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That Can Be Arranged

Another sigh escaped my lips as I checked the time for the hundredth time. Seeing that my date was over an hour late I was reminded as to why I’d always refused blind dates before. I made a mental note to kill my friend for even suggesting such a stupid thing. Here I was in a local restaurant waiting for a guy who clearly wasn’t going to show up whilst strangers around me shot me sympathetic glances and pitying stares. This was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me.

“Excuse me, miss, if you’re not going to order then we really need the table” expressed the waitress apologetically causing my eyes to sting. Everyone knew I’d been stood up and I had no idea how to react; should I get up and leave or stay and order?
In an attempt to buy myself more time I ordered a small appetiser so I’d be allowed to stay and wait for a little longer. Left alone to my thoughts again I checked my phone again half to see the time and half in the hope that maybe my date will have messaged. No luck. My home screen was empty.

“Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late I got caught up at work” stated a voice as the owner slid into the chair across from me, startling me in the process. The new arrival was around my age, maybe slightly older, with brown curly hair that was begging me to run my fingers through it and warm brown eyes that were friendly and inviting. One things for certain; he was not my date.

Clearly sensing my confusion the boy leant forward and with a warm smile whispered “I’m saving you from an evening alone just go with it.”

Normally, I’d have simply left and spent the rest of my night with Netflix and McDonald’s, saving the story of the creep in the restaurant for parties or girly gossip sessions. However, something within me wanted me to stay. Realising I’d already gotten dressed up for a date that clearly wasn’t going to take place I saw no harm in having a spontaneous dinner with a stranger. Worst case scenario we were in a crowded restaurant so nothing could go wrong and at least I’d stop receiving the pitying glances from everyone around me.

“So…honey how was work?” I asked with a slight chuckle playing along with his charade

Dinner passed with the two of us chatting and getting to know each other. We’d kept up the act he’d originally initiated and spent most of our meal laughing. Considering the less than pleasant start, my night had taken a surprising and very positive turn.

“Shall we take a walk m'lady” Shawn as I now knew the boy to be, asked whilst offering his arm for me to take. I gladly accepted and we practically skipped out of the restaurant together. Breaking into a sprint I dragged Shawn along behind me heading towards the view of the ocean that awaited us, my path illuminated by quaint street lamps that looked like they belonged in Narnia rather than the cobbled streets my feet were tripping on. It didn’t take long for Shawn to match his pace with mine and I soon felt my feet leave the floor and the world start to spin. Fingers digging into my waste caused a loud cackle to escape my lips and I was very quickly at the mercy of Shawn as he tickled me relentlessly. Once I reached a point where I was gasping for breath, Shawn gently placed me back on my feet and spun me around to face him. Our faces were close enough that I could see the depth of his eyes and I was almost desperate to dive into them.

“I’m so tempted to kiss you right now” he confessed breathlessly, his eyes trained on my lips.

“What’s stopping you?” I asked.

“I feel I should actually take you on a date rather than steal someone else’s before I do that”

“I think that can be arranged”

Ngl this isn’t the longest and not my best AT ALL but I really wanted to post coz I’m sad that all my imagines on my old blog are gone :(

Act Like You Love Me {S.M}

requested//imagine based off of Shawn’s song, Act Like You Love Me

author’s note// act like you love me is my favorite off of Handwritten Revisted so i’m p hype for dis my loves!! enjoy!!


So you leave tomorrow, just stay the night

I promise I will make things right

You were about to leave, but you couldn’t bring yourself to pull Shawn’s arms from around you. 

“Please stay, just tonight.” He muttered into your hair, squeezing you tight. You couldn’t say no. You loved him more than anything, and you wanted more than anything to stay, just for one more night.

“Shawn, that’ll make tomorrow harder…” You gave him a firm squeeze, never wanting to let go of him. So you stand together, your arms wrapped around one another in the middle of Shawn’s living room. 

“I know, but I can say goodbye and drive you to the airport and…” He trailed off. You knew it was going to be hard for him leaving you. Dropping you off at that airport, never seeing you again… it’ll be hard. “It’ll make it… better for me.” He sighed. You couldn’t say no. 

“Okay, i’ll stay. Just for tonight.” 

I’ll make you breakfast, the way you like

Before you leave tomorrow, just let me try

“I can make you breakfast too. Your favorite. Scrambled eggs and pancakes.” He pulled away a bit, his hands still resting on your waist, supporting you. 

“Shawn then-” He cut you off, knowing exactly what you were going to say. 

