I will keep shipping Auslly, Raura, love Deztin, Trish and Ally’s friendship, support the whole cast.

I will not freaking say goodbye, because that would make me sad. I don’t have to say goodbye because I will always love this show, and it will never really end in our hearts.

Just because it ended on Tv, doesn’t mean I will stop posting about them. Freaking no. 

Austin & Ally was and is one of the most beautiful Disney Tv shows ever (with the childish or more mature, funny or sad episodes)

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nac Sad that Austin didn't go but she brought Mama G so that makes so happy! I was expecting a friend to go with her. But you cant go wrong with MAMA G <3

I’m so happy Mama G is there!! 

Special thanks to @itsomgitsgreenblogging for writing the Apollo-worthy poem that appears in this. 

Title: Through the Dark

Fandom: Percy Jackson/Trails of Apollo

Ships: Solangelo


“It’s pitch-black in here…”

“Is the sun baby scared of the dark?” Nico’s tone was a mix of surly teasing and subtle concern.

Will thought about it for a moment. He didn’t like his loss of vision but, with their legs tied together, their hips and elbows kept bumping. Finding the contact to be reassuring, Will leaned closer and slung an arm across Nico’s shoulders.

“Nah, I’m with the Lord of Darkness after all.”

(Or Nico and Will’s adventure during the three-legged death race through the Labyrinth.)

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Austin Carlile: Repeating Apologies

 Request: an austin carlile request where YN is dating austin, and YN was really good friends with Mitch, like BEST friends. And on the anniversary of his death you were suppose to see him but Austin got drunk with his band and forgot about it so YN left your house crying and didn’t come home till like 1 in the morning and austin gets really mad at you but you explain that you were seeing Mitch and he makes it up to you somehow? 

A/N:  :((( . Hope you don’t mind I changed it up a bit. Enjoy it lovely xx 

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Special imagine for ! :) xxx


“I’m sorry I couldn’t come with you to the Flavor Splash shots…” you said to Austin on the phone. Austin sighed.

“Ok. But you know I miss you so so soooo much,” he replied. You could feel his sadness through his voice.

“I know. I miss you too…” you said.

“And I love you soooo much, Daisy,” he said again, making you sad even more. You couldn’t come with Austin because you have an appointment with your friend and you’ve already promised her so you should kept the promise.

“I love you more, Austin,” you replied.

“Ok. See you later, babe,” he said.

“See you,” you replied then you hung up the call. You threw yourself on your bed and looked at the ceiling. You closed your eyes and took a deep breathe. You felt so terrible because you made Austin sad. You hate it because when Austin sad, you’re feeling sad too.

The next day,
On Flavor Splash set…

“Austin, you look sad today,” Alex said to Austin. Austin looked down and bite his lips. “Is there’s something wrong?” Alex asked.

“Nothing,” Austin replied as he sat near the table on set.

“You sure?” Alex tapped Austin shoulder. Austin looked down and sighed.

“Yeah, I just miss Daisy so much. Well, nothing that should be worried about,” Austin replied, then he faked a smile at Alex. Alex smiled back and tapped Austin’s shoulder once again.

“I know you love her so much, bro. But come on, where’s Austin that I knew?? Be happy! Everything’s gonna be alright,” Alex said. Then they both laughed.

“You ready?” your friend asked you. You didn’t aware to her and just thinking about Austin and what’s Austin feel right now. Your friend saw your sad face and then she cuddled you.

“Awww what’s wrong???” she asked you. You smiled a little.

“Nothing. Haha,” you replied and turned your head from her. “Come on,”.

“Noooo you’re not ok,” she said as she looked at you. You looked at her and laughed.

“Hey, I’m fineee. Let’s go before we’re late!” you said as you grabbed your friend’s hand and went inside the car. When you’re just about to drive, your friend grabbed your hand.

“No. I drive,” she said smiled at you. You shrugged. Then your friend drove the car away.

You looked around and you both now driving to the place that Austin did his Flavor Splash commercial. You got confused because you both shouldn’t be here but at another place. You looked at your friend in confuse but she looked like nothing happened. So, you just said nothing because the truth was you didn’t know the place and your friend knew it.

Minutes later, you both arrived right in front of Austin’s Flavor Splash set. You looked at your friend again, got more confused.

“What are we doing here??” you asked her. She just smiled then laughed softly.

“Well, I think we can go to our appointment tomorrow and so today you can spent your day with your boyfriend!” she said. You couldn’t help but shouted in excitement. But you quickly shut your mouth before you made people around you shocked.

“Oh my God! Are you sure???!” you asked her. She nodded and laughed again. Then you hugged her and gor outside the car and ran inside the set.

“Cut!” said the director. Austin sighed. “You need to be more focus, Austin!”.

“I’m sorry,” Austin replied as he walked and sat next to Alex.

“You ok, bro?” Alex asked him. Austin just shook his head slowly.

“AUSTIN!!!” you shouted so loud as you ran to Austin. Austin saw you from a far and his smile showed up got bigger and bigger that he showed his teeth like almost laughed. Then you ran to his arms and he hugged you so tight and lifted you up. He spun you around and kissed you lightly.

“You come!!!” he said to you as he smiled. You smiled back then he kissed you once again.

“You happy??” you asked him. He laughed then he put his forehead on yours.

“I’m so happy. I’m the happiest guy in the world because of you,” he replied then you laughed. He laughed too.

After that, Austin continued doing his Flavor Splash commercial and he did really good and better than before when you’re not around. The commercial shots ended up so fast then you both went dinner and ate pizzas.


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I love him so much, he is literally one great person all together. I really wish I could meet him, but that isn’t possible. At least ’ll get to see him live with the rest of Of Mice & Men along with Bring Me The Horizon. I can’t wait, if only they could do meet and greets. There’s like this big ache in my heart because I haven’t met both of those bands nor seen them live, so I hope nothing goes wrong on the day of the concert. And my boss better not decline my request of having that day off. I think I made myself sad now. Bye.