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Could u tell us ur fave lgbt podcasts


-inkwyrm (i lov my fashion wlw)
-wtnv (i lov my alternate reality town mlm)
-the falcon banner (mlm, in space)
-oakpodcast (wlw main getting absolutely fucked over and its sad)
-death at a low price (whats a heterosexual)
-the orbiting human circus (mlm deserve better/to be podcast canon not just word of god)
-the bright sessions (supernatural mlm and one wlw)
-the penumbra podcast (not enough wlw but still good)
-alice isnt dead (wlw on a roadtrip from hell)
-audiodiary of a superhero (i cant wait for the wlw to come back)
-ghost radio project (canon trans kid whom i love)
-jratw (u all know i lov wlw and trans mlm doin cool stuff)

theres probably more but the chars havent been canonically confirmed/are too early in for sexuality to be discussed (whats the frequency, probably)

Number Fanfic Request

Send me some numbers and I’ll write a reddie fic on it
(Keep in mind in most of these they’ll be older)

0. My version (ex: damn Eddie looked fine as fuck today richie thought. “Hey Richie why the flipping fudge are you staring at me”. Richie sprinted out of that freaking place fucking idiot he said banging his head on a tree ow why the fuck I do that he said pressing his hand on his forehead.)

1. first kiss

2. Sleepover

3. Cuddles

4. Make out (I don’t write about the really dirty stuff)

5. Bullying

6. Coming Out

7. Henry Bowers

8. Bad Hate (ends up in hospital)

9. Depression

10. Sad Ending (most likely death)

11. May I have this dance

12. Quarry

13. Confessing their crush

14. Popular/ Nerd (one of them gets popular and forgets the other until…)

15. First Met (when they me as kids)

16. Caught in the act (just making out no dirty stuff)

17. Accidentally Comes Out

18. Truth or Dare

19. 7 minutes in Heaven

20. Bad boy/ good boy

21. I love you

22. Fight

23. Over Protective

24. Jealous

25. Tripping and the other one catching them

26. Accidentally Kissing (ex: running and tripping hitting the other ones lips)

27. Locker room (explain)

28. Let’s Run Away

29. Knocking the other and landing on top of them

30. Kissing in front of school

31. Coming out in front of school

32. Coming out as a couple in front of school
Harry Styles devastated following sad death of his stepfather Robin Twist

The singer’s beloved stepdad passed away this week after losing his battle with cancer

HARRY Styles has been left heartbroken following the loss of his stepfather Robin Twist.

The singer’s stepdad sadly passed away this week after losing his battle with cancer aged just 57.

A representative for Harry, 23, said: “Harry’s stepfather, Robin Twist, sadly passed away this week after a long battle with cancer.

“The family asks for privacy at this time.”

Robin helped raise Harry and his younger sister Gemma during their teenage years.

Harry was best man when his mum Anne Cox married Robin in 2013 and admitted that giving his speech was “the most nerve-wracking thing” he’d ever done.

He said: “I practised on my own for days beforehand, on the sofa reciting it to myself. I tried to make it have a bit of everything.”

The devastating news comes just six months after Harry’s One Director bandmate Louis Tomlinson suffered the loss of his mum Johannah Deakin.

Louis was left heartbroken after his mum died in December following a long battle with leukaemia aged 43.


Assassin’s Creed: Reflections 04

  • Connor has (at least?) 1 son and 2 daughters. Well, our “I trust my own hands” boy has grown into a wonderful father. :D
  • The girl, who appears in the preview, is named Io:nhiòte and is one of his daughters.
  • The description of Connor’s “sad and lonely death” in Abstergo Entertainment Employee Handbook is nothing but FAKE NEWS from Templars. Connor lives happily ever after. So “life is not a fairytale and there are no happy endings” seems to be wrong~

I’m quite happy that after like more than 4 years, there is finally some continuity of Connor’s story after AC3 and furthermore, it is a happy ending!

