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but you do realize that the rhetoric of "America First" is literally the motto of the KKK & other extremist groups right? America has seen this shit before - our eugenics psuedoscience theories were the direct inspiration for the "Aryan Race is the superior race" bullshit. & honestly before the election Trump's words were inspiring hate & vitrol before he got elected. we're just seeing the beginning but state sactioned violence is going to increase & i'm scared for all my muslim/immigrant friend

It’s not about superiority of race or ethnicity. If you were listening to what Donald Trump has been saying, he is advocating for putting Americans first as far as safety and jobs. He has no intention of making America an isolated country, or never accepting another refugee or immigrant. He wants better screening processes and for  immigrants to come here legally and for companies to bring the jobs back to the US so that our country and prosper financially again. 

I don’t think that he’s going about it in the right ways, necessarily. But that is what checks and balances are for. There are people in place that are supposed to keep him in line, and they’re already exercising their power. 

I will agree that there are some terrible people who feel emboldened by his election, but this is not exclusive to the right. More violence and anger has been coming out of the left than I have ever seen in my life. They care very little about the rights and safety of those who oppose them, and the worst part is that they think they’re in the right, morally, and nobody can tell them otherwise. Tell me that’s not dangerous.

If the “state sanctioned violence” you’re talking about are the raids and deportations that are occurring right now, I have some news for you. These things have been happening for years, even during Obama’s terms. They may be taking a front seat and have a greater presence in the media right now, but Trump did say that he intended to focus on deporting criminal illegal immigrants and that, from what I understand, is what he is doing.

He’s not sending police into neighborhoods to take out any immigrant and muslim person they come across so they can kick them out of the US. People like you need to understand that, and understand that nobody has the right to just go and live wherever they want in this world without doing so legally. 

I don’t care what you think the US stands for, we have laws for a reason, and nobody is immune from them. 

seriously i cant get over how good togashi is at creating these central organizing bodies like the spirit world and hunters association and at first glance youre like, hell yeah these are the Good Guys they are right and they have the best of intentions for everyone because thats what they do. but nope, nope we learn that the spirit world has this horribly toxic idea of black/white good and evil and they depend on these humans for governance and imbue them with power and they declare them enemies the moment they begin to question the preestablished narrative. same with the hunters association, we saw how they saction genocide and horrible treatment of radicals, how they have no intelligent governing body to prevent atrocities from happening, the hunters system is horribly flawed (seeing as illumi and hisoka were both able to get licenses when everyone KNEW they were fucked up), the entire chairmens arc itself was a lesson in how fuckin awful the governing system is.

honestly i just adore the way togashi weaves these webs of deception, nothin is what youd expect. he turns the typical archetypes on their heads and leaves you questioning literally everything. if you cant trust the people in charge then what is there to depend on? a government is more than any single hero can be so what does that mean to those trying to make a better world?

In the midst of change, we mustn’t forget

Over the last year Thein Sein has been busy cleaning house. Since coming to power after the elections in 2010 the new President, to the praise of many world leaders, has made more steps towards reform than any since Ne Win’s military coup d’état  in 1962. By allowing Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD to return to the political stage, by releasing prominent political prisoners and conducting cease fire talks with ethnic resistance groups, Thien Sein has been polishing silver, plumping cushions and blowing away some of the cobwebs left by Than Shwe. On the surface, things are looking good. But I want to ask the question; ‘What is he sweeping under the carpet?’

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