Don’t imagine Eridan being a drama queen and deciding that he’s not going to chat with anyone online unless they contact him first from now. Don’t think about him waiting for weeks, and the only contact he gets is Feferi telling him about what her mom needs/wants to eat, and sometimes talking about little things for a bit. Don’t imagine him crying over his keyboard as he waits online for someone to try to talk to him. 

Don’t imagine two months passing of nothing but short small talk/instructions from Feferi and one time Karkat clicked on his name by mistake and told him so before leaving. Don’t imagine at the end of this two months, Eridan being about to break down when he gets a message from Feferi, who means so well when she tells him that she thinks their moirailship has improved, that she feels so much less burdened by him “now you’ve gotten over those silly issues you used to have.” or now that he’s “learned to be less clingy”

Don’t think about him typing out agreements about how much better things are this way, through his tears and self hatred. Don’t imagine him sitting there, skin and bones because he never remembers to feed himself, crying his eyes out because he can’t take being alone anymore, but now he knows how she feels about him being an issue and he doesn’t want to stress her, 

Don’t imagine him trying to click on Karkat’s name through the tears because he’s the only one he feels like he can turn to, and sending a mic chat request. Don’t imagine him clicking on Sollux’s name instead, and Sollux accepting, because he hasn’t heard from Eridan in quite a while, and he was missing their fights. Don’t imagine Eridan pouring his heart out to Sollux, thinking it’s Karkat, talking about how he can’t take being alone like this anymore, and how nobody has talked to him for two months and how Feferi thought all those issues he struggles with so much were silly.

Don’t imagine Sollux sitting there horrified, not knowing what to do, since he has no social skills.

Don’t imagine Eridan ending with, “Kar, I need help, I can’t be alone like this anymore. Please.”

Don’t imagine Sollux staying quiet, since he doesn’t want Eridan to know he just heard everything, that and that he doesn’t know what to say. 

Don’t imagine Eridan assuming ‘Karkat’ staying silent means that he was annoyed by him, or that he agrees with Feferi and feels Eridan is a burden.

Don’t imagine Eridan ending the call with ‘I’m sorry.”

You really shouldn’t imagine any of that, it sounds quite sad. 

Does anybody else ever think about the fact that John and Roxy are from a totally different timeline than everyone else, so there must be times that the others will have some kind of inside joke that they don’t get, or they say something and the others don’t understand and the just stop and are kinda like, “oh yeah, you weren’t there.” ? Or maybe they remember having to watch all of their friends/family die, and while the others get why they’re sad, the don’t understand, so John and Roxy seek out each other? Do you ever think how hard it must be to notice all the small differences every day, that just scream that you don’t belong here, and that these aren’t your friends?
Because I think about this a lot.

Nepeta Leijon Ratings

A fresh feline start to a life that should’ve been wonderful. 10/10

Being cute does not make you weak. 10/10

She looks ready for an adventure, even if hers would be short. 10/10

Would commission her! Her troll DA page should be full of nice comments. 10/10


Wants to spread happiness by default. 10/10

A little too bubbly and the face is a bit strange, but it means well. The hat matches her actual face, so that makes up for the slight negatives 10/10

This is the more honest one. Pure, and balanced. Not as happy as she wants others to think she is. 10/10

Why is she stabbed when she is going to be blown up anyway? Goodness, Look her face… 0/10

All she wants to do is protect her friends. She will keep fighting until she has done all she can. 10/10

Her undeserved fate is finally revealed after a drawn out period of false hope. 0/10

Even if she is unable to be heard, she can be seen. She’s a cute pirate. 8/10

Even if it’s by a bizarre accident, she’s given enough love to have another chance at life. 10/10

Even if it is not 100% Nepeta, her contribution to their strength enables them to fight Lord English along side their friends, a great contrast to being forgotten.   9.999/10

Rather than simply disappearing along with other forgotten characters, quite possibly the last trace of her existence is shown being destroyed in a terrifying way along side the happy endings of the living characters. With Davepetasprite^2 gone we can only assume the worst for this poor kitty?