Reasons to Watch the John Wick Movies

Spoiler free. All items are either vague or based on information in the trailers.

  • Keanu Reeves is 52 and does 95% of his own stunts. Check out some of his training footage: (x) (x) (x
  • No female characters run around being “sexy assassins in heels and slinky dresses”. Ruby Rose wears a suit buttoned to her neck. Adrianne Palicki kicks ass in clothes that are actually practical for fighting in. Both are portrayed to be as dangerous as any of their male peers. 
    • Claudia Gerini represents the opposite side of the spectrum: that showing skin doesn’t make someone an object and that yes, contrary to what Hollywood thinks, women are still beautiful at 45.
  • No obnoxious monologuing from John. He just wants to get the job done as fast as he can so he can go home to his dog and maybe take a nap.
  • Literally the plot of the first movie is that a guy goes on a murder rampage to avenge his puppy. 
    • Puppy death, though sad, is quick and not shown on-screen. 
  • I would die for Ian McShane so I feel the need to mention him somewhere in this list. 
  • John Wick has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, and John Wick 2 has an 89%. Something especially rare for an action sequel. 
  • Seen by many as an art film full of symbolism and references to Greek mythology. 
  • The type of movies that acknowledges how ridiculous they are, and even pokes fun at it. 
  • There are no needless scenes where John has glistening six pack abs. Especially because John doesn’t have glistening six pack abs, he has a normal, average looking body. 
  • ASL is used by multiple characters in Chapter 2.
  • No forced romantic subplots. Just a dude killing people over a puppy. 
  • First movie has a really good soundtrack??? 
  • Lots of death but only one or two scenes with (minimal) gore. Sometimes when a guy goes down you don’t even see any blood. 
  • That guy who plays Mayhem in the Allstate commercials is in it because hoooooo boy there is def some mayhem going on. 
  • Idk I just really love Keanu Reeves. 


Q&A various

flappergirl6 said:I have seen somewhere on Tumblr that you were having Sebastian come back in some way. First I would like to know if you are considering that and second if he would come back as Jonathan Christopher with green eyes and an untarnished soul. I really love Sebastian and it would be interesting to see who he would turn out as if he had been born untainted with Lilith’s influence. Thanks I LOVE your work!

Mmm, don’t believe everything you read on Tumblr. I did say people hadn’t seen the last of him, but that could mean anything – flashbacks, short stories …

catarinalosss said:do you think that tavvy, rafe, and max’s friendship will get any closer? i was interested in the concept of tav and rafe becoming parabatai, and if they’ll get some page time in TWP. thank you!!!

I think that they’re so young in the Wicked Powers that while the idea of them being parabatai some day is a cute one, it wouldn’t be relevant. Rafe will be eight. Max will be six. Tavvy will be ten. Only Tavvy will even have started training and people can’t choose parabatai until they’re both twelve, anyway. And I tend to be hesitant about deploying a lot of small children in YA books as they tend to derail things as everyone runs around trying to make sure they don’t get killed. So, you know, some page time but not a lot, most likely! Unless there’s some kind of epilogue that takes place twenty years in the future and Jace is bald.

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stasi502 said: Hello, Cassie. A few days ago I read Lord of Shadows and I would like to say that it was brilliant. I really loved it, but I am also sad for the deaths of [redacted for spoilers]. My question is: How many other people would die in QoAD? Would hurt just like in LoS?

*pat* I don’t kill characters to hurt y’all, even if it might feel like it. I have decided that for QuAD, I’m not going to say how many characters die beforehand. I think after the ending of LoS, it’s probably better not to make it into a guessing game because people’s nerves and feelings are still pretty raw. And while people ask me all the time how painful something will be, I often don’t know. It’s really readers who determine how sad something is, how much they’re moved by it, etc. I can always aim for certain effects, but only my readers can tell me if I was successful.

someone’s gonna die in infinity war and I don’t think there’s an easy way out of this one.