“I will make you leave. You need to leave. It breaks my heart, but you need to go.” He smiles at you, his eyes watering. He hadn’t cried when you told him, he just asked why you didn’t tell him you were given an opportunity at your dream job in your favorite city in the world. 

“Shawn… I….” You start, not being able to finish. This broke your heart. Because you couldn’t do long distance. You wouldn’t do long distance, even if you loved Shawn. 

“You can’t not go. It isn’t an option.” He stated, his hands still firm on your waist. 

“I know. It’s just… we’re over once I leave. I can’t go knowing you’re back here, waiting on me. Missing out because of me.” You looked down, snaking your hands onto his neck, looping around keeping you upright. 

“I know. But just… just let me try and make this easier. Make me aware of this being our last night together.” He pleaded, his brown eyes becoming blurry with the tears pooling in them. 


Before you leave tomorrow, before you say goodbye

Before you leave tomorrow, before you leave

His eyes lit up, and a couple tears fell from his eyes, and he even smiled a little. 

“I couldn’t function if this was goodbye.” He pressed his forehead to yours, more tears falling against the hardwood floor. He pulled you close to him, closing the small gap that was there only seconds before. His scent was clean and lemony. You were gonna miss it. It always calmed you, just knowing he was there, holding you. You felt your heart breaking as he held onto you tighter. You were about to leave him, probably forever. You knew the second you got on that plane, you weren’t going to see him again. You weren’t going to hear from him again, due to the fact you didn’t want to continue any sort of relationship, even if it is platonic, long distance. After this moment, it was goodbye. 

No, it wasn’t a ‘see you later’, or a ‘bye for now.’ This was a complete goodbye. You were never going to see Shawn again except through tabloids and ET news. You had to learn to accept that. 

Stay here and lay here right in my arms,

It’s only a moment before you’re gone

“What time is it?” You sniffled, your tears leaking onto Shawn’s grey cotton shirt. He sighed, pulling one arm from around you and lifting it up to look at the time. 

“Twelve thirty.” He responded simply, the depression seeping from his voice. You let out a sigh of your own. You had been here for two hours, arguing and talking and crying with Shawn. 

“I really should sleep, my flight is early.” You state, knowing it was the last thing he wanted to hear. You knew he didn’t want to spend his last moments with you sleeping, but you needed it. 

“Yeah.. You wanna borrow one of my sweatshirts, so you don’t have to wear a t-shirt to sleep?” You pulled away and looked down at your clothes, black leggings and a flowly top you wore to your goodbye dinner with your family. “You can even keep it… so you don’t forget me.” He looks down at his feet, and you nodded. 

“I would love that.” You smiled a little, taking his hands in yours. He looks up at you, his eyes pooling again. “As long as I can keep the really soft one you never let me borrow.” You laugh a little. He looks at you with a small smirk. 

“Okay, but you have to be in my arms all night… These are the last moments I ha-” You cut him off, knowing you’ll cry if he finishes the sentence. 

“Just get me that sweatshirt, Mendes.” You keep your right hand interlocked with his as you led him (even though it was his house) up the stairs and into his bedroom. You let go of him, so he could go get the sweatshirt of course. Which he did, rather quickly, taking the sweatshirt you always wore when you slept over, but Shawn never let you actually borrow and handing it to you. “Turn around.” You muttered, and he did, turning around and folding his arms. You swiftly rid yourself of the flowey top you were wearing and put it on. “Okay.” You stated and Shawn turned back around, a sad smile on his face. 

“You look better in that than I ever did.” 

And I, am keeping you warm

Just act like you love me, so I can go on

“You wanna go to sleep?” He asked, looking down at his feet. You nodded. 

“Yeah.” You both quickly got into Shawn’s rather small bed, spooning rather closely, your small body fitting into his muscular frame like a slightly misfit puzzle. His strong arms wrapped firmly around your waist, your hands intertwined. His head rested in the crook of your neck, and you felt a couple of tear drops fall into your hair. You were going to miss his touch, his comforting air, the way he makes you feel a million times better just by holding you close. 

“I miss you already.” He whispered, kissing your neck through your hair. You felt a small tear sneak out of the corner of your eye, falling onto Shawn’s pillow. 

“Shawn…” You started.

