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Weird Lookin’ Dingo

just a little fanfiction inspired by this piece by @coconutmilkyway! it’s two a.m and i haven’t proof read this so if there are any glaring errors i apologize in advance. here it is on ao3!

            Roadhog had several things come to mind when Junkrat sauntered into their hideout saying he had a surprise for him. A two-headed dingo was not one of them. He watched as the animal trotted in, both heads held high and nostrils flaring as they sniffed the unfamiliar area.

           “Look at ‘er! Ain’t they a beaut hoggie?”

           “Didn’t know you liked dingo meat.” Roadhog huffed and rolled his eyes under his mask when Junkrat responded with a horrified gasp.

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1. I hope whenever you wake up in the morning, you will only feel the sunlight radiating on your skin and not the ache from your past.
2. Remember that when you feel unloved, someone out there is saddened because they cannot give the whole world to you. You are someone’s reason for living.
3. Go to a nice and cozy cafe with your friends and just talk about anything in general. Realize how lucky you are to have a group of people who were with you during your darkest moments and your shiniest ones.
4. It’s okay to be sad. Listen to sad songs, binge on junk foods, and most importantly, cry. You’re going to be okay. 
5. Know that tomorrow is another day where you can improve yourself.
6. Sleep in during the weekends and do not feel bad about it. You deserve rest from this tiring, tiring world. 
7.  Do not be ashamed of going to places alone. Go on a picnic by yourself, eat out by yourself and even watch a movie by yourself. 
8. Appreciate the little moments in life and do not take anything for granted. Tell your parents and friends that you love them with all of your heart.
9. Forgive people. Life is too short to be holding in grievances and resentments. 
10. Learn how to love yourself a bit more.
—  lm // note to self

Recently, someone messaged me to ask about a curse of mine they had performed. They wanted to know how long it would take to manifest and the effects it would have (unless the curse specifically dictates, then it varies and depends upon both target and witch, for future reference). I’m a very big advocate for privacy, so I’ll leave out the individual’s name. However, the part of their message that caught my eye the most was of the description they gave of how they felt after casting it. It’s a cocktail of feelings I have a very big fondness for. 

When one casts a curse, they should feel strong and that it was justified. There shouldn’t be a doubt in their mind that it was appropriate action. I’m not just saying that for ethics. Curses are very powerful things and very helpful. They give power to the weak and a weapon to the defenseless. However, they have very peculiar behaviors. Some are like wild animals, let loose in one direction while the witch stands behind and makes themself invisible to the beast. Some are a little more intelligent, willing to comply and understand, but will turn on their handler if the opportunity presents itself. So many people say to shield yourself before a curse because that curse can easily turn and harm the careless practitioner. Things like hesitation, guilt, those are like putting blood in the water. Sure, sometimes you can get away with it, but the risk isn’t worth it. Pride and strength are shields in and of themselves. 

I said to them, after talking about the timeframe and effects, that I hope they remember that feeling and that they do not have to cast many curses. It’s not that I don’t support cursing, I very much do, but that curses are generally used in retaliation of something. It is a power that comes from harm and weakness. If I asked people, “Why did you do this?” I’d probably hear, “I was hurt and I had no other way to defend myself.” or “Someone hurt me.” That’s why I do it. That’s why I started cursing and started writing them and posting them for others to see and use. That’s why I write them for friends and those that come to me for a curse. It should feel good to curse. It should feel like you’ve finally gained the strength to fight back and defend and banish and take control of your life. But to want those things is to have known the lack of them, which is sad to think about. 

You Were A Mistake

A/N: Alright, here we go friends. This is the sad junk I wrote last night and am now shoving on you, I’m sorry. This is a sort of high school au, so I’m not entirely sure how well this turned out, but I do know it’s sad.

Pairing: Tony/StevexReader

Word Count: 983

Warnings: Angst, language, sad times


It had been weeks, literal weeks, since I had seen my best friend, Tony Stark, at school. He started skipping around the time his parents passed away. He was taken in by a family friend, the Jarvis’s, and since then, no one’s really seen him. The fact that he’s finally shown up at school is an utter relief.

