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speaking of tanatsukki can you imagine their older sibs tho??? akiteru/saeko? the cutie older big bro + the cool supportive big sis omggg aaaAA (they have dates fangirling over their lil sibs)

anon:  [whispers] headcanons pls for oldersibs rare pair: Akiteru x Saeko 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [cue Tanaka’s incoherent screams and Tsukki’s glasses breaking in the distance]

anon:  But just imagine akiteru x saeko! I mean, they’d both go to the games and saeko will obviously be the one cheerling louder so akiteru asks her to cheer for tsuki, too. And ryuu is always so confused over his sister’s relationship with akiteru, since he’s like: so if you guys get married, I’ll have to stand this punk?! Pointing to tsukki. And kei is always thinking that saeko will be a loud wife and swears to find a quiet girl. But saeko and akiteru don’t care and they continue to date each other

oh god I love these two? imagine saeko having a motorcycle and being like, kay hold on tight babe and akiteru being terrified to get on the bike with her (saeko still drives like a maniac)

akiteru trying really hard to impress saeko, tanaka taking pity on him and giving him pointers/ inviting akiteru to the festival saeko’s performing at  

akiteru carrying saeko on his back 

after their first date, akiteru walks saeko all the way to her door and then gives her a chaste kiss on the lips, saeko’s completely charmed

the two of them being really playful together uvu (think: tickle wars)

tsukishima and tanaka tearing up at the wedding

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Breaking the rules Saeko and Akiteru, please????

I love Akisae tbqh~

“You know,” A low voice startles Saeko, and she whirls around, almost dropping her cigarette as she glares at the boy standing a few steps away. “Smoking is kind of not allowed on school grounds.” 

She scoffs. “Oh, is it now?” She lilts, kicking away from the wall and shortening the distance between them, so – if he wanted – he could take one step and they’d be centimeters apart. “I didn’t know you were the police, Akiteru.” 

Akiteru takes a step toward her, kissing her. Surprised, Saeko’s grip on the cigarette loosens, and he slides it out, taking a drag. He says, smoke puffing from his lips as he speaks, crooked smirk on his face, “Who said I was going to tell you to put it out?”