Day 97: Tumblr Friends! 

Yesterday for the very first time I met one of my new found Sacramento Tumblr friends in real life! We met for happy hour at Ella (which was so amazing that it will become it’s own post very soon) and had a fabulous time getting to know each other and bonding over the weird things we already knew via our mutual tumblogs. She is just fantastic, and if you don’t follow her yet you should (although… of course you do. Duh. Her blog is awesome).

And then, my tumblr neighbor (who is not so far from being my neighbor in real life, we realized) introduced me to another new tumblr friend, who is equally amazing! We all sipped on excellent cocktails and I thought to myself “yep, these are my kind of people.”

It was a lovely evening, and it really called my attention to how very small the Sacramento tumblr community is, because after happy hour (during which I had already met two Sac tumblers) we wandered over to LowBrau and they introduced me to the gent from Sac Swag! So many great tumblrs all in one place - who would’ve thought! Had no idea when I started this project that it would be such a great way to meet cool Sacramento folks.

So, cheers ladies! And thanks! It was fantastic meeting you both - I think I see many a happy hour in our future!