“Tony!” I call, trying to get his attention. When he doesn’t turn around, I place my hand on his shoulder only to have him brush it off. Slightly taken aback, I try to shake it off and continue like it didn’t happen.

“What the hell do you want?” Tony asks gruffly.

“I wanted to check in on you.” I say. “You haven’t been to classes for a few weeks, and you won’t answer my calls. I know there’s been a lot going on and I ju-”
“Just save it.” He snaps.

“What?” I ask incredulously. He’d never spoken to me like this before.

“You heard me. I don’t want your sympathy.” He says, the volume of his voice escalating.

“Tony, we’re friends, I’m not trying to sympathize. I know you’re strong, but after what’s happened, I wouldn’t expect even you to be fine.”

“Well I AM OKAY?!” He yells. I reel back from him, only to stumble back into the chest of an onlooker.

“What the fuck? I’m only trying to help!” I take a few steps closer to him, trying to keep my sudden anger from slipping into my voice.

“Yeah? I don’t need your help!” He slings back. “You do realize I was never friends with you, right?” I take a step back and I can feel my shock in my facial expression. “I felt bad for you. You were the new kid, no one actually liked you. I was trying to make myself look like the good guy, maybe get laid. Obviously that didn’t work, and now I’m stuck with a clingy bitch asking about my mental health every five fucking minutes! You were a mistake.”

“Ooh, you really shouldn’t have said that.” I hear Steve say from the ring of bystanders.

“And why’s that, Rogers? Is your fucking prude of a girlfriend gonna cry?” Tony taunts.

“No,” Steve replies calmly. “But you’re really, really going to wish you hadn’t said that.”

When Tony turns his attention back to me I loosely ball my fist and swing for his face. Before my knuckles make contact I tighten my fist for added impact. My fist connects with his cheek and nose and I can feel a sickening crunch under the force of my hand.

Tony stumbles away from me and falls flat on his ass, covering his face with both his hands. From what I felt and the blood cascading down his face, I’m almost certain I broke his nose and possibly fractured his cheekbone. He looks up at me, the one heaving breaths and glaring down at him, eyes wide.

Fuck you, Tony.” I hiss. “Fuck you and the time I put into our newly fake friendship. Fuck the time I spent getting to know you and your parents, but most of all fuck your fucking precious feelings. I don’t know why I ever thought you would ever be nice to me, and I don’t know why I let myself get close to you.”

“I told you you were going to regret it, Anthony.” Steve steps up, placing an arm around my shoulders and directing me away from the group.

Fuck.” I hiss, furiously rubbing tears away with the back of my left hand.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” I mumble. “I think I split my knuckles.”

“Lemme take a look.” He has me sit down on a bench at the back of the school before gently taking my hand in his. When the pads of his fingers just graze the first two knuckles of my right hand I take a sharp, deep breath in to conceal a wince. “Does that hurt?”

“A little, yeah.”

“Okay…” He trails off, turning my hand over in his, looking at it very closely. “You didn’t split the skin, but I think you did a really good job of bruising your hand.”

“My entire hand?” I ask, surprised that Tony Stark’s thick skull didn’t even so much as split the skin of my knuckles, but it did manage to bruise them.

“Probably not your entire hand, but a good portion of your knuckles and fingers.” He chuckles.

“Well that’s good.” I try to laugh with him, but it just comes out a strangled sob. Steve quickly pulls me to his chest, wrapping his arms around me.

“It’s okay to cry you know.” He mumbles into my hair.

I can’t hold back my tears any longer and I crumble in his arms, sobbing into his shirt. Without a word, Steve gently picks me up and slides me into his lap. He rubs comforting circles on my shaking back, seemingly not caring about the fact that I’m soaking his shirt. He lets me cry until I’m all cried out and even then he still doesn’t get go of me.

