Justice for Trevor Chappell / Christopher Shale who died @ Glastonbury

#HumanRights #RulesShouldBeForAll @JHart000

If they are stating Heart Attack and that it is not a suspicious death, why is there going to be an Inquest for #ChristopherShale ?

#TrevorChappell ’s family were told no inquest if Heart Failure documented….

Mr Chappell sustained wounds and injuries which remain undocumented by Pathologist and the cause of such have not been determined. What caused imprints and other wounds and injuries?

It appears there is to be an #Inquest in relation to Mr Shale to prevent speculation and so #Justice System appears to work and seen to be just….

Why #RulesForOne and not another?
No inquest, No answers - #HumanRights are for all:
Right to Life, Right to Investigation of Suspicious Death!

Answers = Justice & Peace
What really happened to Trevor Chappell on the 13th May 2010?