“Shhh… Just…” He pulled you closer. “Act like you love me, so I can go on.” 

author’s note// i dun got a surprise for ya’ll soon im p excited yeet and I am so sad right now because of another stUpid boy he said last night “we’ll talk tomorrow” and it’s almost ten o clock tomorrow and he hasn’t texted me im sad


Shawn is one of the most amazing, humble, talented, life loving and caring persons I ever know. He is like sunshine who gives this nasty, confusing world happiness and brightness, he is the person who stays real no matter what. Maybe thats why he is my inspiration, reason why I won’t give up. Maybe thats why I love him and appreciate his hard work. All I wish is that he won’t give up on anything, I wish he won’t let his self down. Because we all know how pure he is and thats why he needs to be protected by all coasts. And do you know how many reasons we can find to love him? Millions. This human deserves every humans respect. All of this may sound cheesy, but I really love this person and it’s kinda sad that he cant love me back.

Bad Boy Imagine- Shawn Mendes

(requested by: @greatening )

“bad boy shawn imagine? maybe he’s kinda “feared” by most people in the neighborhood and is involved with some risky stuff in order to make enough money to move somewhere much nicer for y/n? also although he’s a tough guy he treats you like his princess and his entire world and is really protective and just wants the best for y/n? sorry it’s not much of a scenario! i love cute, innocent shawn but bad boy shawn just sounds so hot. let me know if you need more info!”

Sorry it took so long I had writers block. Also i procrastinate a lot. I hope this what you wanted. Sorry if it sucks ;)

Shawn jogged up the stairs and unlocked the door to the apartment he shared with Y/N. ‘Business’ had kept him out all morning. According to Carter one of the Janoskians had messed up a deal down south. It’d cost Shawn just over two grand, which was money he couldn’t afford to be losing. But he’d deal with Skip later. Right now he wanted nothing more than to cuddle up with Y/N on the sofa and subject himself to one of those awful nature documentaries she liked. Or worse one of those stupid TV shows she adored… what was that one with the two monster killing brothers called again?

“Babe I’m home!” Shawn called into the apartment as he closed the front door behind him.

“In here!” A voice yelled back. He followed the voice into the living room where Y/N was perched on a fluffy rug in front of the TV still in her pyjamas. She looked gorgeous. Something about polar bears was on the TV and she was picking at a mug full of grapes. Shawn watched amused as she carefully inspected each one for imperfections that deemed them inedible.

Shawn came and stood in the doorway. His height meant that he had to stoop his head slightly, in order to avoid hitting it. “What are you doing?” Shawn questioned needlessly. After almost two and a half years he was perfectly accustomed to her strange little quirks, as was she to his. With her he was a new person. She was one of the few people who knew of his ability to sing and play the guitar. He couldn’t tell his friends, since they would laugh and call him a pussy. But he kept them around because they lead to money, and once he had enough of it he’d finally be able to buy a way out of this life. He’d escape this shitty apartment, heck maybe even the city! He’d buy a grand house down in Malibu… on the beach. He’d finally be able to afford a car instead of having to cram onto a train or bus every day; maybe even a ring for Y/N. A real one, with a big rock, just like she deserved.

“I’m watching tele-” As she turned her cheery face to look at him it dropped. All the cheeriness was washed away by the concern that replaced it. “What happened to you face?” Y/N asked. Her voice had adopted a grave undertone.

Shawn knew that she of course was referring to the small, bloody cut a couple of inches above his right eyebrow. His lips tightened in annoyance about the shit storm that was coming his way. Y/N repeated herself, growing more concerned and more irritable, in equal measures. “I said, what happened?”

“There was an altercation at ‘work’. Some things were said, some punches were thrown, but everything is alright now.”

Y/N stood up and marched toward him until she stood face to face with his broad chest. The height difference didn’t even cause her to bat an eyelid, nor did the fact that he was part of a major drug cartel. In fact it was her refusal to be intimidated by Shawn that had originally attracted him to her. She titled her head up to look at him, “If everything was alright then your face wouldn’t be bleeding!”

“It’s hardly a scratch Y/N. You’re being overdramtic. Can’t we sit down and watch the polar bear thing?” Shawn asked in an attempt to quell her anger. But no, he just sparked it.

“Over dramatic? The people you ‘work’ with- your so called friends are the definition of that word Shawn! Today it’s a head wound, tomorrow it’s a broken arm and then on Wednesday your heads smashed in and you were left to bleed out behind a post offices. Why can’t you just have a normal job? One where I don’t have to worry about you twenty-four seven?” Y/N yelled at him. Shawn hardly noticed the tears that pricked her eyes because the last thing she said had really riled him.

“Stop being a drama queen Y/N and don’t be so ungrateful! I work this job so that I can provide for you, so that we can have a future… away from all of this.” Shawn bellowed, enraged by her blatant refusal to accept that he was working towards a greater good.

