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Headcanons or Preference – never really can’t tell those apart: How would each member of the squad react if you grabbed them to steal a kiss for luck before heading to what seems like your certain death this time for sure ~

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Harley: You sneak up behind her and as your arms snake around her waist, she turns around. With a smile, you leave a soft peck on her lips and start walking away. But she quickly grabs your hand and turns you around, her lips crushing on yours, a kiss so passionate that makes you hear fireworks and see stars. She leaves you without a breath and winks. “If you wanted a kiss, pumpkin, you should have just asked.” She giggles and leaves you stunned and a blushing mess.

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June: She is staring at the screen, her hands fidgeting as she plays with the end of her suit. You look at her, with love dripping from your eyes. It was sad that it would end this way. But at least you got to give it a shot. You approach her and cup her face, giving her a soft and loving kiss. She blushes and you smirk as you leave. “I am gonna miss you, buttercup.” You say making your way out the facility. She is stunned but you don’t look back.

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Tatsu: You make your way towards her and extend your arms to wrap them around her waist. But before you even know it, a sharp blade is way too close to your carotid artery. A death glare is piercing your eyes. “I-I-I know it might sound silly.” You said gulping. “But, I just wanted to give you kiss. You know still it’s like the end of the world.” You whispered. As quick as it came, the katana was away from your neck and Tatsu’s lips were on yours. “Good luck.” She mouths and you just nod, being a huge blushing mess.

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Rick: You load your guns and wear your suit. You see Rick by the corner of your eye doing the same. An insane idea crosses your mind. An idea you had since you first met him. You walk towards him and he turns to look at you. “(Y/N)! Is everything ok?” he asks. You just nod and cup his face, bringing his lips towards yours. You kiss him, showing your ever-growing love, he responds with eagerness, until you break the kiss. “For luck.” You explain and leave. “I shall need more luck, then!” he quickly catches his breath.

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Chato: You are seated across him on the plane that leads you to –probably your death- your mission. Chato is nervous as always, his eyes are closed so you can stare as long as you want. You admire his tattoos that embellish his face and wish the universe would give you more time. You curse in your head and get up from your seat and kneel in front of him. Chato opens his eyes taken aback from the sudden movement. You put your hand on his shoulder, “Relax. We are going to be alright.” You say and before he can reply your arms are around his neck and your lips on his. You let go just the moment he started to comprehend what you just did. You were ready to leave but he grabbed your hand, bringing you in his arms.

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Digger: He wouldn’t shut up! He was talking all the time, saying irrelevant things like how he had named his boomerangs. You liked him but he could be annoying from time to time. Well, considering what your mission was, he was right to be nervous. But, you had to shut him up. You approach him and he has this smug smile on his face. You grab his face and give him a loud, smooching kiss. He takes his time to understand what just happen and then shouts, as you walk away “That’s all I get? Oi! Come back!!”

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Floyd: He was checking if every single one of his guns was loaded and fully working. He is so concentrated, that he didn’t listen to you approaching. You sneakily appear in front of him, giving him a small peck on his nose. He is surprised at first, but laughs, cupping your face for more kisses. You were going to miss his kisses after this mission.

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Waylon: He is curled in a corner of the plane and you seat next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. He growls and raises his head to see who was bothering him. You smiled at him and he just nods. He is ready to put his head back in his arms when you act faster and manage to leave a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. He shoots his head back up again, but you act as if nothing happened and put you head back on his shoulder. KC smiles and rests his head on the top of yours.

Fake rumors (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi ! Could you please do a Peter Parker imagine, the reader is not popular, and she is being bullied at school by a girl, she circulated a rumor about her private life , and Peter becomes very protective, he is very angry and he confronts the bully,the reader think peter had never notice her before but she was wrong and peter told her he has a crush on her ^^can you do a lot of fluff pls ? and the bully very angry and sad at the end? i want justice lol

A/N: I just want to say that slut shaming is bad and no women should ever do it. If a woman ever wants to sleep with ten men that night, then so be it. It’s her body and her choices. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this imagine!

