10. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

Ah yes, if i can remember, this episode spawned one of the fist memes: Why don’t we take ______, and push it somewhere else?

In this episode, a thing (audience doesn’t know in the beginning) is destroying/ eating everything in Bikini Bottom, even a man’s ass. Terrorized, the people of Bikini Bottom meet in the Krusty Krab to discuss what they are goingto do about it. Sandy then comes in, and explains that the thing is an Alaskan Bull Worm, and that she will be the one to stop it. This scares SpongeBob because he knows she will die if she tries to fight it. On her way to fight the Worm, Sandy is annoyed by SpongeBob telling her she can’t fight it.

Upon arrival, Sandy realizes the terrible assumption she made about the size of the worm, fighting the tongue instead of the actual worm. Sandy and SpongeBob are then riding the worm to a cliff. While they are riding Sandy tells spongebob she is sorry for not listening to him. Then they jump off the worm before falling down the cliff. The worm then lands on bikini bottom while all the fish are trying to “push it somewhere else”

I love this episode because of the jokes and the plot. This is one of my favorite plots on the show. It creates conflict within the town but not to the point where they become jerks (cough cough newer episodes).  But yes, the episode is also very funny. I love the whole sequence in the KK, with Mr. Krabs foaming at the mouth, Patrick’s line, the guy with no ass, and Sand’s cowboy entrance.

The episode made me laugh really hard, and not dislike any of the characters, but there are still 8 better episodes IMO.