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Ouma Kokichi: Chapter 3 vs. Chapter 5

Tells people to stop lying to themselves, then does it to himself anyway.

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There some things that I’ve noticed that a lot of successful students have in common and I thought i’d share what these students do to help them achieve not only academic but personal success. If you’ve ever wondered how that one person does it, chances are they use a combination, if not all of these habits. Some of them are:

  1. They learn at their own pace: everyone learns at their own pace so successful students know when they can move ahead of the class and when to take their time on a particular topic. Following the syllabus as it goes can not only waste time, but also slow you down when you get to a topic that is difficult for you.
  2. They work under time restraints: You’ll always have those students who get straight A’s but also get a full nights rest and that’s because those students know that working aimlessly for hours just to feel “productive” is actually counterproductive. The motto is work smarter not harder.
  3. They keep past exams and quizzes: this goes without saying but instead of throwing away old test papers at the end of the semester or school year, get a big filing system where you can keep your work so you can practice and review when you need them.
  4. They have good relationships with their teachers: teachers are literally there to help you, so take time to get to know your teacher and form bonds with them as they have all the knowledge you need to pass a course. There’s also the added benefit of your teacher being little more sympathetic to you when you don’t do your best.
  5. They take ORGANIZED notes: there’s a difference between aesthetic note and organized note. Successful students know that you can take both but not just one. Having a simple system organize your notes will transform your school life, you don’t need all the frills; all you need is a couple colored pens and a notebook to take decent notes. If you’re stuck, there’s literally thousands of template online that you can apply to your own notes
  6. They collaborate with other students: this is important. No man is an island and while competition can be healthy, the best relationships you’ll have with your classmates are the ones where you help each other out; let face it, you’re all going through that shit together whether you help each other or not.
  7. They ask a lot of questions: Swallowing your pride is one of the most useful habit a student can attain. Asking questions can be a bit embarrassing but you never fully understand a topic until you ask the questions that need to be asked. 
  8. They practice active reading: DROP THE HIGHLIGHTER and instead of highlighting every other word: write summaries and make annotation, this will help you to be engaged while you’re reading and make it 100 times easier to review.  
  9. They focus on their weaknesses: I know we all wish that subject we suck at would disappear but the sad news is, it won’t, and if you ignore it, it will only eat at your GPA. So bite the bullet and spend some time working on that subject you’ll start to notice that your grades will ultimately be better as you have a healthy balance in grades.
  10. They prioritize: teacher can make it seem like everything is important and everything is urgent but successful students know that some things take precedence over others. Once you find that balance of putting more important work first, you’ll see your grades start to improve.

Beginning 2 think that the Harry Potter series is very unrealistic….maybe even totally fake. If u disagree well then how about you explain: the year is 1992 and yet Ginevra Molly Weasley uses Tom Marvolo Riddle’s diary as a diary instead of drawing those little connected S things over and over until one of them dies.


Summary: AU. Reader rushes to her ex-boyfriend’s side when he’s in an accident.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 4,733

Warnings: language, angst, referenced car accident/motorcycle accident, hospital, doctors, injury, fluff, more angst, more fluff, drunk driving mention, nothing gory, I’m not a damn doctor okay? Shonda Rhimes taught me this shit.

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REQUEST: Hey! Can you write a blurb where you and Harry are trying to have a baby and you find out that you can’t have one, and both of you are just heartbroken

When the doctor asked the two of you to come back into his office, you knew that something was wrong.

Harry had been cooking dinner the night before when the phone rang. It was Tuesday—the one day of the week that the two of you dedicated to having a meal together, no matter what else was going on in your lives. He was cutting up the vegetables as you sat across from him at the kitchen island, holding a glass of red wine. You didn’t exactly pride yourself on your cooking, so this had become your tradition: you would have a drink and watch as he prepared dinner for the two of you, and both of you would talk about your weeks. It was what kept you two connected.

That night, there was a disconnect.

You usually wouldn’t have answered the phone, but you knew that the doctor would be calling you and you were anxious to get the results. You and Harry had both gone in a few days earlier for testing—the two of you had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now, with no luck.

“S’just to see if something’s going on, love,” he had said, running his fingers through your hair as you rested your head on his chest. “You don’t have to be scared.”

“I know,” you sighed, adjusting yourself so that you could nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. You pressed your lips against the skin there, squeezing your eyes shut. “But what if there’s something wrong, Harry?”

“Then better to know now so we can do something, yeah?” He murmured, tracing patterns across your back with his fingertips. “We can do anything, babe. Together. I promise.”

When the phone rang, you and Harry both fell silent. You locked gazes with him from across the kitchen— you both knew what this would be about, and you were both nervous. He set the knife down and began to wipe his hands on his apron before you hopped off of the stool, forcing a smile onto your face.

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