If Tony dies, Peter had to deal with losing yet another father figure in his life, and this kid is only 15. He will lose the man he’s considered an idol since he was tiny. He will lose the man who gave him the chance to truly become a superhero. Pepper will lose her boyfriend/fiancé/husband/whatever. She’ll probably feel guilty if they’re not married and even worse if they are. Their relationship has been rocky from the start and she’ll suddenly regret everything she’s done to hurt that man. Happy will lose someone who is arguably his best friend and employer, leaving him with either a job at SHIELD or nothing. Despite them always being at odds with each other, they’re good friends. Steve will lose a man who, although they fought, was one of his closest friends. It will be devastating for him and the rest of the team, no doubt. Rhodey will also lose one of his best friends.

If Steve dies, Bucky will lose his best friend all over again and may not even realize just what’s happening until it’s all over, depending on the scenario in which it happens. Tony will lose a man he’s constantly poked fun at (and always been jealous of) and will regret pushing his buttons constantly. He’ll gain the guilt of another death on his hands and probably wallow in it. Natasha will lose one of the few people who doesn’t seem to hate her and has actually attempted to bond with her. Sam will lose a man he’s grown so close to, a man who he assumed he’d never lose.

If Peter dies (and he better not fuck around with that shit), everyone will be devastated, especially if they’re aware of how young he is. May will lose the son she never really had and the only person she has left anymore. Ned will lose his best friend before he even graduates high school. Tony will lose the kid he’s been trying to raise, trying to make better than him. He’ll have to deal with the immense guilt of letting a fifteen year old kid fight in a war against a intergalactic criminal and getting him killed.

If Clint dies, Natasha will lose the closest person to her. The only person she’s really been able to bond with. The person she’s shared impossible experiences with, ones she’ll never be able to relive. His family will lose a father and a husband, one who tried to get out of this life only to be yanked right back in.

If Natasha dies, Clint will lose the woman he’s closest too (other than his wife (who is total bullshit)). The team will lose one of their best assets and finest spies and definitely suffer without her. Steve will lose one of his closest friends and regret the time he spent arguing with her during the events of Civil War.

If Bruce dies (which I’m not actually sure is possible), Tony will lose one of the few members of the team he held high respects for. The world will lose one of the brightest minds in science and, despite being a giant green rage monster, one of the nicest guys out there. The team will probably freak out due to the fact that Bruce believed he was entirely unkillable and is now dead.

If Thor dies, Asgard will lose their king (I’m assuming he’s properly king) and probably struggle in terms of who should rule, as the two princes have no proper heirs. If Loki is still alive, then he’ll lose a “brother” who he’s finally begun to grow closer to. He may regret his hostile actions (although I have a feeling he may not) but he will likely grieve. If he is still alive, he will also take the throne of Asgard (probably) and I don’t think that’s an ideal situation. The team will also realize that this war literally killed a god and they’re probably all fucked.

If Vision dies (he’s literally an infinity stone??? I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out), Wanda will be devestated, after all, the two are very close. He’s probably one of the few people she’s actually close with and she’ll be down another person (and after losing her brother, I’m pretty sure she’ll be in a bad place).

If Wanda dies, Vision will likely be upset, although I’m not entirely sure how he handles emotions? I’m certain he’ll try his hardest to save her, or worse, not be aware of it happening until later. The team will also be down an important member who could literally control anything they needed her to control.

If Quill dies, the Guardians will lose their captain and one of their best friends. Rocket will probably regret being so damn mean to him and, most likely, cry while denying how upset he is. Groot will feel horrible and Rocket will probably have to comfort him. Drax will mourn the loss of a man as good as that and openly wear his distress, likely fighting even harder than before. Gamora will hide her feelings but channel her pain to fight harder, in honor of the loss of a great man.

If Rocket dies, Groot will literally be lost. He’s one of the few who understands him and they’ve been by each other’s sides forever. I’m sure he’ll blame himself and probably go insane with anger, determined to get revenge on whatever killed him.

