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Summer to Remember-Part 10 (Taylor Caniff)

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I woke up to screaming and music. I recognized that. It was Shawn and the others screaming. I open my eyes and see everyone up and dancing. 

“WOHOO! SHAWN’S AT #1!!!!” We all chanted. Zoe and Skylynn were jumping on their bed and dancing like crazy. We were all so happy for Shawn. I got out my Cannon camera and vlogged everything. From eveyone dancing. To everyone singing. Then to everyone group hugging Shawn. I gave Shawn a huge hug and we all decided we should go to Animal Kingdom. So we did. I put on a cheetah print muscle tee with some cheetah print bleached shorts. I also had my cheetah print backpack to put some of our stuff in it and mine too. I sat with Taylor in the RV. Taylor looked nervous. Hphm, maybe he’s just excited for Shawn’s single. I just sat there with Taylor. I broke the silence by sitting on his lap.

“So, when are they coming (His fam)?” I asked biting my bottom lip.

“Uh-uh, Thursday.” He shuttered obviously distracted by me seducing him. I knew that turned him on. I began to sit up and kissed Taylor, but once I tried to pull away, that didn’t happen. He ended up pinning me to the sofa and began to kiss my neck. As we continue, Sam just decides to just waltz in.

“WOAH! Sorry didn’t mean to intrude.” He said obviously laughing. As Sam closed the door Taylor continued on. Then we feel the car stop, but were still on the highway. I got up to see what was going on. Taylor groaned and I giggled.

“Maybe later.” I teased and gave him a little wink. He jumped up and grabbed my waist and smashed his lips onto mine.

“I love you too much. Don’t leave yet.” He whined. I just cup his cheeks and kissed his lips once more.

“Hey, I said later babe. Promise?” I whispered as our eyes made contact. I put my pinkie out and Taylor took it and locked our pinkies. I smile and laced our fingers together. We walk out and I see Zoe and Skylynn hiding in their beds(in the RV if ur wondering). I had a worried look on my face. Oh no this can’t be… I look out the window and see the boys huddle around someone. I go out and see Nash on the ground.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!” I roared.They all turn to my attention. I knew Jake was back. I got on my knees and sat by Nash.
“Its all my fault..” I chocked out. I knew that this wasn’t gonna be too good of a summer. “Fucking JAKE!” I bawled. I hear all the guys sniffling. I held Nash’s hand in mine and Taylor had his hand in my free hand. I faked a smile, but Taylor’s face was already stained with tears and I look up to see all the boys with puffy eyes and tears rolling down their cheeks. Especially Cam’s. I then feel something squeeze my hand. I look down and see Nash waking up.

“NASH!!!” I cried laying on his chest. “I thought I almost lost one of my brothers.AGAIN!” Nash took my hand and I helped him stand up. Taylor came up to Nash and hugged him. After they all hug I get inside and all the boys went into the little kitchen/dining thingy. I find Zoe and Skylynn in the back of the RV watching Frozen. I went up to them.

“So how are you girls doing?” I asked. They turn to me and just pulled me into a hug. I wrap my arms around them and I sat with them while thy watched Frozen. I fell asleep with both of them in my arms. I carry them both one by one into their bed. Once I finished I headed where all the boys were. Once I got into the room I had anger fill me. My fists were tense.

“I’m not dealing with this bull anymore.” I mumbled as I sat down. Taylor sat by me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my cheek and muttered into my ear,

“Everything is going to be okay.” He rocked me back and forth, but I still couldn’t let Jake keep doing this to them. I brang them into my hell. Now I’m getting them out and putting Jake in.

“SO!” I with a sarcastic sigh. “WHO’S GONNA CUT A BITCH,MAN WHORE, ASSHOLE, SON OF A BITCH, OR WHATEVER, WITH ME?” I ranted. They all came to the table and huddle with us. “Okay, since were going to Miami next, if you see Jake anywhere, tell him to fuck off and if we find an alley or something we can leave him there and he’ll die or some sort.” I babbled and kind of panting from saying it all at once. They all stare at me.
“Damn, Y/N. When did this side of you come out?” Shawn asked.

“Uh I dunno. THE DAY I WAS BORN!” I say with sass and doing what Matt did with the ‘Basic Bitch’ thing. They all laugh and after a few minutes of dying we noticed we were still on the same road we stopped at. I went to prepare food and stuff and my phone went off. I saw a vine mention,
“Our sister getting sassy and fierce!” Carter vined. I found another and it was from Taylor.

“The babe begin a slay queen. YOUR HOT WHEN YOUR MAD.” I revined it and walked to Taylor. I kissed his cheek and his face suddenly turned a dark shade of red. I smiled and I walked off and see the other vines of the guys they recorded of me ranting. I laughed at each one. I especially laughed at Hayes.

