I wrote a song once.
A song woven of sorrow and tears.
I wrote a poem once.
A poem of lies and fake smiles.
I wrote a story once.
A story of lost things, dark and alone.
I was a song once.
I was a poem once.
I was a story once.
—  Fuckeveryonesblog
(sadish) HC time

Might be a little detailed but I feel strongly about this: 

Dipper figures out he is trans when he is around 5. He doesn’t have a word for it but he knows that he doesn’t really enjoy doing the things his sister likes doing and he often tugs at his long hair, wishing it away. It isn’t until he is 11 that him and Mabel do some actual research. Mabel always sort of felt like Dipper wasn’t quite her sister but he didn’t really tell her exactly how he felt until that point. They discover there is word for it and start learning more about it together. 

A week before they turn 12, they go to tell their parents but they don’t believe them. They are convinced Dipper is just a tomboy and nothing more and urge him that he will grow out of it. They force him to wear a dress at the birthday party. Halfway through Mable spills juice on it on purpose so that he has to change. He puts on a shirt and pants, much to the dismay of their mother.

When they are told they are going away for the summer, Mabel is super excited but Dipper couldn’t care less. When they get to the bus station, Mabel pulls out a cap and puts it on Dipper, trying to hide all his hair and refers to him as her brother as soon as their parents are gone. (She always gets into trouble when they hear her use “male” pronouns for him or when she calls Dipper her brother. Dipper has urged her to stop while they are around because he can’t stand to watch as mabel’s crafting stuff is taken away from her as punishment) It is Mabel who, at a rest stop, pulls out her scissors and cuts off most of Dipper’s hair, leaving behind only enough for it to cover his birthmark. It is messy but Dipper loves it. 

They almost miss the bus because they put together the cash they were given for lunch to buy Dipper some men’s pants, a shirt and a vest from the gift shop. He spends a few minutes too long beaming at himself in the mirror. Mabel pokes fun at him for it. 

When they get to gravity falls, Stan doesn’t even question Dipper’s gender. He knew they were twins but behind that he honestly didn’t know much about them and doesn’t understand why Dipper looks like he is about to cry when he grumbles out a “come on, son.” 

It isn’t until he is on the phone and their mother asks him “how are the girls?” that he really knows what is going on and when that happens he yells at their parents and flat out tells them he won’t send them back home until they treat their son with respect. 

Mabel wonders why there is no talk of going home when Summer is starting to draw to a close and Dipper is too elated at being able to be who he is to even notice how the season is starting to change. 

Okok bear with me here,

Diabetic Danny. Specifically Type one ( this is definitely not at all self indulgent) This would definitely stress the boy out like 10× more, but it would add either a much better family dynamic. He was diagnosed at 11, Jazz would be more observant of danny bc protective older sister, she knows when he’s got a higher blood sugar, when he’s got a lower one( not because of a cgm mind you, he refused to get one until a bit after the Phantom thing bc its obivous bully fuel with his social standing) and he’s been lower recently so she checks up on him and oh hey he’s more or less dead now. Damnit why didnt you tell me I was worried sick that you’ve been od'ing on insulin for some reason. At this point Danny figures he might as well get a Cgm and it is a godsend for his bg monitering. And overall its a reason for Maddie and Jack to be more present in his life, so they’ll probably know about Phantom sooner. Cause well, even the busiest parents are WAY overbearing when something unexpectedly happens to glucose levels. Back to sadish things now though, Danny gave up on space right at his diagnosis. You generally cant have needles in space, so thats down the gutter, hey maybe he can work at NASA in another departmen- nope. Too busy fighting ghosts now. Well damn. Also passing out in class due to low and Lancer not noticing for a bit; whoops he’s in a hospital now. “My bad” -Mr. Lancer. Que panicking bc they might find the ectoplasm in his stream shitshitshitshitshitshitsHIT

and yeah, diabetic danny everyone, consider it ( and please research it before you write a fic on both what it is and what its like if you write a fic and dont have it) -Nyx

