I twisted, my loose clothes sliding over my shoulders, my waist. I hadn’t realized how much weight I’d lost…..
Even that casual mention of his power failed to chill me, awe me. “But I’ll always make time for you.”
I was hungry- I hadn’t yet eaten. And that was indeed worry glimmering behind the cocky, insufferable grin.
So I motioned him to lead the way to that familiar glass table at the end of the hall.
We walked a casual distance apart. Tired. I was so- tired.

ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas

Depression is a real devastating situation, which was beautifully depicted by such a talented author @sjmaas . It is wonderful to have such illustration provided to young adults, demonstrating that they are not the only ones with such problems. They are not alone, on their lack of energy.

I think I wanna do a sad Warden x Alistair story where he leaves her for Anora because they could never have kids only she is pregnant and he doesn’t know about it and she just disappears just like Morrigan did but she has these journals she always writes in and they are all letters to Alistair about her life and their children…. Should I?

(Spoiler, I did post a sneak peak of it up already. It’s called “The Letters She Never Sent”)

If you’re in the mood for something sad and emotional, here are five books I highly recommend:

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