sad and junk

Weird Lookin’ Dingo

just a little fanfiction inspired by this piece by @coconutmilkyway! it’s two a.m and i haven’t proof read this so if there are any glaring errors i apologize in advance. here it is on ao3!

            Roadhog had several things come to mind when Junkrat sauntered into their hideout saying he had a surprise for him. A two-headed dingo was not one of them. He watched as the animal trotted in, both heads held high and nostrils flaring as they sniffed the unfamiliar area.

           “Look at ‘er! Ain’t they a beaut hoggie?”

           “Didn’t know you liked dingo meat.” Roadhog huffed and rolled his eyes under his mask when Junkrat responded with a horrified gasp.

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Recently, someone messaged me to ask about a curse of mine they had performed. They wanted to know how long it would take to manifest and the effects it would have (unless the curse specifically dictates, then it varies and depends upon both target and witch, for future reference). I’m a very big advocate for privacy, so I’ll leave out the individual’s name. However, the part of their message that caught my eye the most was of the description they gave of how they felt after casting it. It’s a cocktail of feelings I have a very big fondness for. 

When one casts a curse, they should feel strong and that it was justified. There shouldn’t be a doubt in their mind that it was appropriate action. I’m not just saying that for ethics. Curses are very powerful things and very helpful. They give power to the weak and a weapon to the defenseless. However, they have very peculiar behaviors. Some are like wild animals, let loose in one direction while the witch stands behind and makes themself invisible to the beast. Some are a little more intelligent, willing to comply and understand, but will turn on their handler if the opportunity presents itself. So many people say to shield yourself before a curse because that curse can easily turn and harm the careless practitioner. Things like hesitation, guilt, those are like putting blood in the water. Sure, sometimes you can get away with it, but the risk isn’t worth it. Pride and strength are shields in and of themselves. 

I said to them, after talking about the timeframe and effects, that I hope they remember that feeling and that they do not have to cast many curses. It’s not that I don’t support cursing, I very much do, but that curses are generally used in retaliation of something. It is a power that comes from harm and weakness. If I asked people, “Why did you do this?” I’d probably hear, “I was hurt and I had no other way to defend myself.” or “Someone hurt me.” That’s why I do it. That’s why I started cursing and started writing them and posting them for others to see and use. That’s why I write them for friends and those that come to me for a curse. It should feel good to curse. It should feel like you’ve finally gained the strength to fight back and defend and banish and take control of your life. But to want those things is to have known the lack of them, which is sad to think about. 

Spring Awakening: A Summary
  • Mama who bore me: if its not the stork then what is it
  • Mama who bore me (reprise): neither of us know either
  • All thats known: School sucked in 19th century Germany and is still relevant to american teenagers in 2015
  • The bitch of living: we all really just want to get laid (except moritz hes just sad)
  • My Junk: not actually about genitals
  • Touch me: not really that much about sex, but maybe a little
  • The word of your body: sexual tension
  • The dark i know well: this song is so fckn intense and sad
  • And then there were none: moritz is still sad
  • The mirror-blue night: idrk why this song is here tbh
  • I believe: now this one is actually about sex
  • The guilty ones: wendla didnt want the sex
  • Dont do sadness: moritz is lying bc hes literally been sad for the whole show so far
  • Blue wind: ilse is sad too bro
  • Dont do sadness/blue wind: perfect counterpoint tbh play this at my funeral
  • Left behind: moritz is gone and now Melchior is sad
  • totally fucked: me tbh
  • The word of your body (reprise): homosexuality
  • Whispering: wendla is gonna be a mom but hey maybe it wont be so bad right?
  • Those youve known: melchior sees dead ppl
  • The song of purple summer: everyone in the audience is probably crying by now tbh


You’re in class and he breaks something at home

He ask you to go on tour with him

He gets protective Part 1 Part 2

You’re anaemic and he keeps bugging you about it

He wants to ask you out (his pov)


You tell him you’re pregnant when he’s on tour

He hacks Ashton’s phone

You’re his sister and you sneak out to get drunk

He gets mad because you asked Ashton for help

You’re his sister and you drunk text calum then he gets mad at you

You’re feeling insecure and don’t want to meet him

You fall and he freaks out

You sext him and big brother Michael finds out

He gets jealous

He wants to dress up for halloween

You’re his younger sister and some guy is harassing you

You’re his daughter and someone drugs you at a party

You’re his sister and he sees your sext to Michael

You try to kill yourself

You’re on your period and you leak through your pants

You ask him to pick you up even though you’d argued

You accidentally send him a text about how worthless you feel

He’s worried about you while he’s on tour

You’re his sister and he see’s your dramatic weight loss

He wants a picture but you’re insecure

You’re pregnant and you bleed while he’s on tour

You’re best friends

You miss him and your family

You wet the bed

He misses you on tour


You turn him on when he’s with the boys

You’re nervous when the plane takes off

He finds your old tumblr

He thinks you were flirting with someone but it was your cousin

Everyday texts

You sleep in

You’re dating Michael but pregnant with his baby

He cheats on you

You’re dating Ashton and you hook up with him and get pregnant  Part 2

You’re abusive ex is back in town

You have a panic attack

He asks you to prom

You accidentally text him instead of luke about your date

your dog dies

you’re insecure about your body


You tell him you’re pregnant when he’s on tour

You’re nervous when the plane takes off

Luke hacks his phone

He finds out your old fave member wasn’t him

He sets you up on a blind date with Luke

He surprises you with a puppy and tickets to his show

He sees your self harm scars

You’re a WWE diva

You hook up with Calum and get pregnant  Part 2

You’re his sister and dating Luke Part 2

You’re his older sister and you’re dating michael

perfect cinnamon bun


You turn him on when he’s with the boys

You’re shopping and you ask his opinion

You dye your hair and it goes wrong

He finds your tumblr

You’re sad so he brings you junk food and his guitar

You have ADHD

You sleep in

He’s your brother and you sext Luke then he finds out

You’re dating him and you’re pregnant with Calum’s baby

You ask for alcohol because you’re upset

He gets protective because someone was rude to you

You’re Lukes sister and you sext him

He cheats on you

You weren’t ready to lose your virginity

You’re his best friends and he comforts you 

You tell him you’re pregnant

He teases you about you and Ashton playing hsm in the shower

He finds out Brian May is your uncle

He texts you after your break up

You’re pissed at him

He sends you good morning texts

He calls you princess 

He surprises you by going to prom

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