You Get Dumped (GOT7)

hello! i felt inspired to write again, now my mocks are over and with a lil’ break before my musical in 2 weeks ! i too got dumped suddenly a couple of days ago so i am just venting and relaxing through this blog. i am a-okay, and i am channeling my energy into acting/singing instead of an ex!!  imagine y’all are frens here <3

(gif credits to the original owners)

I think he’d be the definition of awkward dad to start with, but he’d be annoyed and instantly protective of you (ready to fite). Yet, he would see how sad you were, and would put you before everything else. He cares about you in funny ways. He would just sit beside you 24/7, hang out with you whenever he could to keep you happy and to keep your mind occupied. I think he’d still be a lil’ salty, no matter how fine you said you were bc how could someone dump his best friend??

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

(he can literally fight me jfc)

He’d be quieter than usual when you told him, all from being a giant mix of emotions. It would kill him to hear your soft voice quiver in sadness, that you’d been hurt. He would also be bubbling in anger, although he’d never show it - because of that sweet, quietness he has nurtured. He’s fiercely protective of you like a big brother. He would make sure he was with you as soon as he could, to hug you and let you talk everything out to him; he is the perfect listener.

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(mark’s era is every era ffs end me)

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Who cares what they think?

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a bit and I’m rather proud of it, so I decided to post it. The transitions aren’t the best and it might be a little bit over dramatic, but i hope you enjoy non less♡ Enjoy!

warnings; Sadish? Also, I’m not trying to accuse Ethan’s friends for being assholes, it’s just a plot line. also, much longer than I intended. 

You had no idea what you did wrong; but, maybe it was just you in general.

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Staring at this everyday and asking myself these things are like my daily routine lately….

“Why is he leaning on Dazai like that?”
“His chest is touching dazai’s head or hair?”
“What is with that sadish face?”
“Do they really hate each other? Are you sure? Are you really sure?”
“How can a couple be so beautiful?”
“Why am I tearing up?”
“How come I am still breathing after looking at this?”

I was delving Netflix for some garbage sci-fi, as I am wont to do, and I found a genuinely good show with the most generic blurb ever: 3%, a Brazilian series about a world divided into slums and fabulous IKEA showrooms, and every year there’s a gauntlet of tests where 3% of applicants can ascend to Apple-store-world. There’s a rebel group, internal politicking among the evil Uniqlo models, etc. etc.

The brilliant part of it is the visual design- the producers aren’t flush with cash, so it’s got this pared-down, theatrical style that works so well with the themes. The testing center set is probably some kind of airport or convention center IRL- you can *feel* the stagnant, Kafkaesque bureaucracy. The bad guys lean into their Fancy Angular Sportswear style, but the most basic grunts wear slacks and buttoned shirts, which somehow makes the whole thing that much more banal and horrifying.

Each test *really* feels like a tense, constrained theatrical production, with a diverse cast pitting their strategies and ideologies against each other. You really start to care about the applicants, and there’s a good density of curveballs and “hey, the resident asshole makes a technically-good point there.”

Finally, I like how all the tests so far can be read as metaphors for neurotypicals demanding fluency in a bizarre language built for people who aren’t you. All the wooshy UI bullshit really feels like gratuitous nonsense designed to confuse and overwhelm the applicants, and one of the tests is literally “here’s a dining room of mannequins, now figure out exactly what scenario has taken place and how everyone’s feeling.”

@tenderhook, @sadish-radish, @prawnlegs, this seems like a good candidate for the next time y'all want some sci-fi night.

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What are some of the most HORRIBLY UNBEARABLY PAINFUL, angst-ridden, hearbreaking fics you know of that will make me cry the most pls it's for science tysm

Okay this is SO LATE and I’m sorry. When I first read this I was like “Oh I’m gonna fuck ‘em up with my MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ANGSTY FICS” but then I looked and I dunno where all those angsty fics went so. I tried my best, and I only reread a couple of them, so I apologize if some of them are not as angsty as I remember. i also threw some okay/sadish fics in there as recovery. I plan on pdating this whenever I come across one that’s bad, so keep that in kind I suppose. My apologies in advance if you’ve already read some/all of them. 