“I would be perfectly content with all of this though. Why do you feel the constant need for more? Why can’t you be thankful for what you have? Isn’t it enough? Am I not enough?” She screamed back.

Suddenly Shawn was cloaked with weariness to vast to be known to someone so young. “I don’t have to deal with this.” He whispered quietly. Shawn rubbed his eyes and plucked his leather jacket from where it hung on the clothes peg. He shrugged it on and was out the door in a flash; ignoring Y/N’s whimpering pleas for him to stay.

The whiskey burned Shawn’s throat as it slipped down. But he didn’t show that it burned. Because in his world admitting that you felt pain was a weakness and if they saw you weak, they’d maul you like a pack of savage pit-bulls. He was on his second glass of whisky when Erik approached him. Erik was a black man around the age of 30. He was homeless and today, like most days he smelled like piss and weed. Shawn crinkled his nose in disgust but ordered a whiskey for Erik to. Erik would sometimes deal for Shawn (and buy from), but he also had a habit of over stepping his mark and right now Shawn just wasn’t in the mood.

“Hey Shawn, thanks for the whisky.” Erik smiled taking a sip.

“What can I do for you Erik?” Shawn’s tone was clipped and harsh enough to break ice. Usually he was all for small talk, he liked to keep things friendly because in this game it was the best idea to go making enemies. But today he just wasn’t in the mood.

“I need half a kilo of green within the hour. Some kids are having a party tonight and I’m over charging the shit out of them.” Erik laughed, oblivious to Shawn’s grouchy silence. “All I need is the product.”

“Go speak to Johnson, he’ll sort it out.” Shawn said dismissively. When Erick didn’t leave Shawn made no move to confirm that his presence bother him in any way.

“Johnson is all the way down town, it won’t make it there and back in time.” 

Shawn shrugged callously, “That’s not my problem.”

And then the mark was over stepped. Erik sat up straighter and his voice was tinged with anger as he spoke. After all, this job could mean a big money for him. He could eat for at least a fortnight and be able to pay for his own requirements. “Well I think it is your problem.” Erik said. Patronization was dripping of his words. “You’re my supplier so supply me. You need to go to where ever you keep-”

Something like hot iron snapped inside of Shawn and he locked his fist around the weathered moth eaten fabric of Erik’s ancient parker and yanked the tramp of the Chair. Erik hit the floor with a thud. Silence descended over the whole pub as all its inhabitants watched on. The tension was so thick that you could hear it crackling. Shawn stood from his chair and hauled Erik up by his collar. Shawn’s eyes were clouded with anger as he glared at the cowering homeless man in his fist. And although he knew how wrong it was he just let it out. His fist connected with Erik’s face twice. The punches were hard, precise and would bruise like a bitch. After the second hit the tension slipped from Shawn’s body and it slowly relaxed. A wave of calm washed over him as he let Erik go. With that the establishment relaxed and people returned to whatever dull activates had entertained them before.

“I don’t need to do anything.” Shawn said calmly, then he looked the shaken man up and down. His guilt had already begun to set in. He sighed and drew $250 from his pocket- that was way bigger cut than Erik would have gotten for the deal he was having to bail on.  Shawn offered the cash to the trembling tramp who just stared wearily at him. “Take it, now Erik.”

Erick snatched the money and scarpered of without so much as a thank you.

The door finally clicked shut around  ten thirty- a tell-tell sign that Shawn was back. Y/N gingerly placed her book mark into the book she was currently reading and set it aside. She got up and stormed pass Shawn in the door way and all the way to the bedroom. Shawn felt even worse about earlier after that. He followed her and made many futile attempts to evoke some type of response from her. Y/N never silent treated him she was useless at it, but today was different and he couldn’t stand it. He hated being treated as though he wasn’t there. Y/N got into changed and slipped into bed turning off the lights. Eventually, once he’d slipped into bed beside her, he outright apologised, he couldn’t bear her being this mad at him. “Y/N I really am sorry. I know that you’re worried about me and I love you for it. Just today things were getting on top of me.” At Shawn’s apology little of the tension left her body and she rolled over, then sat up to face him.

She cupped his cheek but averted his gaze, “It’s alright. I just feel like we’re stuck in a bit of a rut. Aside from your job you’re more than perfect. But it’s a big aside and I won’t lie, sometimes I do want to leave. But I can’t because I love you more than anything in this world and I’m scared of what will happen if I leave. I just worry that’s all… and it hurts when you brush my concerns aside like I’m some petulant child.”

“I’m sorry.” Shawn repeated softly and finally she met his gaze.

