Homestuck is really hitting me like a ton bricks now. This webcomic started out as light hearted and goofy and now, being close to the gigapause, its dark and real. I realize now they’re all just kids and they all fucked up at some point and that’s what makes them relate-able and human. It makes the characters seem real. Homestuck fans see these characters as a projection of themselves staring at them from the computer screen.

The fact of the matter is, I can understand all these characters and the experiences they’ve had at this point. Dirk’s overbearing- ness with his relationship with Jake. Roxy’s dependence on substances to ignore her problems. Jake’s aloofness and ignorance. And all of Jane’s anger towards unrequited respect.

People may see homestuck as non sense, but if you take the time to read it and understand it, you’ll see apart of yourself staring back at you. It’s a story about personal challenges intertwined with the challenges of life. 

i just realized

the last memory jake has of jane, is her forcing him to marry her, and then killing him

before that it was her acting crazy inappropriate while in trickster mode

and his last memory of her when she wasnt under any influence, she was angry at him and shouting at him

and he still jumped in front of that sword