top 10 favorite characters - [1/10] Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls

“I swear I will bite you back.”

  • Sherlock:John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle. You're abnormally attracted to dangerous situations and people, so... is it truly such a surprise that the woman you fall in love with conforms to that pattern?
  • John:...But she wasn't supposed to be like that.... why is /she/ like that?
  • Sherlock:Because.... you chose her.
  • John:Why is everything... always... MY FAULT?!
  • Sherlock:John, listen. Be calm and answer me. What is she?
  • John:My lying wife.
  • Sherlock:No, what is she?
  • John:The woman who's carrying my child who has lied to me since the day I met her?
  • Sherlock:No. Not in this flat, not in this room. Right here, right now. What is she.
  • John:Ok... your way. Always your way.
  • [gets chair, sets it in the middle of the room]
  • John:Sit.
  • Mary:Why?
  • John:Because that's where they sit. The people who come in here with their stories. The clients. That's what you are now, Mary. You're a client. This is where you sit and talk, and this is where we sit and listen. And we decide if we want you or not.

Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped this century, and I need you to do it one more time. Society is at a tipping point between order and chaos. Tomorrow morning we’re gonna give it a push. But if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine, and HYDRA can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.


otp meme ♡ 1/3 heartbreaking scenes

 inmates (season 4, episode 10) →  glenn awakes in the prison and finds maggie’s picture