date a boy that shows his appreciation of you through more than just the way he hugs your hips and kisses your neck. date date a boy that allows you to have your own space.
date a boy that prefers your perfume mixed with his on his clothes.
date a boy that doesn’t care if there’s hair on your legs or not.
date a boy that will hold your hair back when you’ve stayed up all night sick.
date a boy who will laugh when there’s food stuck to your face and he requests that he gets it off for you.
date a boy that isn’t offended when you call him out on his shit, because it will make him a better man.
date a boy who wants to be a better man, for himself, for you, and for others.
date a boy that fucks up and accept the fact that he was wrong.
date a boy that will be strong willed to love you just as much as he wants to fuck you. date a boy who isn’t afraid of the ‘sticky’ or 'dirty situations’ or the bad verses the ugly. date a boy that sees a galaxy greater than himself in you, like there’s a connection between two universes the second you meet. date a boy that doesn’t run away because he’s afraid but rather intertwines fingers with yours just to kiss your hand. date a boy that never regrets you and tells you everyday as many times as you need to hear it that he loves you with all your might. date a boy that even after he has you and commits to you, never stops treating you like your his majesty, queen. because that’s what an amazing girl like you deserves. and nothing less. keep your chin up, he’s coming. I promise.
—  younger self advice, date a boy

Sometimes I randomly get super sad and start feeling empty. Like I could be the happiest person in the room. Smiling big smiles, spreading cheer and then all of a sudden my smile falters and my heart skips a beat. Everything turns to black and white and I can’t see a future for myself. I didn’t even know if one exists. I forget what it feels like to actually live and be happy even if it was only two seconds ago that I was laughing. It feels as if there’s just this demon hovering over me waiting for my weakest point to break me and make my life a thunderstorm cause I was enjoying the cool breeze before it became a vicious wind.

Literally freakin love it. 🙌👏👏 why do girls always have to be so dependent on guys? Oh wait, we don’t.😌👌