When [Y/N] entered school that day, she knew something was off. Everybody kept looking at her, the girls whispering and the boys looking her up and down. She made her way to her locker, trying to ignore the glances everyone was throwing at her. She made a mental list of everything that could be wrong -her t-shirt was not inside-out; she wasn’t on her period, so her jeans couldn’t have a stain; she had her hair on a pony tail and, okay, maybe her make up that day wasn’t the best because she had fallen asleep and had only had time to apply concealer, but it was not that much of a deal.
She opened her locker and took the books she would be needing that day, hoping to get away from everyone.
‘’Hey, sweetie’’ a voice called behind her. She turned to look at whoever was talking to her and saw Michelle, the popular, yet mean girl in her school. ‘’How are you?’’
She didn’t know what to say -she had talked to Michelle a few times in class, but not more than that.
‘’Fine, I guess?’’ she told her. [Y/N] knew something was up, and she knew it had something to do with Michelle, but she didn’t want to ask.
‘’What did you do yesterday?’’ Michelle asked. ‘’Oh, wait, do not tell me. I already know’’ that made [Y/N] furrow her brows, not knowing what she meant. ‘’Let me say it for you. You went to the football practice, and after that, you… How can I say it without sounding rude… Well, you gave head to half of the team in exchange of popularity, right? At least, that’s what half of the school thinks’’ she told her with a smirk.
[Y/N]’s breath hitched as she opened her eyes wide.
‘’But… But that’s not true’’ she whispered. People were already looking at her and Michelle, wondering what was going on.
‘’Maybe it’s not,’’ Michelle said ‘’but people don’t know that. You should have thought about the consequences before making a move on my boyfriend, bitch.’’
‘’What do you-what do you mean?’’ [Y/N] asked. She didn’t understand what was going on.
‘’Jack is what I mean. Yesterday morning at Maths you were flirting with him, and I don’t like having what’s mine stolen’’ she hissed.
‘’I was-I was asking him about an answer for a problem!’’ [Y/N] said, remembering everything from the day before.
‘’Oh, were you?’’ Michelle asked, looking surprised. ‘’Well, too bad, right? Nothing we can do now.’’

Meanwhile, Peter had been listening to the conversation from his locker. His hearing allowed him to hear every word, the rage bubbling inside him. [Y/N] didn’t know him, but he had always had a crush on her, admiring the way she was always kind to everyone.
He approached Michelle and [Y/N], thinking of what he should say.
‘’Hey, Michelle,’’ he started, making both girls look at him ‘’have you told Jack already about that time you slept with Mike at his party? It was in his bedroom, right? While he was looking for you. It would be such a pity if he knew, wouldn’t it?’’ Peter said, a smirk on his lips.
‘’What do you-how do you know that?’’ Michelle asked, her face pale out of the sudden. ‘’You don’t even go to parties.’’
‘’Turns out I went to that one’’ Peter said. He had only gone to pick up his friend Ned, who had thought it would be a nice idea to go uninvited and had ended up being kicked out.
‘’What do you want to keep silence?’’ Michelle asked through gritted teeth.
[Y/N] stood there, not knowing what to do. She knew Peter from some of her classes, although she had never spoken to him. She found him nice -even cute-, but she didn’t understand why he was helping her.
‘’You are going to tell the whole school you started that rumor because you were jealous, and if you ever bother [Y/N] again, I will not hesitate to tell Jack the truth. And do not think for a second that he won’t believe me. I took pictures for blackmail’’ he said. He actually hadn’t taken any photos -he was not a creep; but Michelle didn’t know that.
‘’Fine’’ she said. ‘’But if you ever tell him, you are done.’’
‘’Oh, don’t you worry. It’s all on you. Be nice and you will have good karma’’ he said with a smile on his lips as Michelle left to tell people everything was just a lie.
[Y/N] looked at Peter, a soft smile on her lips.
‘’Thank you’’ she told him, pressing her books against her chest. ‘’You didn’t have to.’’
‘’You didn’t deserve it’’ Peter said, a grin on his face. ‘’Would you, I don’t know, like to go out for coffee or tea or whatever you like if you like to drink, which I guess you do, because, you know, it is necessary for the body, sometimes? It’s totally fine if you don’t want to and I will understand’’ Peter asked [Y/N], feeling nervous at the sudden attention she was paying to him and, therefore, rambling.
‘’I would love that’’ [Y/N] told him, a smile on her lips. ‘’I believe we have English together now. Would you like to walk together? We can decide when to meet on the way’’ she asked him.
‘’Yeah, of course’’ Peter answered, smiling hugely and not believing that he was actually going on  a date with her.
[Y/N] stole a glance at him and smiled, thinking that maybe that rumor would actually lead to something -or someone- good.

The sad thing is.. There are chances that Naruto didn’t even realize that he is actually loves Sasuke, not only as a friend but the romantic type.

Naruto grew up as an orphan in Konoha where people hates him and sees him as a disgrace, a monster that killed their beloved ones. This sadly means he never knew what love actually feels like.

