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TV Shows

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (”We lost her Sam!”)

Peter Pan (His untold story)

Theo Reaken (Teen Wolf x Supernatural x Reader | “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”)

Isaac Lahey (Secret love song)

Stiles Stilinski (”But I’m mad!”)

Liam Dunbar (The wolf and the vamp)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Untitled)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Different for girls)

Scott McCall/ Liam Dunbar (Colors)

Jughead Jones (Would you please stop being a pain in the ass for a few seconds and let me help you?)


Thomas Brodie Sangster (”Kissing on the roof top”)

Cole Sprouse (Requested| Untitled)

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast | Introductions)

Dylan Sprayberry (”He’s so whipped for this girl”)

Tyler Posey (Nightmare)

Cole Sprouse (”You can’t prove anything!”)

Cole Sprouse Smut (Lights on)

Cole Sprouse (”You’re short.”)

Dylan O’Brien (”Had a nightmare?”)

Tyler Hoechlin (The Superman to my Lois)

Cole Sprouse (First Times)

Cole Sprouse (Introductions)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part one)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part two)

Cole Sprouse (You sound so hot)

Singers/ Band members/ Djs

Calum Hood (”We can be alone together”)

Martin Garrix (Ruin)

Martin Garrix (Treat you better)

Ashton Irwin (”It’s the darkness mate. Didn’t you see it?  Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive.”)

Jack Johnson (Movie night)

Shawn Mendes (This is my version of heartbreak)

Michael Clofford (Don’t let me treat you better)

Skate Maloley (”You’re beautiful and you all mine”)

Derek Luh (”How can you love something so broken?”)

Levi Jones (Jet Black Heart)

Shawn Mendes (Mondays)

Martin Garrix (”It’s been a while”)

Shawn Mendes (She didin’t wanna be sad)

Shawn Mendes (History)

Shawn Mendes (Birthday Sex)


Newt AU (”I like him. I’ll keep him!”)

Newt (You are mine)


(Conor)/ Jack Maynard (All over again)

Joe Sugg (”That’s all I needed blondie.”)

Jack Maynard (”What’s the matter with you?”)

Joe Sugg (”I’m not leaving you!”)

Joe Sugg (”Stay over. I’m alone.”)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!” Part Two)

Jc Caylen (”Well, too bad!”)

Kian Lawley (Christmas Surprise)

Kian Lawley (I find peace in the rain)

Dating…Would include

Joe Sugg

Cole Sprouse

Fake Texts/Text Posts

Cisco Ramon (NERD) 

Jack Johnson (Food)

Luke Hemmings 

so i keep seeing this everywhere and it’s hurting my heart. i will say tho in all honesty, i feel like any normal person would take a photo with a celebrity even if they didn’t like them, because they’re a celebrity. i mean right? i don’t know i could be wrong but that’s just me. BUT still the fact that this chick would say that, is rude. and it hurts my heart so much to know that there are so many people out there who only like shawn for his looks. and it’s very unfair that those people get to meet him and the real fans seem to have more trouble meeting him. idk man i’m just kinda sad

pretty boy

Every single time he ever attempted to speak to someone he found remotely attractive, he would stutter. Or ramble, or trip over his shoelaces even when they’re tied. Either that, or he just didn’t speak at all. He got pretty good at following around the friend group she was in, just so he could be around her even if he didn’t talk at all. He was lucky, that one of his friends happened to be her friend, making it easier for him to follow that group around. He had talked to her a couple times, but the last time he did, he ended up trying to be funny by talking loudly and pretty much just making a fool of himself. She was sweet, and she would never hurt anyone’s feelings, so of course she still laughed at his awkwardness, just so he wouldn’t feel bad.

Tonight was different though. Normally, she’d walk around with her group of friends, all of them following her like lost puppies. She was literally the queen, not only of Shawn’s world, but of everyone else’s too. And that was just another reason why he thought she’d never even look at him. But she was kind, so she always acknowledged his existence which was nice but of course it was never enough for Shawn. He wanted more than that. Tonight, felt like maybe, he might be getting more. Shawn liked to dance, and he loved being with his friends, but parties weren’t always his thing. Lately the only reasons he’d go to these parties was to see her. He lived for moments like now, sitting in a circle of people he enjoyed being around, people who made him laugh so hard his stomach hurt. And of course it was all 100 times better when she was in that circle too. And it was even more exciting when she was sitting right next to him.