“H-he said I w-was a mistake…” I say, my voice shaky.

“He’s a dick.” Steve says. I can tell his teeth are clenched.

“I don’t know what h-happened,” I look up at Steve to find him looking at me, eyes filled with sympathy. My eyes are probably red and puffy. I feel horrible for unloading this on him. “I-I don’t understand…” I raise a hand to cover my mouth to try and muffle my new sobs.

“You didn’t do anything.” Steve insists, wiping tears from my eyes with his thumbs. “I’ve been there since day one. You were nothing but good to him. You deserved better.”

“I’m sorry, Steve.” I say, tears still streaming down my face. Once again, he pulls me in tight to his chest.

“So am I.”


I am so sorry you hand to read this. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Spring Awakening: A Summary
  • Mama who bore me: if its not the stork then what is it
  • Mama who bore me (reprise): neither of us know either
  • All thats known: School sucked in 19th century Germany and is still relevant to american teenagers in 2015
  • The bitch of living: we all really just want to get laid (except moritz hes just sad)
  • My Junk: not actually about genitals
  • Touch me: not really that much about sex, but maybe a little
  • The word of your body: sexual tension
  • The dark i know well: this song is so fckn intense and sad
  • And then there were none: moritz is still sad
  • The mirror-blue night: idrk why this song is here tbh
  • I believe: now this one is actually about sex
  • The guilty ones: wendla didnt want the sex
  • Dont do sadness: moritz is lying bc hes literally been sad for the whole show so far
  • Blue wind: ilse is sad too bro
  • Dont do sadness/blue wind: perfect counterpoint tbh play this at my funeral
  • Left behind: moritz is gone and now Melchior is sad
  • totally fucked: me tbh
  • The word of your body (reprise): homosexuality
  • Whispering: wendla is gonna be a mom but hey maybe it wont be so bad right?
  • Those youve known: melchior sees dead ppl
  • The song of purple summer: everyone in the audience is probably crying by now tbh

anonymous asked:

what if like, penny goes into hibernation and leaves his s/o all sad and junk but then 27 years later reader doesnt age cos of future gentics and improvements and they’ve completely glo’d up and they’re a multimillionaire business owner (reader still loves penny but shes like super bomb/independent and classy af now) how would penny react?

He loves a strong independent reader who don’t need no man. 



You’re in class and he breaks something at home

He ask you to go on tour with him

He gets protective Part 1 Part 2

You’re anaemic and he keeps bugging you about it

He wants to ask you out (his pov)