Anyway, in no specific order, favourites bolded:

-Forgetting You in a Cabaret 


-Futile Wars

-The Heart Rate of a Mouse

-Iron, Neon Lights, and Weed

-Brilliant Smiles and Barely Scraping By

-Hangover From Hell? (Or basically anything by this author) 

-To the Bones

-The Remarkable Misfortunes of Ryan Ross

-Family Values

-You’re Just Like Me (Only Beautiful)

-Castles in the Sky

-Like Suicide, Only Softer


-Good Boys

-After All, You’re My Wonderwall

-A Dark and Rainy Night




-The Know-hows of Delinquency/My Creator 

-Children of Wrath

-Filthy Lucre

-Seventy-Eight (The Paradox of Learned Helplessness)

-Infinite, Sometimes

Sam Winchester- In another life

Title: In another life

Pairings: Sam Winchester x daughter reader, Jared Padelecki x daughter reader

Word count:1261

Warnings: Kinda sadish… 

Sam and Dean get sent into the ‘real world’ Sam find out’s that his wife is Ruby, but that’s not all he finds out. Mostly based around Sam but does involve reader.

“Dude, check this out” Dean whispered in a quiet yell. He held the glass ball in his large hands, the light bouncing of the gleam, creating a bright shine in the younger Winchesters eye. 

Sam winced, the back of his hand flying towards his structured face to cease the burning light. His nimble fingers twitched as he tried to glare at his brother through already narrowed eyes. 

“Dude!’ Sam hissed, lips puckered into his classical bitch face. Sam’s eyes fluttered as Dean finally put down the expensive looking object with very little care. The older Winchester shoved his hands into his pockets, letting his head tilt back to examine this 'Jared’s’ house. 

Soft clicks made their way to the boy’s ear. Sam titled his head up, his eyes locking with eyes that were horribly familiar. 

’'R-Ruby” Dean choked, hands dropping causing them to fall out his pockets that couldn’t support the weight. Sam stepped back not even realizing he did, and Dean stepped in front of Sam, not even realizing he did. 

“Ha ha Jensen, funny” “Ruby” Spat, brown gleaming eyes narrowing at 'Jensen’ before turning to Sam and letting them soften visibly. Sam’s could feel his heart beating harshly against his battered rib cadge, a thousand questions ran through his mind, but that was all cut short when the shorter woman pressed her plump lips to Sam’s.

Dean scoffed, pretending to heave at the sight in front of him as he looked away. When Sam’s eyes finally stopped popping out of his skull. He took everything in, a horrible realization hitting him.

Ruby pulled away, her face looking soft and happy. She glanced over at Dean, flashing him a glare before smiling toothily at her Husband. “I need you to stay with (y/n)” Ruby smiled. 

Both Winchester brothers brows creased forward in confusion. “Who?” They asked in sync. Ruby scoffed, eyes rolling.

“What is it with you two and your jokes today? You don’t even get along” She muttered, dismissing the subject. She turned on her heels, head titling up to look over the balcony on the stairs. “(Y/n), be good! I’m going now!” Ruby yelled before leaving out the door. 

Both brothers turned to face each other, shock and confusion as to who this (y/n) character was and still trying to get over the shock of Sam being married to the woman who got him to be addicted to demon blood, not to mention tricking him into letting Lucifer free. He knew this was the actress who played her, but this wasn’t real, therefore there was no actress. 

'Dude, you married Ruby’’ Dean snickered in a half joking half disgusted way. Sam glared, eyes narrowing dangerously low as he glared at his older brother. His mouth fell ready to snap back a witty come back, but he was cut off by something ramming into him. 

Sam let out a sharp breath, shock and surprise twisting into his face, before he set in action and was ready to kill the 'monster’ that was trying to take him down. Sam stopped his actions as soon as he realized it in fact wasn’t a monster, but a kid, and the only thing the kid was trying to kill Sam with was maybe hugging him to death. 

