Cats You Never Learned About in History Class

by Micki Grover and Lynne Donahue

Published by Devastator Press

Behind every great man, there is a cat… who trips the man, causing him to sprain his ankle. Dr. Professor, Ph.D., a fuzzy little expert on world history (and purr history), introduces us to history’s greatest cats: from a feline pharaoh who kept squirming off his throne to a cross-eyed tabby who led a 1960s sex cult. Perhaps your cat is related to one of these prominent pets. (You should be so lucky!)

About the Authors: Writer Micki Grover has been published by the St. Petersburg TimesMcSweeney’s, and countless online outlets. Photographer Meredith Donahue is Photo Editor of The Devastator.

10 pages, B&W, saddle-stich

Publication Date: February 25, 2015

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I am thinking about collating some of my recent plant photographs into a small ‘Botanic’ zine, would anyone be interested in owning one if I did?!

(This photo from the Rainforest Garden in Madrid would probably be in it)