You tell him you’re pregnant when he’s on tour

He hacks Ashton’s phone

You’re his sister and you sneak out to get drunk

He gets mad because you asked Ashton for help

You’re his sister and you drunk text calum then he gets mad at you

You’re feeling insecure and don’t want to meet him

You fall and he freaks out

You sext him and big brother Michael finds out

He gets jealous

He wants to dress up for halloween

You’re his younger sister and some guy is harassing you

You’re his daughter and someone drugs you at a party

You’re his sister and he sees your sext to Michael

You try to kill yourself

You’re on your period and you leak through your pants

You ask him to pick you up even though you’d argued

You accidentally send him a text about how worthless you feel

He’s worried about you while he’s on tour

You’re his sister and he see’s your dramatic weight loss

He wants a picture but you’re insecure

You’re pregnant and you bleed while he’s on tour

You’re best friends

You miss him and your family

You wet the bed

He misses you on tour


You turn him on when he’s with the boys

You’re nervous when the plane takes off

He finds your old tumblr

He thinks you were flirting with someone but it was your cousin

Everyday texts

You sleep in

You’re dating Michael but pregnant with his baby

He cheats on you

You’re dating Ashton and you hook up with him and get pregnant  Part 2

You’re abusive ex is back in town

You have a panic attack

He asks you to prom

You accidentally text him instead of luke about your date

your dog dies

you’re insecure about your body


You tell him you’re pregnant when he’s on tour

You’re nervous when the plane takes off

Luke hacks his phone

He finds out your old fave member wasn’t him

He sets you up on a blind date with Luke

He surprises you with a puppy and tickets to his show

He sees your self harm scars

You’re a WWE diva

You hook up with Calum and get pregnant  Part 2

You’re his sister and dating Luke Part 2

You’re his older sister and you’re dating michael

perfect cinnamon bun


You turn him on when he’s with the boys

You’re shopping and you ask his opinion

You dye your hair and it goes wrong

He finds your tumblr

You’re sad so he brings you junk food and his guitar

You have ADHD

You sleep in

He’s your brother and you sext Luke then he finds out

You’re dating him and you’re pregnant with Calum’s baby

You ask for alcohol because you’re upset

He gets protective because someone was rude to you

You’re Lukes sister and you sext him

He cheats on you

You weren’t ready to lose your virginity

You’re his best friends and he comforts you 

You tell him you’re pregnant

He teases you about you and Ashton playing hsm in the shower

He finds out Brian May is your uncle

He texts you after your break up

You’re pissed at him

He sends you good morning texts

He calls you princess 

He surprises you by going to prom

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This is a little spin on one of my favorite books. If you’ve read it, I would truly be shocked. But anyway. Here we go…there was no request for this, but I had the inspiration.

Louis thought you were funny.

And not the hilarious funny—but he did think that, as well. More so quirky. You were quirky.

Louis really liked that about you. So many girls he knew were very cookie cutter. They were following the latest fashion trends, the latest hairstyles. They were just one in the same to him—as awful as that sounded.

But you had something about you that made you different. You didn’t care as much as other girls about all that stuff. Something told Louis, that it wasn’t necessary that you didn’t want to not care. Louis sort of gathered from talking to you a few times that you might have wanted to care, but you didn’t have time to.

You were always busy. Always coming and going and never staying very long. Except for the school day—you were there for forever. But Louis saw you driving your car to and from running to the mall, the grocery store and everywhere else in town.

“Hey babe,” he smirked at you as you entered school. You managed a small smile and blew right by him in a hurry. He expected that. But he still admired the interaction.

Louis thought you were an absolute ten. You were just the most gorgeous thing in the world to him and he wanted to know more about you. But he was absolute shit at flirting. It was a miracle he could talk to you without stammering. Aside from that it was all still really wonderful to be around you whether he could speak coherently or not.

Louis kicked his skateboard up into his hands and started walking to his class. His thoughts were swirled with you and what you were thinking about. Did you think of him? Granted, Louis spoke to you each morning, to say hello and ask about classes, and occasionally he would have the balls to talk to you during history class.

But what made Louis’ heart sing was that you would read a book at lunch (and Louis swore you read a new book every day, but he couldn’t be so sure. The last thing he was looking at was the title on the cover…you were much more intriguing to him.) And on the first day of school this year, you asked Louis if you could sit at his table. He sat with a few of his friends but Louis promised they wouldn’t bug you. You swore you wouldn’t bug him and you just sat quietly and read. Louis wondered in what would you could possibly bug him…but then again he realized you didn’t really know he had been pining over you for a few years.

But nonetheless, it was ages before he would be in history class.

So for now he would just think of you.


Around lunch time, it was still nice enough outside that some people headed out to sit in the parking lot or at picnic tables. Louis loved the outdoors, but he also hated this. He wanted to sit next to you and watch your hair form a curtain around your face and the book in your hands. Like you were creating a divide between yourself and the world in your book.

He loved to watch it but when he was outside he was all but expected to skateboard with his friends and seemingly entertain those who were outside enjoying the day.

You took a seat in front of the lot facing where Louis did tricks, but you never paid any attention…well, he didn’t think you did. You didn’t move from your seat on the sidewalk as he skated around, girls calling out for him to do certain tricks and things. He didn’t really care for their attention. Not when he was busy longing for someone else’s.

No one knew that Louis was in love with you.