“Watch out..This chick bout to slay yo ass Jake…” I laughed at how he mentioned Jake. I hope he didn’t see that.

“HASSSSSSS” I yelled. He came into the room with the biggest grin on his face. I came in to give him hug and he tried to get out of my grip, but that didn’t work. “WHY IS MY LITTLE BBY TRYING TO ESCAPE MAMA BEAR?” I ask pinching his cheeks, He just yells stop, but do I listen. Nah. I keep going.

“BECAUSE! YOUR COVERED IN SPAGHETTI.” He wailed pointing at the spaghetti stains on his Hollister shirt. I snicker and I kept cooking. Soon enough we finally stopped. I pop the spaghetti into the refrigerator and wake the girls up. I tap on them both, but they groan. I decided to tickle them and they eventually got up and we skipped to the entrance hand in hand. I turned my head a bit to see what the boys were doing. I saw all them with their cameras and doing vlogs. Once we got scanned in Skylynn and Zoe were jumping up like they just had a bunch of cups of coffee. I held their hands and they seemed to calm down a bit. Once the guys were done scanning in Taylor comes up to me. He held the camera in my face.
“Here’s my happiness!” He said shoving the camera in my face. “But my happiness is mostly with my cars.” I punched him a little.

“MEN!” I screamed into the camera and that caused people to turn to us, but I didn’t even care.

“Just kidding. You are my true happiness.” He said kissing my cheek. A warm feeling spreads across my face.

“I’m blushing aren’t I.” I mumbled looking down. Taylor just laughs and stops. I look up and see a family of Tigers. My eyes widened as U saw the beautiful sight. I saw Zoe struggling to see so I put her on my shoulders. Skylynn was on Cam’s. As I was pointing stuff out to Zoe I feel a hand grab my butt. I turn around expecting it to be Taylor, but It was Jake. I pretend to not see him so I just walk over to Taylor with Zoe in my arms.
“Babe, he’s back…” I whispered into Taylor’s ear. He looked at Jake trying not to make eye contact, but that doesn’t work. Jake suddenly just came up to Taylor and threw a punch right in the jaw. I handed Zoe to Hayes. Cam gave Aaron Skylynn. Half the boys (Not including Hayes and Aaron since they are holding the girls) went by my side and we held each other’s hands. “Hayes and Aaron, will you take the two to the other exhibit?” I asked and they nod and quickly disappeared.“Well, Well, Well. Look who we have here boys.” I say clapping my hands together. “I wonder why your alone?” I snickered. “Let me guess. You thought you could take me because I’m too weak, a girl and thought I wouldn’t bring my gang with me. Well, if you did then you thought wrong.” I stated. He looked at the ground then looked back up with eyes of a demon. I bet he was about to throw a punch at me, but I held my hand out catching his fist.

“As you can see. Our sister got a lot confident now.” Matt began.

“She’s stronger.” Cam added.

“She’s sassier.” Nash continued.

“She became the slay queen.” Taylor added with a smirk.

“She became a soldier.” Sam added.

“She isn’t the quiet girl on the street anymore.” The Jacks added.

“She isn’t as innocent as she was.” Dillon added.

“She has the power of wisdom.” Carter added.

“She inspires me.” Jacob added.

“She became our sister. The girl with courage.” Shawn added. I began to have a tear in my eye. But the moment was ruined by Jake. Ugh this fucker gets on my nerves.

“I didn’t come here just to see emotions. I came here to take you back home.” Jake added. I glared at him and I threw a punch at his jaw.

“Well I didn’t come here to see a boy cry and do shit to my best friends.” I sassed. He was about to say something, but I snapped. “Why won’t you run along. We don’t wasn’t any tears. Now do we?” I say making a pouty face to all the boys. All the boys hollered at what I had just said. Taylor slung his arm around me and kissed my lips and Jake was still watching us.

“GET SOME!!” Dillon added. I blushed and as I was going to pull away Taylor held me back.

“You promised.” He nagged making me giggle. I shot him the ‘sure’ face. 

“Keep dreaming Caniff. I’ll see ya later.” I winked and I look back and see Taylor with his cheeks are red. I turn around and continue to walk. 

“Hayes. Were are you guys?” I ask talking into the phone.

“By the Kilimanjaro Safarias. Were waiting for you guys so we can all go.” He  finished. 

“Ok. Meet you guys there!” I say.  "Guys! We have to meet Hayes at Kilimanjaro Safarias.“ I hollered. They all follow me. I suddenly feel myself being lifted up and put on shoulders. I look down and see Taylor. He looked up and smiled. I kissed him and it kind of like a spiderman kiss of some sort. As we got closer I see the horizon in the distance and I see them. 