“W-wh-” Sam couldn’t even get the words to function in his brain, nevermind speaking them. Dean was looking at Sam with just as much shock, his eyes constantly darting to the kid clinging onto him. The kid finally pulled back, their fingers still twisted into Sam’s jacket. 

Dean’s eyes almost popped out of his skull when he saw their face. “Is it just me, or is that kid freakishly the double of you Sam” Dean whispered, eyes wide. 

“Sam? Isn’t that the character you play Dad?” You asked. Both of the brothers eyes widened.

“Y-you mean, you’re my, my, my” Sam choked. 

“Dad?” You asked confused as you stared at him weirdly. “Why are you acting so weird?’' 

Sam coughed, swallowing the thick lump in his throat as he straightened himself out. He knew he had to get into character otherwise things would be suspicious. 

’'No reason” He smiled forcefully. “Can you Um, just go and give me and De- Jensen a minute please?” He asked, patting your shoulder awkwardly. You raised a slender brow, hip popping giving him a sassy look, and Sam knew you had his looks but your mothers personality. 


Sam gulped, trying his hardest to swallow the lump that rested uncomfortably in the walls of his throat. He bit his lip, eyes watering in happiness, shoulder slumping as he let out a soft sigh. 

“Sammy?” Dean voice broke Sam’s thought. Dean watched as his brother leaned up against the perfect painted door frame, his eyes trained on you. “What’s wrong?” Dean mumbled, scared all of this scared Sam. 

“I have a kid Dean” Sam stated glumly.

“It’s not real Sammy” Dean reassured. 

“That’s the problem Dean” Sam whispered. finally tearing his eyes off you and moving his large arm that supported his weight on the frame. “I have a family. Sure it’s with ’'Ruby” but I have a daughter, me! Something I’ve always dreamed of and it’s 100% certain that no supernatural monster can tear her away’' 

Dean looked at his brother sadly. His shoulder slumping as he sighed, he was exhausted. “you can’t get attached Sammy, this isn’t your life. I know it’s what you want but we’re not even brothers here man” Dean sighed (yes I know Sam said that in the episode). 

Sam nodded, his brothers word painfully marking in his brain. “Can you give me a minute. I just want a minute to feel what it’s like to have a family that I know will be safe” Sam whispered. Dean nodded as he wandered off into another room. 

Sam walked over to you, kneeling down as he gingerly smiled at you. His eyes roamed over your features, you were the spitting image of him, you were beautiful. Sam thought he could just cry then and there. 

“hey Dad” you smiled, not moving your eyes off the tv. Sam’s heart leapt at the word, never in his life had he imagined that he would have the chance to be called that. 

“Hey sweetie” He choked. Your brows furrowed in concern as you turned your head to face him, getting on your knees and leaning over towards him. 

“What’s wrong?” you frowned. He let out a watery chuckle, as you saw your dad cry for the first time. 

“nothing, I’m just happy that’s all” He smiled. “Come here” he motioned as he stood up. You stood up, worry still set on your face as you hugged him. He didn’t pull away but instead just pulled you closer to him. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You mumbled against his chest. 



“Sammy” Dean voice called out, knocking on the open door to gather your dad’s attention. “It’s time’' 

’'Time?” You mumbled confused. Sam pulled away from you, giving you one last glance as he followed Dean out of the door. 


“Cheer up Sammy, it wasn’t real anyway” Dean voiced, Sam grumbled nodding his head. “there’s baby” Dean pointed as they walked further down the road. 

Sam let out a grunt as something collided with his shoulder as they passed by. Sam turned his head to see who had bumped into his shoulder, the same time the person turned around to. 

“Sorry!” You called turning back around and walking off. Sam stood speechless, eyes wide, mouth open.