“I know you are.” Y/N said and placed a tender kiss on his was lips before rolling over and letting sleep take her.

Shawn on the other hand lay awake in the darkness thinking. He thought of Y/N: how despite forgiving him she still seemed sad, the toll his job to on her. But mostly he thought of how he could cheer her up, Shawn new than Y/N was a strong believer in the little things. SO with that in mind he vowed that tomorrow morning he would make her breakfast and see how things went from there.

With that decided he leaned over and placed the gentlest petal of a kiss on Y/N’s warm cheek and whispered, “For the record, you’re more than enough.” Then Shawn rolled over and slept as well.

The next morning Y/N awoke to the heavenly aroma of bacon. She followed the scent, dressed in one of Shawn’s t-shirts, to the kitchen where she paused to admire the view. Shawn was topless; facing away from her. Now Y/N was in the kitchen she could smell the weed entwined with the scent of the bacon. He was rolling a joint and she couldn’t help but admire the way the muscles of his back moved even when undergoing the simplest of tasks. Yesterday’s drama was long forgotten, she’d woken up feeling refreshed and her mood had only improved with the smell of Bacon.  A devilish grin spread over Y/N’s face as she snuck up on Shawn and pounced on his back, as she got a grip of him Shawn pivoted around and began to tickle her body. Y/N tried to escape him, while squealing like a gleeful child until he got a firm grip on her hips and smashed her body against his. Shawn furiously pressed their lips together, Y/N’s hands tangled in his brown hair and she melted into the kiss. They must have lost track of time because after what only seemed like moments the smoke alarm was screeching as the smoke from burning bacon was filling the kitchen.

“Brunch?” He mumbled pulling away. He smiled and pressed his forehead to Y/N’s.

“Bruch.” She answered smiling as he leaned down to kiss the tip of her nose

Tragedies {requested shawn imagine}

A/N: so I got a request from a very sweet girl who asked for a dramatic shawn mendes imagine and idk I can try. It’s gonna be sad so. Idk enjoy i guess, sorry if it sucks I can write you another one if its bad! jamilaax
Thanks for requesting!

Shawn didn’t deal well with tragedies. He didn’t quite understand the gravity of certain things and he would under react or over react and he would end up embarrassing himself. You however, dealt with these things with ease. Your family seemed to almost be cursed with tragedies and sad things happening. You should probably have more siblings rather than just your older brother, and you should probably have two parents instead of just a father. So as you grew up, you learned to deal with the sad things.
Shawn just wasn’t good with it, and you knew that. So when his uncle died and he asked you to come with him, you didn’t know what he would do. He was very close to his uncle and you didn’t know if he would just act casually about it, or he would loose it.
You sat on his bed trying to put on a bracelet as he struggled to tie the tie into his suit.
“Sweetheart do you need my help?” You ask him with a weak smile uncertain how to act around him.
“Probably….” He sighed and you walked over to him tying his tie. He never knew how to tie those things.
“Are you okay honey?” You ask him and wrap your arms around his torso and he put his head on your shoulder.
“I just hate loosing people. He was such a good person and he taught me so much. And I can’t imagine my aunt right now… She loves him so much I have no clue how she is going to live without him.” He said and you felt a hot tear fall onto your shoulder. “What if that happened to me? What if that happened to you, I don’t ever want you to live with out me or me to live without you.” He said in between sobs.
“Shawn, we are teenagers. We don’t need to worry about heart attacks coming between us just yet. I love you okay?” You say and hold his face. He nods and you wipe away his tears. You realized shawn never handled sad things the wrong way. He handled them his way. In some cases, he needed to pretend like it was no big deal so he could cope, and sometimes he just broke.
His uncle was someone important to him, and you knew you needed to be there for him.
“I love you so much.” He said and he pulled you close to him. You could feel a few tears collecting in your eyes but it didn’t matter. You held on tight to him, and didn’t let go for a little while.
“We have to go…. I don’t want to.” He said and looked down at his feet and a few tears fell to the ground. You pulled his chin up.
“Tragedies happen. But you gotta take them on head first and be strong, okay?” You say and take his hands. He nods and smiles.
“What would I do without you.”

That was repetitive and over all not very good, so if you want a better one I would be more than happy to write you one hun!
But I had a very crappy day, so im gonna write like 28829394 imagines cause I’m sad yay

I sometimes cry when i remember that i will never meet him. God damn you Australia, why do you have to suck so much that Americans/Canadians never tour here? #shawn #mendes #devastated #magcon #imagine #sad