The music was loud and he could barely make out what she was saying but he didn’t care. She kept looking at him, straight in the eye, and touching his shoulder every time he nodded and pretended to understand what she said. Her hair was curled, and it framed her face perfectly. She was soft, and smooth all over, and he only figured that, because each time she touched his shoulder, her hand would slide down his arm past his sleeve, skimming across his skin before snapping her fingers away and putting her hand back into her lap as she started a conversation with someone else. So, if her hand was smooth, why wouldn’t the rest of her be? She looked smooth. She looked stunning. She had big jewelry, around her neck and on her wrists, and sometimes Shawn would notice the bracelets get stuck on her sleeve. Each time, he’d tap her wrist and she’d quickly look down, only to laugh and say thank you, and then fix them.

Shawn tried his hardest not to stare, and he tried so hard to talk to someone else but every time he did, he would find himself ignoring them just to look over at her. Some of his friends even snapped at him saying, “Dude, I’m over here. If she’s that great to you, then talk to her.”

Shawn simply apologized for not listening to his friend, and then just shook his head.

Just as Shawn’s stomach stopped flipping, and he turned his head to say something to her, she got up. She got up and left the room, alone. Maybe she was going to the bathroom? No, usually girls go to the bathroom together right? Where would she be going by herself? And why was no one following her? Questions flooded his mind, and he got up too to follow her. He carefully walked behind her, hoping she wouldn’t exactly notice. After walking past several people making out against the wall, and drunk girls on the floor, Shawn was outside. And she was sitting on the curb of the road, looking at her phone. Was she okay? Shawn wasn’t sure if he should tell her he was following her, or if he should just leave. Maybe she wanted to be alone.

“Come sit.” She put her phone in her back pocket, and her head spun around and she looked straight at him, patting the curb, motioning for him to sit next to her. She knew he was following her. Crap. That’s embarrassing. Shawn walked over though, sitting right next to her, his face bright red.

“Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” Shawn spit out the words fast and awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“I knew you’d follow me. That’s why I came out here.” She smiled at him, her head titled. She was so freaking perfect, yet not perfect at all. Her teeth were crooked and not the brightest white either, but she was still gorgeous. How is it possible for someone to make you feel this way? Shawn thought to himself as he stared at her.


“Look, I know you like me. Word gets around you know? So, you see this curb we’re on? I hate it, with everything in me. But I don’t wanna hate it. So I thought I’d try to fix my anger toward it, by bringing someone cool out here. Someone I don’t hate.” The words came out of her mouth fast, and her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were glossy, like she was going to cry and it looked like she was nervous. Was she nervous? About talking to me? And why does she hate the curb? Shawn had millions of questions, but he only got a few things out.

“Sorry if I made things awkward by liking you. But thanks for not hating me. Anyway, why do you hate the curb?”

She threw her head back as she laughed, and her hair went in all kinds of directions from the wind.

“A couple years ago, there was another party here. And I was with this guy. And.. I was crazy about him. And I thought he was crazy about me. That’s what he said to me at least. He told me, on this curb. He told me he loved me. Sad story short, this curb brings back horrible memories. And each time I sit here with someone else, and try to make new memories, I still feel pain. And I don’t wannaaaa! I don’t wanna be that girl that’s still sad about her ex, telling other pretty boys, stuff like oh listen to me tell you about my sad story! Make new memories with me! Even though that’s exactly what I’m doing. Sorry.”

She was right. She was sad, and she was trying to fill herself with other people to not be sad anymore. But Shawn didn’t know if he should feel upset, or flattered about the fact that she chose him to try and make new memories. He didn’t care that she was rambling about her past, he liked it. He wanted to know everything about her, and now he wanted to know who her ex was so he could kill him.

“Don’t be sorry.” Was all Shawn could say.

“You don’t talk much.” She giggled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“That’s okay though. It’s nice to have someone that will listen.” She said, and looked up at him. His heart was beating ten times faster than normal and he hoped she could hear it. Maybe then she’d know how just how crazy for her he was, and he could be more than just a pretty boy she told her sob stories to.

“So thank you. For listening.” She lifted her head from his shoulder, and leaned into him close, their noses almost touching. Before Shawn could even say you’re welcome, her mouth found his and that was it.

There was an alarm in the back of Shawn’s head going off, telling him to pull away. She’s using you dude!! She’s using you as a replacement for her ex!! She doesn’t even like you!!

But the part of him that was in love with her, the part that had wanted this moment since he first saw her, said otherwise. And so, his hands found the back of her head, and he deepened the kiss. The air was cold, but it felt nice. Both their bodies were warm with excitement, and infatuation.

Her lips slowly detached from his but their foreheads were touching.

“I promise I’m not using you. I won’t do to others what he did to me. You’re different than other pretty boys.” She laughed a little, as she spoke under her breath. It’s like she read his mind.

Shawn placed his hand on her cheek, and kissed her again. Slower this time, more meaningful. He wanted to make sure this memory they were making, could fix her anger toward the curb, and he wanted to make sure she felt safe. The type of safe that he felt now, after she promised she wasn’t using him. Could she be lying though? Maybe. But Shawn didn’t care either way, because he cared about her, and even if she was using him, at least he was being put to a good use. At least he was helping to make her less sad.