~After Disney~

We were heading home and I was taking out the food I made a few hours ago. I heated it up and served it. I saw Zoe and Skylynn literally devouring it. I giggle and I wipe their faces from some of the sacues. My phone rang and it was from Mr. Caniff, Taylor’s dad. I pick it up and Tristen appeared.

"Hey bby Tristen!” I say. Taylor came from behind to see who it was and he immediately had a smile on his face. We continue talking and Tristen asked if he could talk to Zoe and Skylynn so I gave them my phone. They went to the back of the RV so we wouldn’t bother them. Once they left we began to talk about our day.

“That was so fun. We were just sliding on the path. Haha. Hayes almost fell.” Nash remarked. Hayes glared at him.

“Taylor and Y/N were getting down!!!!” Dillon hollered. Taylor and I looked at each and looked down then I blushed. 

“AWWWW THEIR BLUSHING!!!” Cam gushed. I smacked Cam’s arm a little. 

“Guys. Thanks for all those complements.” I mumbled. They all look up. Taylor looked at all of them and they all nod.

“Y/N, we meant everything we said. We will always be here for you no matter what. Even if you’ll push us away we will always stick here with you.” Taylor said putting his hand on my hand. Then the boys put their hand n top of hand. I feel tears in my eyes and I began to weep. We had a group hug and we went to the back of the RV and we saw the two were sleeping and Nash and Cam carried them to their beds and we sat there to watch Grown Ups 2. We parked somewhere by the highway. As I drifted into a sleep I hear laughter and one,

“Goodnight beautiful.” I knew it was Taylor and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

~~Next Day~~

The sun was shining in my face I look out the window and see an empty highway. I checked my phone at what time it was. It was 6AM in the morning. I change into a hoodie and baggy sweats. I take a mirror selfie in the bathroom. I tweeted:

“Being @ShawnMendes today.” I laugh and as I walk out I hear singing from the dining/kitchen area. I see Shawn and Jacob singing and cooking. 

“What are you guys doing us so early?” I ask chuckling a bit.

“Well, Mr.Lover boy(Taylor) got cranky, so he was about to cook something, but we stopped him so he wouldn’t cause any damage.” Shawn said emphasizing 'damage’. I giggled and sat by Taylor who was taking a drink out of his juice. He looks up and puts his head down and fell asleep.

“Good morning to you too.” I say chuckling and smiling at how tired he was. “Babe, you awake yet?” I started to play footsie from under the table and Taylor’s head suddenly shot up. “Well that’s better.” I smirk at him and a huge grin appeared on Taylor’s face. Jacob was walking over and covered his eyes.

“WOAH! NO PDA AT THE TABLE!” Jacob yelled. I took Taylor’s hand and I lead him outside. We step out to the fresh air and Taylor immediately pins me to the side of the RV. 

“I can always turn you on babygirl.” He whispered into my ear. I giggle and Taylor pushed me up and I wrapped y legs around his waist and we kissed passionately. After a few minutes we pull away and walk in. I see all the guys up with sleepy faces. 

“I saw you guys…” Sam said deviously.

“Ha Ha Ha.” I laughed sarcastically. I saw Dillon and Taylor giggling so I head in their direction. I slung my arm around Taylor’s shoulders.

“Hey boos.” I say. They stopped giggling and looked at me.

“Hey Y/L/N.” Dillon said, Taylor gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“So we have to go to the airport and its 10 minutes away.” Taylor said.

“Who’s driving?” I ask loudly. The boys turn to me. “What?” They turned to Taylor. Taylor had a grin on his face. He walked to the driver’s seat and all of us sat down. I sat in between Zoe and Hayes. I could see excitment in Zoe’s eyes. We talked about our week and we remarked all the stuff that has happened this week. As we arrived to the airport we run to the gate waiting for them. I felt hands wrap around my legs. I look down and see Tristen staring up at me. I wrap my arms around Tristen and spun him around. After he hugged all the boys he came to Taylor. I smiled at their bond. Taylor spun Tristen around and put Tristen on his shoulders. After we made it out of the airport Tristen sat with Zoe and Skylynn. They were on a full on conversation. 

~At the hotel~

As we got to the hotel we saw flashing police lights. I look out the window and see the familiar car. It was Jake. I ran to Zoe, Tristen, and Skylynn to stay in the back of the RV and stay low and quiet. I ran ot and ran into Taylor. I was shaking. 


A/N: Hey guys sorry it took long to get this updated. I had to think of ideas and this part was pretty long and dramatic. I hope you guys liked it! Next part is dramatic and cute! So yeah. The old characters might come back and new characters are coming in too (maybe) 


What will Y/N do to Jake?

Will she go with Jake and sacrifice her life for her friends and Taylor?

Will she fight back?

Will she do something that she will regret?

Will the gang end up jumping Jake?

Who knows! Just keep reading Summer to Remember (S.T.R.)!

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