Panorama of Mauna Kea at about 10,000 feet elevation. Small cinder cones from volcanic eruptions in the foreground, clouds in the saddle between Kea and Mauna Loa in the distance.


Simple Guide for shrimping: the saddle. A common misconception that people believe the area eggs are carried is called the saddle. Often times say the saddle is rounded meaning it’s a female but that is just the belly region. The saddle refers to a clear mark near the head that resembles a horse saddle in the shape of a U. It’s an indication that your shrimp is ready to carry eggs very soon. The same for all shrimp, neocaridina(easier to see) and caridina(harder to see)

FOR SALE: 17.5" CWD 2Gs. Full buffalo, medium tree, SE25, 2L flaps. This saddle is in great shape and has been well looked after. Includes CWD nylon lined stirrup leathers. Asking $5000, price is negotiable. Trials available with deposit. Located in Kitchener/Oakville, Ontario. Will be at WEC for Country Heir Wilmington (03/29-04/02). Willing to ship at buyer’s expense.