sacrificial stones

((Imagine Cas being in the middle of a war fought in Dean’s name, and Dean doesn’t know that he’s there, but the Warriors end up surrounding the priests and Cas before sacrificing them to Dean and Dean realizes what’s going on as soon as Cas’ blood hits that sacrificial stone but he’s too late, and he hates that he gets so much stronger by receiving that sacrifice and he’s inconsolable. ^.^ I like making my favorite characters break.))


Sacrificial lamb, bare your throat,
tilt your head back and sing the praises
of a god that does not care to an apathetic sky.
Sing the songs of a people long forgotten,
the hymns written by now-dead poets,
and breathe life into this temple
(crumbling, falling, decaying ––
your soul resides among these stones).

Sacrificial lamb, when did they steal your fire?
When did they bind you to this alter, leaving you
at the mercy of this god who prepared you for death?
(What kind of god does this? What kind of god
takes a child such as yourself and prepares them to die?)
From your bed (the alter, you are tied here with ropes unseen)
you can see the sky, painted as red as a battlefield.
Your blood (an ocean in your veins) roars.

Sacrificial lamb, bare your teeth.
Tilt your head back and scream your hatred
of a god that does not care to an apathetic sky.
Turn your back on the god that abandoned you.
Sing your war-song, tear yourself free.
He does not care for you, and he never has;
forget him, pry yourself away from this alter.
You are not a lamb. You are a wolf.
—  He does not know you exist; he is not your fate. Fight. (CNS)