Shattered Heart- A Peter Pan and Swan Family One-Shot

Title: Shattered Heart
Request: story with Pan where you’re dating, but when emma and stuff come to rescue henry you ask him to give henry back and he says no and you’re like “if you love me then let henry go” and pan’s all like “what, did you think i actually loved you” and angst and tears and idk i got the apn feels (I’m changing this to a sadish ending and only Emma comes to save Henry -em)
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
Warning: Strong Language, Violence

Peter Pan and Y/N were sitting by a tree, watching their newest lost boy try and fit in with the group. Y/N and Peter had been together for quite a while, and considered each other their true loves. Y/N was the first lost girl on Peter’s island, and together they ruled the island.
Their newest lost boy was named Henry. Peter needed him, for reasons he wouldn’t tell Y/N. That made Y/N mad, she wanted to know why Peter was keeping Henry and why he wouldn’t tell her.
As they were sitting by the tree, suddenly a woman burst loudly out of the brush.
“Where’s my son?” she yelled.
Peter and Y/N stood up quickly, Peter rushed to secure Henry.
“He’s right here. Who might you be?” Peter asked.
“I’m Emma, Henry’s mother. He is coming back with me.” Emma said.
“Why should we let you take him back?” Y/N said. Peter smiled at her evilly.
“He’s my son. He did nothing to you! I know you are just trying to hurt him.” Emma responded calmly.
Henry was trying to squirm out of Peter’s arms, so Peter slapped him.
“Peter!” Y/N yelled at him. She had never seen him actually slap someone with that much anger and force.
Peter rolled his eyes at her.
“I’m keeping him because I need him. He is going to help me life forever. I need the heart of the truest believer” Peter said.
Y/N’s eyes went wide. Peter was going to hurt Henry, and for some reason, she couldn’t have happen. That day, saw something in Peter, she saw evil and just straight out anger.
“Peter, just let him go. You can’t live forever. Especially without me!” Y/N said.
“Y/N, it will be fine. I need to do this.” Peter said.
“Peter, if you love me, you will let Henry go.” Y/N said angrily.
Peter glared at her, “You know, Y/N, I’ve never really loved you. Did you really think that? How stupid of you, little girl.”
Y/N started to cry, “I loved you! I really did! I really believed you did too!”
“Well all good things come to an end.” Peter said laughing.
Crying, Y/N walked over to Peter, and slapped him as hard as she possibly could. Peter dropped Henry.
“Run!” Y/N screamed through her tears.
“How dare you.” Peter said, standing up. Peter smacked Y/N in the face, and she fell over crying even more. Her heart was shattered.
Emma and Henry saw Peter do that to Y/N as they were running away.
“Mom, we need to help her. She stood up for me to help me, now we need to help her.” Henry said.
Emma nodded in agreement, and they turned around to help Y/N.
“Hey!” Emma yelled to Pan, who was standing in anger over Y/N.
Emma ran over to Peter, and started to fist fight him.
Henry ran to Y/N, “Are you ok?”, he said helping her up.
“I’m fine.” she responded through rivers of tears.
Pan then flew up in the air, “Fine! All of you leave. I will find a way to get revenge on you all. Even you Y/N.”
“Fuck you, Peter. Fuck this island, fuck everything!!” Y/N screamed at him.
Peter disappeared into the night.
“You can come back home with us. You can be in our family. You’ve been through a lot, and you need a good home.” Emma said, putting her arm around Y/N.
“Thank you. I shouldn’t have even gotten involved with Peter.” Y/N said.
“It’s ok, we are here now.” Henry said.
They all got up, and went to Henry and Emma’s home in a town called Storybrooke. Y/N became like a twin to Henry, they did everything together. Emma treated her as her our daughter, making sure she was always doing ok. Y/N eventually forgot about Peter, too. For the first time, Y/N felt true love, from her new family.


Thanks for reading! I put a warning on this one-shot, it was a little intense with that language and that tiny bit of abuse! Much love,


firelordlee-deactivated20161231  asked:

(I've been looking at your blog a lot lol) okay so I totally think (someone said this BUT) that oikawa would try to not take iwa seriously because like ??? He calls him ugly and stupid and shitty and like?? Oikawa WANTS to believe he's joking but !!! It's hard!!! And iwa doesn't realize this bc they've been like this forever so like!! Oikawa just gets passive and sad sometimes and iwa can't figure out why bc oikawa won't tell him! Iwa hates seeing oikawa sad and I !!! I'm emo