It just sort of happened one day. He was pretty sure that it was the day you giggled at a joke he made from the back of the class while there was low chatter and group work. You were working alone (for some reason, no one ever really worked with you). But you had been listening clearly, to Louis speak in your intro biology course and you had laughed at him.

And his eyes glanced over at you, taking you in and his heart slowed down a bit. You were so pretty. Louis decided he really liked you.

Now here he was, listening to other girls ask him to do tricks for them, but all he wanted was your attention.

Louis lost his balance and he knew he was going to scrape himself before he even hit the ground. But he hit it with a thud and some of the girls screamed. Other than stinging pain, Louis didn’t break anything. He would have a few bruises, but he was used to that.

However you were hovering over him and he realized your hair was pulled back. He could see the outline of your face so clearly and he wondered what he did to deserve this kind of attention. Attention from you.

“You okay?” you asked kneeling on the ground beside him as you took your water bottle and a napkin from your backpack and you started cleaning his scrapes up.

He watched as you wipes away the dirt, gravel and blood quickly and quietly. People were getting all grossed out while he bled all over the pavement. It wasn’t like he severed an artery or broke his bone. It was just a skin wound…it bled a bit.

“M’fine,” he shrugged. “You don’t have to do this.”

“You should clean them,” you told the blue-eyed boy simply. “You’ll get infected.”

Louis didn’t have it in him to respond because he sort of liked the way you were taking care of him. “Thank you,” he said eventually. And you even put a band aid on his nastiest, grittiest cut. It didn’t even faze you. “You don’t mind blood?”

“I work at a nursing home,” you smirked gently. “I don’t really mind any bodily fluid,” you said helping him up and brushing the dirt off his back. “See you in history,” you said softly.

Just another clue for him to figure out.


It was a few weeks later and Louis really hadn’t chatted with you all that much. But he was skating down the road when he saw you walking up the road. He paused as he passed you but then he turned around quickly when he noted you were wiping your cheeks and sniffling.

Hopping off his board he fell into a sluggish, painfully sad step beside you. “What’s the matter?” He wondered. He would have killed someone for you. He couldn’t stand for you to be sad.

“My car is junk and I have no way to get to work,” you mumbled. “And…” you shook your head as shiny, frustrated tears fell down your cheeks.

They clung to your lashes, the way snowflakes might stay there. But this was so beautiful. He almost cried too. He hated you were sad.

“Where’s your car?” He asked.

“At home,” you mumbled and tried to clear the tears more.

You were walking to work… Louis’ heart felt so heavy. “Here, hop on,” he said quickly laying his board down in front of you.

“Louis, I don’t know how to skate.”

“Babe, I know you’ve probably walked about three miles already, I’m just going to push you the last one, accept it,” he smirked.

You bit your lip. “Okay,” you said and he told you softly to bend your knees and he put his hands on your hips as he pushed you down the road.

He made small talk and he couldn’t believe he was actually talking to you, breathing in your beautiful smell, and touching your perfect body.

“Thank you,” you said when you arrived at the complex.

“Will you do me a favor?” He asked softly, suddenly.

You blushed and nodded. “Of course,” you said quietly. It was the least you could do.

He rolled his eyes. “I don’t mean because I pushed you to work, beautiful. I’m happy to have done that,” he said and pushed your hair behind your ear. “Call a cab, I don’t want you to get hurt,” he said quietly. “Or call me, so you don’t have to walk alone at the very least, yeah?” He asked. “I don’t want you to get hurt,” he murmured and bravely, gently, and with a simple brush of his lips on your cheeks he was off.

“I care about you too much,” he called over his shoulder. Leaving you stunned as you put your hand on your cheek.

No one ever cared about you.

But apparently Louis did.

You were grinning from ear to ear as you headed inside. Not even replacing bed pans would ruin your day.

This is when I struggle

The girls are in bed.
Jennifer is in her craft room.
It’s quiet and junk food calls me.

It’s a combination of boredom and sadness. But junk food won’t fix either.

Today, I’m strong enough not to binge but…

This is when I struggle.