He mistook his pity for Hinata for love and his love for Sasuke as ‘friendship’

While on the other hand, Sasuke does know how love feels like because he had a loving family once. That’s why he’s skeptical of Naruto’s answer when he asked that question after their second and final fight at the Valley of the End. I mean, a 'friend’ won’t go that far right?

Naruto replied him with “…it just..hurts..” and that’s where Sasuke realizes that all this time.. Naruto returnes his love to him.

Now I’m sitting here pondering on the ending of Naruto yet again..
Why, Kishi, why????

Gosh sorry for my rant

Dance the night away

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Request: “So for Bucky, its back in the 40’s and he takes (Y/N) dancing.

A/n this takes place a year before Bucky joins the military so they’re 25 in the story. If enough people ask I can do part two were it will be 99% smut but a sad ending.

*Bucky’s pov.*

"I heard they have the best breakfast, now come on” I shook Steve’s shoulder as we entered the diner and were seated at a booth towards the back.

“You’re waitress will be with you shortly” the hostess handed us the menu before walking away.

“What should I get” I was going over the menu. A few minutes later a familiar voice got my attention.

“Morning guys, can I get you guys something to drink while your still deciding.” Looking up I noticed it was y/n, a girl that I went to school with.

“Y/n?” I smiled

“Bucky? Steve?” she let out a small laugh “how have you guys been? It’s been so long.” I forgot how captivating her smile was.

“We’ve been good, how about you?” Steve responded.

“Great! I just moved back a couple of weeks ago” I forgot how beautiful she was.

“Where did you move?”

“England, I moved over there to so I could take care of a family member.” She replied as her gaze landed on me. “Oh I came here for a reason, what would you guys like to drink?”

“We’ll have coffee” Steve ordered

“Alright” she wrote it down “are you guys ready to order or do you guys need a couple of more minutes?”

“We’re ready” I smiled as her before we told her what we wanted.

“Coming right up” she took our order and left.

“Looks like you still got it bad for y/n” Steve snickered. It’s true though seeing y/n again made all my emotions towards her come rushing back. So far the only regret I’ve had in my life was not telling y/n about my feelings towards her. When we were growing up she was the girl that every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. Because of that I opted to date around in the attempts to get over her. “You should take her out buck.” Steve was right I should take her out.


“Alright guys” we were interrupted by y/n. “I got your coffee” I watched as y/n carefully placed our coffee down in front of us. “I’ll be right back with your food” she left for a couple of minutes before she came back with our food.

“You guys are lucky today’s a slow morning, normally you’d be sitting here for a good half hour. Can I get anything else for you guys?”

“No we’re ok” I replied as Steve started to dig into his food.

“Alright well if you guys need anything just let me know.” I watched as she walked away before I started to eat. We ate in silence the entire time.

“Here’s the check” she placed the check on the table “it was so nice seeing you guys again.”

“It was nice seeing you again as well, I’ll be right back. I have to go to the bathrooms” Steve got up and made his way to the bathroom. Now was a perfect time to ask her.

“Listen y/n, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight.” I asked her, I observed as faced changed happy to excited.

“YES” she nearly screamed. “Where are you planning on taking me?”


“Oh I haven’t been dancing in so long ! !” she ripped off a blank check and wrote her phone number and address. “I get out at four”

“Ok I’ll pick you up at six” I got the paper and put in my pocket. “Oh here’s for the wonderful breakfast” I got my wallet out and paid for the breakfast. “I’ll see you tonight”.

“I’ll see you tonight” she repeated before walking away and bumped into Steve. “Oh didn’t see you there Steve”

“It’s ok” I watched as she gave him a hug before walking away.

“Did you ask her out?”

“Yeah, we’re going dancing” I got up and slung my arm around Steve. “Let’s go, I want to go see if Richard can fix the soles on my shoes before the date” we left the diner and went back home to get shoes so I could dropped them off at Richard’s before heading off to work.

*time skip y/n pov*

“Thank you for taking me out tonight Bucky. It’s been so long since I’ve been out dancing.” I held onto Bucky’s arm as we entered the club.

“It’s my pleasure doll, and I hope you’re not too rusty. We’re going to be dancing up a storm” he guided us to a table “I’m going to go get us some drinks first though, I’ll be right back”

“Ok” I watched as he made his way towards the bar to order our drinks. A few minutes he came back with two drinks in his hand. We spent an hour just sitting at our table talking about what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other.

“Wow your cousin Peggy sounds like a great woman” Bucky commented as he held my hand.

“She is. She so brave.” I felt butterflies in my stomach when I felt Bucky starting to rub my knuckles. “She’s actually going to visit me in a couple of days. I think I want to set her up with Steve”

“You want to set her up with Steve?” Bucky looked at me shocked

“Yeah. I feel like they would get along great.” Right at that moment my favorite song started playing. “Ah I love this song, can we?”