Act Like You Love Me {S.M}

requested//imagine based off of Shawn’s song, Act Like You Love Me

author’s note// act like you love me is my favorite off of Handwritten Revisted so i’m p hype for dis my loves!! enjoy!!


So you leave tomorrow, just stay the night

I promise I will make things right

You were about to leave, but you couldn’t bring yourself to pull Shawn’s arms from around you. 

“Please stay, just tonight.” He muttered into your hair, squeezing you tight. You couldn’t say no. You loved him more than anything, and you wanted more than anything to stay, just for one more night.

“Shawn, that’ll make tomorrow harder…” You gave him a firm squeeze, never wanting to let go of him. So you stand together, your arms wrapped around one another in the middle of Shawn’s living room. 

“I know, but I can say goodbye and drive you to the airport and…” He trailed off. You knew it was going to be hard for him leaving you. Dropping you off at that airport, never seeing you again… it’ll be hard. “It’ll make it… better for me.” He sighed. You couldn’t say no. 

“Okay, i’ll stay. Just for tonight.” 

I’ll make you breakfast, the way you like

Before you leave tomorrow, just let me try

“I can make you breakfast too. Your favorite. Scrambled eggs and pancakes.” He pulled away a bit, his hands still resting on your waist, supporting you. 

“Shawn then-” He cut you off, knowing exactly what you were going to say. 

“I will make you leave. You need to leave. It breaks my heart, but you need to go.” He smiles at you, his eyes watering. He hadn’t cried when you told him, he just asked why you didn’t tell him you were given an opportunity at your dream job in your favorite city in the world. 

“Shawn… I….” You start, not being able to finish. This broke your heart. Because you couldn’t do long distance. You wouldn’t do long distance, even if you loved Shawn. 

“You can’t not go. It isn’t an option.” He stated, his hands still firm on your waist. 

“I know. It’s just… we’re over once I leave. I can’t go knowing you’re back here, waiting on me. Missing out because of me.” You looked down, snaking your hands onto his neck, looping around keeping you upright. 

“I know. But just… just let me try and make this easier. Make me aware of this being our last night together.” He pleaded, his brown eyes becoming blurry with the tears pooling in them. 


Before you leave tomorrow, before you say goodbye

Before you leave tomorrow, before you leave

His eyes lit up, and a couple tears fell from his eyes, and he even smiled a little. 

“I couldn’t function if this was goodbye.” He pressed his forehead to yours, more tears falling against the hardwood floor. He pulled you close to him, closing the small gap that was there only seconds before. His scent was clean and lemony. You were gonna miss it. It always calmed you, just knowing he was there, holding you. You felt your heart breaking as he held onto you tighter. You were about to leave him, probably forever. You knew the second you got on that plane, you weren’t going to see him again. You weren’t going to hear from him again, due to the fact you didn’t want to continue any sort of relationship, even if it is platonic, long distance. After this moment, it was goodbye. 

No, it wasn’t a ‘see you later’, or a ‘bye for now.’ This was a complete goodbye. You were never going to see Shawn again except through tabloids and ET news. You had to learn to accept that. 

Stay here and lay here right in my arms,

It’s only a moment before you’re gone

“What time is it?” You sniffled, your tears leaking onto Shawn’s grey cotton shirt. He sighed, pulling one arm from around you and lifting it up to look at the time. 

“Twelve thirty.” He responded simply, the depression seeping from his voice. You let out a sigh of your own. You had been here for two hours, arguing and talking and crying with Shawn. 

“I really should sleep, my flight is early.” You state, knowing it was the last thing he wanted to hear. You knew he didn’t want to spend his last moments with you sleeping, but you needed it. 

“Yeah.. You wanna borrow one of my sweatshirts, so you don’t have to wear a t-shirt to sleep?” You pulled away and looked down at your clothes, black leggings and a flowly top you wore to your goodbye dinner with your family. “You can even keep it… so you don’t forget me.” He looks down at his feet, and you nodded. 

“I would love that.” You smiled a little, taking his hands in yours. He looks up at you, his eyes pooling again. “As long as I can keep the really soft one you never let me borrow.” You laugh a little. He looks at you with a small smirk. 

“Okay, but you have to be in my arms all night… These are the last moments I ha-” You cut him off, knowing you’ll cry if he finishes the sentence. 