If Groot dies, literally everyone will be sad. Who wouldn’t be sad over the death of the sweetest treant ever? Rocket will be devestated, as I said before, they’ve been together forever. Groot is also likely a “teenager” in this movie, so that’ll only make things worse.

If Strange dies, Christine will lose a man who refused to love her back to a thing she barely understands. She’ll likely never truly understand the world he got himself involved in and be left wondering what the hell happened. I’m not sure about how the rest of the team would react, though, as most of them have had no interactions. Thor would be upset because Strange offered to help find Odin, but beyond that I am not sure.

There are obviously more characters I could do this with but this accidentally got ridiculously long so all in all, Infinity War is going to suck for everyone.

some highlights from Murder on the Rockport Limited from a first-time TAZ listener
  • the leech battle in the swamp, like all the battles, is set up pretty much exactly like a pokemon battle
  • angus macdonald is the smallest sweetest boy in the whole world and I won’t forgive griffin if he ruins it somehow
  • sweet ango is way too trusting of these shady grown idiots talking to him
  • these grubby idiots can’t keep up a grift for longer than 6 seconds
  • travis has magnus be so incredibly mean and rude to angus for no fucking reason
  • jenkins the shitty wizard train butler is the funniest npc so far and its bc griffin made him a disaster of a person
  • angus: "i’m the world’s greatest detective!“ magnus: "i roll my eyes” angus: “okay, well i was good enough to see through your horseshit”
  • i just don’t understand why the hell rockport would hire an UNSUPERVISED CHILD to investigate a serial killer
  • sweet ango eliminated the grubby grifters as possible serial killer suspects based on the fact that they’re just too damn stupid and incompetent
  • grififn opened a money zone break by apologizing for killing Fan Favorite Shitty Train Butler Jenkins
  • the mcelboys took a quick break from the action to give clint shit for being old and making old references
  • magnus tried to steal jess the beheader’s soul-bond axe from her, like it’s not her goddamn property
  • griffin in the money zone break: “god i hope yall like murder mysteries” like uh yeah griff, we’re good, we all promise
  • jess the beheader: “do you guys like gambling?“ "uh, yes?” “lets take bets on how far I can throw each of you” Instant Favorite Jess the Beheader
  • sweet ango asked the grubby grifters NOT to kill the culprit and its like aw shit kid better lower your expectations of these idiots
  • magnus: "hold on, lemme think" sweet angus: “well, i kinda already got everybody horny for the solution"
  • griffin straight up deus-ex-machina prevents magnus from contacting killian to help clean up their goddamn mess
  • justin: “we gotta get character voices-” [travis attempts a Magnus Voice] “-that don’t sound like death and sadness….mixed into a pudding”
  • travis: “I just gotta grab onto the last train car. but that would take an immense dexterity roll" griffin: “yeah. and if you fail….I’ll kill you”
  • jenkins the shitty train butler wizard was clearly the most fun npc since magic brian the german idiot
  • griffin: “no, go ahead and toss this incredibly valuable item into your fucking jansport”
  • the grubby grifters acquired a second relic and i really gotta question the competency of the other employees of the bureau of balance, if these morons are the most successful at this goddamn world saving mission
  • this umbrella is showing sentience and it fucking ate shitty jenkin’s magic wand and while I have an idea of why, it still seems pretty goddamn suspicious
  • i really thought griffin was gonna fuck around with sweet ango’s life, but no. it turned out to be fucking justin robbing this poor innocent child of his grandpa’s silverware
  • “can we disconnect the train from this locomotive?” “yeah, we can do that, but the train is still gonna hit neverwinter!“ "have you met us? that’s some other dnd campaign’s problem”
  • griffy made a goddamn genius level murder mystery with a classic plot twist and memorable characters and a unique murder weapon on par with some agatha christie shit and I’m so proud of him and this arc was so fun to listen to