sadie hawkins

Please, Swallow Your Pride

Hey, guys! Long time no see! There was no prompt for this, I just watched Prom Queen earlier, and I just saw this in my head (along with another scene I’m hoping to post later in the week!) So, enjoy?..

TW: mentions of Sadie Hawkins, mentions of bullying

“Sorry, girls, if you’ll excuse us, I have a private fashion question for Hummel.” Santana smiled, reaching for Kurt’s hand and dragging him over to a quieter area of the changing room.

Kurt grinned around at the others as he headed across, heart still beating wildly at the thought of taking Blaine to prom. Santana turned to face him and looked across to the others to make sure nobody was listening in.

“Have you really asked Blaine to the prom?”

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So this is how I asked B to Sadie’s.