MAN LET ME TELL U SOMETHING THIS IS MY HC TOO,,, like iwa is so used to calling him names and although he never means it oikawa sometimes panics and thinks ‘holy shit he hates me now im done’ but in reality thats just the way he is,, and oikawa gets somewhat sadish about it?? but ofc!!! he say it bc its NOT supposed to bother him, hes SUPPOSED to know that he ISNT serious but he is a very paranoid child and thinks hes being serious

and then one day when he finally DOES tell iwa whats going on hes like ’???? is that what this is about u big baby’ and oikawa is like WTF MAN and iwa just reassures him how much he loves him and how that will never change and they cuddle and everything is GOOD

Penis Dan, Penis Penis Penis.

Dan Howell. We all say we love him and how great he is, but we don’t talk as much about the bad stuff. I can understand why, though. If you don’t mind, I am now going to make a sadish post.
Dan was bullied. Dan had (and, I think to a small extent, still does) low self esteem. He is musically gifted, but doesn’t consider himself good. But aside from all that, he dropped out of law school. He started with intents of being a lawyer, or something professional. He fucking dropped out to do something that, at the time, could’ve been the worst idea ever. And we all say “Phil is so great and means so much to Dan!!!1!!!1!!” but he is. He is so much to Dan. During that dropout time, Dan was most likely very sad. Very, very sad. But Phil was there for him. I’m not even going to imply Phan right now, because it doesn’t matter. Whether or not they are or were dating, Phil -probably- DID save him, at least once, during that time. “But he wouldn’t have dropped out if he wasn’t with Phil” That sounds harsh, but let’s be honest. Can any of you see Dan as a lawyer? Not to say he couldn’t do lawyering, it’s just not him. Had he not been with Phil we might not have had a Daniel James Howell in the world.
And don’t forget they’re real people. Don’t shove Phan down their throats. Yea it would be fun if they were a thing, but don’t make them feel guilty for not being in love. Honestly, if I knew over a few million people wanted me to date my best friend and I didn’t like them like that I would probably feel like I’m letting them down. I DON’T CARE IF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME OBBSESING OVER THEM, THEY ARE NOT CAS AND DEAN, THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE.
That is all, thanks if you actually read this all, it was longer than I intended it to be. It’s just me expressing my opinions. And remember kids, treat Phil and Dan like real people. They’ve been through a lot and you need to treat them nicely. They choose to do what they do for you, so don’t make them want to quit.

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Some sadish Hux fluff based on my own experience~ Hux as a competitive swimmer has a good friend who's also on the team, they are really physical with each other - hugs a lot and holds hands - one day in the showers he kisses Hux (as a friend aka the saddest kind of kiss 'cause it turns out that the platonic love Hux felt was not platonic at all but romantic) but Hux is like fuck. I'm gay? What. No, yes? And it turns out that he likes dudes a lot ~ from wacom anon

Aaa man I had a similar experience on my swim team! Though we never kissed and I didn’t like her in that way. I’m sorry you went through that! I’m going to try and make it better with kylux and hopefully cheer you up!

So, after this, Hux is having his Gay Crisis and then some new guy joins his team. Super problematic, super angry, super talented, super hot, and super gay. He makes everyone call him Kylo Ren.
And it’s just Hux’s luck that after realizing he’s gay, he can’t stand the first gay guy he meets.
He and Kylo bicker all. the. time. Like without any reason, just the moment one of them says something, the other one has a snarky retort for them. They’re two of the best swimmers on the team though, and really know their stuff, so of course the coach makes them team captains.
So now they’re spending even more time together apart from practice. Coming up with team events and fundraising and going over who needs to work on what.
There’s a lot of tension between them, everyone can feel it. But it’s not just angry tension.
Hux and Kylo had stayed behind after practice to clean up supplies and talk strategies, and of course they got into a huge fight. They’re in each other’s faces, getting heated (over absolutely nothing), then Kylo reaches out and grabs Hux’s face and kisses him.
Hux freezes, absolutely in shock. Kylo pulls away almost immediately.
“Oh god–I–Shit I thought–god I’m sorry I–”
Hux pulls him back in for a passionate kiss. He’d never kissed a boy before, and this feels so right. He’s never felt this way kissing someone, never thought he could. But something in him explodes and they are all over each other.
They still fight. But now they kiss, too. It’s much more playful and flirtatious bickering now.
And they hold hands during team meetings. And cheer for each other while they race. They comfort each other when they lose, and enthusiastically embrace each other when they win. They encourage each other to do better, because they’re both deeply competitive and see each other as their biggest competition.
The team is pretty confused, but relieved that they’re team captains are working together now. After months of this, no ones surprised when they finally announce they’re dating.