“Of course we can.” Bucky got up and held out his hand. I grabbed it before we headed towards the dance floor and we ended up dancing to half a dozen songs. I was starting to get tired but I didn’t say anything because slow song started to play. “You’re still quite the dancer”.

“Thank you Bucky” I buried my face against his neck as we swayed back and forth on the dance floor. We continued to dance for another hour before we decided to call it a night. Walking back to my apartment I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. I had Bucky’s arm wrapped around me as he was starting to whisper sweet nothings into my ear. I was actually disappointed when we got to my apartment.

“That you for tonight Bucky, I had a great time.” I stared into his eyes as we stood in front of my front door.

“Trust me the pleasure was all mine, if I’m being honest I’ve been wanting to take you out since we were kids.” I looked at him stunned.

“Why didn’t you” I asked, still stunned by his confession.

“You had so many guys chasing after you in school.”

“Wait weren’t you know for chasing after girls in school?” I responded before raising my eyebrows.

“Yeah but none of them compared to you”

“Smooth” I pressed my body against his.

“I know” I rested his hands on my waist.

“So are you going to kiss me or are you going to wait another seven years to do it.” I teased him but soon felt his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me up against my door and deepened the kiss. “Wow” I managed to say once he pulled away.

“Yeah I know” he smirked at me.

“I don’t normally do this but would you like to come inside” my arms are still around his neck.

“And do what”

“You know what” I bit my lip as I waited for his responds.

“Alright doll” he gave me a quick kiss and backed up so I could turn around and open my front door. I unlocked my front door and opened it.

“Make yourself comfortable.” I glanced back at him with fire in my eye, already excited for the sinful night we were about to have.

Im so sad about TLSP ending you guys. But at the same time I feel fortunate that we even got an album? and that I got to see them live? i didn’t think they were an artist i’d be able to see live. 

My 11 Questions

Okay let’s get rolling:

1) What is your favorite expansion pack (from any sims game)?

Sims 3 Island Paradise! No question about it.

2) How many games do you play at once?

I used to play a lot of saves, (by a lot I mean like three lmao). But now that I have my legacy, I just play that.

3) Are you able to complete legacies or do you get bored by them?

My Ambrose Legacy is the first one I’ve ever gone this far into. I’m going to make it to generation 10! It’ll be sad to end it but I’ll be excited to start something new!

4) What’s your favorite piece of cc?

Oh yikes. I have too many!

5) Are you specifically maxis-match?

Yes! I really try to be. I like the “cartoony” look to the Sims 4 so I try to stick with CC that follows such.

6) What is the name of your most favorite sim (that you’ve ever made)?

Her name was Grace. She was a secret agent and such a badass. Miss her lots!

7) Which Sims games do you own?

All the Sims 2 games, all the Sims 3 expansion packs and most stuff packs. And so far, everything that has come out for the Sims 4 I own :)

8) Do you have friends or family members that you talk about the Sims with?

My parents and brothers know about my playing. Sometimes we’ll laugh about what happens in gameplay or just weird glitches and such. My best friend and I would play the Sims 2 and 3 in elementary and middle school. And now if were together we’ll sometimes play the TS4!

9) How long have you had a simblr?

Yikes. I think maybe April..?

10) Why did you become a Simmer?

I started playing the Sims at my grandparents with my brothers when I was little. I really liked the gameplay and then as I got older and played more, I loved building!

11) Do you like game play, CAS, or house building most?

I’d say house building. I get bored with gameplay after a few hours but I could build something for hours and not get bored!

I tag: @108sims @megaqueenmary @laenyrie @roseoakmoonsims @sweettunesunlimited @sweetsimmy and whoever else wants to do so!!

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I think Seb's character in I'm not Here is an alcoholic, J.K. said his character was a sad alcoholic at the end of his rope and they're playing the same person. I'm here for him being a potential murderer.

Nothing says “at the end of his rope” quite like murdering I’m here for this

it is 4:11 am and i get that modern gay ya authors are just tryna make kids feel hopeful but… FUCK i am so sick of reading all these happy endings!! who are these mythical 17-19 year old protagonists with fairytale narratives about true love and accepting families… like i’m sorry to be such a grouch but i’ve read soooo many like this. it’s okay to have a sad ending. give me a book about a gay kid who doesn’t magically find love in senior year of high school, who has to work a shitty job and doesn’t know how to survive. do i have to write the semi depressing but real af gay ya book i want to see in the world? apparently