Imagine Hide waking up in the morning, shuffling his way to the bathroom wearing just his boxers. He turns on the bathroom light and glances into the giant mirror he has in front of the sink. Usually he’s okay with self appearance but maybe at the moment he starts to look at himself more. Pokes and squeezes the little chub that he has for a stomach or puts his hands on his own hips and just sighs.

All of the sudden arms wrap around him from behind and someone is standing there. Kaneki places his chin on his shoulder and looks into the mirror with him and gives him a tired smile. “ Good morning good looking. ” Hides self doubt wears away so quickly, he just brightens up and grins toward the others reflection. Not entirely sure why Kaneki would think so but he does and that means everything to him. Continuously looking in the mirror to see the other hug him, warmth and that constant comfort feeling. Hide hums happily and goes to  turn around. …