As promised, here’s a breakdown of how a self-prompt turns into a full story for 30 straight days of one-shots. Spoiler, the farther in you get the more things change :)

Let’s start with the numbered prompts. The numbers represent my original plan for when I’d post each story:

1- Broken Pocketwatch - Unsurprisingly, this is the story A Broken Pocketwatch. I wrote this story prior to starting 30DaysofCreampuff and actually have an altered version of this as a generic short story that I ultimately decided not to submit to professional journals. I’m a sucker for soulmate au.

2- Dear Creampuff New - Prior to 30days I’d already written 9 chapters of Dear Creampuff, this was the 10th chapter. Still loved writing in Carmilla’s sassy voice. Looking forward, you can see that I’d planned to publish 1 new chapter of Dear Creampuff each week as a story. This got squashed as I realized just how many fic ideas I had. 

3 - Cookies & Strangers - turned into Just Buy the Cookies. I knew I wanted to write a Carmilla and Laura meet for the first time fic and have it confrontational. Originally I’d thought it would be something to do with Carmilla stealing Laura’s cookies until I was accosted with Thin Mints and changed my mind. Tiny Laf was a bonus.

4 - Sadish LaFerry - before I realized the fandom’s bias to Hollstein, I wanted to try a few other pairings. This story was 100% percent based on kbearluna’s video with Annie where Kaitlyn talks about a headcannon where Laf is a ghost. I ran with it. Define Death ended up doing double duty and looking at identity and what it’s worth. I still like it but it’s definitely one of my lowered loved fics. 

5 - The Sticking Incident - is literally still called The Sticking Incident. I cheated slightly, i knew I’d be busy that week and so this is strongly strongly based on something I wrote as part of a huge story for the Justice League fandom. But come on, literally sticking two confrontationally in love people together is always fun :)

6-  Heart AU - you can tell from the pen colour change that this wasn’t in the original plan. Love is Orange was inspired by coming across one of my favourite comics for the Once fandom by delintthedarkone where literal hearts keep popping up between characters. She graciously gave me permission to take the basic idea and run with it. Currently, I’m working on the third and final chapter. 

8 - Angsty Take 2 Coffin - my one and only true foray into the deepest angst that is a Coffin of Starlight. I was originally intrigued with what being in the coffin for that long would have been like for Carmilla which lead to wondering what could possibly make her go back. Which lead to angst and turned into a writing lesson on descriptive prose (thus the penciled in blood roo?). 

You may note that chronologically I posted 2 stories before I got around to coffin of starlight. 

10 - Superhero AU (retired villiany, villainy roommates) - This actually turned into Beneath the Boots and Leather which we wouldn’t see until the near end of 30days. I wanted to write a fic where Carm and Laura were roommates and arch nemesis who kept having to make excuses for why they were rushing out of the apartment all the time. I like the final result better when it finally worked. I also just posted a chapter 2 for this story.

However, I did post Powerless at this time which was an offshoot of this prompt for a generic superhero mixed with half of prompt 18 for ‘high school au’ which somehow became University. Also, I’d just watched Sky High. 

11- When Carmilla Met Laura - Originally I’d planned on doing a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ spoof but I never ended up writing it. Maybe I still will. Maybe if we get a season 3 and i do this madness all over again…

I’ve added the break because I just realized this is going to get super long and I don’t want to spam. But I really hope you’ll still keep reading <3

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