couple’s steps
from one corner to the other,

pictured the press of two chests
against soft breathing, bodies slipping

in and out of candlelight.
And the hurt was exquisite.

In my empty bed, I dreamed
the record’s needle

pointed into my back, spinning
me into no one’s song.

After reading Franklin Graham’s statement about the Abedinis, I tweeted this. After seeing responses to a post Naghmeh wrote about their separation, I decided to tumble it. The church is cruel to women who get divorced. They are cruel to the children of divorced parents. My heart breaks for Naghmeh and her children.

(Please forgive me for misspelling Naghmeh’s name in the tweets. I was rushing, but I should have double checked before posting anyway.)