“Just get me that sweatshirt, Mendes.” You keep your right hand interlocked with his as you led him (even though it was his house) up the stairs and into his bedroom. You let go of him, so he could go get the sweatshirt of course. Which he did, rather quickly, taking the sweatshirt you always wore when you slept over, but Shawn never let you actually borrow and handing it to you. “Turn around.” You muttered, and he did, turning around and folding his arms. You swiftly rid yourself of the flowey top you were wearing and put it on. “Okay.” You stated and Shawn turned back around, a sad smile on his face. 

“You look better in that than I ever did.” 

And I, am keeping you warm

Just act like you love me, so I can go on

“You wanna go to sleep?” He asked, looking down at his feet. You nodded. 

“Yeah.” You both quickly got into Shawn’s rather small bed, spooning rather closely, your small body fitting into his muscular frame like a slightly misfit puzzle. His strong arms wrapped firmly around your waist, your hands intertwined. His head rested in the crook of your neck, and you felt a couple of tear drops fall into your hair. You were going to miss his touch, his comforting air, the way he makes you feel a million times better just by holding you close. 

“I miss you already.” He whispered, kissing your neck through your hair. You felt a small tear sneak out of the corner of your eye, falling onto Shawn’s pillow. 

“Shawn…” You started.

“Shhh… Just…” He pulled you closer. “Act like you love me, so I can go on.” 

author’s note// i dun got a surprise for ya’ll soon im p excited yeet and I am so sad right now because of another stUpid boy he said last night “we’ll talk tomorrow” and it’s almost ten o clock tomorrow and he hasn’t texted me im sad

masterlist (-:

Matthew Espinosa:   

smut- quick

sad- i need you here  (FAV)


Nash Grier:    

sad- our time together

smut- thoughts

sad- bullet proof part 1

sad- bullet proof part 2

cute- peanut butter

cute- protect you


Cameron Dallas:    

sad- promise

sad- i won’t be alone


Hayes Grier:  

cute- i love you

sad- found in grief  


Jacob Whitesides:

cute- surprise


Taylor Caniff:     

cute/sad- fix you


Jack Johnson:   

sad- pinky promise


Jack Gilisnky:   

sad- its okay


Shawn Mendes:

sad-voice mail




Shawn Mendes - Sad Song feat. Nick Grimshaw

Tragedies {requested shawn imagine}

A/N: so I got a request from a very sweet girl who asked for a dramatic shawn mendes imagine and idk I can try. It’s gonna be sad so. Idk enjoy i guess, sorry if it sucks I can write you another one if its bad! jamilaax
Thanks for requesting!

Shawn didn’t deal well with tragedies. He didn’t quite understand the gravity of certain things and he would under react or over react and he would end up embarrassing himself. You however, dealt with these things with ease. Your family seemed to almost be cursed with tragedies and sad things happening. You should probably have more siblings rather than just your older brother, and you should probably have two parents instead of just a father. So as you grew up, you learned to deal with the sad things.
Shawn just wasn’t good with it, and you knew that. So when his uncle died and he asked you to come with him, you didn’t know what he would do. He was very close to his uncle and you didn’t know if he would just act casually about it, or he would loose it.
You sat on his bed trying to put on a bracelet as he struggled to tie the tie into his suit.
“Sweetheart do you need my help?” You ask him with a weak smile uncertain how to act around him.
“Probably….” He sighed and you walked over to him tying his tie. He never knew how to tie those things.
“Are you okay honey?” You ask him and wrap your arms around his torso and he put his head on your shoulder.
“I just hate loosing people. He was such a good person and he taught me so much. And I can’t imagine my aunt right now… She loves him so much I have no clue how she is going to live without him.” He said and you felt a hot tear fall onto your shoulder. “What if that happened to me? What if that happened to you, I don’t ever want you to live with out me or me to live without you.” He said in between sobs.
“Shawn, we are teenagers. We don’t need to worry about heart attacks coming between us just yet. I love you okay?” You say and hold his face. He nods and you wipe away his tears. You realized shawn never handled sad things the wrong way. He handled them his way. In some cases, he needed to pretend like it was no big deal so he could cope, and sometimes he just broke.
His uncle was someone important to him, and you knew you needed to be there for him.
“I love you so much.” He said and he pulled you close to him. You could feel a few tears collecting in your eyes but it didn’t matter. You held on tight to him, and didn’t let go for a little while.
“We have to go…. I don’t want to.” He said and looked down at his feet and a few tears fell to the ground. You pulled his chin up.
“Tragedies happen. But you gotta take them on head first and be strong, okay?” You say and take his hands. He nods and smiles.
“What would I do without you.”

That was repetitive and over all not very good, so if you want a better one I would be more than happy to write you one hun!
But I had a very crappy day, so im gonna write like 28829394 imagines cause I’m sad yay

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Link to all writings?

Aaron Carpenter (Sweet) - All I Want Is You

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Shawn Mendes (Sad) - Out of Life

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