Hiatus Announcement

This is completely without warning, and for that I apologise.

I have been slowly going downhill, the last few weeks, and with school starting soon I need time to take care of myself. Tumblr has been feeling a little bit like an obligation lately, so I just, need a break from everything for awhile.

I’m not positive when I’ll be back, but until then I’ll have my queue running and I’ll be on maybe once a week to check messages and such.

You guys are all really great, and I’m going to miss tumblr, but this is very necessary. I’ll see y’all on the flip side.

We’d like to welcome the first 10 members of the Sacrificial Jo Network!











Welcome! I’ll be contacting you shortly! Don’t forget to track the tag #sacrificialjonet! 

Didn’t get in? Don’t worry! We’re still picking members! Want to apply? Click here.

Shipping Game because the AP Lit test is tomorrow

Tell me a little about yourself (hobbies, looks, personality, whatever),  the gender you identify with, and what gender you would like shipped with, and what fandom, and I will tell you (in pictures)

  • Who I ship you with
  • who your best friend is
  • your wedding dress/tux
  • your wedding cake
  • and your house!


  • Follow me?
  • Maybe check out my network
  • Send me the above info!
  • Reblog this?

Unlimited, but it might take a while if I get a lot.

Backlist “ace does things” or “ask games”